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Good Housekeeping creates new seal, incubator to identify & help develop healthier products

Media outlet and consumer product evaluation laboratory Good Housekeeping is launching a new nutrition seal and first-of-its kind food brand incubator to help companies create food and beverages that “inspire healthier eating habits” and make it easier for consumers to quickly choose those products on crowded store shelves.

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Spindrift finds cans better distinguish sparkling water from soda

Small changes in how Spindrift approached the fast-growing sparkling water category added up to a big opportunity for the brand, sales of which have grown 16 times since 2009, according to the company’s CEO and Founder Bill Creelman. 

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Zevia expands beyond soda with cocktail mixers, sparkling water & energy drinks

With the launch of a new line of cocktail mixers, Zevia continues its transformation from a leader specializing in only diet, all-natural soda to a multi-service platform that offers beverages for a variety of needs throughout the day and into the evening. 

Soylent recalls bar, but cause of ‘gastrointestinal issues’ remains a mystery

Soylent has temporarily halted shipments of its new Soylent bar amid reports that “a small number of our customers have experienced gastrointestinal issues” after consuming it, but says the cause of the problem remains a mystery.

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Tickle Water expands the reach of sparkling water’s popularity to the children’s market

The growing popularity of sparkling water among health-conscious adults who want an alternative to soda and sugar-laden beverages now is bubbling over into the children’s beverage segment with the launch of Tickle Water in May. 

3 strategies buoying soft drink sales in the face of volume declines

Sales of carbonated soft drinks continue to decline as consumers reach for lower sugar, lower calorie and more natural alternatives, but all hope is not lost for the soda category, according to Euromonitor International. 

Cargill gains Non-GMO Project verification for erythritol, cane sugar, high-oleic sunflower oil

Cargill has joined a flurry of suppliers making non-GMO announcements at the Supply Side West trade show this year, gaining Non-GMO Project verification for erythritol, cane sugar, and high oleic sunflower oil.

5 strategies that fueled PUR’s more than 5,000% growth in five years

In a world where most business growth comes from the tech, oil, gas and software industries, gum and mint maker The PÜR Company was “sweetly surprised” recently to secure a spot in PROFIT 500’s top 10 list of fastest growing Canadian companies and the No. 1 position in manufacturing and distribution, according to the firm’s CEO and founder. 

Senomyx and PepsiCo extend sweet taste collaboration

The sweet taste modifier Sweetmyx 617 from Senomyx has been used in two PepsiCo brands, Manzanita Sol and Mug Root Beer, for the past year as a test run. The companies recently announced extending their collaboration.

‘It’s a whole new world for us,’ ROAR Beverages CEO on new line of organic hydration

ROAR Beverages has launched ROAR Organic Electrolyte Infusions, which the company will be “treating like a whole new brand,” CEO Roly Nesi told BeverageDaily.

DFI Corp and Mitr Phol Group to produce erythritol, xylitol, via game-changing ‘green electrochemistry’ process

Chaska, MN-based Dynamic Food Ingredients (DFI) Corporation has struck a deal with the world's fourth largest sugar producer, Thailand-based Mitr Phol Group, to commercialize technology it claims could slash production costs for erythritol and xylitol, opening up new opportunities for the food industry. 

Kellogg, Post & General Mills hit with wave of lawsuits as plaintiff’s bar turns up the heat on sugar

If a high percentage of the calories in your product are from added sugar, and you are stating or implying that it’s healthy and nutritious, are you at risk of a false advertising lawsuit? A flurry of lawsuits recently filed vs Kellogg, General Mills and Post Foods suggest the answer is yes, although legal experts predict the plaintiffs face an uphill battle.

Three trends driving sales of 100% juice even as sugar debate rages

Rather than viewing the ongoing demonization of sugar as a potential threat to sales of 100% juice, manufacturers in this space could spin the trend as a growth opportunity even though their products are high in naturally occurring sugar, according to new market data analysis from Tetra Pak.

SPLENDA Naturals takes on Truvia with new stevia-based natural sweetener

As sales of artificial sweeteners continue to slide, SPLENDA (a brand associated with the artificial sweetener sucralose) has moved into the faster-growing natural sweetener space with the launch of SPLENDA Naturals, a zero-calorie blend of the bulk sweetener erythritol and stevia leaf extract.

How the sugar lobby paid scientists to point the finger at fat: JAMA

The US sugar lobby paid for influential research in the 1960s to downplay the link between sugar and coronary heart disease and instead point the finger at fat, according to a report published yesterday.

Smash-hit marshmallows? Sonoma Brands will have to battle sugar fears, say experts

Sonoma Brands could have its work cut out entering everyday snacking with marshmallows given the sticky problem of sugar avoidance, but SMASHMALLOW is an innovative new concept that could appeal strongly to women, say two trendwatchers.

News in brief

FOOD VISION USA: If not health, then what? What motivates the mainstream consumer (and how do you find out)?

Most consumers are pre-disposed to eating more healthily, but they're not obsessed with the latest health trends, says Mindless Eating author Dr Brian Wansink. So how should food marketers talk to them?

What does health & wellness mean to consumers? Nielsen conducts global survey

US consumers increasingly see non-GMO, natural, organic and clean label claims as a proxy for ‘healthy’ or ‘healthier,’ says Nielsen in a new report* examining how consumers around the globe are thinking about health and wellness.

Parties clash over Welch's 'made with real fruit' fruit snack label claims

Reasonable consumers may well be misled by the packaging of Welch’s fruit snacks, a magistrate judge has concluded, prompting a lengthy rebuttal from the defendants in court documents filed this month. 

Cargill R&D chief: 'When I started, food science was cool, now it’s viewed with suspicion'

Ironically, perhaps, just as open innovation is fostering a more open and collaborative culture in the notoriously secretive world of food R&D, consumers are becoming increasingly suspicious of scientists ‘meddling’ with their food, says Cargill’s vice president of global R&D Kerr Dow.

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