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'This isn’t a novelty, it’s serving a fundamental need.'

Meal kits are becoming part of modern lifestyles, says Sun Basket CEO as organic meal kit co raises $15m

Meal kits – which enable consumers to cook restaurant-quality meals at home without having to do any of the legwork – could easily be a $60bn dollar market as consumers build them into their weekly routines, predicts the CEO of San Francisco based Sun Basket, who has just raised $15m...

Adam Zbar: 'This isn’t a novelty, it’s serving a fundamental need...'

Are Americans eating more candy?

Are Americans eating more candy?  Well they’re certainly spending a bit more – Nielsen data shows US retail dollar sales rose a modest 2.4% in the 52 weeks to May 28, although unit sales were down 1.6%, suggesting shoppers are trading up to more premium products. Gum, meanwhile, remains in...

Madécasse monkeys around with branding to make chocolate more memorable, accessible

A ring-tailed lemur will be the new ringleader for Madécasse chocolate and vanilla, which will undergo a brand refresh this fall with new packaging designed to make the difficult-to-pronounce company’s products more accessible and memorable. 

It's time to put whey and casein back together, exec says

The market is now starting to come around to the idea that Mother Nature did a pretty good job with the original protein and using it in its whole form makes a lot of sense, says an industry expert.

IFT 2016 in review

Replacement ingredients fail to fulfill full functionality of eggs across platforms, AEB funded research shows

New research showing the superior function and flavor of eggs compared to replacement ingredients in baked goods is part of a larger effort by The American Egg Board to win back manufacturers that reformulated recipes with fewer eggs during the Avian Flu crisis last year.

Researchers unlock secrets of making high-quality breads with teff

Bakers need to carefully select ingredients - and adjust bread-making processes – if they aim to produce high-quality breads with wheat and teff flour, say researchers.

Bimbo takes Eureka national as US organic bread category soars 18%

Bimbo Bakeries has rolled out its Eureka brand nationally as US demand for organic bread continues to grow.


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Way forward with whey protein

It’s already popular across a range of segments, but whey protein now dominates an even wider audience of mainstream consumers. Whey continues to grow across broader markets because its molecular behavior under high-heat treatment has been understood, and can be controlled, and this is enabling new opportunities for food manufacturers.


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