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Companies, producers rise to meet consumer demand for animal welfare

Food and beverage manufacturers and suppliers are rising to meet the increasing consumer demand for humanely produced animal products – a trend which the American Humane Association celebrated last week on Capitol Hill in Washington. 

On- and offline retail channels offer startups different paths to success, NatureBox CEO says

Online retail of food and beverage may be small now, but it is slowly gaining traction in the US – providing start-ups struggling to get their foot in the door another option for reaching consumers, according to the CEO of online subscription snack service NatureBox.

Six shopping occasions driving digital purchases

While only a small portion of people currently buy food online, the expansion of digital shopping is eroding consumer loyalty to retailers – forcing them to rethink how best to approach consumers, according to an industry consultant. 

13 emerging restaurant trends for 2016 that likely will influence CPG food & beverages

Demand for more plant-based, vegetable-forward food has been growing the past few years, but the trend will hit new heights in 2016 – taking over the center of the plate and more often than before fully replacing animal protein, predicts trend tracker Andrew Freedman, president of AF & Co.

Is nitrite free processed meat possible for the mass market?

While no single substitute for nitrite can replace all of its functions, a combination of emerging technologies and plant-based ingredients could be used to reduce or completely replace nitrite in processed meats, say researchers.

Fall flavors & energy products top consumer purchase intent in October

As the nights grow longer and colder, consumers are reaching for products that evoke the cozy feeling of fall and that will help them wake up before the sun. 

Exo’s launch of savory insect-based nutrition bars marries two small, but high-profile snack trends

Two relatively small, but high-profile snack categories are merging with the Nov. 4 launch of Exo’s savory meal bars with alternative protein from crickets. 

Food Vision USA 2015: the highlights...

Collaborative innovation can cut costs and jumpstart launches, 7-Eleven exec says

Collaborative innovation between retailers and manufacturers can jumpstart product development, generate substantial cost-savings and improve the success of a launch more effectively than either partner likely could achieve on its own, a senior director at 7-Eleven said. 

One size fits all CPG products are so last century, says YouBar founder: Customization is the future

Big brands have always sought to convince us that by purchasing their mass-produced wares we are expressing ourselves (although it’s hard to argue that buying a Coke – even with your name on it - is a bold expression of individualism). But how can food businesses offer a more customized experience and still make it pay?

Emerging health concerns could cast shadow on protein, but for now ingredient shines

The health halo around protein continues to shine brightly, but a shadow could be cast on the ingredient as some consumers start asking if it is possible to have too much protein, according to a market research expert. 

WHO report adds processed meats to list of cancer causing agents

Regular consumption of processed meat products does cause cancer, according to a new World Health Organisation (WHO) report that puts prepared and cured meat products on its list of cancer-causing substances.

SupplySide West 2015: Protein trends part 1

Bakery, snacks & beverage could be next frontier for high-protein products, experts say

As the high-protein trend matures from niche to mainstream, innovative manufacturers are tapping into the still-significant growth opportunity by adding the ingredient to a broader range of platforms, including baked goods, snacks and beverages, according to experts in the segment.

Protein popularity: Meat snacks poised for growth

The demand for meat snacks is on the rise, and one Euromontior analyst sees plenty of room for continued growth in the market.

'The Dietary Guidelines are not the appropriate vehicle for this important policy conversation about sustainability'

USDA, HHS: 2015 dietary guidelines won't factor in sustainability

Sustainability will not factor into the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, say the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, prompting praise from the meat lobby and anger from environmental and consumer/health advocacy groups.

Entrepreneurs to watch

5 tips for a successful Kickstarter campaign from grass fed meat delivery startup Butcher Box

One key to a successful Kickstarter campaign is to create “stretch goals” that incentivize existing backers to find more investors to help unlock additional rewards, advises Michael Salguero, founder of the grass fed meat delivery service Butcher Box.

Whole Foods: PETA’s ‘cynical, publicity-driven’ lawsuit is a waste of the court’s time and taxpayer’s money

Whole Foods Market has challenged allegations by animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), that the standards to which it holds its meat and poultry suppliers “barely exceed common industry practices”.

Expo East in review

OTA aims to align supply, demand and farming profitability of organic by 2030

Sales of organic are skyrocketing in the U.S. with demand often outstripping supply, but the Organic Trade Association has a plan to bring into balance by 2030 the market growth, acreage growth and farming profitability of organic. 

Expo East in review

Firms try to revitalize struggling frozen pizza category with innovative, healthier options

Four manufacturers showcasing frozen pizzas at Expo East in Baltimore Sept. 17-19 are hoping their products will help revitalize the stagnant category by offering healthier, innovative options that will stand out from competing legacy brands. 

Spicemode: Indian inspired sauces, but that’s just the beginning

Facing a slew of unsavory Chicago food truck regulations in 2011, Amar Singh opted to park his Curry Cruiser truck for good to pursue a line of Indian-inspired cooking sauces and spices that had flavored his street food eats. 

Grilling season is not limited to Summer, Acosta survey reveals

The unofficial end of summer may have come and gone, but grilling season is far from over, according to sales and market research agency Acosta. 

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