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Food industry M&As rebounding, says new report

Mergers and acquisitions in the food industry in 2006 took a turn up compared to the year before, with almost one third of all activity occurring in the food processing sector, according to a new guide by the The Food Institute.

Tate & Lyle confirms UK citric acid closure

Tate & Lyle will cease production of citric acid at is UK plant at the end of the month following the completion of an employee consultation process.

Breakthrough technology

Putting the designer into pectin

Recent breakthroughs have given us a better understanding of the functionalities of pectin, a high value food ingredient widely used as a gelling agent and stabiliser.

Baking sector responds to salt criticism

The UK's Federation of Bakers has responded to criticism that the sector has not done enough to meet food standard targets on salt reduction.

Retail sector pushes for self regulation

The retail sector is to show how it plans to direct consumers towards healthier lifestyles within the context of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.

UK moves towards environmental food labelling

The UK has outlined its commitment to developing environmental labelling for food.

CASH maintain pressure on UK bakers

Over 35 per cent of commercial bread in the UK does not meet FSA targets for salt levels, says a new survey from the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) that looks set to maintain pressure on UK bakers to reduce the salt content of their products.

US holds food additive meeting ahead of Codex

US food regulatory agencies are to hold a public meeting to discuss the nation's draft positions on food additives ahead of a Codex session due to take place in April.

Are UK consumers becoming more health-conscious?

Increasing consumer awareness in the UK over healthy eating suggests that government messages are finally getting through.

Olive leaf juice could be edible oil antioxidant

Olive juice, obtained by pressing olive leaves, may act as an antioxidant to prolong the frying life of frying oils, suggests a study using sunflower oil.

Tate & Lyle appoints new R&D head

Tate & Lyle's appointment of a new head of global research and development underlines the company's focus on the value-added end of the ingredients market.

Wine waste could boost shelf life of fish

Antioxidant and fibre-rich waste from wine making could offer a cheap and healthy alternative to synthetic antioxidants to prolong the shelf life of fish meat, suggests a study from Spain.

More protein and sugar from soy

Scientists in the US have developed a new technique that could enhance the release of protein and sugar by about 50 per cent, a potentially big boost for the soy industry.

Vitiva expands European rosemary extracts operation

Vitiva has expanded its sales operations into Cannes, France in order to better tap Europe's food ingredients market.  

Study identifies top performing food sectors

AC Neilsen's latest market report, which examines the fastest-growing categories and product areas across 66 key markets around the world, provides an insight into the future direction of global food development.

Solubilised proteins may offer phosphate-free meats

Using solubilised proteins to replace phosphate to enhance the colour and texture of meat during storage may offer an alternative to phosphates, says new research.

Danisco launches green tea 'flavour protector'

Danisco is looking to benefit from growing interest in natural antioxidants with the launch of Guardian green tea extracts.

IFST publishes salt information statement

The UK's Institute of Food Science & Technology has published an updated information statement on salt and salt reduction - one of the hottest topics in the food industry at the moment.

Tate & Lyle to close UK citric acid plant

Tate & Lyle has been forced to close its UK citric acid operations in the face of intense competition from Chinese imports and oversupply in the world market.

Asda salt reduction plan ahead of schedule

UK supermarket Asda claims it will hit salt reduction targets across all its own label food categories nearly three years ahead of the 2010 deadline.

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