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WhiteWave Foods secures Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Creamer license

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By Mark Astley+


WhiteWave Foods secures Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Creamer license

WhiteWave Foods has entered into a licensing agreement with Dunkin’ Donuts to manufacture and market Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Creamers.

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Creamers, which will be made with real milk and cream, will allow US consumer to enjoy the “delicious taste of cream served with Dunkin’ Donuts’ famous coffee” at home, said Dunkin’ Donuts in a statement.

WhiteWave Foods will develop, manufacture and distribute the product, which will be available in 32 ounce, quart-sized bottles in four variations – Original, Fat-Free, Extra Extra and Unsweetened.

Carlos Veraza, WhiteWave Foods president of coffee creamers and beverages, said that the deal represents “a bold first step towards transforming the unflavored coffee creamer category, with the real dairy experience consumers have come to expect from Dunkin’ Donuts.”

Weighing in, John Costello, Dunkin’ Brands’ president of global marketing and innovation, said that the launch of the Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Creamer will “strengthen” the brand’s “association with hot coffee.”

“As America’s leading retailer of coffee-by-the-cup, finding new and innovative ways to reinforce our coffee leadership is a priority for our brand and our franchisees,” said Costello.

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Flavor options galore!

I love Dunkin coffee and am looking forward to some fun creamer flavors named after their donut varieties! Hopefully they start with a chocolate glazed icing creamer flavor first :)

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Posted by Lisa
23 January 2014 | 19h292014-01-23T19:29:47Z

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