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DuPont profit climbs on higher prices and agriculture sales

DuPont posted higher profits and revenue for the first quarter of 2012, citing higher prices and increased sales in developing markets, as well as continuing benefit from last year’s acquisition of Danish specialty ingredients firm Danisco.


Fraunhofer goes 'wild' with new sensor to help winemakers detect bad yeasts

Researchers at Germany's Fraunhofer IME are close to commercialising an inexpensive detector that they claim could save wine producers significant amounts of money and time by detecting 'bad' yeasts within grape must, as Cecilia Diaz from the institute told

Pineapple ‘waste’ could provide bromelain extract for ingredient use

Waste from pineapple processing could provide a range of value added ingredients for the food industry, including a new source of the enzyme bromelain, say researchers.

Danisco acquisition provides bright spot for DuPont in 2011

DuPont benefited from last year’s acquisition of Danish specialty food ingredient company Danisco in the fourth quarter of 2011, as revenue more than doubled in its nutrition and health business – although the chemical group’s overall profit fell slightly.

New yeast could provide ‘seamless’ acrylamide reduction, claims Functional Technologies

Vancouver-based Functional Technologies claims it has developed a new, faster-acting proprietary yeast strain capable of reducing acrylamide under most food processing conditions, regardless of the presence of other yeast nutrients.

Super strength drinks firm bullish despite ‘deceptive advertising’ claim

A US firm accused by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of deceptive advertising doesn’t believe it violated any laws, despite agreeing to repackage and label its super-strength alcoholic products.

Fresh ideas to stay fresh: Bran may extend bakery shelf-life

Bran may help extend the shelf-life of bakery products like cakes, and enhance the taste profile, according to results of a new study from Greece.

Researchers produce alternative to animal-sourced gelatine

A non-animal sourced, ‘human’ version of the gelling agent gelatine has been produced by researchers in China.

General Mills tries to tackle browning in chilled dough

General Mills is seeking out new technologies to block or reduce enzymatic browning in chilled dough products such as puff pastries.

Fish enzymes show potential to boost dairy flavors: Study

Enzymes from salmon and hoki may enhance the flavor profile of dairy products, like specialty cheeses, suggests a study from Canada and New Zealand.

DSM: Acrylamide prevention failing to catch fire in US (yet)

DSM has had a “lot of interest” from US food manufacturers in its PreventASe acrylamide-reduction enzyme, but admitted many firms are still waiting to see if regulators will take action on the suspected carcinogen before parting with hard cash.

‘All-natural’ craze drives double-digit growth for natural preservatives

Continued pressure on manufacturers to oust synthetic anti-oxidants and anti-microbials from food labels has helped drive double-digit growth in natural preservatives for Danisco in the US, bosses have revealed.

DSM launches cultures to address global sour cream tastes and uses

DSM is launching a new brand of specialised cultures for fermented dairy products – and the first range under the brand, for sour cream.

EU approves DuPont-Danisco offer – but it’s far from a done deal

The European Commission today approved DuPont’s €4.5bn offer for Danish probiotics, enzymes and ingredients giant Danisco but the deal remains in doubt as to date only 6% of Danisco shareholders have accepted the offer.

Whey protein structure discovery heralds next generation gluten-free breads

Researchers in The Netherlands claim to have pushed back boundaries on gluten-free bread formulation by using whey protein and locust bean gum structured into a ‘mesoscopic’ protein particle suspension.

Danisco results may influence stockholders over DuPont offer

Danisco’s fine Q3 results may make some investors less willing to sell, believing the company can bring profit alone or that DuPont may be persuaded to raise its offer, say commentators.

Enzyme treatment may remove peanut allergens, suggests study

An enzymatic treatment process may effectively reduce allergens in roasted peanuts by up to 100 per cent, according to new research.

Ohly acquires savory ingredients company Bakon Yeast

Yeast specialist Ohly, part of the ABF Ingredients group, has acquired the speciality savory ingredients company Bakon Yeast Inc located in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, for an undisclosed sum.

Danisco board accepts DuPont offer

Danisco’s executive board and members of its board of directors have accepted DuPont’s offer of DKK 665 per share, corresponding to 28,056 shares with a total value of DKK 18.7m, Danisco said on Wednesday.

Study shows limitations and potential of Acrylamide Toolbox

The use of commercial enzymes to reduce levels of acrylamide is effective when applied to chilled, but not par-fried, French fries, suggests a new study from Belgium.

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