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Pinnacle Foods expands presence in natural channel with $975 million acquisition of Boulder Brands

Long-anchored in the conventional channel’s center-store with iconic brands such as Hungry Man and Wishbone, Pinnacle Foods’ $975 million acquisition of Boulder Brands gives it a better foothold in the fast-growing refrigerated and health food segments. 

FDA denies GMO labeling petition: What matters is the characteristics of the food itself, not the process by which it was made

The FDA has rejected a citizen’s petition calling for mandatory labeling of foods from genetically engineered crops, arguing that labels are not warranted unless there is a material difference in the safety or nutritional profile of the foods in question.

La Brea Bakery launches holiday giving campaigns, rolls out new products

'Tis the season for giving and La Brea Bakery is getting into the spirit (and onto consumers’ radars) with two campaigns focused on feeding those in need and those who serve their communities.

Pasta is a low-GI food, says Barilla

Not all refined grains are equal says Barilla: Pasta should not be lumped together with pies and cookies as ‘empty carbs’

Pasta is a low fat, low-sodium, low glycemic, complex carbohydrate, and a good source of thiamin, folic acid, iron, riboflavin, and niacin.  So why do many consumers – and some health professionals – still see it as a source of ‘empty carbs’ to be avoided, especially if they are watching their weight?

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

Continual evolution is key to survival in competitive food market, Momme Meals exec says

To make it in the highly competitive food and beverage segment, startups need to listen to consumers and evolve to meet changing demands – even if that means letting go of their “baby,” says the founder of Momme Meals. 

Experts weigh in on emerging CPG package trends and when to use photos instead of windows

Clear windows on packaged foods and beverages seem to be all the rage right now as manufacturers try to literally meet consumer desire for transparency and authenticity – but a well-placed photograph sometimes is a more effective marketing tool, branding and packaging experts say.

On- and offline retail channels offer startups different paths to success, NatureBox CEO says

Online retail of food and beverage may be small now, but it is slowly gaining traction in the US – providing start-ups struggling to get their foot in the door another option for reaching consumers, according to the CEO of online subscription snack service NatureBox.

13 emerging restaurant trends for 2016 that likely will influence CPG food & beverages

Demand for more plant-based, vegetable-forward food has been growing the past few years, but the trend will hit new heights in 2016 – taking over the center of the plate and more often than before fully replacing animal protein, predicts trend tracker Andrew Freedman, president of AF & Co.

Star Wars helps CPG food & beverages in battle for consumer attention

As opening night of the latest installment of the Star Wars movies nears, grocery store shelves are becoming crowded with packaged foods and drinks decorated with the iconic characters in an attempt to capture consumers’ attention and drive sales. Here is a small sampling of the products available and a glimpse at how different firms take advantage of all the licensing has to offer. 

Study questions association between junk food and obesity, points finger at total calories consumed

Demonizing unhealthy food as the primary cause of weight gain may be off-track, suggest researchers who found consumption of fast food, sweets and salty snacks alone may not be the harbinger of obesity it often is made out to be. 

Fall flavors & energy products top consumer purchase intent in October

As the nights grow longer and colder, consumers are reaching for products that evoke the cozy feeling of fall and that will help them wake up before the sun. 

KIND cuts added sugar in Fruit & Nut bars ahead of potential “added sugar” label change

KIND LLC will significantly reduce added sugar in some of its snack bars in spring 2016, which will make its label more appealing to health conscious shoppers, especially if FDA’s proposal to include added sugar in the Nutrition Facts box becomes a reality. 

Exo’s launch of savory insect-based nutrition bars marries two small, but high-profile snack trends

Two relatively small, but high-profile snack categories are merging with the Nov. 4 launch of Exo’s savory meal bars with alternative protein from crickets. 

Food Vision USA 2015: the highlights...

Collaborative innovation can cut costs and jumpstart launches, 7-Eleven exec says

Collaborative innovation between retailers and manufacturers can jumpstart product development, generate substantial cost-savings and improve the success of a launch more effectively than either partner likely could achieve on its own, a senior director at 7-Eleven said. 

Kellogg cereal sales, consumption improve thanks to innovation, repositioning

Kellogg’s beleaguered cereal sales in the US appear to be stabilizing – at least for now – but that isn’t enough to buoy the firm’s overall profits, which fell again during the firm’s third quarter announced Nov. 3. 

And now the lawsuits… General Mills sued over recalled gluten-free Cheerios

A month after telling shoppers it was “embarrassed and truly sorry” after an undeclared allergen (wheat) was detected in selected boxes of gluten-free Cheerios, General Mills has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging it violated several consumer protection laws and put consumers at risk.

Snack company Wonderfully Raw trades equity for growth tools from accelerator Fresca Foods

Ready to leap from start-up to category leader, better-for-you snack company Wonderfully Raw Gourmet Delights exchanged a slice of its equity for accelerator Fresca Food’s help expanding production, distribution and marketing. 

SupplySide West

CIFI’s sweet potato juice, dry ingredients can help clean up product labels, reduce food waste

The time is here for sweet potatoes, according to industry newcomer Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients, Inc., which says ingredients from the vegetable can help manufacturers clean up labels, cut calories and sugar, tap into key consumer trends such as gluten-free and add functional benefits to products.

One size fits all CPG products are so last century, says YouBar founder: Customization is the future

Big brands have always sought to convince us that by purchasing their mass-produced wares we are expressing ourselves (although it’s hard to argue that buying a Coke – even with your name on it - is a bold expression of individualism). But how can food businesses offer a more customized experience and still make it pay?

Karma Baker: Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free… and delicious

If you’re going to launch a gourmet organic, vegan and gluten-free bakery business, L.A. is probably the place to do it, acknowledges Karma Baker’s founder Celine Ikeler. But if you plan to stick around, you’ve got to make products that will appeal to a broader customer base, for whom dairy- or gluten-free is an added bonus, not the primary purchase driver. 

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