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Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: How to select and best use food influencers to market products

While Americans are becoming more adventurous in what they eat, they often still need a lot of convincing to try something new – especially if they haven’t heard of it before and don’t know what it will taste like, how it will impact their health, how to prepare it or even, as we have seen with many rising superfoods in the past few years, how to pronounce it.

USDA will encourage farmers to go organic by harmonizing standards for transitional certification

Farmers transitioning to organic soon could more easily sell their products at a premium even during the transition period before they are fully certified thanks to a new USDA program announced today. 

Healthcare concerns redirect more QSR consumers to grocery stores, research suggests

Healthcare concerns likely are behind the steep drop in Americans’ spending at restaurants in 2016 and the uptick in consumers who say they will cook at home more in the New Year, according to recent research. 

Zuvii gluten-free baking range taps into new 'superfood' trend: unripe green bananas

Unripe green bananas are at the core of a new range of organic gluten-free brownie, pancake, cake and waffle mixes under the Zuvii brand.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Global cuisine will rise in 2017 along with complex nutrition claims

Despite a rising nationalism in the US born out of the contentious presidential election cycle, Americans remain open to global cuisine and as such, in 2017, international flavors and cultures will continue to heavily influence what’s hot and what’s not in the US food and beverage, predicts a globe-trotting nutrition communication expert.

Sustainability concerns will color consumers’ food selections in 2017

A growing awareness of the environmental impact of food production and a desire to shop sustainably will heavily influence how consumers plan, shop for and prepare meals in the coming year, predicts a leading food influencer and national retailer. 

SoBakeable blends subscription- and meal-kit marketing model for sustained engagement

By blurring the line between subscription boxes and home delivery meal kits, industry newcomer SoBakeable  takes the best parts of each category to create a unique business model that promises sustained consumer engagement – an essential component that continues to elude many meal kit providers.

News in brief

To meet growing demand for on-the-go breakfast and snacks, Nature’s Path expands resealable pouch granola line

The British Columbia-based company is starting the new year by launching a new line of granola varieties in resealable bags. The three new flavors are Coconut & Cashew, Vanilla Pumpkin Seed, and Blueberry Pecan.

Is it legal to call plant-based beverages from nuts, seeds and legumes, ‘milk’?

Is it legal for nut or other non-dairy based beverages sold in the US to describe themselves as ‘milk’ (almondmilk, cashewmilk, soymilk) on food labels?

Farmer’s Pantry offers a new kind of snack for America’s new approach to eating

As snacking continues to encroach on mealtime in the US, industry newcomer Farmer’s Pantry wants to ensure that the grab-and-go options consumers reach for are well-balanced, sufficiently filling and worthy of their new elevated position in the American diet.

From Trump to climate change threats and scientific advancements, 2017 promises ‘excitement’

With each new year comes new trends in ingredients, cooking styles and eating patterns, but in 2017 the incoming presidential Administration could fundamentally change the way Americans eat by changing how food gets from farm to fork and the safety measures in place along the way, predicts Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert.

Companies, retailers must do more to make the healthy choice the easy choice, CSPI says

Consumer interest in healthy eating is at an all-time high, and in many ways food and beverage manufacturers are rising to meet this demand by cutting calories from across their portfolios and offering more better-for-you options -- but the Center for Science in the Public interest says companies can do more.

Certified transitional organic is ‘awesome’ option for farmers & consumers, McKaskle Family Farm owner says

Offering products made from crops transitioning to organic at a premium above conventional but not as high as certified organic “helps the farmer, helps the consumer and helps the planet,” says the owner of the McKaskle Family Farm.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Defining and meeting consumer demand for clean label

The predictable upcoming onslaught of annual New Year’s resolutions to “eat better” could lead to surge of consumer interest in products with short ingredient decks and “clean labels” that they perceive as healthier.

Chef’d teams with Quaker Oats to explore breakfast potential of meal kits

Home delivery meal kit provider Chef’d breaks away from the dinner focused competition by partnering with the Quaker Oats Company to become one of the first services in the crowded category to offer breakfast options.

DIY food kits are ‘the future of our society,’ CEO of Cultures for Health says

Increased awareness of and ongoing battles with diet related chronic health problems are pushing more consumers into the kitchen for the first time -- creating a massive opportunities for do-it-yourself kits that teach consumers how to make their own food and beverages, according to the founder and CEO of Cultures for Health.

Move over ghost peppers, common black pepper heats up in 2017, McCormick predicts

Exotic and over the top hot peppers have claimed the limelight the last few years, but in 2017 common black pepper -- a pantry staple in many homes -- will move to the center stage, predicts flavor and spice giant McCormick.

Startup The Little Kernel shows when it comes to RTE popcorn smaller can be better

Based in part on the idea that good things come in small packages, the founders of The Little Kernel earlier this year launched a line of tiny pre-popped popcorn, which they say is sweeter, crunchier and easier to eat than regular sized popcorn because it won’t get stuck in consumers' teeth.

Serial snacker: Can Jason Cohen strike CPG gold again with Road Crew Crunch?

Most entrepreneurs are lucky if they strike CPG gold once. Jason Cohen has done it multiple times, and reckons he could be onto a winner again with Road Crew Crunch, a simple combination of chocolate, nuts, rice and pretzels he discovered on a family vacation in Vermont.

Malted milk helps startup root cookies in nostalgia & be on cutting edge of current trends

The founders of startup Malt Shop Cookies are hoping to jumpstart their new ecommerce business by launching on Cyber Monday the online sale of their line of malted milk cookies before expanding into more traditional brick and mortar stores next year.

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