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International research project to develop synthetic yeast for industry applications

An international consortium of researchers attempting to build a synthetic version of the yeast genome by 2017 could help academics and industry to reduce food waste and improve processing efficiency, according to the team behind the project.

DuPont unveils innovation center in Johnston, Iowa, focused on food and agriculture

DuPont has opened an innovation center in Johnston, Iowa, where its scientists can collaborate with customers and other partners on everything from addressing global food security and next generation high-oleic soybean varieties to the latest applications for probiotics, gums, enzymes and natural antioxidants. 

Sodium reduction - The road ahead

Is sodium reduction really necessary?

The stealthy approach to sodium reduction in foods—cutting levels bit by bit so that consumers don’t notice—has evolved to the point that some observers question whether it is necessary at all. Understandably, those in the business of selling sodium reduction solutions disagree, leading to an interesting debate on both sides of the issue.

Why all food manufacturers - not just those in organics - should read new NOP draft guidance outlining what ‘natural’ means

In the absence of a clear legal definition of ‘natural’, food marketers seeking to avoid legal challenges over it refer to a variety of sources for guidance.

GoodBelly re-ups with Probi because its probiotic 'just works'

NextFoods, maker of the GoodBelly line of probiotic drinks, and Swedish supplier Probi have extended a supply agreement, the companies announced.

High-pressure processing, protein, botanicals, premium private label and cultured foods & beverages.. Welcome to 2013

Fresh juices and foods subjected to high pressure processing (HPP); protein - especially at breakfast; cage-free hen eggs; premium private label; fermented foods; culinary botanicals; and edible packaging could all be hot trends this year, predicts trend watcher Hartman Group.

Tate & Lyle launches open innovation platform: 'We want to send out a signal to the market'

From food ingredients that reduce the blood glucose response to food intake, to natural high-potency sweeteners, digestive health and weight management ingredients, and plant-based ingredients that can mask bitter flavors…

News in brief

Ganeden moves lab to headquarters near Cleveland

Ganeden Biotech has moved its state-of-the-art laboratory to its headquarters in Mayfield Heights, OH, the company announced yesterday. 

Ultra-fast- acting novel prebiotic will turn market on its head, predicts Deerland Enzymes

Deerland Enzymes has launched a novel prebiotic that unlike fiber or carbohydrate-based rivals, is highly effective in small doses, starts working within hours rather than days, and does not cause flatulence.

Competition heating up among spore forming probiotics suppliers

Competition in the spore-forming quadrant of the probiotics sphere is heating up with a new offering from Nebraska Cultures called ProDURA, a strain of bacillus coagulans.

Novel process may enhance the flavor and quality of soy sauce, say scientists

Chinese researchers report that a novel two-step inoculation process with Candida etchellsii may increase the level of soy sauce flavor compounds by as much as 180%.

PLT beefing up to support anticipated BC30 probiotic sales surge

PL Thomas is beefing up its science staff to better drive the sales growth of one the major ingredients it offers, Ganeden’s BC30 probiotic, to take advantage of an anticipated demand surge.

Sabinsa widening horizons for probiotic ingredient

Sabinsa, a  New Jersey-based supplier of botanical and other functional food ingredients, is breaking new ground with an older ingredient by placing its LactoSpore probiotic into a bread brand in Colombia.

GRAS approval will aid commercial push of acrylamide-preventing yeast, says developers

GRAS approval of Functional Technologies' yeast strain should drive the push towards commercialisation and aid bakery and snacks manufacturers in the plight against acrylamide reduction, says developers.

Dispatches from IFT 2012 Las Vegas

IFT 2012 new product round-up: Salt and fat reduction

Salt and fat reduction and flavour masking are major trends among new products at the IFT 2012 trade show in Las Vegas.

Chr Hansen shares jump 9% on strong H1 profits

First half EBIT profits for 2011-12 surged 19% to €83m at Chr Hansen as it shrugged off the effects of severe fluctuations in the price of red colorant carmine, and ongoing probiotic health claim uncertainty in Europe – its biggest yet most stagnant market.

DuPont profit climbs on higher prices and agriculture sales

DuPont posted higher profits and revenue for the first quarter of 2012, citing higher prices and increased sales in developing markets, as well as continuing benefit from last year’s acquisition of Danish specialty ingredients firm Danisco.


Fraunhofer goes 'wild' with new sensor to help winemakers detect bad yeasts

Researchers at Germany's Fraunhofer IME are close to commercialising an inexpensive detector that they claim could save wine producers significant amounts of money and time by detecting 'bad' yeasts within grape must, as Cecilia Diaz from the institute told

Pineapple ‘waste’ could provide bromelain extract for ingredient use

Waste from pineapple processing could provide a range of value added ingredients for the food industry, including a new source of the enzyme bromelain, say researchers.

Danisco acquisition provides bright spot for DuPont in 2011

DuPont benefited from last year’s acquisition of Danish specialty food ingredient company Danisco in the fourth quarter of 2011, as revenue more than doubled in its nutrition and health business – although the chemical group’s overall profit fell slightly.

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