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Americans’ demand for protein is evolving towards plant-based options, Packaged Facts finds

American’s demand for protein shows no sign of slowing in 2016, but it is evolving to focus more on plant-based options, according to a new report from Packaged Facts. 

Chobani teams up with McDonald's to offer Greek yogurt-fueled smoothies and parfaits in SoCal

Fruit ‘n yogurt parfaits and McCafé smoothies at 800 McDonald’s restaurants in Southern California now feature Chobani’s Greek yogurt in as it continues to expand its presence in the foodservice market.

LaLoo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream wants consumers to “move their hooves” & be more social

LaLoo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream may be healthier for people and planet than more traditional cow milk varieties, but it is still an indulgence, which is why the brand’s new marketing campaign encourages consumers “to get out and move their hooves,” the company’s CEO says. 

California judge tosses Chipotle GMO labeling lawsuit

What does non-GMO mean? It depends on the consumer, says judge in Chipotle lawsuit

A California federal court has dismissed a high-profile lawsuit alleging Chipotle falsely advertised its food as non-GMO. And while it has given the plaintiff leave to amend her suit, it has made it clear she will have to come up with a stronger argument next time to support her claims.

Dieting is out – find out what is “in” at our Weight Management forum March 16

Normally about this time of year the airwaves and social media begin to buzz with messages about getting ready for bikini season or offers to help consumers shed the last few stubborn holiday pounds with special diet foods – but increasingly these types of campaigns are falling on deaf ears. 

Our Paleo ancestors were more active than us, but did they really have an optimal diet?

Supporters of the 'Paleo' diet (a hunter/gatherer-style approach to eating) urge us to eschew grains, dairy and legumes - among other things. But any diet that eliminates major food groups should be treated with caution, argue two high-profile dietitians we quizzed as part of our weight management special edition.

Top pizza trends place pepperoni on top, thin crust on the bottom and a beer on the side

Vegetarian diets may be gaining traction in general in the US, but when it comes to pizza meat toppings still reign supreme, according to a Harris Poll released Feb. 23.

Parents’ anxiety, depression correlates with fussy eating in kids, study finds

Putting on a happy face could help children have happy plates, suggests new research that links parents’ anxiety and depression with an increased risk of children becoming “fussy eaters.”

Milk volumes decline but profits up at Dean Foods

US company Dean Foods, which covers more than 50 local and regional dairy brands, has released its fourth quarter and annual results for 2015.

Highlights from the 2016 Beverage Innovation Summit: Suja's 'dog years', soda in a funk, and high pH water on fire

Want to know the size of the cold brew coffee prize, when Suja finally broke even, and what all the fuss is about over alkaline water? Check out the highlights of our 2016 Beverage Innovation summit, which aired live on Feb 18, and is now available on demand… 

USDA expands insurance for farmers transitioning to organic production

The financially daunting three-year transition to certified organic production just became a little less risky for farmers thanks the USDA expanding crop insurance to better reflect the product’s actual value.

Consumers more likely to trust iconic brands, but are open to innovative startups, survey shows

Consumers are more likely to trust iconic brands from large corporations with long track records of consistent performance, but younger, smaller companies can edge out Big Food with meaningful innovation and positive, direct consumer engagement online, suggests new market research from BrandSpark International.

Wish-Bone tries to entice shoppers back to the center store with two new dressing lines

With the launch of two new Wish-Bone lines, Pinnacle Foods hopes to reinvigorate the salad dressing aisle in the struggling center-store by enticing back consumers who left to make their own dressing or to buy refrigerated options they perceive as fresher.

Nestle’s nutrition profiling system helps target reformulations

Carefully balancing consumers’ age-specific nutritional needs with how and when they eat different foods helped Nestle successfully reduce sodium, sugar and fat significantly in some of its most frequently consumed foods without sacrificing taste. 

Organic meat & dairy has more omega-3 but amounts aren't 'nutritionally relevant'

Organic meat and dairy products have more healthy omega-3 fatty acids according to a large meta-analysis review - but experts have warned the amounts are too small to actually have an impact on diet.

Innovation award underscores consumer demand for healthy, natural and boldly flavored products

The food and beverage industry is in the middle of an innovation renaissance that is far outpacing many other consumer goods categories as illustrated by the winners of the 2016 Product of the Year award for innovation announced Feb. 11. 

Summer feeding program for school children could become permanent if Obama gets his way

Recognizing the detrimental impact – and long-term costs to the US – of hunger on children’s health and education, President Obama proposes expanding and streamlining existing programs that help feed Americans in-need. 

'Expand and expand': Magnum chocolate harbors global ambitions after premium refresh

Unilever’s Magnum chocolate range has entered retail outlets across Western Europe after a recent rebranding and plans further global expansion, says contract manufacturer Kinnerton Confectionery

Ben & Jerry’s vegan frozen desserts could pave the way for more mainstream plant-based alternatives

Ben & Jerry’s new line of vegan frozen desserts could accelerate the already fast consumer adoption of plant-based alternatives to conventional products and inspire more mainstream product manufacturers to follow suit, advocates say. 

Fresh prepared food elevates groceries, drives foot-traffic

Fast-growing and increasingly sophisticated fresh prepared food services at supermarkets are a double-edged sword for consumer packaged goods with one side defending against competition from restaurants and the other cutting into center-store sales by offering a more convenient meal solutions, according to new research. 

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