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Kalsec® Szechuan Pepper Extract - The Latest Sensation! - Kalsec

22-Apr-2014 - Szechuan pepper extract adds a twist to food applications: it provides the tingling sensation without adding the heat perception. This paper explores the science behind the tingling sensation of Szechuan pepper and how Szechuan pepper extract can add authenticity to...
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Understanding the Health Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids - Croda Health Care

03-Mar-2014 - Evidence points to significant, lifelong health benefits from increased intake of Omega 3 fatty acids. Through pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adulthood and advanced age, these essential fats provide documented health advantages and disease prevention. Request Croda’s informative white paper.
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The Future of Flavor Enhancement - Kikkoman

27-Feb-2014 - Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc., the world’s leading soy sauce manufacturer offers a full line of authentic, on-trend liquid and dehydrated sauces and ingredients to boost flavor and reduce sodium in virtually any cuisine while maintaining a clean label. Whether you’re...
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Welcome to FIC 2014 -

08-Feb-2014 - FIC 2014 Preview More than 70, 000 sqm Exhibiting floor space Over 11,00 exhibitors with over 300 overseas companies More than 90% of exhibitors are manufacturer Exhibits cover 23 categories of food additives and 35 categories of food  ingredients Chinese top exported-oriented companies all attend A...
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Food Vision 2014 – Connecting Leaders in Food & Drink Development - WRBM - Food Vision

17-Dec-2013 - Food Vision is the ultimate global event connecting leading innovators and senior business executives in food and drink development by combining strategic content with in-depth analyses of critical market trends and developments. Food Vision takes place on 31 Mar – 2...
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Discover a world of flavor possibilities - Kikkoman

22-Oct-2013 - Kikkoman’s full line of liquid and dehydrated sauces and seasonings provides a toolkit for building rich flavor across applications. Our products are balanced flavor systems and because they’re Kikkoman, you can always count on their quality, safety and availability....
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Meatless meals can still pack protein - Hilmar Ingredients

30-Sep-2013 - Consumers are seeking “positive nutrition” – looking at what’s been added or what is inherently good about a product rather than focusing on the “bad” content. Whey proteins from Hilmar Ingredients are ideally suited for foods and beverages looking to...
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Putting salt on hold: optimizing sodium reduction methods - Corbion Purac

05-Jul-2013 - In today’s health-conscious market, reducing sodium remains a difficult challenge. Optimizing taste, texture and shelf life are critical to success. In this new white paper, we examine the advantages and drawbacks of popular salt reduction strategies, and outline how to overcome...
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SALTWELL Sea salt - with naturally reduced sodium -

25-Apr-2013 - SALTWELL´s unique grain, with 65% sodium chloride and 30% potassium chloride radically lowers the sodium impact in food. SALTWELL has been tested in many food applications such as meatballs, chicken, oatmeal and bread and has received very good results on...
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Probiotic marketing in 2013 and beyond - GoodBelly/NextFoods/DuPont Nutrition and Health

18-Mar-2013 - Regulatory pressure has forced the probiotic sector to think hard about how its products are presented to world. The alignment between the vast body of science and regulatory parameters varies greatly with regions and countries so what marketing tools are...
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The global pre- and probiotic overview: Europe flatlines; Asia-Americas shine - Mintel

15-Mar-2013 - Probiotics were born in Japan in the 1950s, but they are booming in broader Asia as consumers turn onto them in various formats, and regulations permit a greater range of health claims. Prebiotics are growing in these markets too but...
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The microbiome revolution -

15-Mar-2013 - Phase two of a gigantic project studying the human microbiome is just beginning. Many think the microbiome can unlock the mystery of just how pre- and probiotics work. Question is: Where will phase two go, can it help win claims...
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Download a new white paper on Food Supply Chains - SGS

14-Mar-2013 - SGS published a white paper titled "Managing Performance in Food Supply Chains". It discusses the impacts, opportunities and challenges arising from Managing Food Supply Chain Performance and protecting both producer and supplier reputations. This white paper describes some of the...
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The Must Attend Show for Food Additives and Ingredients -

22-Jan-2013 - Over 1,100 exhibitors cordially invite you to visit FIC--the largest and most influential show for food additives and ingredients in Asia.
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When product quality is important... Spinning Cone Technology is the solution! - Flavourtech

18-Oct-2012 - Simply and easily obtain your preferred aroma and create various aroma profiles to meet customer requests. Manufacture Concentrates with minimal to no colour change and retain active ingredients. Improve your processing and create new revenue streams. Spinning Cone technologies can...
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HeatSync™ Systems Deliver Precise Pungency Experience - Kalsec

26-Sep-2012 - HeatSync™ Systems Deliver Precise Pungency ExperienceConsumers show increased interest in hot and spicy foods. In a recent Packaged Facts Food Shopper Survey, more than one-half of U.S. shoppers “somewhat” or “strongly” agree they like hot and spicy foods Kalsec® is...
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Introducing a Breakthrough in Low Sodium HVP -

04-Jun-2012 - The maker of Vegamine, the benchmark flavoring brand for hydrolyzed vegetable protein products, has improved on its unmatched quality, flavor delivery and consistency – new Vegamine Advanced Technology (AT) from Innova is the first product of its kind to lower...
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Reducing sodium content in meat applications with SaltSavor™ -

19-Sep-2011 - The food industry faces a big challenge to meet guidelines established to effectively reduce the sodium content in our food supply. INNOVA understands this challenge and has developed a salt reduction and flavor enhancement technology that delivers an increased salty...
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Achieving sodium reduction with great taste! -

08-Aug-2011 - Try INNOVA’s SaltSavor™, developed for customers requiring the right tools to formulate enhanced products with less sodium content. Up to 50% sodium reduction while maintaining full flavor! The performance of this technology is product and application specific and our team...
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13-Jun-2011 - Meet us during IFT11 in New Orleans (June 12th-14th) at booth #6013 to try our applications using the new trendy superfruit: Maqui Berry.Want more information on this berry? Just submit your details and we will get back to you.

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