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OTA pushes for strengthened organic seed sourcing as a next step in creating seed purity standard

USDA should strengthen organic seed sourcing practices as part of a multifaceted approach to prevent unintentional contamination of organic crops with genetically modified organisms, the Organic Trade Association argues in comments submitted to the National Organic Standards Board.

5 food trends revealed by top Google searches

After suffering scorn for years from carb-counters, wheat-haters and consumers embracing a gluten-free diet, pasta is coming back in style with a vengeance, suggests analysis of Google searches. 

Online snack company NatureBox expands to brick-and-mortar with Target launch

Online subscription snack service NatureBox crosses over to the physical realm with the launch of eight products in 900 Target stores nationwide this week with the hope of reaching consumers who still prefer to buy food in brick-and-mortar stores rather than online. 

Sophie’s Kitchen sees opportunity in plant-based seafood alternatives

The global market for plant-based meat alternatives is growing fast, but most players in the space are focused on replacing land animals – leaving the potential for seafood alternatives wide open for innovative entrepreneurs to seize.

New York startup helps cooks bridge desire for Asian food & limited access to ingredients, techniques

Consumer demand for healthier foods that don’t sacrifice taste has led to a spike in interest in Asian cuisine, but so far home cooks have not embraced this trend fully in part because they are intimidated by its obscure ingredients, complicated flavor profiles and unfamiliar preparation technique, according to one entrepreneur. 


From croplands to chicken coops, organic manufacturers get their hands dirty to anticipate looming shortage

Companies from Chipotle to Costco are creatively coming up with ways to keep their organic supplies steady, but mid-sized, natural category veterans are concerned about the big fish jumping into a small and shrinking pond.

Mom Made Foods: Everyone wants to feed their kids nutritous meals, but not everyone has time to cook them every night

If you visited Expo West, you probably noticed that a large number of the exhibitors were touting snacks or beverages. Frozen meals? Not so much. But while the world probably doesn’t need another nutrition bar or cold pressed juice brand, busy parents would definitely like more options when it comes to what to give their kids for dinner, says Mom Made Foods founder Heather Stouffer.

Icons communicate claims faster to on-the-go shoppers than words, Vermont Smoke & Cure exec says

Few shoppers in today’s on-the-go culture have time to read lengthy descriptions or claims on packages, which is one reason why Vermont Smoke & Cure recently switched to recognizable icons and color-coding as part of a massive rebranding for its “consciously” crafted smoked meats and meat snacks. 

Nearly three-quarters of families make an effort to buy organic food, OTA survey reveals

Buying organic is a top priority for many American parents, especially when it comes to the food they feed their children, according to new research form the Organic Trade Association. 

What would a reasonable consumer define as 'non-GMO'?

Non-GMO claims on foods containing dairy or meat are fertile ground for false ad lawsuits, warn attorneys

An order from a Florida judge in a lawsuit vs Chipotle should serve a warning to all food marketers that they could be sued if they make non-GMO claims about foods containing dairy or meat from animals fed GE feed, legal experts have warned.

Smaller packs make trying new flavor trends for the grill easier

The unofficial start of summer may still be more than a month away, but grilling season is already here for most Americans and several companies are making it easier for consumers to try unfamiliar flavors with new products that reduce risk and build trust. 

Earth-friendly strategies help capture consumers’ attention

Environmentally friendly practices can do more than help the Earth – they can also help product sales and increase brand value as more consumers care about sustainable practices and how their food is made and transported.

Special Edition: Omega-3s

Convenience, concentrates, and 3rd generation forms: Where’s the innovation in the omega-3 space?

Are natural retail buyers bored with fish oil? Can concentrates, convenience, combination products, and third generation forms re-engage them?

FDA’s 2016 food agenda prioritizes FSMA, product labeling, GRAS, GMOs

FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition is plowing ahead with an ambitious and wide-ranging agenda for the remainder of 2016 without pause after knocking out five final or proposed rules related to food safety and nutrition in just as many weeks.

Consumers are redefining what a premium brand is

Columbus Foods CEO: 'We’re trying to do for the meat business what craft beer did for the beer industry'

Not so long ago, says Columbus Manufacturing, Inc CEO Joe Ennen, ‘premium’ was just about taste and texture. Today’s consumers – Millennials in particular – have a somewhat broader definition, which encompasses how their food was made, who made it, how sustainable it is… and a bunch of other things that you can’t discern just from eating it.

US volumes of pulses surge 8% in 2015, outpacing overall fresh food growth of 1%

Volumes of pulses (defined as leguminous crops - beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils - harvested for dry grains) surged 8% in the US in 2015, while overall volumes of fresh food (retail, foodservice, institutional channels combined) grew by a more modest 1%, according to Euromonitor International.

11th hour reprieve from the courts or from Congress increasingly unlikely

Bounty hunters could come after you from day one if you are not compliant with Vermont GMO labeling law, warns attorney

Private litigants, or so-called ‘bounty hunters’, may start targeting food manufacturers over alleged violations of Vermont’s new GMO labeling law from day one (July 1), lawyers at Hogan Lovells have warned.

More plant-based products are needed to fuel a “market-revolution” away from animals, expert says

America is on the “cusp of a market-revolution” to replace animal products with plant-based alternatives, but consumers need more choices that are convenient, affordable and tasty in order for long-term diet changes to take root, according to an expert in the animal agriculture alternative industry. 

Many toddlers eat as much sodium, added sugar as recommended limit for adults, research shows

Parents’ lack of knowledge about how much and what to feed children as they transition from baby food to more solid foods means most toddlers in America eat too much sugar and sodium and not enough whole grains and vegetables, new research reveals. 

Aspire Food Group: Right now, our goal is simply to make eating insects – in any form – ‘normal’

If the edible insect movement is to meaningfully impact the protein market (and the planet) by displacing less sustainable animal-derived protein sources (beef, poultry, dairy), cricket companies will have to move beyond snacks into the center of the plate over the longer term, acknowledges bug farmer and processor Aspire Food Group. But right now, the goal is simply to make eating insects – in any form – ‘normal’.

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