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‘Chewy’ ice cream from Lezzetli stretches Americans’ imaginations and palates

Typically considered smooth and creamy, the idea for most Americans that ice cream also could be chewy might seem like a stretch – and it is. Literally. 

Perfectly Free prepares for 2018 launch of novel refrigerated fruit & veggie snacks with 'grape-like' skin

Incredible Foods – the firm behind allergy-friendly Perfectly Free frozen coconut bites – is gearing up for the 2018 launch of what it claims is a completely new form of snack: refrigerated bites with a 'grape-like' skin made from fruit and veggie purees held together with fiber from seaweed and mushrooms.

Sleepy US $1.1bn cottage cheese category is ripe for disruption, says Muuna

Forty years ago, the US cottage cheese market was twice the size of the yogurt market. Today, yogurt (at $7.68bn) is seven times bigger in dollar terms than cottage cheese (down 1.7% to $1.1bn in retail sales in 2016 according to Nielsen data). So have Americans fallen out of love with cottage cheese, or is this a category that is ripe for disruption?

Coca-Cola’s fairlife launches ‘Superkids’ milk

Coca-Cola’s ultra-filtered premium milk fairlife has launched a children’s ‘Superkids’ variety, available in white milk and chocolate milk. 

New dressings from Bolthouse Farms target underserved overlap between organic and better-for-you

Bolthouse Farms expands its footprint in the crowded dressing category with the launch of a new premium line that fills the whitespace in the unexpectedly bare overlap between organic and better-for-you options. 

Daiya Foods VP: The Dairy Pride Act is a solution looking for a problem

The Dairy Pride Act, which seeks to crack down on the use of dairy-derived labels for plant-based products on the grounds shoppers are being misled, is a “solution looking for a problem,” claims the marketing boss of one of the leading players in the plant-based foods market.

a2 Milk USA CEO: Plant-based ‘milk’ labeling is misleading, but it’s not what’s killing the dairy milk market

The dairy lobby is justifiably frustrated about the widespread use of dairy-terms (milk, cheese, yogurt) to describe plant-based products, but it also needs to focus on its own game to understand why sales of fluid dairy milk are declining, argues The a2 Milk Company – which markets dairy milk it claims is ‘naturally easier to digest.’ 

In the $28bn ice cream category, ‘free from’ drives growth, says Packaged Facts

According to retail data company Packaged Facts, “food industry marketers are astutely churning out a variety of healthier, yet still decadent, frozen treats to please modern American consumers.”


Dahlicious moves into new territory with almond milk yogurt and kefir

Dahlicious – a brand best-known for its cultured dairy product, lassi – is moving into new territory this year with the launch of almondmilk-based yogurt and kefir.

US dairy groups ask Canada to ‘hold up its end of the bargain’ in trade agreements

The US dairy industry is continuing its fight against Canada’s policies, which they say are blocking American dairy imports into the country in violation of international agreements.


Califia Farms CEO weighs into plant 'milk' debate: ‘The consumer has never been confused'

Labeling conventions in plant-based ‘dairy’ are a hot topic right now, with two leading players (Almond Breeze and Silk) hit with false advertising lawsuits this week, and a Senate Bill urging the FDA to enforce standards of identity for milk, cheese and yogurt. So where does Califia Farms, one of the leading brands in the plant-based segment, stand on this issue?

WhiteWave, Blue Diamond Growers, targeted in plant ‘milk’ class actions

To the frustration of the dairy lobby, false advertising lawsuits objecting to terms such as ‘almondmilk’ and ‘soymilk’ have failed to make much headway. However, complaints filed this week vs Blue Diamond Growers and WhiteWave Foods adopt a different mode of attack, arguing that consumers are being duped into believing that almondmilk is nutritionally equivalent – or superior to - dairy milk.   

Dairy Pride Act a ‘waste of government resources’ says Good Food Institute in petition

The Dairy Pride Act – a bill urging the FDA to prohibit the use of ‘almond milk,’ ‘vegan cheese’ and other such labels on plant-based products – is an “absurd” piece of legislation that “wastes government resources,” claims a new petition on 

Final rule clarifies animal welfare standards under organic seal even as its own fate is uncertain

Even though a final USDA rule strengthening animal welfare standards squeaked into the Federal Register today before the new administration takes control of country, the rule may not be safe from repeal, like so many others finalized under Obama’s leadership. 

A new approach to innovation

Bolthouse Farms’ MAIO is the newest product from C-Fresh’s new innovation model

MAIO, an indulgent tasting yet better-for-you alternative to conventional mayonnaise, is the latest test product to come out of C-Fresh's innovation team and its unique approach to incubating products on a small scale before expanding. 

News in brief

Sonny Perdue must 'expand market opportunities for all types of agriculture,' says NFU

It’s been a long time coming, but President elect Trump has chosen his agriculture secretary - former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue – pleasing some food and farming associations, but alarming Friends of the Earth.

Miyoko’s Kitchen CEO weighs into plant-based dairy labeling debate: It’s time to ditch ‘outdated and arcane’ standards of identity

Consumers have moved on since dairy standards of identity first hit the statute books, says Miyoko's Kitchen founder and CEO Miyoko Schinner, and it's time regulators did too.

Former USDA Sec. Vilsack will take the reins of US Dairy Export Council next month

The rumors are true: Former USDA Sec. Tom Vilsack will take the helm of the US Dairy Export Council Feb. 1 after serving the Obama Administration as one of the longest serving agriculture secretaries in history.

Chobani notched up double-digit US growth in 2016, has ‘no plan’ to head back to Europe right now

While growth in the US yogurt category fell into negative territory in 2016, Chobani's US operation notched up double-digit sales and volume growth last year, driven by a strong performances from Flip and the core cups range and a successful move into yogurt drinks, according to chief marketing and brand officer Peter McGuinness.

Grass-fed is greener, says Maple Hill Creamery: ‘We need to have a more nuanced conversation about dairy and sustainability’

Dairy can get a bad rap in debates on animal welfare and sustainability, but it’s time the conversation became more nuanced, says 100% grass-fed, organic and “unapologetically full-fat” dairy brand Maple Hill Creamery, which is now available in 6,000 stores from Walmart to Sprouts and growing rapidly on the back of surging interest in all things grass-fed.

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