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Alan Hahn: 'We noticed it right away... the gluten was gone'

Could mushroom mycelium add a new dimension to the gluten-free market?

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA at the 2015 IFT show, MycoTechnology CEO Alan Hahn recalls the moment his team discovered that mushroom mycelium (roots) could virtually eliminate the gluten in wheat and other cereal crops.

US consumers are pretty clueless about gluten, reveals new survey from NSF

While celiacs – by necessity – are pretty clued up about gluten, most Americans are less well-informed, with a sizable number erroneously believing rice and potatoes contain gluten, according to a new survey.

The woman behind Element Snacks shares how to make it as an entrepreneur in “a man’s world”

Fundraising is a major challenge for entrepreneurs regardless of their gender, but women face unique hurdles that they must proactively address early or else risk not raising sufficient money to succeed, according to the founder of Element Snacks. 

New ICL ingredients make Taco Tuesday healthier, fresher

ICL showcased several new ingredients that can reduce sodium, improve moisture and clean cheese labels in a pairing of “Picasso Tacos” and “Masterpiece Margaritas” at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting in Chicago July 11-14.

IFT annual conference

Welch’s wants to Concord the world

Welch’s is expanding its reach beyond finished consumer goods and into new countries with the launch last fall of its Global Ingredients Group. 

Summer Fancy Food Show

NonGMO verification opens retailers’ doors for I Heart Keenwah’s puffs and cluster snacks

Earning the NonGMO Project verification for every product in the I Heart Keenwah line was a “frustrating” and “taxing” year-long process, but it was worth it, said the company’s president and co-founder Ravi Jolly. 

UK government committee backs halving free sugars limit to 5%

The UK government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has ditched a 10% upper limit on sugar intake instead recommending that less than 5% of daily energy should come from free sugars.

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Boredom and energy cravings the key drivers for Millenial snackers, says Mintel

Research from Mintel suggests Millenials snack around four times a day, mostly for an energy boost, because they are bored or want to reduce stress levels.

10 strategies to accelerate new product growth

The number of new products coming to market every year continues to shrink, but that doesn’t make cutting through the competition any easier, according to Larry Levin, executive VP and practice leader at IRI Worldwide. 

Summer Fancy Food Show

Subscription snack boxes are a cost-effective alternative to in-store demonstrations

Subscription snack boxes can be a cost effective alternative to in-store demonstrations, which often are viewed as a golden standard for driving initial product trial and gathering consumer feedback.

Patent Watch

Puffed nut future? Frito-Lay files patent for expansion method

Frito-Lay has developed a method to puff nuts and legumes for enhanced-texture snacks.

General Mills CEO: Retailers want cereal innovation – think gluten-free, protein and granola

US cereal sales continue to decline, but retailers know the category is still important and want innovation around prevalent consumer trends, says the CEO of General Mills.

Whole grains 101: Highlights from the 2015 Whole Grain Summit

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans say half of our grains should be whole. So how are we doing? FoodNavigator-USA headed to Portland, Oregon, for the 2015 Whole Grain Summit  - organized by Oregon State University and the Grains for Health Foundation - to find out...

Summer Fancy Food Show

New takes on sriracha offer enhanced sauces and snacks

Sriracha, the garlicky, hot chili sauce made popular by Huy Fong Foods, Inc., no longer is confined to the green-lidded bottle with a distinctive rooster on the front. Several companies are tweaking the ubiquitous condiment and its packaging to make healthier products. At the same time, the flavor is appearing on snacks ranging from chips to croutons to seaweed. 

Selling complex carbs in a post Grain Brain world: Do grains really make us fat and sick?

Grains, according to the author of best-selling book Grain Brain, are “silent killers”. Not only are they making us fat, says Dr David Perlmutter, “but even healthy ones like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, and much more...” But is there any truth behind these assertions, and if not, what can the grain chain do to fight back?

Healthier RTE cereals exist but consumers aren’t eating them: Study

Consumers are gravitating towards less healthy ready-to-eat (RTE) cereal products and it has nothing to do with price or availability, find researchers.

'Sprouted grains have long term potential to be very big...' Ardent Mills

Sprouted grains: The next big opportunity for the grain chain?

Sprouted whole grains could give the grain industry a real opportunity to claw back the initiative in the debate sparked by books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly by tapping into demand for more nutrient-rich, minimally processed natural foods, but also a deeper interest in rebirth and renewal, say consumer insight experts. 

Snacks with dried fruit & veggies multiply as category revenues reach $4 billion

Sales of snacks with dried fruit and vegetables climbed 1.7% annually over the last five years and is predicted to reach revenues of $4 billion in 2015, thanks largely to shifting consumer demands for healthier snacks and a recovering economy that enables shoppers to pay the higher prices dried produce demands, according to market research by IBISWorld. Expecting this trend to continue and hoping to get in on the action, many snack makers are launching a wide variety of snacks featuring an ever growing spectrum of dried fruits and veggies.

Grupo Bimbo to sweeten Spanish hold with Panrico acquisition

Grupo Bimbo is clearly looking to stretch into sweet bakery with the acquisition of local bakery Panrico SAU in Spain and Portugal, says Mintel.

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