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‘Striking’ rise in consumption of no- and low-calorie sweeteners stokes debate about their health impact

A “striking” increase in the consumption of no- and low-calorie sweeteners over 13 years combined with conflicting data on their connection to obesity, diabetes and other health issues escalates the need for more research on their chronic health effects, according to a study published this month in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Where next for snacks? Introducing the FoodNavigator-USA Snacking Innovation Summit

If 50% of eating occasions are now snacks,* do we have to rethink what a snack is? An occasional treat or an everyday healthy indulgence? A fresh mini-meal? A quick energy boost? And when it comes to snacks, what new formats, flavors, label claims and ingredients are trending?   

Relief for PureCircle as Chinese stevia held at US border released

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has released shipments of refined stevia from PureCircle coming in from China that had been held at the border based on allegations that they contained stevia produced using forced labor. 

EverSweet fermented stevia to launch in 2018… if we can reach the right deal with Cargill, says Evolva

Partners Evolva and Cargill have made “solid progress” on EverSweet - their hotly-anticipated ‘next-generation’ Reb D and Reb M sweetener – but it will not launch until 2018, two years later than originally anticipated, Evolva revealed this morning. 

Confused about added sugar? FDA issues draft guidance on Nutrition Facts changes

The FDA has attempted to clear up some of the confusion over defining and calculating added sugar, in new draft guidance designed to help firms get to grips with the key changes it is making to the Nutrition Facts panel.

SoBakeable blends subscription- and meal-kit marketing model for sustained engagement

By blurring the line between subscription boxes and home delivery meal kits, industry newcomer SoBakeable  takes the best parts of each category to create a unique business model that promises sustained consumer engagement – an essential component that continues to elude many meal kit providers.

News in brief

What were the 10 fastest growing categories in grocery in 2016?

New data from Nielsen outlining the fastest-growing categories in grocery in 2016 reveals rapid growth in deli items and meal solutions, pre-prepared fruits and veggies, and ready-to-drink tea and coffee.

How estate-produced Crown Maple grew from selling from a small cart to becoming a national brand

Maple syrup has long been a staple in American pantries, but increased demand for clean label products means consumers today are much more discriminating when it comes to choosing which brand they’d welcome in their households.

News in brief

FDA extends comment period on 'healthy' food labeling to April 26

The FDA has extended the comment period on the use of the term 'healthy in food labeling from January 26 to April 26.

VOX POP: What keeps food & beverage CEOs awake at night?

Donald Trump? GMO labeling? Raising money? FoodNavigator-USA quizzed food & beverage entrepreneurs and CEOs to find out what is keeping them awake at night as they head into the New Year…

VOX POP: What emerging trends are food & beverage CEOs tracking?

Personalized nutrition? Plant-based foods? Paleo diets?  FoodNavigator-USA quizzed food & beverage entrepreneurs and CEOs to find out what trends they will be monitoring in 2017 and why…

Cacao pulp sweetens Suavva’s smoothies without added sugar, packs nutritional punch

Cacao is best known for its antioxidant-rich nut that is used to make chocolate, but the fruit has more to offer -- including a sweet white pulp that helps set Suavva Cacao Smoothies apart from other RTD juices and shakes.

Perfect Bar CEO: The refrigerated snacking category is on fire

Getting retailers to give up valuable space in the chiller for nutrition bars was a tough sell when Bill Keith first started knocking on doors in 2006. Today, Perfect Bars are the third best-selling snack bar in the natural channel, and their success has prompted many retailers to completely rethink the way they merchandise snacks.

FOOD VISION USA 2016... THE TRAILBLAZERS: Shaka Tea puts māmaki on the map, 'We're building an authentically Hawaiian brand'

Launching a new brand in the ready-to-drink tea market is not for the faint-hearted, but Shaka Tea - one of three winners in this year's trailblazers challenge at Food Vision USA - has unique attributes that set it apart from the competition, says co-founder Bella Hughes.

Beverage trendwatching at BevNET Live.. from personalization to probiotics

From fruit- and herb-infused apple cider vinegar to bitter melon & green tea combos, and collagen-laced waters, new beverage concepts are hitting the market every week. But which emerging trends have real staying power and what really interests VCs and strategic investors? FoodNavigator-USA headed to BevNet Live in Santa Monica to find out…


Nestlé develops natural method to cut sugar in chocolate by 40%

Nestlé plans to introduce a faster-dissolving sugar across some of its confectionery range from 2018.

Consumers seek ‘low-sugar’ claims, but remain confused & distrustful of nutrition labeling

Too much sugar remains a top consumer concern, but confusion about how to read product labels and general distrust of their accuracy means many Americans are at a loss as to how to reduce sugar, a new Healthline survey reveals.

Bai Brands & KeVita snapped up as Dr Pepper & PepsiCo expand low-cal, functional beverage platforms

As widely rumored, two major players in the functional beverages space are to change hands, with PepsiCo to acquire KeVita for an undisclosed sum and Dr Pepper Snapple Group to acquire Bai Brands – in which it already has a small stake – for $1.7bn. And for the time being, both will continue to be run by their founders.

PureCircle launches new stevia ingredient Sigma-Beverage

Global stevia company PureCircle says it has refined the sweetener specifically for clear beverage use with a new release called Sigma-Beverage.

News in brief

Coca-Cola Life launches in the United Arab Emirates

Coca-Cola has launched its stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

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