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Crickets aren't the only game in town when it comes to edible insects, says Hargol FoodTech

While crickets currently lead the edible insect pack, the grasshopper – which has a whopping 72% protein by dry weight with all the essential amino acids – has just as much potential as a protein source, claims Israeli start-up Hargol FoodTech.

School nutrition standards under fire again, threshold for free, reduced meals increased

Congressional pressure on federal agencies to back down from nutrition policies created under the Obama Administration continues to mount with the standards for school meals now in the cross-hairs. 

Clean label reformulations can buffer frozen food sales’ slow but steady decline

A slow decline is forecasted for total frozen food sales, which includes frozen dinners/entrees, pizzas, side dishes, and appetizers/snacks, according to Packaged Facts’ latest numbers.

Community supported agriculture gains momentum to capture larger share of “fresh” market

As demand for local, fresh and healthy food increases community supported agricultural models are evolving to capture a larger share of consumer spend and could become a threat to more traditional retailers that rely on foot traffic generated by regular trips to their produce sections.

Sunrise Strategic Partners invests in Vital Farms: 'When consumers understand what cage-free really means, they'll switch to pasture-raised'

Emerging brands accelerator Sunrise Strategic Partners has made a minority investment in Vital Farms, which launched with 20 hens in Austin, Texas, in 2007 and is now the largest provider of pasture-raised eggs in the country. 

USDA reassures poultry farmers that their organic status is safe if birds moved indoors to avoid flu

USDA encourages organic poultry farmers in areas where outbreaks of avian flu have been reported recently to bring their birds inside, and reassures them that doing so will not risk their organic status, according to a memo released this week. 

Sea Cuisine seeks to bring new consumers to seafood by offering variety and convenience

With the launch of 10 boldly and authentically flavored, ready-to-cook frozen whole fish fillets, premium seafood company High Liner Foods hopes to tear down several of the barriers that currently hold back many Americans from eating as much seafood as recommended by FDA and nutritionists. 

Nielsen: Protein-craze boosts meat snack sales, dampens diminished meat prices for retailers

Meat snacks have graduated from its road trip ‘gas station snack’ image, sales data imply. The $2.8 billion category had a compound annual sales growth of more than 7% over the past four years.

Bone broth category offers ‘massive opportunity’ for early movers like Kettle & Fire

Virtually unheard of by many consumers as recently as just last spring, the bone broth category is “heating up” and there is “massive opportunity” for early movers in the space despite an early and mounting surge of competition, according to one player in the segment. 

Globally, consumers ‘confused’ about food labels and claims, says study

A new survey found that there was disconnect between what consumers think labels like organic, antibiotic-free, or ‘no added hormones’ mean, and what the labels actually mean.

Review of government data highlights how food and beverage industry contributes to US economy

Every year $8 billion is invested in new products or processes in the food and beverage industry each year, according to a new report released earlier this month that looked at how the food and beverage industry impacts the overall US economy.

Meat snack segment shows ‘no signs of stopping,’ says Chops Snacks cofounder

Despite increasing competition in the meat snacks category, startup and recent graduate of the Chobani incubator Chops Snacks sees significant potential for its soft-chew jerky and future products, according to the co-founder.

Impossible Foods moves to commercial scale production of plant-based burgers

Impossible Foods – which claims to have created a plant-based burger that precisely replicates the taste and texture of meat - will be able to produce one million pounds of Impossible Burgers a month when its first commercial-scale manufacturing facility in Oakland is firing on all cylinders later this year: enough to supply 1,000 restaurants, up from 11 today.    

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Three tips for selling internationally-inspired, authentic products to Americans from industry veteran

Americans may be becoming more adventurous in what they eat – seeking international flavors and products – but some retailers and buyers are hesitant to stock these types of new products for fear that they won’t sell once they are on store shelves. 

Brazil reacts after beef scandal

The Brazilian government is to accelerate audits of 21 meatpacking plants as part of a police investigation into alleged corruption and tainted beef.

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Hip Chick Farms expands its portfolio of clean, simple poultry & other frozen foods

McDonalds, Panera and other high profile food service companies took notable steps last year to introduce “healthier” chicken products, but frozen poultry product producer Hip Chick Farms thinks more can done and it is stepping up the plate to push change forward in 2017. 

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Rising animal welfare concerns push farmers & manufacturers to rethink humane agriculture

As animal welfare concerns become increasingly mainstream, farmers and manufacturers, such as the natural and organic meat brand Applegate, are optimistically rethinking the scale of and their approach to humanely raised animal agriculture.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: The rising opportunity for mushrooms in food and beverage

Growing awareness of the powerful health benefits of mushrooms as well as increasing demand for their rich umami flavor, is quickly elevating the ingredient from the lowly status of the occasional pizza topping or meat substitute for vegetarians to one of must-have, superfood status. 

ConAgra Brands snaps up Duke's and BIGS Seeds: 'We're reshaping our portfolio to be more premium and modern'

ConAgra Brands has struck a deal to buy protein-fueled snacks business Thanasi Foods, maker of Duke's meat snacks and BIGS seeds, for an undisclosed sum.

Memphis Meats unveils poultry meat (without raising animals): ‘An unprecedented milestone for clean meat'

‘Clean’ (a.k.a. cultured/lab-grown) meat pioneer Memphis Meats has unveiled its latest innovation – chicken and duck produced from poultry cells without raising animals – in what it describes as an “unprecedented milestone for the clean meat industry.”

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