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Stonyfield packaging overhaul highlights absence of ‘toxic pesticides’

Organic yogurt maker Stonyfield is rolling out new packaging hammering home its organic credentials with a new logo featuring the phrase ‘no toxic pesticides used here’ following research suggesting 74% of Americans would like to eat food produced with fewer pesticides*.

Panel of experts proposes monograph system to regulate probiotics claims in US

A paper written by a group coordinated out of the University of Maryland proposes significant changes to the way probiotics are regulated, including using a monograph system similar to what regulators use in Canada to govern the use of the organisms.

Potential in gluten-free market significant for egg replacers: Arla

As egg white prices continue to rise on the heels of continual popularity in foodservice applications, egg replacement firms like Arla Foods Ingredients are seeing growing interest in egg white replacements, in particular the gluten-free arena, given their ability to produce voluminous, strong foams that retain their structure when baked.

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Chobani seals Cornell University partnership with $1.5m donation

New York-based Greek yogurt manufacturer Chobani has teamed up with Cornell University to promote food science and innovation in the dairy industry.

Arla launches whey proteins in US bakery market

Arla Foods Ingredients is focused more on functionality than ‘all natural’ for the US launch of its whey proteins for bakery, its global sales manager says.

General Mills unveils sustainable sourcing commitments for 10 core raw materials

UPDATED - General Mills has unveiled a commitment to sustainably source 10 key ingredients, representing 50% of its raw material purchases, by 2020. 

Cow Wow 'cereal milk' hits the big time... with a touch of help from Jimmy Kimmel

The beverage aisle is easily one of the most dynamic parts of the store, with new energy drinks, teas, waters and fruit drinks entering - and exiting - almost daily. But when it comes to flavored milks, why is there just chocolate, strawberry and vanilla?

General Mills: ‘Our Q1 Greek yogurt sales grew nearly 100%, more than double the growth rate of this segment’

US sales of General Mills’ Greek yogurt business “continue to significantly outpace the segment”, said CEO Ken Powell during the firm’s first quarter earnings call this week.

Chobani made people sick through its negligence, alleges California plaintiff

A California resident has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Chobani accusing it of negligence and breaching the implied warranty of merchantability for its yogurts following the recent mold outbreak.

Chobani issues recall notice for moldy Greek yogurt following 'illness claims'

Chobani has issued an formal voluntary recall for one batch of its branded Greek yogurt in the US following reports of illness - just days after the company discovered mold in the product lot.

Nestlé 'stands by' Gerber infant formula probiotic health claims

Nestlé Nutrition has reiterated its belief in the immune system-related benefits of its Gerber brand probiotic-enriched infant nutrition products, after a US District Judge threw out a lawsuit that branded its claims "misleading."

High intakes of dairy are associated with a significant decrease in the risk of type 2 diabetes, says meta-analysis

Can consuming dairy products reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes? The answer, according to a systematic review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition last week, is a qualified YES. 

What's a bored, hypoglycemic lawyer to do? Start a natural label, low sugar ice cream company, of course!

For Justin Woolverton, founder and CEO of premium ice cream brand Halo Top Creamery, life had become too sweet and too sour at the same time.  A dissatisfaction with his career path and a dietary restriction landed him in the freezer aisle.

Mooofins & DayBreakers: Student concepts give ‘excellent thought starters’ for innovative dairy-based breakfast products

Dairy-based, quiche-like muffins and an American twist on gulabjamun took the top two spots on the Dairy Research Institute’s New Product Competition podium, as the product developers of tomorrow provided ‘excellent thought starters’ to the product developers of today.

Saputo challenges Kraft over ‘unauthorised’ use of ‘Toppers’ cheese trademark

Saputo Cheese USA – the US subsidiary of Canadian dairy giant Saputo – has filed a lawsuit against Kraft Foods alleging trademark infringement, competition law violation, and false advertising over its “unauthorised” use of the term ‘Toppers’ to market a range of cheese products.

Got milk? Not any more, according to NHANES data showing fluid milk consumption continues to fall

Despite concerted efforts to promote the consumption of low-fat dairy products from the industry and the government alike, Americans are drinking less and less milk, according to new research.

'Acid whey' issue highlights 'inefficiency' of Greek yogurt production methods - AFI

Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has waded into the current debate on the environmental impact of Greek yogurt by-product ‘acid whey’ by claiming that the issue “highlights the inefficiency” of traditional manufacturing methods.

Victory for Dannon, General Mills and Cabot in ‘frivolous’ yogurt identity lawsuits

Dannon, General Mills and Cabot have emerged victorious in a legal wrangle over the definition of ‘yogurt’ as the latest in a flurry of lawsuits alleging they used cheap ‘filler’ ingredients not permitted by the FDA has been dismissed.

Greek yogurt popularity drives Dannon's Oikos brand to top spot among 2012 food launches

The popularity of Greek yogurt in the US market has powered Dannon’s Oikos  brand to the top position among new food and beverage launches in 2012.

National Dairy Council blasts 'sensational' PETA ‘Got Zits?’ anti-dairy campaign

Animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has debuted its new ‘Got Zits?’ anti-dairy campaign billboard in the US – a move the National Dairy Council (NDC) has branded as "sensational."

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