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Analyst: ‘It may be too early to say Pepsi True is a flop, but it’s definitely not a success’

The 2014 launch of Pepsi True was a low-key affair, so the complete radio silence from the brand ever since could just reflect a desire to keep things that way. Another explanation, of course, is that Pepsi True – like rival Coca-Cola Life – has simply failed to catch fire. 

GRAS process for evaluating ingredient safety threatens FDA’s mission, Sen. Markey argues

The “loose structure” and voluntary process for companies to self-determine if new ingredients are “generally recognized as safe” without required input from FDA undermines the agency’s ability to ensure the US food supply is safe and should be strengthened, Sen. Edward Markey argues.

Hershey acquires barkTHINS: It ‘essentially created a new form of chocolate snacking’

Ripple Brand Collective - the New York based company behind barkTHINS, a snacking chocolate brand that has ‘taken off like a rocket ship’ since its 2013 launch - has been snapped up by Hershey for an undisclosed sum.

IRI pacesetters: What were the top 10 new product launches in 2015?

“Exciting and high-end attributes” mark out new products that made the biggest splash in CPG (consumer packaged goods) last year, according to the 2015 New Product Pacesetters report from Chicago-based market researcher IRI.

FDA’s 2016 food agenda prioritizes FSMA, product labeling, GRAS, GMOs

FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition is plowing ahead with an ambitious and wide-ranging agenda for the remainder of 2016 without pause after knocking out five final or proposed rules related to food safety and nutrition in just as many weeks.

NOA Potions offers high-end beverages that are like “meditation in a bottle,” founder says

Recognizing that in today’s on-the-go culture, most people don’t have time to escape to a secluded island to unwind, the founder of NOA Potions created a premium beverage that blends natural herbs to help people relax while improving their focus simultaneously so they can de-stress without falling behind.

Vegan and gluten-free ‘Because Cookie Dough’ is fit to eat raw from the tub

With the absence of raw eggs, there's no need to worry about salmonella when eating Because Cookie Dough raw.

Limit certifications on packs to most important to maximize impact

Product packaging today often is cluttered with so many certifications that consumers’ can’t absorb everything in the brief time they look at labels in stores, and as a result the icons’ impact is diminished and manufacturers likely aren’t getting their full value, according to a CPG marketing manager.

11th hour reprieve from the courts or from Congress increasingly unlikely

Bounty hunters could come after you from day one if you are not compliant with Vermont GMO labeling law, warns attorney

Private litigants, or so-called ‘bounty hunters’, may start targeting food manufacturers over alleged violations of Vermont’s new GMO labeling law from day one (July 1), lawyers at Hogan Lovells have warned.

Many toddlers eat as much sodium, added sugar as recommended limit for adults, research shows

Parents’ lack of knowledge about how much and what to feed children as they transition from baby food to more solid foods means most toddlers in America eat too much sugar and sodium and not enough whole grains and vegetables, new research reveals. 

Heavenly Organics' shows "profits can create peace" by providing ethical jobs in conflict areas

Under cover of darkness, deep in Northern and Central India and the Himalayans, harvesters for Heavenly Organics gently brush away sleeping bees from wild hives to collect the velvety, organic raw white honey that fills the firm’s award-winning confections and line of pure honey. 

What’s New? Brands grow as consumers eye better-for-you options

As the number of health-conscious consumers increase, so do the number of brands touting a healthier alternative to what’s out there. Here’s an update from brands in this category that we’ve covered before.

Food Preservation

4 strategies for preservative-free food from Grain-Free JK Gourmet

Retailers and manufacturers that want to meet consumers’ growing demand for food free from preservatives need to rethink their strategies for packing, shipping and stocking products, suggest the husband and wife team behind Grain-Free JK Gourmet. 

ADM flavor creation facility in Cranbury, NJ built for collaborative innovation

ADM has opened a new flavor creation, application and customer service facility in Cranbury, New Jersey designed to help customers work collaboratively with ADM’s flavorists, mint specialists, and application technologists on product development. 

Sugar “unacceptably high” in children’s juices & smoothies and should be reduced, researchers argue

Parents embracing fruit juices, juice drinks and smoothies for their children because they perceive them as a healthier alternative to sugary sodas is misguided, based on new research that found nearly half of these products marketed to children meet or exceed the daily recommended maximum sugar intake.

Splenda CEO blasts ‘flawed’ Ramazzini research: ‘Sucralose does not cause cancer’

Sucralose “is safe and does not cause cancer, despite what you may have seen in some headlines,” Ted Gelov, the CEO of Splenda brand owner Heartland Consumer Products Group, has insisted in an open letter blasting what he argues is “flawed” data from an Italian institute linking the high-intensity sweetener to leukemia.

Amazon for ingredients: New e-commerce platform rolls out with transparency and factory-direct pricing is promising to change the industry by allowing manufacturers in the US to purchase raw materials directly from overseas factories, providing considerable cost and time savings.

CFSAF: 'Gen Mills was forced to make decision because of Senate’s failure to act'

General Mills and Mars to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Vermont deadline looms: 'We can’t label our products for only one state'

It was prompted by pragmatism, rather than an ideological shift, but General Mills and Mars have resolved to roll out GMO labeling nationwide as Congress has proved unable to hammer out a federal solution that all stakeholders can get behind before new labeling laws take effect in the state of Vermont in July.

Expo West 2016

YouBar platform makes mass customization a reality, says CEO: 'We have no minimum order quantities'

Whether it’s a mug with your beloved pet’s picture on it, or a bespoke set of placeholders for a party you’ve ordered online, consumers love to design their own products these days. But how can mass customization work in the food industry, where minimum order quantities rule the day?

Mintel GNPD data: 15.7% of new US food/bev products made non-GMO claims in 2015 vs 2.8% in 2012

Organic and Non-GMO claims are both gaining strong traction on US food and beverage labels, while there has been a slight decline in the percentage of new launches featuring 'natural' claims, according to Mintel.

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