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Enzyme treatment may remove peanut allergens, suggests study

An enzymatic treatment process may effectively reduce allergens in roasted peanuts by up to 100 per cent, according to new research.

Ohly acquires savory ingredients company Bakon Yeast

Yeast specialist Ohly, part of the ABF Ingredients group, has acquired the speciality savory ingredients company Bakon Yeast Inc located in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, for an undisclosed sum.

Danisco board accepts DuPont offer

Danisco’s executive board and members of its board of directors have accepted DuPont’s offer of DKK 665 per share, corresponding to 28,056 shares with a total value of DKK 18.7m, Danisco said on Wednesday.

Study shows limitations and potential of Acrylamide Toolbox

The use of commercial enzymes to reduce levels of acrylamide is effective when applied to chilled, but not par-fried, French fries, suggests a new study from Belgium.

DuPont plans to tap synergies between Danisco and Solae

DuPont expects to become a ‘premier specialty food ingredients provider’ as a result of acquiring Danisco, and expects it to be particularly complementary to its Solae soy protein business.

Danisco to be acquired by DuPont

Danisco is to be snapped up by DuPont for $6.3bn, in a deal Dupont says could create a global leader in industrial biotech – and help drive science-based solutions to the world’s food and fuel challenges.

National List not spurring innovation in organic ingredients: Study

The National List of permitted non-organic ingredients in organic foods is not encouraging innovation in organic supply, claims a new paper published in Food Technology.

New umami enhancers discovered in yeast extract, researchers claim

Scientists claim to have discovered new umami-enhancing taste modulators extracted from yeast extract, in a paper published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Lactic acid bacteria may cut acrylamide formation

A Norwegian company has developed a new method that claims to be 90 per cent effective in reducing acrylamide formation during food production.

‘Novel and competitive’ starter cultures identified for gluten-free sourdoughs

Scientists in Ireland have identified ‘novel and competitive’ starter cultures for gluten-free sourdoughs, a result that may enable the industrial scale production of the cereal products.

AB Enzymes expands North American baking enzyme distribution

AB Enzymes has entered a partnership with The Ingredients Company for sole distribution of its baking enzymes in the United States and Canada in order to strengthen its presence in the region.


Groundhog Day for European health claims?

“Many in industry are pinning their hopes on EFSA showing them the light at the meeting, including the likes of Danone, which withdrew three probiotic immunity/digestive health article 13.5 claims in April, citing clarification it is expecting on Big Monday as the reason.”

Danisco and Fonterra broaden scope of probiotics deal

Danisco has signed a deal that will allow the ingredients supplier to sell two probiotic strains developed by Fonterra to a wider food and drink audience.

Flavor and texture improvements needed for low fat cheese success

Producers of low-fat cheese need to improve the flavor and sensory aspect of their products if they are to achieve widespread consumer acceptance, says a new study.

Health Canada proposes enzyme use to counter acrylamide

Health Canada has asked for comments on its proposal that asparaginase enzymes could be used to combat the suspected carcinogen acrylamide in food.

Danisco’s Madison plant expansion underway

Danisco has started expansion of its cultures plant in Madison, Wisconsin, which it says responds to increased demand for direct vat inoculants (DVI) cultures in the US.

Deerland opens new lab for enzyme development

Deerland Enzymes has opened a new laboratory that gives it greater capabilities in R&D, quality assurance, application development and technical support – and a restricted area for working on top secret projects.


The benefits of a probiotic witch hunt

Get your pitchforks ready! There are evil-doers out there! We’ve been conned: Probiotics don’t work. Dannon’s settling out of court, EFSA’s rejecting health claims, and the media is starting a witch hunt.

Quorn manufacturer faces lawsuit

Quorn Foods is facing a class action lawsuit filed by an Arizona woman who claims the main ingredient in the company’s meat substitute products made her violently ill.

Science rises to the gluten-free challenge

The increasing prevalence of coeliac disease is driving innovation, and the growth in the size of the market is boosting R&D investment, but the ideal gluten-free product is still not on supermarket shelves.

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