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The complementary nature of brick & mortar and ecommerce attracts NatureBox to more retail stores

At a time when many grocery retailers and food and beverage brands are increasing their ecommerce presence, snack maker NatureBox, which began as an online service, is expanding its distribution in brick and mortar stores, which the company CEO says favors discovery.

As organic gains prominence, shoppers increasingly seek lower cost and higher value

Rising sales and household penetration of organic is a double-edged sword for the industry in the US as more Americans have started looking for lower prices, bulk packaging and easier access through direct to consumer channels, according to purchasing data collected by Ekowarehouse.

Nourish Snacks revamps packaging, skips free-from claims for fun patterns and happier messages

When Nourish Snacks decided earlier this year to ditch its old white packaging in favor of bold patterns and bright colors it did so not only to standout better, but also to help consumers feel happy about choosing a better-for-you option and not like they were making a sacrifice, according to the company founder.


Lab-grown meat firm in talks to license tech

Hampton Creek has confirmed the Silicon Valley start-up is in talks to license its lab-grown meat technology to some of the world’s biggest meat companies.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Key strategies for innovation & renovation from Kraft Heinz

A commonly held perception of the ongoing renaissance in the food and beverage industry is that only small, nimble startups are innovating to meet consumers’ evolving needs, and that large, legacy companies must acquire or incubate new brands to keep up.

Farmers’ markets gaining traction in US offer opportunities and challenges

Sales at farmers’ markets currently may be only a small fraction compared to conventional grocery stores, but the channel is gaining traction – especially among millennials – and offers a unique marketing opportunity for agricultural producers of all sizes, according to USDA and new research from the Food Marketing Institute.

Nonprofit pressures Aramark to speed-up its efforts to improve the nutrition of the meals it serves

Despite Aramark’s ambitious five-year plan to improve the health of Americans 20% by 2020, the public health non-profit Balanced wants the food service giant to do more to improve the nutrition of the meals it serves more quickly. 

Serenity Kids shakes up the baby food aisle with a new line of high-fat, meat-based purees

Despite the sustained popularity of the paleo diet that has spawned an entire industry of packaged products from soup to snacks to decadent desserts, parents who want their children to follow the trend have had to make their own baby food – until now.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: What does it take to win a pitch slam?

For time-strapped entrepreneurs who are brave enough to take the stage, competing in pitch-slams is a good way to secure funding, meet potential business partners and weave a network of supporters who can help shine a spotlight on them without investing excessive time they don’t have to spare.

Aspire Food Group unveils world’s first automated cricket farm

When it comes to edible insects, there is still something of a disconnect between the rhetoric (insects can help us feed the world) and the reality, in the US., at least (they’re still niche and expensive). But that’s about to change, predicts the company behind what it claims is the world’s first automated cricket farm.

Exo rebrands to play up the power of cricket in its snack bars, better connect with active consumers

As an early mover in the edible insect space, Exo initially downplayed the presence of crickets in its snack bars to help drive trial, but as the idea of eating bugs becomes more familiar to Americans the brand is more heavily featuring crickets in its new branding, packaging and marketing.

Country Archer Jerky Co eyes the conventional & convenience channels following second capital raise

With another infusion of investor funds, Country Archer Jerky Co. is set to make the leap from the natural channel where it is thriving into the conventional and convenience channels, which the CEO says are wide-open for better-for-you snacks such as the company makes. 

Real Oyster Cult takes the intimidation and safety risks out of oysters with front door delivery

The mail order oyster company Real Oyster Cult launched last May out of equal parts desire to deliver to consumers the freshest tasting oyster experience and a need to address food safety risks that threaten public health and commercial viability of shellfish farms.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Can duck become the dark horse of animal proteins?

When it comes to eating meat in the US, chicken, without a doubt, is the main attraction with Americans consuming an average of 91 pounds last year – that is nearly double the roughly 50 pounds of pork and 55 pounds of beef consumed in the same period, according to the National Chicken Council. 

Industry players outline their wish lists for ‘NAFTA 2.0’ and express anxiety about renegotiation

While most agricultural industry leaders gathered on Capitol Hill yesterday urged lawmakers and the current administration to tread lightly when it comes to renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, some indicated specific areas for improvement. 

New qualified health claim for macadamia nuts shows FDA’s evolving stance on dietary fat

FDA’s decision to greenlight a qualified health claim connecting macadamia nuts to the reduced risk of heart disease despite the ingredient’s saturated fat content suggests the agency may give manufacturers a little slack to make health claims as long as the product’s overall benefits outweigh the risks.

Social aspects of grilling create year-round marketing opportunities for brands, retailers, Acosta finds

For many Americans grilling is more than a means to put dinner on the table – it is a way to celebrate special occasions and everyday joys with friends, family and neighbors – creating an extended marketing opportunity for brands and retailers alike, according to new research from Acosta. 

News in brief

Krave launches first-ever nationally televised ad campaigns

Artisanal jerky brand KRAVE launched its first ever televised national ad campaign this week, a testament to how the brand, and the category, has matured.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: The business case for kosher certification

Ethical claims on food and beverages sold in the US are almost as ubiquitous as the Nutrition Facts panel and while they are not legally mandated by FDA like nutritional information, some manufacturers might feel like they are just as obligatory given the sales boost and brand loyalty they inspire.

The ready meal category is ripe for growth and likely will pull consumers from meal kits and frozen

The ready meal category in the US is set to explode in part as a natural evolution of the meal kit craze that taught consumers how to cook healthy, fresh food at home, but which still ultimately takes more time than many people have daily, according to one entrepreneur. 

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