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Asda salt reduction plan ahead of schedule

UK supermarket Asda claims it will hit salt reduction targets across all its own label food categories nearly three years ahead of the 2010 deadline.

Salt Awareness Week: has progress been made?

Salt Awareness Week has reignited debate in the UK over how much success the food industry has had in reducing salt in processed food.

DSM publishes fungus genome to help R&D into enzymes

Netherlands-based DSM has announced the publication of the full genome for the fungus Aspergillus niger used to produce a range of enzymes and other compounds for the food industry.

CASH survey shows progress in UK salt reduction

UK food formulators and manufacturers should be applauded for their progress on salt reduction, say the findings of a survey from the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH).

An economic alternative to pure pectin?

A French company has developed what it claims are two economic alternatives to pure pectin.

Low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents not a problem, says EFSA

The presence of low-level formaldehyde in gelling agents like carrageenans and alginates does not pose a threat to human health, the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) has reported.

FDA approves more meat additives

The federal food safety inspection unit has approved an additional batch of additives, antimicrobals and agents for use as processing aids directly on meat and poultry products.

Onion extract improves flavour, shelf life of sliced meat

Onion extract, rich in the natural antioxidant quercetin, may not only improve the shelf life of a processed meat product but also enhances the flavour, Irish researchers report.

Common additive may stop acrylamide formation, suggests study

Using the common food additive calcium chloride could reduce the formation of acrylamide in potato chips and French fries by about 95 per cent, according to a new study.

FSA opens consultation over EU additives directive

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched its consultation regarding the implementation of EU directives in England on food additives other than colours and sweeteners and sweeteners for use in foodstuffs.

Yeast extract cuts salt but keeps flavour

US based ingredients company Savoury Systems International (SSI) has expanded its range of salt replacers - helping bakers appeal to the growing number of consumers seeking to cut salt from their diet.

Food industry pushes MyPyramid into supermarket carts

The US food and beverage industry last week launched a new initiative to support the government's dietary guidelines, while at the same time promoting products that meet certain nutrition criteria.

Chitosan microcapsules get bioavailability boost

Encapsulating fats and fat-soluble ingredients with chitosan to protect them during processing does not affect their availability in the body, says new research that highlights the vast potential of this technique.

Albumin to boost tea extract antioxidant activity in emulsions?

The stability of emulsions can be enhanced by complexing the protein albumin with green tea extracts, boosting the shelf-life and nutritional content, researchers have reported.

Birds Eye challenges consumer perception of food additives

Birds Eye has published the results of a survey aimed at countering common consumer perceptions that frozen food is full of artificial additives.

Salt reduction may have asthma benefits too, says review

Reducing salt intake may affect asthma severity and breathing in adults with the condition, says a joint Anglo-American review of the science.

Bamboo leaf extract to stop acrylamide formation?

Using an antioxidant-rich bamboo leaf extract could reduce the formation of acrylamide in potato chips and French fries by about 75 per cent, according to a new study.

Collagen to boost rosemary's antioxidant activity in meat?

Impregnating collagen fibre with rosemary extracts could boost the antioxidant activity of the extract, and has significant potential for processed meats, say Polish scientists.

Use of nisin in liquid eggs 'not a safety concern'

Extending the use of the additive nisin to cover the preservation of liquid eggs does not pose a safety concern, says EFSA.

EC comments on Codex draft food additives standard

The EC has commented on Codex's draft standard for fat spreads and blended spreads - food additives section.

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