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Rabobank says world dairy trade still has issues

Rabobank says that the trade in dairy products has suffered some big blows in the past three years, and that there are still challenges ahead.

NOSB debates organic status of carrageenan, tocopherols, marine algae, hydroponics

Organic industry stakeholders from across the nation are gathered in St. Louis today for what promises to be a highly contentious three-day meeting during which the National Organic Standards Board will debate the role of hydroponic production, carrageenan, tocopherols and marine algae in organic production and products, as well as other hot button issues.

Levels adds new twist to whey protein category with grass-fed, fruit-infused options

Whey protein is a large, growing category, says Levels founder Blake Niemann. “But there’s actually been surprisingly little innovation."

Dairy alternatives continue to grow with almond milk at the forefront, market research reveals

With a projected annual growth rate of more than 13% through 2022, the dairy alternative market – especially beverages – continues to pave the way forward for the overall expansion of plant-based diets, according to research data. 

Tension around presidential election likely will take a toll on holiday food spending, IRI predicts

No matter who wins tomorrow’s presidential election, two-thirds of US consumers believe their financial health will deteriorate in 2017 -- a prospect that has many reigning in their holiday dining budgets and looking for deals, according to new research from IRI. 

Growth of global food sales slows to 10-year low, but hot spots could turn around trend, Euromonitor data shows

Growth in the global food industry has slowed to its lowest level in more than a decade to a dismal 1.1% in 2016, but there are a few bright spots that promise improved future growth, according to new data from Euromonitor International. 

Wink frozen desserts offer one-two punch of allergen-friendly and better-for-you, founder says

Consumers with food sensitivities often face an unenviable choice in the frozen dessert aisle: Buy something that could trigger a reaction, or opt for an allergy-friendly product loaded with more calories, fat and sugar than conventional ice cream, according to the CEO and founder of Wink frozen desserts. 

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Is low-FODMAP the new gluten-free?

For the 45 million Americans who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, identifying food that they can safely eat without triggering a flare up is a source of deep frustration that also could be a sizable market opportunity for innovative food and beverage companies that can provide an easy solution.

Lowering protein content of formula could help reduce obesity: Study

High protein intake during infancy may contribute to obesity later in life in infants who are not exclusively breastfed, according to a Nestlé Nutrition-funded study.

Hormel’s new Vital Cuisine line address nutritional & emotional needs of cancer patients & survivors

After donating millions of dollars a year to cancer research for years, Hormel is stepping up its game to more directly help people fighting and recovering from the disease with the launch of a novel product line designed just for them.

Nothing But Real’s Oat Chocolate & Protein pushes free-from trend into protein shake category

On a mission to “take back” food from the chemical industry which “hijacked” it, CPG manufacturer Nothing But Real is launching its debut product: Oat Chocolate & Protein – a vegan shake made without artificial or processed ingredients, says company founder Helena Lumme. 

Future ice cream flavors will feature nostalgia with a shot of whiskey, fruit blends & a savory spin

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean ice cream season is thanks to new flavor predictions from ingredient supplier Parker Products that extend the frozen dessert’s appeal into Fall and hint at what spring will bring when the weather warms back up.

What’s driving growth in cottage cheese? Zenith looks at trends in the sector

Dairy manufacturers can look to growth in cottage cheese, partly by referring to it as the original high protein cultured milk product, according to food and drink consultancy Zenith International.

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Good Culture repositions cottage cheese for on-the-go, protein focused consumers

When most Americans think of cottage cheese – if they think about it – images of 1950s-styles salads with syrupy fruit or uninspired scoops of lumpy white mush likely come to mind. But industry newcomer Good Culture wants to “bring cottage cheese back” by connecting it to macro trends and offering modern twists. 

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301 INC shines light on what qualities in startups catch investors’ attention

Hardly a week goes by without a large food company snapping up an innovative food or beverage company or someone investing millions in a promising young brand – but for every entrepreneur who secures sufficient funds to scale, many more struggle to be noticed and succeed.

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: 5 trends driving growth in natural & organic

As US consumers embrace a healthier lifestyle focused on prevention rather than treatment, they increasingly are turning to the natural and organic channel for products that are clean, natural and have added health benefits.

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Fage’s Crossovers line advances the evolution of yogurt in the US from sweet to savory

The slow evolution of yogurt in the US from primarily sweet options concentrated on breakfast to more savory choices that can be eaten all day continues with the current roll-out of Fage’s new Crossovers.

’We are investors and we expect companies to manage the risks in their supply chain’

Investors worth $1.25trn urge industry to switch to sustainable plant proteins

A group of investors worth $1.25 trillion (€1.1 trn) in assets are urging 16 food companies to accelerate the switch to sustainable, plant-based proteins.

Ganeden’s BC30 probiotic ingredient gets Non-GMO Project verified

Ingredients now share the scrutiny finished products have when it comes to free-from claims and virtue labels, a spokesperson said.

FDA hints at how conventional foods can make structure/function claims

For the first time, FDA weighs in on what marketers must have on hand to support claims about conventional foods’ direct impact on consumers’ bodies. 

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