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The unexpected prebiotic: galactofructose propels healthy product formulation into a new era

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The unexpected prebiotic

Food and health is a combination widely accepted by the oriental consumer and now increasingly well accepted by the occidental consumer. As a consequence, health in food is no longer simply a premium source, but becomes a "must-have". This certainly drives a constant search for formulation, in order to meet customer demand for good health. Food manufacturers need to identify solutions to keep their brands at the top, on both science and regulation. That is the heart of Solactis®: build a bridge between innovation and nutrition, and digestive health is the first target. Pascal Ronfard and Martin De Swaan will present the Solactis® approach, and particularly "galactofructose", an unexpected prebiotic ingredient, which after a recognition by KFDA for its bifidogenic properties in South Korea, received a positive opinion from European EFSA on digestive health and transit regulation.


  • Martin De Swaan

    Martin De Swaan

    Commercial Director


  • Pascal Ronfard

    Pascal Ronfard

    Program Manager