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Can “green” claims turn the GMO debate around in 2016, analysts ask

Growing consumer concern about food waste and the environmental impact of food production could be a “conversation starter” for food manufacturers to shift consumers’ focus on genetically modified organisms away from the perceived negative impact to the benefits, suggests one market trends analyst. 

General Mills: Chobani’s 'wilfully deceptive' ads assert that safe & legal ingredients in rival products are toxic and unsafe

The legal firestorm prompted by Chobani’s provocative new ad campaign for its Simply 100 Greek yogurt range has intensified this week as General Mills has filed a lawsuit accusing Chobani of false advertising and unfair competition.

Got MALK? Start-up seeks to disrupt nut-milk market with organic, cold-pressed options

While the plant-milk market is maturing, there is still room for new entrants offering a premium take on the category, says the CEO and founder of Texas-based MALK, which uses high-pressure-processing (HPP), and no preservatives, thickeners, or emulsifiers in her ‘cold-pressed’ organic nut milks.

What are the key beverage trends - and companies - to watch in 2016?

What distinguishes the winners from the losers in the ultra-competitive beverages market?

Chobani Simply 100 ad campaign sparks legal spat with Dannon

Chobani’s provocative new ad campaign for Simply 100 – which directly attacks the ingredient choices of two rival brands – has landed it in legal hot water, with Dannon’s lawyers demanding an immediate halt to the campaign and Chobani responding with a lawsuit.

'The huge disparity between what the guidelines advocate and what Americans actually eat is beyond alarming'

Dietitians respond to 2015 Dietary Guidelines: ‘The American public needs more forceful messages.’

What do registered dietitians and nutritionists think of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and how much do they ultimately matter, since the gulf between what Americans are told to eat – and what they actually eat - remains huge?

Chobani unveils media campaign to support Simply 100 Greek yogurt: ‘It’s a choice between natural and artificial’

Chobani has launched a multi-media campaign homing in on the ‘all-natural’ credentials of its Simply 100 Greek yogurt range and drawing shoppers’ attention to ‘artificial’ ingredients in rival products.

I can't believe it's Just Mayo ... so will Just Butter be next?

'Just Mayo' name can stay, says FDA, so what does this say about FDA standards of identity?

Just weeks after telling Hampton Creek it was playing fast and loose with food labeling regs by branding its flagship egg-free spread ‘Just Mayo’, the FDA says Hampton Creek can now keep the ‘Just Mayo’ brand name - as long as it makes minor tweaks to the label.

Coca-Cola urges court to toss class action over ‘artificial’ phosphoric acid

Coca-Cola has urged a California federal court to toss a class action lawsuit alleging it misrepresents its flagship product as being free from added preservatives and artificial flavors.

FDA denies GMO labeling petition: What matters is the characteristics of the food itself, not the process by which it was made

The FDA has rejected a citizen’s petition calling for mandatory labeling of foods from genetically engineered crops, arguing that labels are not warranted unless there is a material difference in the safety or nutritional profile of the foods in question.

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

5 strategies to drive initial trial, create a new category from startup Element [Shrub]

Transparent advertising is essential for reaching modern consumers, but as the maker of Element [Shrub] discovered – knowing which facts to emphasize first is key to driving initial trial. 

Union Kitchen: Inside a food and beverage incubator

The Sweet Farm taps into the rise of fermentation and food waste reduction to expand it is portfolio

Fermented foods and beverages are growing in popularity as consumers learn more about their health benefits – in turn opening the door for entrepreneurs like The Sweet Farm, which sells fresh sauerkraut and is developing a line of cultured sodas and probiotic tonics. 

Is nitrite free processed meat possible for the mass market?

While no single substitute for nitrite can replace all of its functions, a combination of emerging technologies and plant-based ingredients could be used to reduce or completely replace nitrite in processed meats, say researchers.

True Drinks teams up with Niagara Bottling to make AquaBall preservative-free

True Drinks Holdings has struck a deal with Niagara Bottling under which the latter will produce a preservative-free formulation of True Drinks’ flagship sugar- and calorie-free kids’ beverage AquaBall.

Nourish Snacks co-founder Joy Bauer talks sugar, portion control, and the key pillars of healthy snacking

The ‘healthier’ snacks market is awash with non-GMO, gluten-free, and ‘no artificial’ claims, while corn syrup is out and ‘real’ (cane) sugar, coconut sugar, and agave syrup are in. But are these products really delivering in the nutritional stakes, given that snacks now account for a quarter of energy intakes?

FDA: We are eveloping draft voluntary targets for sodium reduction

CSPI sues FDA for dragging its feet over sodium reduction; FDA still working on voluntary targets

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is suing the FDA in a bid to compel it to respond to a 2005 petition requesting that it revoke the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status of salt and treat it as a food additive under the law.

What will ditching artificial ingredients really do for big CPG brands?

While ditching ‘artificial’ ingredients may not transform the fortunes of flagging legacy brands, consumer survey data from Instantly suggests it may give consumers a warmer and fuzzier feeling about them, and convey the impression (deservedly or otherwise) that the reformulated products are ‘healthier’.

Fast food fever: Modern diets impact immune health of you and your kids

Modern ‘Western diets’ can lead to poor immune functioning and increased risk of inflammatory conditions, allergy, and auto-immunity, researchers warn.

Talking Rain (Sparkling ICE) CEO: We might acquire brands, or build our own new brands

The Sparkling ICE brand notched up sales of more than $500m in 2014, is on course to top $600m in 2015, and has a fighting chance of reaching its well-publicized target of $1bn in 2018, assuming it can secure the shelf space it deserves, says Kevin Klock, CEO of brand owner Talking Rain.

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