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The Chaat Company, Hargol FoodTech, Funny Farm to take center stage at FOOD VISION USA as our 2017 trailblazers

From turmeric paste and green banana flour to sprouted mung bean snacks and cauliflower wraps and pizza bases, the entries to our 2017 trailblazers challenge are at the cutting edge of food & beverage innovation. But we could only pick three winners …

FOOD VISION USA trailblazers: Chaat, Hargol FoodTech, Funny Farm

Kidfresh co-founder: We're bringing Millennials to the frozen aisles

Cynics might argue that junk food is junk food, whether it comes in green-hued packaging and eschews artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, or not. Kidfresh co-founder and CEO Matt Cohen begs to differ. 

Researchers call for more leniency for SNAP benefits for higher ed students

Being a poor college student unable to afford books or a night out is one thing, but being a poor college student who also is unable to afford groceries or unsure where the next meal will come from is another level – one which researchers argue could be better addressed...

Kwik Trip illustrates how c-stores are an emerging go-to channel for better-for-you products

Manufacturers of healthy and better-for-you snacks looking to enter the convenience store channel might find an in with Kwik Trip, which, according to the Partnership for a Healthier America, is looking to increase healthier options in the checkout area.


Potential cocoa substitute: Jackfruit seeds create chocolate aroma, say researchers

Jackfruit seeds are a waste product that can be fermented, roasted and converted to flour imparting a chocolate aroma, according to research.

Study on choline intakes suggests eggs or supplements are only way to get enough

A study published this month using NHANES data reinforces that choline is an underconsumed nutrient, and concludes that it is very difficult to get enough in the diet without eating eggs or using a dietary supplement.


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