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New 8oz format helped drive 30% rise in juice sales at POM Wonderful in 2012

By Elaine WATSON , 25-Feb-2013

Strong sales of POM Wonderful’s new 8oz bottle of 100% pomegranate juice helped POM post a 30% rise in juice sales in 2012, said the California-based firm. 

The 8oz bottle has become the fastest-selling, single-serve premium refrigerated juice less than a year after launch, claimed bosses, while POM’s 48oz bottle remained the top-selling premium refrigerated juice throughout the year.   

The success of the 8 oz. bottle was attributed to its “unprecedented market penetration”, targeted trade promotions and strong advertising support said the firm.

“66% of new 8 oz. consumers came from outside the produce juice category.”

Marketing VP Marc Seguin added: “Not only did we quickly establish the 8oz bottle as a category leader, we helped drive growth across all of our POM products.

Our 8oz bottle has grown the juice category as a whole. We’re seeing new consumers becoming repeat purchasers and many are trading up for larger-sized bottles of POM.”

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