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Brexit: What beverage companies think it will mean for their business

Brexit could help UK businesses realize there are opportunities outside of Europe – but it could also result in complications, uncertainty and slowed growth for the beverage sector.

PepsiCo on life in a fragmented beverage market: ‘We have to learn how to handle complexity'

PepsiCo is increasingly “recognizing consumers’ interest in craft, niche and premium products,” in a CPG landscape that is becoming more fragmented, CEO Indra Nooyi told analysts Thursday.

GUEST ARTICLE: Whole Foods will be sharing its sales data again. Why now? What now?

Whole Foods Market – which has not shared its sales data with syndicated data providers for a decade –is returning to cooperator status. But why now, and what does this...

Power to the pouch: Fruigees more than doubled growth year-over-year

As demand for its puree pouches increased, Fruigees has finally launched a four-pack format. The 2-year-old pouch brand is also coming up with new flavors, slated for a late 2016/early...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Five trends spotted at Summer Fancy Food Show

With thousands of startups, innovators and established brands packed into one convention center, the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City is a hotbed for spotting emerging and maturing...

Essentia drives push into convenience channel as premium water category catches fire

Many food & beverage brands hailed as category ‘disruptors’ – from Beyond Meat and Bai to KRAVE and EPIC– have been wildly successful, virtually straight out of the gate. Electrolyte-infused...

There’s opportunity in the dried staples category, says Dunya Harvest founder

Ontario-based Shah Trading Company has served the South Asian diaspora community in North America for 40 plus years. With its new sub-brand, it hopes to serve a wider audience with...

Danone to acquire WhiteWave Foods in $12.5bn deal boosting presence in organics, plant-based foods

Danone is to acquire WhiteWave Foods – which has been seen as an attractive takeover target since its spin-off from Dean Foods – in a $12.5bn deal that will almost...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Bourbon & whiskey shine in foods as well as cocktails

America’s long love-affair with whiskey and bourbon in classic cocktails made popular again by Mad Men and the craft-movement is now spilling over into food, with products across categories featuring...

The Summer Fancy Food Show

Children’s snacks are ‘complete white space’ for paleo products, says exec from The New Primal

As the primal or paleo trend continues to mature, subscribers are no longer restricted to fitness enthusiasts and CrossFitters who served as ground-zero for the diet, according to Jason Burke,...

trimino co-founder: ‘Our aim is to completely dominate the protein water market’

Many protein-packed shakes have a loyal following, but they can also pack a hefty caloric punch if you’re sipping them at your desk rather than after a grueling workout, observes...

USDA addresses concerns about the narrow definition of 'bioengineered'

Federal GMO labeling bill a step closer after 65-32 cloture vote in Senate

The US Senate has voted to proceed to final debate on a federal GMO labeling bill in a cloture vote of 65-32, with the Senate set to vote on final...

Vermont GMO-labeling law went into effect, what comes next?

When Vermont’s GMO-labeling law became effective last Friday on July 1, some companies were prepared, while others weren’t.

Consumer survey suggests Vermont GMO labels ‘strongly mislead consumers,’ claims CRA

An industry-backed survey of 1,665 online primary shoppers suggests that Vermont’s mandatory GMO labels “strongly mislead consumers,” claims the Corn Refiners Association (CRA).

German grocery giant Lidl’s baby steps into the US so far

Lidl's scouts are eyeing locations along the East Coast for its first US stores, but other than that, the retailer's US expansion plans have been mostly under wraps.

Summer Fancy Food Show

Manufacturers use quinoa for added nutrition, texture, color and function

Manufacturers have long-embraced quinoa for its many nutritional benefits, but at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City in late June it became apparent that increasingly they also...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Numi Organic Tea rides rising wave of turmeric’s & matcha’s popularity

Matcha and turmeric continue to rise in popularity as consumers and manufacturers embrace the ancient ingredients for their health benefits, unique flavor profiles and brilliant colors. 

The Summer Fancy Food Show

Pumpkin moves beyond spice to become key ingredient featured in products all year

A walk across the Summer Fancy Food Show floor in late July in New York City reveals that America’s love affair with pumpkin spice is continuing but also evolving to...

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: What are GMOs and how do they impact the health of humans and Earth?

With the effective date for Vermont’s GMO labeling law officially here and the debate surrounding whether and how to identify genetically engineered ingredients in food and beverage continuing to amplify,...

Chobani secures 20% share of US spoonable yogurt category: ‘We’re back on the front foot and playing offense’

Chobani says it has been steadily increasing its share of the total US refrigerated spoonable yogurt market over the past 16 months, moving up from 16.5% in February 2015 to...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Sheila G’s overcomes challenges to launch organic Brownie Brittle

Sheila G’s retains its “edge on brownies” and its competition with the launch of an organic Brownie Brittle line that launched this year despite initial formulation challenges and tighter product...

Summer Fancy Food Show

Coffee breaks free from mugs to enter new categories in new formats

While many Americans consider coffee a must have beverage in the morning, innovators showcasing products at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City in late July demonstrated that...

Beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas: The hottest ingredients in the snack developer's toolbox?

North American pulse growers still export a lot of their wares, but domestic demand has ramped up significantly in recent years as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils have started to...

Thrive Market raises $111m in funding round led by Invus

Los Angeles based Thrive Market – a membership-based online marketplace promising Whole Foods products at wholesale prices, delivered to your door – has raised $111m in a funding round led...

Pulses, seeds, and grains

How consumer demand is resurrecting ancient grains from the past

Data from SPINS reveals that sales of products featuring 'ancient grains' grew 16.6% year-over-year to $198,884,358 in 2016.

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