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All Things Bugs unveils new GrioPro cricket protein brand

By Elaine Watson+


All Things Bugs unveils new GrioPro cricket protein brand

Edible insect expert All Things Bugs has unveiled a new brand name for its cricket powder: GrioPro (based on grillo – Spanish for cricket; and Pro for protein), which it claims opens up a broader variety of application opportunities for food & beverage formulators owing to its finer particle size, paler color and milder flavor and aroma. 

While many firms roast and then grind crickets to make a dark, coarser powder with a fairly strong flavor, All Things Bugs grinds its insects before spray drying them, creating a paler, finer powder with a more neutral flavor and smaller particle size (< 100 microns), founder & CEO Dr Aaron Dossey told FoodNavigator-USA.

“It’s the only product on the market which works for sensitive applications such as protein shakes, pastas and baked goods where smooth texture, light color and mild flavor and aroma are critical attributes.”

Snacks, protein bars and protein powders are the top areas of interest right now, but cricket powder also works well in burgers, sausages, pasta, pizza dough, taco meat and other applications, said Dr Dossey, who faced some operational hurdles last year that temporarily disrupted supply but has since secured a new co-packer in Minnesota and has resumed production of his cricket powder.

“We’re also getting a lot of inquiries from petfood companies.”

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