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Energy drink market gets rush from clubbers

The energy drink market has gotten further stimulus from club crowds who mix these functional beverages with alcohol, according to market researcher Mintel.

Propolis to make jump from health to food preservative?

Propolis, the waxy resin collected by honeybees and currently marketed for its health benefits, could also find use as a natural food preservative, suggests new research.

OTA calls for more funding for organics

The nation's organic industry has called for federal agencies to boost spending on crop research and market development in an effort to help farmers keep up with burgeoning demand.

Nestle taste research may benefit salt reduction

Scientists at the Nestle Research Center have identified a network of molecules behind our ability to taste salt, research that could aid in the push to reduce salt levels in foods without affecting taste.

Salt reduction may slash heart disease risk - study

Cutting salt intake may slash the long-term risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 35 per cent, says a new multi-centre study from a group of leading US universities.

Nitrites in cured meat could increase lung disease risk

Days after English researchers proposed an equation to make the ultimate bacon buttie, a new study from the US has reported that frequent consumption of cured meats like bacon may increase the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

National salt guidelines ignore WHO advice, says professor

Global salt intake is still too high, according to a leading academic, and many countries ignore the WHO's advice on a maximum intake of 5g/day by issuing guidance far in excess.

Clean labels: A growing but not yet global trend

The trend for 'clean label' foods containing few E-numbers is emanating from the UK market but it is not yet a keen priority for consumers, retailers and manufacturers in every country, says GC Hahn.

Pizza popularity boosts Italian food market

Increased consumption of pizza and pasta is expected to drive growth in the US market for Italian Foods, according to a new report.

Growth in snack market must stem from innovation, report

All-round innovation remains key to keeping the US snack market vibrant, according to an annual snack industry report, which identifies a number of growth opportunities at a time when consumers are striving to snack less.

Vitiva extends pate shelf-life with SyneRox formulation

Slovenian plant extract supplier Vitiva is extending its line of SyneRox 4 rosemary-based ingredients with an oil-based formulation aimed at extending the shelf life of high-fat meat products such as chilled pâtés.

Guest article

EC food labeling format: guide to conversion

Converting food and beverage product labels from US to EC format requires an in-depth understanding of European labeling legislation, which is more complex than it often appears to be, regulatory experts at consultancy firm Leatherhead Food International tell

Snack industry trade show kicks off in Florida

The US snack industry's annual conference will open its doors tomorrow in Florida, bringing together players from every level of the industry for three days of seminars, educational sessions and business meetings.

Real progress in salt reduction, claims PepsiCo

'Real progress' has been made in achieving meaningful reductions in salt, according to PepsiCo UK's president.

New industry body aims to quell consumer food fears

A group of US food industry bodies has launched a new organization designed to promote consumer understanding and trust of the country's food system.

UK leads world in salt reduction, claims FDF

The UK food industry is leading the world in salt reduction, claims the country's Food and Drink Federation (FDF).

Food industry M&As rebounding, says new report

Mergers and acquisitions in the food industry in 2006 took a turn up compared to the year before, with almost one third of all activity occurring in the food processing sector, according to a new guide by the The Food Institute.

Tate & Lyle confirms UK citric acid closure

Tate & Lyle will cease production of citric acid at is UK plant at the end of the month following the completion of an employee consultation process.

Breakthrough technology

Putting the designer into pectin

Recent breakthroughs have given us a better understanding of the functionalities of pectin, a high value food ingredient widely used as a gelling agent and stabiliser.

Baking sector responds to salt criticism

The UK's Federation of Bakers has responded to criticism that the sector has not done enough to meet food standard targets on salt reduction.

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