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Aspartame-sweetened Diet Pepsi to return as 'classic' sub-brand

Old Diet Pepsi recipe to return in the fall as 'classic' sub-brand: A savvy move or is Pepsi rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic?

Aspartame, said PepsiCo in April 2015, “is the #1 reason why US consumers say they are drinking less diet cola, so we’re confident that with this change [to sucralose], consumers will come back into the Diet Pepsi franchise.” Today, with sales continuing to decline at an alarming rate, this looks like a bad case of...

Left-right: Pepsi Zero Sugar, Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener Blend, and Diet Pepsi. Source: PepsiCo

Brownies made with 40% chickpeas? That's Pure Genius...

Pure Genius brownies are moist, indulgent and satisfying. They also happen to contain 40% chickpeas (garbanzo beans are the #1 ingredient), flaxseed and oats, and half the calories of a regular brownie, coupled with a meaningful amount of fiber and protein.

Vitamin Shoppe rolls out new pea protein chips by i won! nationwide

With 20 grams of pea protein a pack, i won! chips are poised to sweep a nation of consumers lured by a plant-based diet and an active lifestyle.

Nestlé appoints new CEO

Food giant Nestlé has appointed Ulf Mark Schneider as its new CEO, effective from the start of next year.

Brexit Briefings: Interview

What are Britain's post-Brexit options and how will it impact industry?

Rising food prices, watered-down safety standards, food law dictated by big businesses and a disastrous impact on public health. Professor in food policy Tim Lang looks at the options of a post-Brexit UK but sees little light at the end of the channel tunnel.  

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Food industry group designs tools to tackle out-of-stock problems

The Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) has developed two tools to reduce out-of-stocks and optimize on-shelf availability (OSA): a guide on the best practices and a root causes Ishikawa diagram.


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