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Various range of fillings, for all application.

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Related applications: Cereals and bakery preparations

Materne Industries propose traditional, innovative and trendy fillings, suitable for cereal products (breakfast cereal, biscuits, cakes, pastries, chocolate,…)  :

-          Fruitty : Strawberry, Pear, Raspberry, Apricot,…

-          Chocolate : Dark chocolate & Coconut, Milk chocolate,…

-          Creamy : Vanilla, Speculoos, Caramel,…

-          Innovative : Lemon-Curd, Kiwi-Cactus, Grapefruit-Hibiscus,…

-          Savoury : Tomato, Olive,…

We adapt the recipes for all technology and specifications :

-          texture

-          water activity

-          no sugar added

-          organic, gluten free, fair trade

-          bake and / or freeze stable

With our versatile and performing equipment, we can offer you 2 processing batch or continuous.

Materne Industries R&D team, only dedicates to Industry, knows the technical aspects and challenges which are linked to your markets and is ther to help you going through them with success.

With our IFS and BRC certifications and a system which ensures food safety to consumers (HACCP), Materne Industries certify the quality approach provided to all or their products.

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