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 Latest consumer trends & market trends, from gluten-free to single-serve coffee


How big is the gluten-free market? What percentage of coffee is now sold in a K-Cup? How are food brands using social media to engage with consumers? Stay up speed with the latest consumer trends and market developments here.

News in brief

Diamond Foods bets big on ready-to-eat popcorn as category tops $600m

The US ready-to-eat popcorn category has been “growing in the double-digits for the past 3-4 years” and is now worth “north of $600m in annual [retail] sales”, according to Diamond...

What can the US learn from Europe? Clean label and subtle nutrition, says Mintel

US bakery, snack and cereal manufacturers should look to Europe for lessons on clean label and better-for-you products that don’t scream health, says Mintel’s innovation head.

Underlying forces will continue to drive functional food growth, analyst says

The hot market for functional foods shows no signs of cooling off, according to longtime industry consultant Jeff Hilton.  In his view a number of factors will combine to drive...

'I stepped out the restaurant and called my attorney!' Eureka moment behind snacking phenomenon Pasta Chips

Jerry Bello - the founder of Veggie straws maker Sensible Portions (sold to Hain Celestial in a multimillion dollar deal in 2010) - remembers the exact moment when he stumbled...


Meat bars: The next beef jerky?

Meat snack bars take beef jerky to a new level, appealing to busy and health-conscious Americans, says a Datamonitor researcher.

The power of the 0.9%

Although fewer than one in 100 (0.9%) of US consumers is afflicted with a peanut or treenut allergy, the purchasing power of that group extends far beyond those with allergies,...

Freezer aisle revival?

The frozen food aisle has historically suffered from a bit of an image problem, given consumers’ long association with frozen TV dinners and freezer-burned commodity vegetable bags. But the growing...

News in brief

Non-GMO, beets, lentils, bee-free ‘honey’ & drinkable grains: What are the top 10 natural and organic food trends inspiring the mainstream?

From drinkable grains to Non-GMO verified, Sterling-Rice Group has identified 10 natural and organic food trends that are starting to influence the mainstream grocery market. Are you up to speed?

Move over yerba maté! Guayusa is the next big thing in ‘clean energy’, say Runa founders

It’s not as well-known as yerba maté or guarana, yet, but another natural source of caffeine - the Amazonian leaf guayusa - is about to give them both a serious...

60 seconds with Fiberstar’s new CEO John Haen

The future of functional ingredients? Collaboration, Fiberstar says

Last month, longtime CPG executive John Haen took the reins as the new CEO and president of Fiberstar, replacing Dale Lindquist, who will now head up sustainable new business development...

News in brief

OTA: organic certification enough for non-GMO claims

The Organic Trade Association says that third-party certification under the USDA National Organic Program is sufficient for non-GMO label claims, calling organic production is the optimal solution to US agriculture,...

The $4.5bn US soyfood market: Soymilk in a funk; tofu a ‘dark horse’, explosive growth in bars, cereals, snacks

The US soymilk category remains in a funk according to a new report, which shows retail sales  - which topped $1bn five years ago - slumped 8.5% to $638m in...

Evaporated cane juice blues for Blue Diamond as judge surprises legal experts by allowing lawsuit to proceed

Several food manufacturers have been let off the legal hook recently as lawsuits filed against them for using ‘evaporated cane juice’ (ECJ) on labels have been dismissed or stayed following...

Eating prunes can help weight loss

Research from the University of Liverpool found that including prunes in weight may control diets and even improve weight loss. But can the dried plum get past its image problem?

The changing American diet, 1999-2012: ERS data shows steady decline in consumption of ice cream and corn-based sweeteners

While data showing that fluid milk consumption has continued to fall in the past 15 years probably won’t shock many readers, they may be more surprised to learn that consumption...

Supermarket insights from the 2014 NRA Show

Blurred lines? Where retail meets foodservice

Just because you sell your products at retail doesn’t mean you aren’t also competing with the restaurant industry. 

Would consumers buy transgenic food if they believed it would boost health?

Health and other consumer benefits may help make transgenic or genetically engineered (GE) food more acceptable to consumers, but the food industry needs to be more transparent to win back...

NDC slams science behind resurfaced PETA Got Autism? campaign

The National Dairy Council (NDC) has rubbished the science behind a resurfaced People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) campaign linking dairy consumption to autism.

Enjoy Life: With marketing, mobile is everything

Gluten-free and allergy-friendly packaged foods manufacturer Enjoy Life Foods understands the particular importance of word of mouth when it comes to its customers, and the firm has embraced the next...

Energy drinks in US suffer Easter hiccup not seismic slowdown

Energy drink sales growth in the US slowed to its lowest in over a year in the month ending May 10 but the ‘Easter shift’ may be the main reason...

Special edition: Organic & non-GMO

One Degree Organic: like CPGs from the farmers’ market

The founders of Canadian bakery products manufacturer One Degree Organic Foods think the current packaged food landscape has distanced consumers far too much from Mother Nature. They’re looking to narrow...

Tangled Chinese regs cost US supplement firms $8 billion in lost exports, report says

China’s confusing thicket of regulations has some real costs for American dietary supplement companies.  A report from an industry association has calculated the costs of those regulations in terms of...

Cargill: Ongoing sugar scrutiny has beverage formulators seeking alternatives

The healthy beverage segment continues to steal market share from sugar-sweetened soft drinks and diet soda, as consumers’ perception of the role of beverage in their diets evolves alongside changing...

EWG slams added sugar in kids' cereals; Gen Mills says it's leading the way in sugar reduction

A recent analysis of more than 1,500 cereals, including 181 marketed for children, by the Environmental Working Group found that a person eating an average serving of cereal a day...