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Beverage trendwatching at BevNET Live.. from personalization to probiotics

From fruit- and herb-infused apple cider vinegar to bitter melon & green tea combos, and collagen-laced waters, new beverage concepts are hitting the market every week. But which emerging trends have real staying power and what really interests VCs and strategic investors? FoodNavigator-USA headed to BevNet Live in Santa Monica to find out…


Nestlé develops natural method to cut sugar in chocolate by 40%

Nestlé plans to introduce a faster-dissolving sugar across some of its confectionery range from 2018.

Consumers seek ‘low-sugar’ claims, but remain confused & distrustful of nutrition labeling

Too much sugar remains a top consumer concern, but confusion about how to read product labels and general distrust of their accuracy means many Americans are at a loss as to how to reduce sugar, a new Healthline survey reveals.

Bai Brands & KeVita snapped up as Dr Pepper & PepsiCo expand low-cal, functional beverage platforms

As widely rumored, two major players in the functional beverages space are to change hands, with PepsiCo to acquire KeVita for an undisclosed sum and Dr Pepper Snapple Group to acquire Bai Brands – in which it already has a small stake – for $1.7bn. And for the time being, both will continue to be run by their founders.

PureCircle launches new stevia ingredient Sigma-Beverage

Global stevia company PureCircle says it has refined the sweetener specifically for clear beverage use with a new release called Sigma-Beverage.

News in brief

Coca-Cola Life launches in the United Arab Emirates

Coca-Cola has launched its stevia-sweetened Coca-Cola Life in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Dr Marion Nestle: Food safety, sustainability, nutrition not high on Trump's priority list

Four US cities vote for soda taxes: 'This is an astonishing repudiation of Big Soda'

Voters in the Bay Area cities of Albany, Oakland, and San Francisco, as well as Boulder, CO, have voted to levy a tax on soda and sugary drinks, while four out of five states passed or likely passed measures to legalize recreational cannabis (California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada).

Baby and toddler snacks often fall short on nutrition while marketing misleads parents, review reveals

Food manufacturers should voluntarily expand the Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative for improving food advertising to children to include marketing of baby and toddler food and drinks, the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity recommends after it found marketing for baby and toddler snacks are likely to mislead parents about nutritional content.

Sugar is sneaking up on preservatives & chemicals as most troublesome ingredient, CivicScience finds

Consumers appear to becoming more sophisticated and specific about which ingredients or characteristics they find most troublesome in packaged foods and beverages, new research from CivicScience suggests. 

Pepsi won’t be rolling out Mug Root Beer with Sweetmyx 617 nationwide

Senomyx natural sweetener to move to the development phase

Senomyx is focusing on advancing a new high intensity natural sweetener claimed to more potent than Reb-A into the ‘development phase,’ says its CEO.

World health leaders push for junk food taxes and ad bans

The World Medical Association has lent its weight in support of tough new policies to curb obesity, including taxes on junk food and sugary drinks as well as bans on advertising to children.

Cargill believes it has passed stevia taste test just in time for new nutrition labels

Consumer research leads Cargill to believe that it has finally rounded the stevia taste bend, just in time for the revamp of nutrition labeling phases in over the next several years.

Good Housekeeping creates new seal, incubator to identify & help develop healthier products

Media outlet and consumer product evaluation laboratory Good Housekeeping is launching a new nutrition seal and first-of-its kind food brand incubator to help companies create food and beverages that “inspire healthier eating habits” and make it easier for consumers to quickly choose those products on crowded store shelves.

Expo East

Spindrift finds cans better distinguish sparkling water from soda

Small changes in how Spindrift approached the fast-growing sparkling water category added up to a big opportunity for the brand, sales of which have grown 16 times since 2009, according to the company’s CEO and Founder Bill Creelman. 

Soylent recalls bar, but cause of ‘gastrointestinal issues’ remains a mystery

Soylent has temporarily halted shipments of its new Soylent bar amid reports that “a small number of our customers have experienced gastrointestinal issues” after consuming it, but says the cause of the problem remains a mystery.

Expo East

Zevia expands beyond soda with cocktail mixers, sparkling water & energy drinks

With the launch of a new line of cocktail mixers, Zevia continues its transformation from a leader specializing in only diet, all-natural soda to a multi-service platform that offers beverages for a variety of needs throughout the day and into the evening. 

Expo East

Tickle Water expands the reach of sparkling water’s popularity to the children’s market

The growing popularity of sparkling water among health-conscious adults who want an alternative to soda and sugar-laden beverages now is bubbling over into the children’s beverage segment with the launch of Tickle Water in May. 

3 strategies buoying soft drink sales in the face of volume declines

Sales of carbonated soft drinks continue to decline as consumers reach for lower sugar, lower calorie and more natural alternatives, but all hope is not lost for the soda category, according to Euromonitor International. 

Cargill gains Non-GMO Project verification for erythritol, cane sugar, high-oleic sunflower oil

Cargill has joined a flurry of suppliers making non-GMO announcements at the Supply Side West trade show this year, gaining Non-GMO Project verification for erythritol, cane sugar, and high oleic sunflower oil.

5 strategies that fueled PUR’s more than 5,000% growth in five years

In a world where most business growth comes from the tech, oil, gas and software industries, gum and mint maker The PÜR Company was “sweetly surprised” recently to secure a spot in PROFIT 500’s top 10 list of fastest growing Canadian companies and the No. 1 position in manufacturing and distribution, according to the firm’s CEO and founder. 

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