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EC comments on Codex food additive standards

The EC has commented on Codex's proposed new food additive standards.

EU court throws out sodium gluconate cartel appeal

The European Court of First Instance has dismissed an appeal against the EC's decision in October 2001 to fine a global sodium gluconate cartel.

European Court upholds fines for citric acid cartel

The European Court of First Instance confirmed this week that Jungbunzlauer (JBL) and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) engaged in an illegal citric acid price fixing cartel, and has as a result upheld the original fines imposed.

Naturex reports strong sales surge for rosemary extracts

Naturex claims to have experienced a 20 per cent increase in rosemary extract sales in 2006 compared to 2005 (year-to-date), underlining the growing success of natural preservatives.

Danisco announces ingredients shake-up

Changes to Danisco's ingredients division will lift the EBIT margin for the segment to above 15 per cent, according to the firm's announcement of Q1 2006/07 results.

Plant extracts beat synthetics as meat preservatives, says study

Grape seed and pine bark extracts as additives in cooked meats performed better than the synthetic preservatives in oxidation and microbial effects, results that could be readily acceptable to consumers seeking ready-to-eat meat products with natural preservatives.

Citric acid firms raise prices as supply shortage threatens market

The world's major citric acid producers have warned that unless reasonable price increases can be successfully implemented this year, the market will face further consolidation and potential supply shortages.

FSA seeks opinion on additive, enzyme and flavour regs

The FSA is seeking comments on proposed European Commission regulations that would establish a common authorisation procedure for food additives, food enzymes and food flavourings.

Japan natamycin approval opens door to Far East

Japan recently announced its approval of natamycin, an antimycotic used in cheese and meat production.

Grape fibre could boost shelf life of meat products

Antioxidant and fibre-rich waste from wine making could offer a cheap and healthy alternative to synthetic antioxidants to prolong the shelf life of meat products, suggests a study from Spain.

Soy isoflavone could be edible oil antioxidant, suggests study

The soy isoflavone, genistein, could act as an antioxidant to prolong the shelf-life of bulk edible oils, suggests a study using linseed oil.

Rad launches lemon balm antioxidant ingredient

A new natural lemon balm formula, claimed to be a powerful antioxidant, could help protect delicate tasting foods without effecting taste.

Could olive waste boost lard's health image?

Lard, the animal fat with a poor health image, could be stabilised by adding antioxidants from olive oil milling waste, boosting the shelf-life and adding nutritional value, says a study from Italy.

Rosemary may protect flavour in convenience meats

Adding a touch of rosemary to minced meat before high-pressure processing could stop the flavour loss associated with this anti-microbial treatment, say Brazilian and Danish researchers.

Cargill raises citric acid prices on back of market pressures

Energy costs and supply issues have contributed to price hikes for popular beverage ingredient citric acid, with manufacturer Cargill announcing a price increase for its citric acid and citrate dihydrate.

Dairy by-product offers natural preserving alternative to chlorine

Whey permeate, a by-product of cheese production, could be a food preserver, suggests new research, as the industry looks to alternatives to chlorine solutions for preserving fresh-cut vegetables.

Will round salt revolutionise food development?

Two Indian scientists tell FoodNavigator how they managed to achieve round salt granules, and what this breakthrough could mean for the future of food development.

Round salt breakthrough could help food industry

A group of Indian chemists has developed what it claims is the first practical method for making round salt.

Processing wastes could offer cheap, natural antioxidants for industry

Waste products from processing of fruit and vegetables offer a practical and economic source of potent antioxidants that could replace synthetic preservatives, says a Spanish-German study.

Herbs and spices extracts could be natural antioxidants

Extracts from laurel and basil are promising alternatives to synthetic antioxidants, says new research from Finland.

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