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'The Dietary Guidelines are not the appropriate vehicle for this important policy conversation about sustainability'

USDA, HHS: 2015 dietary guidelines won't factor in sustainability

Sustainability will not factor into the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, say the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, prompting praise from the meat lobby and anger from environmental and consumer/health advocacy groups.

Entrepreneurs to watch

5 tips for a successful Kickstarter campaign from grass fed meat delivery startup Butcher Box

One key to a successful Kickstarter campaign is to create “stretch goals” that incentivize existing backers to find more investors to help unlock additional rewards, advises Michael Salguero, founder of the grass fed meat delivery service Butcher Box.

Whole Foods: PETA’s ‘cynical, publicity-driven’ lawsuit is a waste of the court’s time and taxpayer’s money

Whole Foods Market has challenged allegations by animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), that the standards to which it holds its meat and poultry suppliers “barely exceed common industry practices”.

Expo East in review

OTA aims to align supply, demand and farming profitability of organic by 2030

Sales of organic are skyrocketing in the U.S. with demand often outstripping supply, but the Organic Trade Association has a plan to bring into balance by 2030 the market growth, acreage growth and farming profitability of organic. 

Expo East in review

Firms try to revitalize struggling frozen pizza category with innovative, healthier options

Four manufacturers showcasing frozen pizzas at Expo East in Baltimore Sept. 17-19 are hoping their products will help revitalize the stagnant category by offering healthier, innovative options that will stand out from competing legacy brands. 

Spicemode: Indian inspired sauces, but that’s just the beginning

Facing a slew of unsavory Chicago food truck regulations in 2011, Amar Singh opted to park his Curry Cruiser truck for good to pursue a line of Indian-inspired cooking sauces and spices that had flavored his street food eats. 

Grilling season is not limited to Summer, Acosta survey reveals

The unofficial end of summer may have come and gone, but grilling season is far from over, according to sales and market research agency Acosta. 

Sec. of Agriculture Vilsack calls on Congress to strengthen school lunches, access to breakfast

Preserving and strengthening the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which sets school lunch standards and makes free and reduced meals available to children, could lower the healthcare costs in the US and improve the country’s economic competitiveness and national security in the long term, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack argued Sept. 1.

Chipotle: People who eat GM foods are not themselves genetically modified. The same applies to cows fed GM feed…

Chipotle vows to fight ‘meritless’ GMO lawsuit, but case highlights legal minefield over Non-GMO claims

Chipotle says it will vigorously defend a “meritless and unfair” lawsuit accusing it of falsely advertising its wares as non-GMO. But attorneys say the case shows that firms are vulnerable to civil litigation over non-GMO claims if genetic engineering has been used at any stage in the production process, even if their final products do not contain any detectable GM ingredients.

Flavor Trends

Bitter emerges as a new flavor trend that could aid sodium reduction efforts

Increasing consumer interest in bitter flavors could help manufacturers regain momentum on sodium reduction initiatives, many of which are stalled due to the common perception that less salt equals less flavor, suggests market research from Mintel. 

News in brief

Kraft Heinz recalls 2m pounds of turkey bacon

Kraft Heinz is recalling more than 2 million pounds of turkey bacon linked to illness.

Pizza makers should re-think marketing, formulation to appeal to health-conscious women, study finds

The cliché of pizza lovers as beer-pong playing frat boys or men sharing a slice while watching sports is all wrong – and as a result, so are many manufacturers’ marketing and formulation strategies, according to recent research. 

Taylor Collins on reclaiming meat as a superfood, finding ‘badass investors’ and managing triple-digit growth

EPIC Provisions: ‘If an opportunity came with the right strategic partner, we would absolutely take it’

Revenues at EPIC Provisions more than tripled to $6.8m in 2014, and are on course to triple again to $20m in 2015 as the EPIC brand - which first hit shelves in 2013 – continues to lure new consumers to a category (premium meat snacks) that has rapidly gone from lukewarm to red hot.

Smart Groceries marries elements of online shopping & meal kit delivery services, creator says

A new hybrid grocery delivery and meal solution service from food-tech start-up Handpick, Inc., claims to offer a more affordable and sustainable way for consumers to shop and cook than other online grocery shopping or meal kit delivery services. 

Flavor Trends

Americans are united in their love for ice cream, but divided over their favorite flavors

The dog days of summer are here and to help cool off consumers are reaching for ice cream, which a recent Yahoo Food survey found is 41% of American’s favorite dessert.

Flavor Trends

Protein players should think outside of the box for flavors, Wixon suggests

Players in the protein category – especially those focused on the center of the plate – are behind the curve when it comes to flavor and need to rethink their strategy to capture and hold modern consumers’ attention, according to flavor and seasoning provider Wixon. 

Hormel Foods’ balanced business model helps it overcome hit from avian flu

Hormel Foods “balanced business model” allowed it to raise its profit outlook by taking advantage of lower pork prices to offset sales losses in its turkey operation related to the avian flu, executives said Aug. 19.

Jerky is the ultimate high protein, low fat, low carb, healthy snack, says Oberto

Most Americans eat meat. But only a small percentage eats meat snacks. So does this disconnect simply reflect the fact that beef doesn’t pair too well with a mid-morning mocha-latte, or is it proof of a huge, still largely untapped, market opportunity? 

“Channel agnostic” strategy helps Hain Celestial’s sales grow double-digits

Natural and organic food manufacturer Hain Celestial Group continued its five year streak of earning double-digit quarterly sales growth thanks in part to a “channel agnostic go-to-market strategy,” according to the firm’s president and CEO.

More grab-and-go, high-protein breakfast items needed to fight chronic diseases, researcher says

New research showing high protein breakfasts can prevent weight gain, curb hunger pangs and stabilize glucose levels reveals unmet needs in the marketplace and opportunities for packaged food manufacturers, according to the lead investigator. 

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