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Faravelli Inc, a Faravelli Group company

Faravelli Inc, a Faravelli Group company

Faravelli Inc is operating in North America since April 2014.

It isthe USA branch of Faravelli Group, a specialist in distribution of raw materials since 1926.

Taking advantage of over 90 years of international distribution experience, Faravelli Inc now offers North American industry manufacturers a large portfolio of high-quality ingredients and raw materials. 

Faravelli Inc is your premier food ingredient distributor, serving customers in various sectors of the food and wellness industry, including  meat and seasoning, dairy, juices and beverages, baking, confectionery, flavors and fragrances, ice-creams, enology, nutritional.  

Faravelli Inc has built an extensive offering of additives and ingredients such as acidifiers, emulsifies, preservatives/antimicrobials, humectants, sweeteners, hydrocolloids, fibers and sugar replacers, antioxidants, vitamins.  

Whatever food additives or food ingredients you need, Faravelli Incs superior service and high level focus on food Safety make us the right choice to be your food ingredient distributor.

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