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DIY food kits are ‘the future of our society,’ CEO of Cultures for Health says

Increased awareness of and ongoing battles with diet related chronic health problems are pushing more consumers into the kitchen for the first time -- creating a massive opportunities for do-it-yourself kits that teach consumers how to make their own food and beverages, according to the founder and CEO of Cultures...

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Walmart tests gas station grocery pick-up concept

Retail giant Walmart recently opened its second grocery pick-up and gas station hybrid store in Thornton, Colo., where shoppers can pick up their online order as they fill up their tanks.

Move over ghost peppers, common black pepper heats up in 2017, McCormick predicts

Exotic and over the top hot peppers have claimed the limelight the last few years, but in 2017 common black pepper -- a pantry staple in many homes -- will move to the center stage, predicts flavor and spice giant McCormick.

Homemade or industrial: When it comes to tomato sauce, the industrial sort may be richer in antioxidants, says study

How do you like your tomato sauce—richer in antioxidants, or freshly homemade? According to a new study, the two may be mutually exclusive.

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Tyson Foods launches $150m venture fund focused on 'companies developing breakthrough technologies and business models'

Meat & poultry giant Tyson Foods - which recently took a 5% stake in plant-based 'meat' firm Beyond Meat - has launched a $150m venture capital fund focused on investing in "companies developing breakthrough technologies, business models and products to sustainably feed a growing world population."

Tomorrow’s foods: How do you sway consumer choice and acceptance?

The rise of alternative ingredients, technological innovations and new approaches to gastronomy all look to provide more sustainable sources of nutrition in the future. But as food is changing to keep up with the times, is there a limit to how much consumers will embrace?


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