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Welcome to FIC 2014 -

08-Feb-2014 - FIC 2014 Preview More than 70, 000 sqm Exhibiting floor space Over 11,00 exhibitors with over 300 overseas companies More than 90% of exhibitors are manufacturer Exhibits cover 23 categories of food additives and 35 categories of food  ingredients Chinese top exported-oriented companies all attend A...
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Food Vision 2014 – Connecting Leaders in Food & Drink Development - WRBM - Food Vision

17-Dec-2013 - Food Vision is the ultimate global event connecting leading innovators and senior business executives in food and drink development by combining strategic content with in-depth analyses of critical market trends and developments. Food Vision takes place on 31 Mar – 2...
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Reducing Sugar? Masking off notes? Try Givaudan TasteSolutions™ - Givaudan

01-Nov-2013 - TasteSolutions™ is Givaudan's industry-leading portfolio of flavour solutions, focusing on the sweet taste dimensions of flavour. At Givaudan, we work on changing consumers' sweet taste perceptions in a variety of food & beverage applications, to make them taste great.Leveraging local...
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Download must-read fresh thinking from Puratos! - Puratos

02-Oct-2013 - Cake science is allowing major progress in extending the freshness and shelf life of packed cakes. Certain manufacturers are taking full advantage of this progress. What do they know that allows their cakes to retain freshness long after other cakes...
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SALTWELL Sea salt - with naturally reduced sodium -

25-Apr-2013 - SALTWELL´s unique grain, with 65% sodium chloride and 30% potassium chloride radically lowers the sodium impact in food. SALTWELL has been tested in many food applications such as meatballs, chicken, oatmeal and bread and has received very good results on...
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Probiotic marketing in 2013 and beyond - GoodBelly/NextFoods/DuPont Nutrition and Health

18-Mar-2013 - Regulatory pressure has forced the probiotic sector to think hard about how its products are presented to world. The alignment between the vast body of science and regulatory parameters varies greatly with regions and countries so what marketing tools are...
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The global pre- and probiotic overview: Europe flatlines; Asia-Americas shine - Mintel

15-Mar-2013 - Probiotics were born in Japan in the 1950s, but they are booming in broader Asia as consumers turn onto them in various formats, and regulations permit a greater range of health claims. Prebiotics are growing in these markets too but...
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The microbiome revolution -

15-Mar-2013 - Phase two of a gigantic project studying the human microbiome is just beginning. Many think the microbiome can unlock the mystery of just how pre- and probiotics work. Question is: Where will phase two go, can it help win claims...
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The Must Attend Show for Food Additives and Ingredients -

22-Jan-2013 - Over 1,100 exhibitors cordially invite you to visit FIC--the largest and most influential show for food additives and ingredients in Asia.
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BC30 Analysis of FDA GRAS - PLT Health Solutions

22-Oct-2012 - Ganeden BC30 ® is a GRAS probiotic that is ideal for a variety of food and beverage applications. Its unique hardened structure protects the fragile probiotic from heat and pressure of manufacturing as well as stomach acids until it reaches...
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The “Recipe” for Successfully Selecting and Deploying an Electronic Lab Notebook at Heinz -

07-Sep-2012 - Research in the food industry resembles its counterpart in life science. It drives product innovation and underpins IP—and consequently must be documented to support product claims, safeguard patents, and secure corporate knowledge. Learn how Heinz is using an Electronic Lab...
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The Tasteful Way to Reduce Sodium -

13-Jul-2012 - There’s a discrete, delicious way to reduce sodium in commercially prepared foods and enhance flavor at the same time.Learn how to use lower levels of sodium chloride in manufactured food items with Ascentra™ Sodium-Reducing Flavor Enhancer. Made from a proprietary,...
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Microbiota, probiotics and the brain gut axis: How probiotics may influence the stress response? - Lallemand Health Solutions

07-Jul-2012 - Through the high amount of work performed at the French National Institute of Agricultural Research on the new probiotic strain Lactobacillus farciminis CIP 103136  and through the literature published by research teams from all round the world on other strains,...
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How to customize a probiotic formula that best fits your needs? - Lallemand Health Solutions

07-Jul-2012 - Because we strive to provide you a highest level of satisfaction on probiotics choice, tools have been developed to help in designing probiotic formulations. Thanks to R&D researches on our strains, Institut Rosell Lallemand presents full documentation on Rosell strains...
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Probiotics for health and wellbeing - Sabinsa Europe GmbH

01-Jun-2012 - The role of probiotics has expanded from gut health maintenance, to use in applications that target diverse preventive health maintenance needs and supplementation in the event of dysbiosis (microfloral imbalance) during antibiotic therapy, to a wide range of health applications.With...
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How sucrose esters can perfection sponge & dough bread - Sisterna

20-Feb-2012 - Sucrose esters have powerful functionalities in bread. Leading supplier Sisterna gives insight in this white paper on how sucrose esters can be used in your bread formulation in order to improve the volume, tender fine crumb and extend shelf life.
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Coming out of the Dairy case - Ganeden Biotech

06-Feb-2012 - With growing trends and innovations in the food and beverage industries, GanedenBC30 proves only the strong survive due to its capabilities of enduring the harshest processing conditions and stomach acids as well as maintaining a long shelf life. The unique...
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ISO26000-Guidance on Social Responsibility by SGS - SGS

19-Jan-2011 - “Understanding the ISO26000 Social Responsibility standard and how it relates to and can be assessed alongside other standards” is the new White Paper by SGS. This document is a discussion about social responsibility issues and how they can be managed...
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Accelerating fermentation rate and yield - TandemRain Innovations

24-Jun-2010 - TandemRain Innovations has created a patent-pending ingredient technology, Zymolaise™, which significantly accelerates the rate and/or yield of many fermentation processes. Studies indicate active fermentation occurs up to 60 percent faster with no adverse effect on other product characteristics (i.e., alcohol...
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Generate sales leads with a good white paper - William Reed Business Media

24-Mar-2010 - White papers (or technical papers) are one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your sales team and improve your company’s reputation as an expert. Want to know how to create effective white papers? Download this guide now....

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