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One size fits all CPG products are so last century, says YouBar founder: Customization is the future

Big brands have always sought to convince us that by purchasing their mass-produced wares we are expressing ourselves (although it’s hard to argue that buying a Coke – even with your name on it - is a bold expression of individualism). But how can food businesses offer a more customized experience and still make it pay?

Emerging health concerns could cast shadow on protein, but for now ingredient shines

The health halo around protein continues to shine brightly, but a shadow could be cast on the ingredient as some consumers start asking if it is possible to have too much protein, according to a market research expert. 

SupplySide West

Protein could give products for endurance athletes an extra edge, says Arla Foods Ingredients

A new fast absorbing protein from Arla Foods Ingredients could help crack open the endurance sports sector, which has significant potential for growth but until now has been largely dominated by sports drinks with only carbohydrates and electrolytes. 

SupplySide West 2015: Protein trends part 1

Bakery, snacks & beverage could be next frontier for high-protein products, experts say

As the high-protein trend matures from niche to mainstream, innovative manufacturers are tapping into the still-significant growth opportunity by adding the ingredient to a broader range of platforms, including baked goods, snacks and beverages, according to experts in the segment.

Coca-Cola pulls out of talks to acquire stake in Chobani: Reports

The Coca-Cola Company has reportedly pulled out of talks to acquire a stake in US Greek yogurt giant, Chobani.

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Chobani in talks with PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and others over sale of minority stake

PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Co are among large CPG firms in talks to invest in Chobani in a deal that would value the Greek yogurt manufacturer at as much as $3bn, including debt, according to Reuters.

Dairy Farmers of America breaks ground on Kansas milk powder plant

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) has broken ground on a $235m milk powder plant in Garden City, Kansas.

Vermont Creamery’s aged goat cheese: ‘leap of faith’ turned growth engine

When Vermont Creamery debuted aged goat cheese 15 years ago, almost no one in the U.S. had heard of this French-style cheese with its telltale wrinkly rind and creamy interior. But the risk paid off, as the line is now the company’s fastest-growing, prompting a $4 million expansion to its aged cheese facility and the opening of the country’s first demonstration goat dairy.

'The Dietary Guidelines are not the appropriate vehicle for this important policy conversation about sustainability'

USDA, HHS: 2015 dietary guidelines won't factor in sustainability

Sustainability will not factor into the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, say the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, prompting praise from the meat lobby and anger from environmental and consumer/health advocacy groups.

Trans Pacific Partnership conclusion on dairy 'far from perfect,' says Fonterra

Fonterra has blamed the "entrenched protectionism" of the US dairy sector for the "far from perfect" conclusion to Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. 

Expo East in review

Distinctions in yogurt, kefir abound at Expo East

The yogurt category continues to evolve and expand with more refined varieties, including yogurt from sheep, goats and grass fed animals, as well as lactose free options. The kefir category also is expanding in tandem, as demonstrated by the array of products showcased at Expo East. 

Expo East in review

Flapjacked meets demand for more protein with easy-to-make pancake and muffin mixes

High protein, easy-to-eat foods are no longer limited to bars and shakes – now they can also be found in familiar baked goods that appeal to carb-loving consumers, thanks to companies like Flapjacked. 

Expo East in review

Versatile probiotic GanedenBC30 adds value to a variety of products showcased at Expo East

Ganeden BC30 probiotic is a hot ingredient right now, as demonstrated by a slew of diverse products featuring it at Expo East. The probiotic is in demand in part because it can help packaged goods stand out from competitors and gain entrance to the much sought after immunity and digestive segments, according to Katy Kinsella, director of sales at Ganeden.

60-second interview: Vicky Fligel, business development manager, Glanbia Nutritionals

Protein is hot, but customers are getting more discerning about the source and quality, says Glanbia Nutritionals

Glanbia Nutritionals has expanded beyond its dairy roots to add pea, chia and flax protein concentrates to its portfolio to meet growing demand for vegan protein, says business development manager Vicky Fligel, who caught up with us for our special edition on protein.

Expo East in review

OTA aims to align supply, demand and farming profitability of organic by 2030

Sales of organic are skyrocketing in the U.S. with demand often outstripping supply, but the Organic Trade Association has a plan to bring into balance by 2030 the market growth, acreage growth and farming profitability of organic. 

Protein trends

Blending soy and dairy proteins adds benefits for consumers, manufacturers, DuPont says

Two sources of protein in a finished product are better than one when it comes to blending soy and dairy, according to DuPont Nutrition and Health.

Expo East in review

Firms try to revitalize struggling frozen pizza category with innovative, healthier options

Four manufacturers showcasing frozen pizzas at Expo East in Baltimore Sept. 17-19 are hoping their products will help revitalize the stagnant category by offering healthier, innovative options that will stand out from competing legacy brands. 

Robert Kral: 'People want to build lean muscle without calories'

Protein water hits the mainstream as Protein2o rolls out at Walmart

Protein2o – a rapidly-growing line of flavored waters infused with electrolytes and 15g of protein – is rolling out to 750 Walmart stores this month, says the firm, which is targeting consumers that are looking for more refreshing beverages that pack in a meaningful amount of protein, without the calories.

Special edition: Sports Nutrition

Protein powders: The heavyweight in the $16bn sports nutrition market

The US market for sports nutrition plus energy/nutrition bars and sports drinks is set to cruise past $20 billion by 2020, says Euromonitor International, but which segments are driving growth, and how is the ‘regimentation of fitness’ influencing product development?

20% of snack, granola, energy bars feature non-GMO claims, reveals Label Insight

Data from Label Insight* shows that one in five (21%) snack, energy or granola bars in the US now makes a non-GMO claim of some kind – making it the leading category for non-GMO claims, compared with an average of 4.2% for all the grocery products in its database. 

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