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Dannon teams up with Partnership for a Healthier America to boost nutrition profile of its yogurt

Dannon has pledged to boost the nutrition profile of its products after striking a deal with non-profit The Partnership for a Healthier America.

Senators object to EU claim on cheese names

US senators have objected to an ‘absurd’ European initiative to protect local cheese names, which would force changes to common names in the States.

Chobani Simply 100 Greek yogurt snags 1.3% share of US yogurt market just six weeks after launch

New data from Nielsen reveals that Chobani’s Simply 100 Greek yogurt already has a 1.3% dollar share of all refrigerated yogurt, just six weeks after its national launch, with distribution still cranking up.

Chobani to launch organic Greek yogurt: ‘There was a gap in the market and we decided to act on it’

Chobani will make its first foray into the organic market later this year with the introduction of 32oz grass-fed multi-serve packs of its Greek yogurt.

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GMO Inside calls on Starbucks to source organic milk from cows not fed GM feed

Activist group GMO Inside has turned its attention towards Starbucks in the latest phase of its campaign to persuade big brands to move away from GMOs.

Chobani donates blocked Sochi Olympics shipment to food banks

Chobani has donated more than 5,000 pots of Greek yogurt originally intended for US athletes at the Winter Olympics in Sochi to food banks in New York and New Jersey.

60-second interview: Barb Yehling, Chief Marketing Officer, Muller Quaker Dairy

In conversation with Muller Quaker Dairy as Müller brand approaches $100m in US: 'Yogurt should be fun'

"Until now, Americans have been eating yogurt more because they ought to instead of because they want to," claims Barb Yehling, chief marketing officer at Muller Quaker Dairy (MQD) the joint venture between PepsiCo and Theo Müller Group.  In Europe, she says, "consumers eat it for enjoyment."

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Dairy Farmers of America acquires Oakhurst Dairy

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the largest dairy cooperative in the US, has acquired Oakhurst Dairy, a family-owned, New England dairy processor, for an undisclosed sum.


The new got milk? MilkPEP unveils ‘next 20 year campaign’

The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), the organization behind the famous got milk? campaign, has unveiled two new national marketing programs, including one it believes will become its “next 20 year campaign.”

Greek yogurt waste 'acid whey' a concern for USDA: Jones Laffin

Greek yogurt byproduct acid whey has become a significant concern for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), says a company tasked by the agency to complete the development of technology to alleviate the issue.

Special Edition: Plant-based diets

Beyond meat substitutes: What’s hot in vegetarian food?

Vegetarians aren’t necessarily looking for alternative proteins or meat analogues, and makers of meat-free meals are embracing a range of trendy flavours and ingredients, says Classic Cuisine’s new product development manager Paul Hunt.

Chobani plugs its natural credentials in Superbowl ad featuring ‘discerning bear’

Chobani’s inaugural Super Bowl ad  is designed to set it apart from rivals by homing in on its ‘natural’ credentials.

Calcium absorption theory 'insufficient' to explain milk tolerance: Study

Analysis of DNA data from the 5,000-year old skeletal remains of eight Iberian farmers suggests that the widely cited theory of calcium absorption was not the only reason Europeans evolved a tolerance for milk.

Savory yogurt gamble pays off for Blue Hill: ‘We didn’t want to bring out another Greek or fruit yogurt; we wanted to be different’

With every man and his dog bringing out a Greek yogurt to cash in on the sector’s meteoric growth, Blue Hill president David Barber wanted to do something a bit different, and three months after launching his savory yogurts on an unsuspecting market, it looks like his gamble has paid off.

Hilmar moves into milk powders market with $75-100m investment in Turlock, CA

California-based cheese, whey and lactose maker Hilmar Cheese Company has unveiled plans to move into the milk powders market with a new processing facility in Turlock, CA - its third manufacturing site.

USP proposes monograph on specific bacillus coagulans probiotic strain

For the first time, the United States Pharmacopoeia is proposing a monograph on a probiotic organism as a food ingredient in the latest series of draft monographs put forward for inclusion in the Food Chemicals Codex.

Dean Foods, DFA facing alleged 'conspiracy not to compete' lawsuit

A dismissed antitrust lawsuit alleging a “conspiracy not to compete” between Dean Foods, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) and National Dairy Holdings (NDH) has been reinstated by a US federal appeals court.

News in brief

Land O’Lakes dairy seasoning targets Tex-Mex trend

Land O’Lakes has launched a cheese-based seasoning that it says is a perfect fusion for the popular Tex-Mex flavor profile.

Euromonitor beverage industry outlook: Declines in carbonates, the promise of 'natural' and the war on caffeine

From declining interest in soft drinks to the ongoing war on caffeine and the explosion of raw juices and functional beverages, 2013 has certainly been an eventful one for the beverage category. Count on another strong year for premium juices, coconut water and other functional beverages, as well as growing interest in sweetener blends that can satisfy both low-calorie needs and demand for “natural” marketing claims.

Got Chocolate Milk? Olympic campaign will 'extend product equity'

The new Built with Chocolate Milk campaign, the flavored, mustache-free sister of Got Milk?, will provide the US dairy industry with an opportunity to develop the "brand and nutritional equity" of milk, the organisation behind it has claimed.

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