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Tasty, better-for-you breakfast solutions needed for time-crunched students

Eating on-the-go seems like an obvious solution to the problem of time-crunched children skipping breakfast in order to get out the door and to school on time, but survey results from cereal maker Barbara’s suggests the practice may cause more harm than good. 

Appeals court blocks San Francisco law on soda ad warnings

A US appeals court has blocked a San Francisco ordinance that mandates health warnings for soda and sugar-sweetened beverage adverts. 

It’s juice, Jim, but not as we know it… Harvest Soul Organic tells a fiber story

If you can’t always eat whole fruits and veggies, then 100% juice is the next best thing, right? Wrong, says Harvest Soul Organic, which is on a mission to disrupt the juice aisle with its fiber-rich, blended whole food beverage line: the ‘anti-pressed’ juice.

Sweet ambition: DouxMatok raises $8.1m to take sugar reduction technology to market

DouxMatok, the Israeli firm behind patented technology that makes sugar taste sweeter, has raised $8.1m in a funding round led by Israel’s largest VC fund, Pitango, with the participation of existing shareholders including Gil Horsky* and FoodLab Capital.

I need chocolate, Alexa... sweets, snacks, and the Amazon effect

Candy and snacks sales on Amazon are growing at 42% year-on-year,* according to new report from ecommerce data firm One Click Retail, which says category sales have already hit $215m in the first eight months of 2017, compared with $240m for the whole of 2016.

Jan 2020 likely deadline for compliance with new-look Nutrition Facts panel, hints Gottlieb

The deadline for compliance with the new-look Nutrition Facts panel is likely to be early 2020, 18 months after the original July 26, 2018, compliance date, according to FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

Pyure Brands: Amazon can be an ‘insanely disruptive’ platform for challenger brands

Amazon can be an “insanely disruptive” platform for challenger brands willing to put in the time and effort to understand how to maximize their prospects on the site, says Pyure Brands, which is giving far larger rivals a run for their money in the stevia-based sweeteners market.

Ready-to-drink purple tea ready for prime time, says Kabaki LLC: ‘This is whitespace innovation and we want to be first to market’

Kabaki purple tea – made from a phytonutrient-rich purple-hued cultivar grown in Kenya – could follow RUNA’s playbook by bringing something disruptive to the US ready-to-drink tea market, while at the same time improving the livelihoods of small growers, says new general manager and investor Vera Adamovich.

Javamelts founder: ‘Our goal is to become like an AriZona or Red Bull—become a household name’

The concept of Javamelts is simple: Drop one cube of Javamelts, a blend of sugar infused with other ingredients, to flavor your hot beverage. Its founder wants it to become the next household name, the AriZona or Red Bull of coffee flavoring.

News in brief

Coca Cola EVP: Soda taxes ‘a complete disaster’

Soda taxes in Philadelphia and other cities have “materially reduced our business,” Coca Cola EVP and president, North America Sandy Douglas, told delegates at the Barclays Global Consumer Staples Conference in Boston this week: “It’s a complete disaster.”

GMA: GMO labeling should apply to highly refined oils, sweeteners

If consumers are to believe that the food industry is serious about transparency, highly refined oils and sweeteners derived from GM crops must be included in the new bioengineered food standard (the federal GMO labeling law), even if they are indistinguishable from their non-engineered counterparts, says the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).


Sugar scare fails to sweeten US sugar-free candy sales

Sugar-free chocolate and candy sales in the US have declined in the first half of 2017 despite consumers aiming to limit sugar in their diets.

Taxed beverage sales drop in Philadelphia, rise in its suburbs. Is it going as planned?

While sales of sweetened beverages dropped by more than half within Philadelphia’s city limits following the imposition of a soda tax, they also substantially increased just outside city limits. Tax naysayers say these numbers are proof that the legislation isn’t working, while city officials beg to differ.

Jin+Ja projects revenues of $4.5m in 2017, unveils new Super Greens powder

Canada Enterprises LLC - the company behind spicy ginger beverage Jin + Ja - is on course to more than double revenues in 2017 to approach $4.5m as it explores new territory with the launch of Super Greens powder and ramps up its direct to consumer business.

Screw business as usual? RUNA co-founder on clean energy, social innovation, and staying focused

It’s hard to think of a company where mission and brand are more intertwined than RUNA, which was forged around an ingredient - guayusa - that created a powerful point of difference for an emerging beverage brand, but also generated income for small farmers in Ecuador. But how can other CPG brands get a sprinkle of RUNA's stardust?

Court filings indicate resurgence' in ‘all-natural’ litigation in 2017, but will appropriations bill spur the FDA into action?

There has been a resurgence in ‘all-natural’ litigation in 2017 as the industry has waited in vain for the FDA to provide a definition of the much-maligned term. However, a line item in an appropriations bill might spur the agency into action, say attorneys at Perkins Coie.

News in brief

Sunrise Strategic Partners invests in sports recovery brand KILL CLIFF

Emerging brands accelerator Sunrise Strategic Partners has made a minority investment in Atlanta-based KILL CLIFF, a sports recovery beverage with added electrolytes, B vitamins, ginger root, ginseng root, and green tea, developed by former Navy Seal Todd Ehrlich.

PepsiCo seeks to patent ‘biological method for preparing Reb M’

PepsiCo is seeking to patent a technique of producing the sugary-tasting steviol glycoside Reb M via an enzymatic method that delivers "higher purity at a lower cost.” 

Zola aims to expand the energy drink category with a product that offers hydration, natural flavors

Consumers who begrudgingly endure the medicinal taste and multisyllabic, chemical-sounding ingredients in some energy drinks in exchange for the boost the beverages provide no longer need to make that trade off thanks to the launch of Zola’s purely plant-based line of Organic Hydrating Energy Drinks.

Ethical Naturals uses extraction expertise on new monk fruit sweetener

Seeing a looming opportunity, dietary ingredients supplier Ethical Naturals has brought a new monk fruit sweetener ingredient to market that it says uses the same technology that it applies to its botanical extracts.

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