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BFree: the Irish free-from bread brand making its mark in US retail

Irish allergen-free bakery business BFree Foods is ramping up its presence in the US after making its mainstream debut last year.

Hampton Creek’s revenues surged 350% in 2015, says CEO: We’re about more than Just Mayo

Revenues at plant-based foods maker Hampton Creek surged 350% in 2015 as the company expanded its product range and strengthened partnerships in retail and foodservice, said CEO Josh Tetrick, who also grew the headcount at the San Francisco-based company from 60 to 110 employees last year.

Gen Mills challenges Cheerios Protein lawsuit: Plaintiffs ‘completely misunderstand’ federal regs

General Mills has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging it misled shoppers by presenting Cheerios Protein as a “high protein, healthful alternative to Cheerios”, and insists the product complies with all relevant food labeling regulations.

“Local” claims are not equally effective across all food categories, Harris Poll finds

About half of Americans say “local” claims are an important factor in their food purchase decisions, but exactly how influential they are depends on where in the store they are made, according to a recent survey. 

How can food grown on Mars boost food security on Earth?

Dutch researchers have launched a crowdsourcing appeal for a project that will analyse the safety and nutrient content of food grown on Martian and lunar soil -  and the findings could prove useful for life on Earth too, they say.

Bonjour America! Michel et Augustin cookies roll out nationwide at Starbucks

If you’ve heard of Michel et Augustin, you’re most likely French, or living in New York – where its pastries have recently started appearing in upmarket food stores. But that’s likely to change pretty quickly, predict its founders, who have just struck a deal that has catapulted the quirky French food brand onto the national stage with distribution in 7,624 Starbucks outlets in 50 US states.

Natural & Organic Health Association drops plans for “natural” seal

The Organic & Natural Health Association is abandoning its plan to create a certified seal that demonstrates when products are natural, but it remains dedicated to defining the widely used, but loosely understood marketing term. 

PepsiCo rolling out gluten-free Quaker oatmeal range across US retail

PepsiCo is rolling out gluten-free Quaker oatmeal across the US from this month.

Top comfort foods vary by occasion, but all are indulgent, survey finds

Americans may talk big game about eating healthier, but for many that flies out the window when they are stressed – creating an opening for manufacturers of indulgent products that might otherwise be shunned.

Health & Wellness 2020

C-stores offer growth opportunity for better-for-you brands

Convenience stores, often considered a destination for indulgent, unhealthy snacks, could offer a new growth opportunity for better-for-you brands as the channel’s core audience begins shifting slightly towards more health-conscious shoppers, according to research from the Hudson Institute and Natural Marketing Institute.

Lean Cuisine ditches “diet” for “wellbeing” in emotionally-charged rebranding

In a dramatic rebranding, Lean Cuisine ditches the “antiquated” idea of dieting to become an advocate for overall healthy lifestyles, and in doing so, is empowering women to change the conversation about weight and value perceptions, according to brand’s marketing director.

Green Chef extends suppliers’ reach into homes nationwide with transparency

The co-founder and CEO of Green Chef infuses his passion for transparency into every aspect of the fresh meal kit delivery company, and in doing creates new marketing opportunities for its suppliers and helps them increase consumer awareness of their brands. 

CSPI urges FDA to ban artificial colors, or at minimum encourage companies not to use them

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is taking FDA to task for “failing to protect children” from artificial dyes that it says cause behavior problems, but which FDA defends as safe. 

Potential compromise reached on food fight about school meals

A bipartisan Senate agreement and proposed legislation slated for markup Jan. 20 could end the long, drawn out food fight over healthier school meal standards laid out in the aggressive Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

6 trends to watch in 2016: From hard soda and drinkable food to sour flavors and fat

Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer may have stolen early mover advantage in the hard soda renaissance, but it can expect significant competition from heavy hitters in 2016, predicts a market trends analyst.

Sales of sweet baked snacks slow, but single-serve holds promise, Packaged Facts finds

Sales of single-serve packages is a rare bright spot in the otherwise beleaguered sweet baked snack category, sales of which are slowing dramatically as consumers reach for healthier options or freshly baked goods when they do indulge, according to Packaged Facts. 

The money diet: Spend more on food to be healthier, says 2000-strong study

People who increased the amount they spent on food made healthier choices, ate less energy-dense food and lost weight, which has implications for food taxes and consumer subsidies, say the authors of the long-term Spanish study.

health and wellness 2020

7 trends influencing the evolution of health, wellness and consumers' views of food

Americans’ evolving definition of health and wellness from treatment to prevention is dramatically impacting how they view food – with many people looking to the ancient past for guidance on how and what to eat in the future.

2016 Super Bowl marketing campaigns heavily feature online components

As football teams across America vie for a coveted spot in the upcoming Super Bowl 50, so too are food and beverage makers for a spot on viewers’ big game day party menus. 

Atkins redefines weight-loss “success” in campaign that shifts brand more towards wellness

Just in time for New Year’s resolutions to exercise more and eat healthier, low-carb food manufacturer Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., is redefining weight-loss success in a new ad campaign that features actress Alyssa Milano and focuses on finding a “happy weight.”

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