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BerryPharma® - the Expert in Berry Extracts


The extracts of IPRONA`s trademark BerryPharma® are produced at the manufacturing site in Lana, Italy. The BerryPharma® brand is internationally recognized for scientific evidence based polyphenol extracts. IPRONA´s BerryPharma® Extracts include

  1. Elderberry – we run the world´s largest cultivation and manufacturing operation for the most active Sambucus nigra-variety – “Haschberg”
  2. Blackcurrant – we source only from Europe to ensure the highest Delphinidin-Rutinoside content required for Microcirculation recipes
  3. Aronia – we have our own plantations and are one of the earliest to identify the merits of this powerful anti-oxidant fruit for detoxification
  4. Bilberry – we have our own collection system for the wild berries, the right ones for active extracts

BerryPharma® Extracts are manufactured with a unique proprietary water based extraction process, which ensures

  1. The maximum retention of polyphenols, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients
  2. Maximum Bioavailability
  3. Taste, Flavor and Natural Color retained
  4. Solubility guaranteed
  5. No alcohol during or after processing

BerryPharma® Extracts have a long history of clinical evidence to support claims and formulations. Studies include

  1. Upper respiratory tract infection
  2. Dilatation of microcapillary and reduction of Alzheimer nanoplaque formation
  3. Vision improvement through improved endothelial function
  4. Traditional medicine documentation back to the 17th century

Our liquid or powdered products are designed for the food, nutritional, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

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