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Impossible Foods moves to commercial scale production of plant-based burgers

Impossible Foods – which claims to have created a plant-based burger that precisely replicates the taste and texture of meat - will be able to produce one million pounds of Impossible Burgers a month when its first commercial-scale manufacturing facility in Oakland is firing on all cylinders later this year: enough to supply 1,000 restaurants, up from 11 today.    

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Three tips for selling internationally-inspired, authentic products to Americans from industry veteran

Americans may be becoming more adventurous in what they eat – seeking international flavors and products – but some retailers and buyers are hesitant to stock these types of new products for fear that they won’t sell once they are on store shelves. 

Brazil reacts after beef scandal

The Brazilian government is to accelerate audits of 21 meatpacking plants as part of a police investigation into alleged corruption and tainted beef.

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Hip Chick Farms expands its portfolio of clean, simple poultry & other frozen foods

McDonalds, Panera and other high profile food service companies took notable steps last year to introduce “healthier” chicken products, but frozen poultry product producer Hip Chick Farms thinks more can done and it is stepping up the plate to push change forward in 2017. 

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Rising animal welfare concerns push farmers & manufacturers to rethink humane agriculture

As animal welfare concerns become increasingly mainstream, farmers and manufacturers, such as the natural and organic meat brand Applegate, are optimistically rethinking the scale of and their approach to humanely raised animal agriculture.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: The rising opportunity for mushrooms in food and beverage

Growing awareness of the powerful health benefits of mushrooms as well as increasing demand for their rich umami flavor, is quickly elevating the ingredient from the lowly status of the occasional pizza topping or meat substitute for vegetarians to one of must-have, superfood status. 

ConAgra Brands snaps up Duke's and BIGS Seeds: 'We're reshaping our portfolio to be more premium and modern'

ConAgra Brands has struck a deal to buy protein-fueled snacks business Thanasi Foods, maker of Duke's meat snacks and BIGS seeds, for an undisclosed sum.

Memphis Meats unveils poultry meat (without raising animals): ‘An unprecedented milestone for clean meat'

‘Clean’ (a.k.a. cultured/lab-grown) meat pioneer Memphis Meats has unveiled its latest innovation – chicken and duck produced from poultry cells without raising animals – in what it describes as an “unprecedented milestone for the clean meat industry.”

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Animal welfare movement ‘parallels’ the opportunities and challenges of the organic movement

There is a “tremendous parallel” between the emerging consumer demand for improved animal welfare in the US and the organic food movement, including notable business opportunities and significant challenges, according to Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey.

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EPIC Provisions co-founder: 'Regenerative agriculture is the next big movement in food'

Meat and dairy often get a bad rap on the sustainability front, but not all animal production systems have the same impact on the planet, says EPIC Provisions co-founder Taylor Collins, who reckons that “the next big movement in food is coming in the form of regenerative agriculture,” which he claims is “creating a net positive return on the environment.”  

LonoLife embarks on mission to 'bring bone broth to the masses'

LonoLife – the first brand to put bone broth in a recyclable K-Cup, and a fast-growing player in the burgeoning bone broth stick-pack market – has rolled out to 2,500 stores just over a year after launch, and expects to be in 6,000 stores by the year end as consumers look for more convenient ways to incorporate the protein-packed beverage into their routine.

PRE Brands CEO: ‘We’re a consumer-based platform focused on perishables’

The Chicago-based brand may have eight varieties of packaged grass-fed beef products, but CEO Lenny Lebovich asserts his company is not a meat company. “We don’t view ourselves as a meat company, we view ourselves as a consumer product company that happens to compete in the meat category,” he said.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Certified Transitional helps conventional farms make the switch to organic

Despite organic’s strong appeal with double-digit year-over-year growth since the early 1990s, and the promise of a significant premium price over that of its conventional counterparts, many American farmers are hesitant to jump on board – creating a sourcing nightmare for some manufacturers.

Snacklins plant-based pork rinds marry popular vegan and meat snack trends

Snacklins started out as “a joke gone too far,” according to a co-founder, but the growth of the plant-based take on pork rinds is nothing to laugh at – thanks in part to its ability to bring together two booming, and seemingly polar opposite trends: vegan and meat snacks. 

Union Kitchen spotlights global flavors, functional beverages & upscale classics

Food and beverage entrepreneurs make global flavors approachable for hesitant Americans, offer functional beverages and put modern, unique twists on classic favorites at the Washington, DC-based incubator Union Kitchen’s Meet The Makers event March 4. 

Lidl US to open first stores this summer: What we know so far

The German grocery chain’s first US stores will open this summer instead of at the end of the year as originally announced.

Campbell Soup Co.’s GMO disclosure could serve as model for national label

Drawing on extensive consumer research, The Campbell Soup Co.’s GMO disclosure labels on packs and online could serve as a model for USDA in crafting the mandatory national bioengineering label standard and other companies looking for solutions.

One farmer adds balance to the public discussion about GMOs by sharing their sustainability benefits

Contrary to what some may believe, farmers who grow genetically modified crops are “not the devil with horns,” and do have the planet’s and consumers’ health and best interests in mind when they select which seeds to plant and harvest, a Maryland farmer told attendees at USDA’s Agricultural Outlook Forum in Washington, DC, last month.

General Mills invests in organic to boost sales, ‘do the right thing’

General Mills’ splashy commitment last year to double the number of organic acres it sources from by 2019 not only is a strategic business move to boost sales, but part of a larger effort to “do the right thing,” according to the company’s organic ambassador. 

Increased research, consumer education & land access top organic industry’s wish list for Farm Bill

Increased funding for research to improve production tops the organic industry’s wish list of policy actions that it wants legislators and regulators to consider as they begin in earnest the long process of reauthorizing the Farm Bill, which is slated for 2018. 

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