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Jerky category still has room to grow by type, location and target demographic, exec says

New entrants are quickly saturating the fast-growing jerky category, but there is still white space for pork, chicken and premium products aimed at consumers in the “middle of the road,” according to one category player. 

includes reaction from Safe Food Coalition

USDA targets reduction of Salmonella and Campylobacter in poultry

The US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA-FSIS) has finalized federal standards that it estimates will prevent an average of 50,000 illnesses annually.

“Local” claims are not equally effective across all food categories, Harris Poll finds

About half of Americans say “local” claims are an important factor in their food purchase decisions, but exactly how influential they are depends on where in the store they are made, according to a recent survey. 

Wild Zora adds novel twist to savory bar set with meat & veggie snacks

The premium meat snacks category is on fire, and scores of entrepreneurial brands have recently entered the market hoping to cash in. But there is still room for new players with truly differentiated products, says Colorado-based meat & veggie bar maker Wild Zora.

11 meal kit delivery companies carving out space in booming category

Sales of meal kits delivered to consumers' doors surged to more than $1 billion last year, and with only 8% household penetration the category promises significant growth potential, according to Technomic Inc. But with 170 players already operating in the space globally -- differentiation is a key component to success.

Natural & Organic Health Association drops plans for “natural” seal

The Organic & Natural Health Association is abandoning its plan to create a certified seal that demonstrates when products are natural, but it remains dedicated to defining the widely used, but loosely understood marketing term. 

Top comfort foods vary by occasion, but all are indulgent, survey finds

Americans may talk big game about eating healthier, but for many that flies out the window when they are stressed – creating an opening for manufacturers of indulgent products that might otherwise be shunned.

Health & Wellness 2020

C-stores offer growth opportunity for better-for-you brands

Convenience stores, often considered a destination for indulgent, unhealthy snacks, could offer a new growth opportunity for better-for-you brands as the channel’s core audience begins shifting slightly towards more health-conscious shoppers, according to research from the Hudson Institute and Natural Marketing Institute.

Lean Cuisine ditches “diet” for “wellbeing” in emotionally-charged rebranding

In a dramatic rebranding, Lean Cuisine ditches the “antiquated” idea of dieting to become an advocate for overall healthy lifestyles, and in doing so, is empowering women to change the conversation about weight and value perceptions, according to brand’s marketing director.

Green Chef extends suppliers’ reach into homes nationwide with transparency

The co-founder and CEO of Green Chef infuses his passion for transparency into every aspect of the fresh meal kit delivery company, and in doing creates new marketing opportunities for its suppliers and helps them increase consumer awareness of their brands. 

IN PICTURES: Snacks trendwatching at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

From seaweed snacks to toasted hemp seeds, beet chips and bars, onion chips (that are actually made out of onions), grass-fed jerky, and fruit bars with a hint of spice, snacking is getting a lot more sophisticated, FoodNavigator-USA discovered at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

EPIC Provisions co-founder: Why not start your day with bone broth instead of coffee?

Does bone broth have mass market appeal, and if so, what’s the best format to package it in, and where is the best place to put it in store? FoodNavigator-USA caught up with EPIC Provisions co-founder Taylor Collins to get his take on this emerging category (and to ask why he tied the knot with General Mills).

Health & Wellness 2020

Health & wellness concerns color consumers’ view of meat and poultry, Packaged Facts finds

Sales of meat and poultry in the US are shifting, but still growing as consumers’ changing views of health and wellness color their opinions of the category and their purchase decisions, according to new research from Packaged Facts. 

IN PICTURES: Beverage trendspotting at the 2016 Winter Fancy Food Show

From bone broth, birch water and yaupon tea to macadamia milk, the Winter Fancy Food Show is a great place to go beverage trendspotting. FoodNavigator-USA hit the showfloor at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where we also spotted a lot of chai spice flavors, matcha, hemp, and turmeric ...

Potential compromise reached on food fight about school meals

A bipartisan Senate agreement and proposed legislation slated for markup Jan. 20 could end the long, drawn out food fight over healthier school meal standards laid out in the aggressive Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

Diet meals step-up with more premium, gourmet offerings, test reveals

Diet delivery meal services are raising the bar to create more gourmet appearing and tasty meals in a bid to attract more consumers who traditionally have shied away from frozen entrees, suggests the results of a recent consumer taste test.

6 trends to watch in 2016: From hard soda and drinkable food to sour flavors and fat

Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer may have stolen early mover advantage in the hard soda renaissance, but it can expect significant competition from heavy hitters in 2016, predicts a market trends analyst.

Traditional fats and French cuisine: Campbell predicts trends for the food industry in 2016

Campbell Soup recently released its Culinary TrendScape report for 2016, an annual effort that started in 2014, which lists the top 10 influential food themes researched by chefs, bakers, and culinary professionals.

Can “green” claims turn the GMO debate around in 2016, analysts ask

Growing consumer concern about food waste and the environmental impact of food production could be a “conversation starter” for food manufacturers to shift consumers’ focus on genetically modified organisms away from the perceived negative impact to the benefits, suggests one market trends analyst. 

The money diet: Spend more on food to be healthier, says 2000-strong study

People who increased the amount they spent on food made healthier choices, ate less energy-dense food and lost weight, which has implications for food taxes and consumer subsidies, say the authors of the long-term Spanish study.

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