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Water, only better? AquaBall explodes into healthy hydration market for kids

Water is boring, soda is off limits, juices are nutrient-packed but sugary, and milk isn’t cool, so what do you put in your kids lunchbox?  

Insights from IFT Wellness 2014

Why should we care about what @Susan thinks of stevia?

Despite a trend toward reduced sugar consumption in the US, many Americans are still getting far too much added sugar in their diets. But how do consumers really feel about sugar? And how should manufacturers address sugar and sugar reduction efforts on labels? A communication strategist and marketing industry vet shared some insights during the recent IFT Wellness show in Chicago. 

Saturated fat in the dock: ‘Our nutritional courts tried and convicted the wrong man’

As the debate over the role of saturated fat in cardiovascular disease intensifies, the authors of a new commentary claim that the “real villains” in the American diet are trans fat, sugar, and high-GI foods that rapidly convert to sugar.

Evaporated cane juice lawsuit on ice as FDA weighs in. But what does this mean for industry?

A class action lawsuit accusing Coca-Cola subsidiary Odwalla of misleading consumers and misbranding its products by using the term ‘evaporated cane juice’ (ECJ) on labels has been put on ice by a California judge following the FDA's decision to look again at the controversial term.

Insights from IFT Wellness 2014

How should the industry tackle sugar reduction?

Attending a series of sessions on sugar reduction during the Institute of Food Technologists’ (IFT) 2014 Wellness conference, a few common themes kept resurfacing: that obesity remains a big problem, and that—like it or not—the sugar industry is assuming a lot of the blame. How should the industry tackle sugar reduction? Naturally, artificially, or perhaps through more esoteric means?

Diabetes expert: 'Juices are the worst, you might as well drink Coke...'

Rates of type two diabetes have rocketed in recent years, with poor diet and a lack of exercise largely to blame. But as dietary guidelines for people with diabetes are the same as for the general population, and the FDA doesn't think diabetics need 'medical foods ', how should the food industry respond?

Energy drinks on fire, but diet soda still in a funk, says Wells Fargo as Coke and Pepsi battle to 'reinvent' cola

Diet soda sales remain in a funk according to the latest Nielsen data, with dollar sales in the four weeks to March 15 plunging 7.3%. Regular soda fared somewhat better (+ 0.6%), while energy drinks (+8.3%) and sparkling water (+26.2%) continued to steam ahead.

GMO Answers: Biotech's big guns seek to claw back initiative in GM debate

While die-hard opponents of GM crops probably won’t undergo a damascene conversion after checking out the latest updates on ag-biotech-funded website GMO Answers , they are not the target audience, say its backers.

News in brief

Stevia expert PureCircle posts much-reduced net loss ($1.9m) in H1, 2014; Sales surge 32% to $34.9m

Leading stevia supplier PureCircle posted a (much reduced) net loss of $1.9m in the six months to Dec 31, 2013, while sales surged 32% to $34.9m over the same period.  (In the same period in 2012, net losses were $6.9m.)

Tea company leverages Whole Foods partnership for new product launch

The makers of Third Street Chai have leveraged their partnership with Whole Foods Markets into a new line of ready-to-drink teas that will launch nationwide with the natural foods retailer this spring.

Expo West highlights: ‘Unless you've literally pulled it out of the ground yourself and stuck it in a box, don't call it all-natural’

If it’s in the natural channel today, it could be in food, drug and mass merchandise stores tomorrow, so food and beverage trend-spotters were out in force at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim on March 6-9. 

Senomyx rapped over knuckles by FDA over wording of GRAS press release on sweet taste modifier

Flavor expert Senomyx - which is collaborating with PepsiCo over sweet taste modifier Sweetmyx (S617) - has been rapped over the knuckles by the FDA for implying that the agency had approved (ie. sent a letter of ‘no objection’ about) its GRAS determination for the flavor.

SPECIAL FEATURE: What exactly is evaporated cane juice?

It’s been gracing food labels for years, but more recently, it’s also prompted a tsunami of civil litigation against firms from Chobani to Trader Joe’s . So what exactly is ‘evaporated cane juice’ (ECJ), and does the name accurately reflect what it actually is?

Groundbreaking stevia launch opens up completely new territory for formulators with sugar reductions of “50, 60, 75 and in some cases 100%”, says Cargill

The word ‘game-changer’ is used so liberally these days that Cargill has not given in to the temptation to employ it here. But ViaTech - its new range of stevia-based sweeteners - opens up completely new territory for food and beverage formulators, enabling them to slash sugar by 75% - and in some cases 100% - without compromising taste, claims the sweeteners giant, which is launching ViaTech at Expo West today.

WHO recommends halving sugar intake advice

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised halving sugar intake advice from 10% of total calories to 5% of total calories in a new dietary guideline proposal.

CSPI: ‘Facts Up Front is a joke that should be roundly ignored by the FDA’

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has again urged the FDA to come up with its own mandatory front-of-pack nutrition labeling system and “ignore” the industry-backed, voluntary ‘Facts up Front’ scheme.

News in brief

What will happen to food prices in 2014?

While the consumer price index (all food) rose a modest 1.4% in 2013, it is likely to rise 2.5-3.5% in 2014, predict USDA economists, who believe food price inflation will “return to a range closer to the historical norm”.

Novozymes: ‘Remarkable’ enzyme breakthrough promises radical efficiency boost for HFCS production

Novozymes has developed a "completely new" enzyme it claims will prove a game-changer for the sweeteners industry by making the process of converting starch into products such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), crystalline dextrose and fermented products significantly more efficient. 

Veri Soda aims for sweet spot in US soda market with low-calorie organic carbonated soft drinks

Launching a new brand in the ultra-competitive US carbonated soft drinks market - which is facing well-documented problems right now - is notoriously tough, but the Dutch entrepreneur behind new market entrant Veri Soda is convinced he has found the sweet spot in the category.

News in brief

Stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life to enter new markets this year - but Coke won't say which ones

Coca-Cola Life - a stevia-sweetened cola with 50% less sugar than regular Coke - will be introduced into other markets this year following a successful debut in Argentina and Chile.

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