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Preservatives and acidulants

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Coke fails to disclose use of artificial flavoring and/or chemical preservatives, claims lawsuit

Judge allows class action lawsuit vs Coca-Cola over ‘artificial’ phosphoric acid to proceed, but admonishes money-grabbing plaintiffs

A class action lawsuit alleging that Coca-Cola misrepresents its flagship product as being free from added preservatives and artificial flavors, has been allowed to proceed by a judge in California.  

Whole Foods' labels are misleading, deceptive, unfair and fraudulent, alleges lawsuit

Whole Foods targeted in new lawsuit over 'all-natural' claims

Whole Foods Market has been targeted in another class action lawsuit alleging that products it labels as ‘all-natural’ are misbranded because they contain “artificial ingredients and flavorings, artificial coloring and chemical preservatives”. 

Reformulation by stealth: Just 2% of new launches in salty snacks make overt sodium reduction claims

The vast majority of sodium reduction activity in the US food industry is now being conducted by ‘stealth’ in order to avoid alienating shoppers, according to Tate & Lyle.

What’s the next coconut water? Find out at the FoodNavigator-USA Beverage Entrepreneurs Forum

Will Keurig Cold really turn the soft drinks market on its head? Can natural sweeteners pull diet soda out of its funk? And what’s the next coconut water? 

Industry to FDA: Think again before setting category-by-category sodium reduction targets

Two leading food industry associations have urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not to set category-by-category limits for sodium amid rumors that the agency is planning to outline a new sodium reduction strategy this year.

Heinz is latest target in new wave of false advertising lawsuits over ‘all natural’ claims and GMOs

Heinz has vowed to vigorously defend itself after becoming the latest food giant to be targeted in a false advertising lawsuit alleging it is misleading consumers by describing products made from GM crops as ‘all-natural’.

News in brief

Judge gives initial thumbs up to $3.4m settlement over Trader Joe's ‘all-natural’ claims

A federal judge has granted preliminary approval to a $3.4m settlement of a class action lawsuit accusing Trader Joe’s of falsely advertising certain products as ‘all natural’.

Is salt linked to obesity? Study links adolescent salt intake to obesity and inflammation

High intakes of salt throughout adolescence may be associated with levels of obesity and inflammation, regardless of calories consumed, say researchers.

Consumers tolerate breads with as much as 30% less salt in university test

Bakers seeking to meet sodium reduction targets can take hope in new research conducted at Oregon State University that shows that consumers are willing to accept lower-salt breads and, if the reductions are small enough, may not even notice.

Leatherhead: ‘Natural preservatives are almost an oxymoron’

Preservatives have a poor reputation among consumers – but that doesn’t mean that natural options are completely off the menu, says Nicole Patterson-Lett, principal analyst at Leatherhead Food Research.

Coca-Cola targeted in third lawsuit over 'chemical preservative' and 'artificial flavor' phosphoric acid

Coca-Cola has been targeted in another proposed class action lawsuit alleging that it misrepresents Coke as being free from added preservatives and artificial flavors, despite containing phosphoric acid, an 'artificial flavoring' and 'chemical preservative'.

It’s jerky Jim, but not as we know it… How KRAVE Jerky reinvented the meat snacks category

Looking for a healthy snack that is low in fat and calories, high in protein and a bit more tantalizing for the taste buds than your average nutrition bar? Try jerky, says the entrepreneur behind one of the most successful recent entrants to the US food and beverage market. 

DSM shakes up still drinks in Mexico with sorbate, benzoate replacer

DSM Food Specialties has launched an all-natural preservation system for still beverages in Mexico and has high global hopes for an ingredient that significantly improves both shelf life and taste.

Future of natural food additives in colors, fat replacers: Packaged Facts

As US consumers have fallen out of love with artificial additives and long, unpronounceable ingredient lists, the food additive industry is undergoing a considerable shift, according to a study by Packaged Facts. 

News in brief

Unilever: ‘Now with x% less salt/sodium claims’ turn consumers off

Regardless of what they tell you in surveys, many consumers react negatively to ‘low salt/sodium’ messaging on pack, underscoring the need for a stealthy approach to sodium reduction, says Unilever.

Rosemary extract sees ‘substantial growth’ in shelf extension

As manufacturers and consumers alike continue to call for clean-label preservatives, natural options like rosemary extract are gaining traction in the market as a safe, effective alternative to synthetic shelf life extenders like BHA, BHT and the antioxidant TBHQ, though the cost of switching is a “whole company-type of decision,” according to nutritional ingredient supplier Kemin. 

Safeway hit with false advertising lawsuit over using synthetic ingredients in ‘100% natural’ products

Safeway has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit alleging it misled consumers by describing its Open Nature Multi-Grain and Homestyle waffles as ‘100% natural’ because they contained the chemical additive sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP).  

Vinegar beverage shows blood sugar management potential

Vinegar (acetic acid) should be ‘purposefully’ integrated into more food matrices, say the researchers behind a new study which reports the potential blood sugar management potential of a vinegar beverage.

Study: Normal salt intake does not vary with food supply

Industry efforts to reduce the amount of salt in foods are unlikely to work to reduce salt consumption to levels backed by public health advocates, according to new research that suggests salt intake is regulated by the body’s needs rather than by the food supply.

News in brief

Missed Natural & Clean Label Trends 2013? Listen again free, on-demand

Is it a safer bet to say 'Made with natural ingredients' than 'All-natural' on pack? Are consumers in the UK and the US looking for different cues on a label to determine if something is natural or wholesome? And did you know that 17% of global new food and beverage launches are now positioned as natural, additive-/preservative-free, or both?

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