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FoodNavigator-USA Clean Label editorial webinar

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FoodNavigator-USA Clean Label editorial webinar

The clean label movement began as an industry response to consumer demand for foods and beverages that were more “natural,” and therefore perceived as healthier. Early on the chopping block were artificial colors and flavors, “chemical”-sounding preservatives and trans-fats. But as time passed, the movement evolved to include so much more including GMOs, organic, animal welfare, the use of hormones and antibiotics, sustainability and even companies’ social mission and business ethics. With so much packed into two words, it is no wonder consumers and manufacturers alike are confused.
In this forum, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA Senior Correspondent Elizabeth Crawford, we will hash out:
The evolution from clean label 1.0 to clean label 2.0 – What prompted the rise of the clean or clear label movement and how is it expanding beyond its roots in “free from” claims to include everything from how a product was made to how a company is run?
Who really cares about clean label – We will identify key characteristics of consumers who are most influenced by clean label trends and those who aren’t.
How do consumers understand different elements of clean label – What does natural, organic and healthy mean to consumers? How do they perceive common free-from claims like free-from GMOs, hormones, preservatives and “chemicals”? And how do companies’ social mission and business ethics factor in?
What does it take to clean up labeling – We will hear several case studies from companies that either are changing the way food is made and marketed or reformulating products and revamping branding to meet consumer demand for “clean label.”


  • Allison Condra

    Allison Condra


    Davis Wright Tremaine

  • Elizabeth Crawford

    Elizabeth Crawford

    Senior Correspondent


  • George Gavris

    George Gavris

    Chief Executive Officer

    Good Food Made Simple LLC

  • Jeff Hilton

    Jeff Hilton

    Chief Marketing Officer, Co-founder


  • Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis

    SVP Research & development

    La Brea Bakery

  • Kelly Malley

    Kelly Malley

    Head of Nestlé USA Nutrition, Health and Wellness


  • Lisa Lefferts

    Lisa Lefferts

    Senior Scientist

    Center for Science in the Public Interest