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Dang, that’s good! An entrepreneur’s guide to carving a niche in the healthy snacks market

A great product, deep pockets, and entrepreneurial zeal are critical to the success of any food start-up, but there’s always an element of luck, says Dang Foods’ founder Vincent Kitirattragarn, who impressed his first major customer with his toasted coconut chips via a chance encounter at a trade show in...

New takes on sriracha offer enhanced sauces and snacks

Sriracha, the garlicky, hot chili sauce made popular by Huy Fong Foods, Inc., no longer is confined to the green-lidded bottle with a distinctive rooster on the front. 

Mars backs WHO’s 10% sugar guidance: 'We are not trying to hide behind any science or research’

Mars Chocolate North America is going against the industry tide by backing the World Health Organization's guidance that added sugar should account for 10% of a person's daily calories.

New natural, cost-effective blocker for health-promoting, but bitter, phytochemicals

Geneva-based Natural Taste Consulting (NTC) is launching a plant-derived bitter blocker for applications such as dark chocolate, instant coffee, teas, energy drink and dietary supplements.

News in brief

US ‘specialty gourmet’ channel has 1,000 stores and revenues topping $18bn, says SPINS

The US ‘specialty gourmet’ retail channel – led by retailers such as The Fresh Market and Mariano’s - has 1,000 stores and revenues topping $18bn, according to market researcher SPINS.

JUNE 2015 NEWS QUIZ: Are you up to speed with the latest food & beverage industry news?

Do you know how long the FDA has given the industry to phase out partially hydrogenated oils? Or who has agreed to settle a lawsuit over natural claims for $3.99m? And which European retailer is setting up shop in Virginia?

Selling complex carbs in a post Grain Brain world: Do grains really make us fat and sick?

Grains, according to the author of best-selling book Grain Brain, are “silent killers”. Not only are they making us fat, says Dr David Perlmutter, “but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more...” But is there any truth behind these assertions,...

Traditional foods dominate Fourth of July menus

Americans may increasingly seek bold new flavors and adventurous or exotic food for everyday cooking, but this Fourth of July most will turn to time-honored, traditional dishes and big name brands to help them celebrate, market research predicts.