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ConAgra defends move away from deals as volumes drop: ‘We've been overly reliant on deep discounting as our chief demand driver’

Is ConAgra’s strategy of cutting back on deep discounts on brands such as Banquet, Chef Boyardee, and Snack Pack – a move that has improved margins but dented revenues – a savvy one, or is it a dangerous gamble that could see it losing distribution in the current, highly pressured...

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Sabra 'well on its way' to becoming our next $1bn brand, says PepsiCo

Hummus and dips brand Sabra now generates an estimated $800m in annual retail sales in the US, and is “well on its way to becoming $1bn brand,” according to joint venture partner PepsiCo.

Three whole grain trends in 2016, based on Whole Grain Stamp applications

Now more than a decade old, 12,000 products worldwide boast a Whole Grain stamp. The Whole Grains Council shares some emerging trends.

‘Sweet, sour and tangy’ Cide Road organic switchel rolls out to 3,500 stores: ‘American palates are evolving’

Cide Road organic switchel is now the dominant brand in the US switchel market and the #3 player in the broader drinking vinegars market, with distribution to 3,500 stores nationwide, from Kroger and HyVee to Sprouts and Whole Foods Market, claims CEO and co-founder Kevin Duffy.

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The science behind the folklore: How drinking Pickle Juice alleviates cramps & speeds recovery

Usually urban legends are little more than myths. But every once and awhile there is a nugget of truth behind them, as in the case of athletes drinking pickle brine to prevent cramps and speed recovery. 

Plant proteins in focus: Pea protein surging ahead, hemp on the cusp of greatness and sacha inchi still niche

With 40 institutional investors this week urging the world’s biggest food companies to shift their emphasis from animal- to plant-based protein, we spoke to a couple of key players in the protein powders category – AIDP and Axiom Foods – to get their take on current market dynamics.

Three overlooked “superfoods” rising in popularity thanks to innovative formats

Superfoods are no longer restricted to exotic and hard to find plants in under-developed countries. Rather, the latest batch comes from a little closer to home and likely already are in most US consumers’ pantries, according to a food trendologist.

Nestlé tops influential sustainability index, but industry scores are below par

Nestlé is the top-rated food and beverage company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) – its score of 92 out of 100 was more than double the sector average (39).

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Non-GMO Project verification moving to ingredient suppliers: FoodChain ID

Non-GMO verification is moving beyond branded goods as more ingredient suppliers look to become certified, says certification body FoodChain ID.


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