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Additives study fall-out attracts attention at the top

Concern stirred by publication of the Southampton study on food additives and children's behaviour has ricocheted to the highest echelons of British politics, with Prime Minister Gordon Brown reportedly expressing his worry on behalf of all parents.

Citric acid: industry warned of shortages as prices hiked again

Western citric acid producers are again hiking up their prices as they struggle to meet costs, but they repeat their warnings that the industry may soon be facing shortages.

Eliminating colours, additives could help hyperactive kids, says FSA

The FSA has issued new advice on certain artificial additives following research into a link with children's behaviour: that eliminating them from the diet could have some benefits for hyperactive kids or those with ADHD.

Salt reduction does not reduce food safety, say scientists

Cutting the salt content of processed foods has no impact on the risk of food contamination, report scientists today.

Chitosan-glucose combo eyed as novel preservative

The Maillard reaction product of chitosan and glucose extended the shelf-life of lamb in laboratory tests by two weeks, and may offer industry with a novel and efficient preservative for meat products.

Aquanova intros next-generation preservatives with nanotechnology

German ingredients firm Aquanova has found a way to extend the use of preservatives sorbic and benzoic acid into foods with a high pH using its NovaSOL nanotechnology.

Cargill launches salt reduction system

US-based agro and ingredients giant Cargill has launched a new salt reduction system, which claims to allow food manufacturers to cut the sodium content in their products by up to 50 percent.

CASH maintains pressure on UK salad makers

Almost 20 per cent of commercial salads and pasta bowls in the UK does not meet targets for salt levels, says a new report from the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH). They look set to maintain pressure on UK formulators to reduce the salt content of their products.

Canada unveils new organic logo

The Canadian government has launched a new organic logo designed to tell consumers that they are purchasing products that are federally certified as organic.

IFT: Cognis launches bakery emulsifiers, mold inhibitor

European ingredients firm Cognis is using the IFT event in Chicago this week as a platform to launch a variety of new products on the US market, including emulsifiers, aerating agents and a 'natural' mold inhibitor.

IFT to examine latest food ingredients and technologies

Food professionals from around the world will make their way to Chicago this weekend as the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 2007 annual meeting and expo opens its doors to reveal the latest new ingredients, technologies and scientific developments affecting the industry.

Scientists look to salt to reduce acrylamide

Salt may act as a catalyst in the polymerisation, and therefore reduction, of acrylamide in foods, suggests a new study from the Slovak Republic.

Health awareness drives global organic market

The organic food and beverage market has been predicted to surpass $86bn (€62bn) by 2009, with consumers increasingly turning 'organic' in search of health and safety in their food products.

Sesame lignans could be edible oil antioxidant - study

Lignans from sesame could act as an antioxidant to prolong the shelf-life of bulk edible oils, suggests a study from India.

Increased health awareness drives organic food and beverage market

The organic food and beverage market has been predicted to surpass $86bn (€62bn) by 2009, with consumers increasingly turning 'organic' in search of health and safety in their food products.

Nestle invests in low-fat noodle technology

New technology to produce noodles with lower fat and salt content will form part of Nestle's Malaysian RM100m ($29.1m) investment plans to upgrade some its manufacturing facilities.

EU Parliament votes for tougher additives regulation

The European Parliament this week voted through four regulations relating to food ingredients - on authorisation procedure, additives, enzymes and flavourings - with notable amendments aimed at providing a heightened level of consumer protection across the bloc.

GMA report examines industry responses to price pressures

Food and beverage manufacturers are responding to commodity price rises through risk management, product reformulation and innovation, according to a report by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).

FDA examines allergy labels in new study

Almost half of consumers with food allergies have "serious problems" using food labels to help them avoid certain foods, says a new study by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

CSM sells US gluconic acid business

European bakery supplier CSM has sold the customer base for its US gluconic acid business, a move due to be followed by the imminent shutdown of its production facility.

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