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One size fits all CPG products are so last century, says YouBar founder: Customization is the future

Big brands have always sought to convince us that by purchasing their mass-produced wares we are expressing ourselves (although it’s hard to argue that buying a Coke – even with...

True Drinks teams up with Niagara Bottling to make AquaBall preservative-free

True Drinks Holdings has struck a deal with Niagara Bottling under which the latter will produce a preservative-free formulation of True Drinks’ flagship sugar- and calorie-free kids’ beverage AquaBall.

Emerging health concerns could cast shadow on protein, but for now ingredient shines

The health halo around protein continues to shine brightly, but a shadow could be cast on the ingredient as some consumers start asking if it is possible to have too...

Demand for local up, as is price consumers will pay, survey reveals

As demand for local food grows, so too does consumers’ willingness to pay more for it, but manufacturers and retailers must clearly label local products to reap their full sales...

Bug appétit! Focus on cooking process for insect palatability

An advertising campaign that focusses on the transformative nature of cooking insects is more effective than 'entomophagy education', says a US-based researcher.

Sun Basket poised for growth in burgeoning meal-kit-delivery market

Stressed, time poor and short of culinary inspiration, but feeling guilty about ordering pizza again? Sun Basket – the latest entrant to the burgeoning home meal delivery market – gives...

SupplySide West

Protein could give products for endurance athletes an extra edge, says Arla Foods Ingredients

A new fast absorbing protein from Arla Foods Ingredients could help crack open the endurance sports sector, which has significant potential for growth but until now has been largely dominated...

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ConAgra Foods in 'advanced talks' to sell Ralcorp to TreeHouse Foods in $2.5bn - $2.7bn deal, reports Reuters

With rumors swirling that Kellogg is eyeing up Diamond Foods, news of another potential megadeal also hit the wires this week, with ConAgra Foods reportedly in advanced talks to sell...

General Mills shifts 301 Inc focus to investing in early stage food companies

301 Inc, a business development unit within General Mills, today announced a shift in strategy from developing its own brands to partnering and investing in early stage food companies, such...

Digital web series helps Nestle Toll House reach desirable millennial generation

Digital videos can be an effective marketing tool to help food and beverage brands reach the much-vaunted and hard-to-access millennial generation, but for them to succeed, they must be authentically...

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Extent of confusion about “natural” continues as trade group works to define the term

The term “natural” is an extremely effective marketing claim that taps into one of the hottest current trends in food and beverage, but because it is not defined, it leaves...

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Ex-Silverwood execs form Whipstitch Capital, a boutique investment bank focused on innovative food & beverage brands

Two well-known players in food financing – former Silverwood Partners MDs Michael Burgmaier and Nick McCoy - have started a new boutique investment bank focused on the consumer products industry...

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Fairtrade CEO: Chocolate industry should pay double for cocoa to ensure farmer living income

Chocolate makers must pay double the market price for cocoa farmers to receive a living income, says the CEO of Fairtrade as the organization gears up to review pricing.

SupplySide West: Protein Trends Part 2

Alternative proteins gain popularity, but long-term viability of some questioned

Myriad new protein sources – from pea to microalgae to insect – are gaining traction in some packaged foods and beverages, but whether they move beyond novelty and survive long-term...

SupplySide West 2015

Sugar alternatives evolve but some consumers still want the real thing

In recent years, sugar has replaced fat and sodium as public enemy No. 1 in the nation’s fight against obesity and diabetes – prompting consumers to shun the ingredient and...

Public Health England tells UK government: Sugar taxes do work

All the evidence shows that sugar taxes decrease purchases and curb obesity– but restricting price promotions and junkfood advertising could have an even bigger impact, concludes Public Health England's report...


PepsiCo science chief: Food industry must innovate in grains to feed growing population

The baking and snacks industry must explore innovations in grains to meet the challenges of a growing population, according to PepsiCo's global R&D head.

SupplySide West 2015: Protein trends part 1

Bakery, snacks & beverage could be next frontier for high-protein products, experts say

As the high-protein trend matures from niche to mainstream, innovative manufacturers are tapping into the still-significant growth opportunity by adding the ingredient to a broader range of platforms, including baked...

Energy shot based on hemp juice poised to hit market

Another shot competitor seeks to take 5 Hour Energy’s title, this time based on the benefits of “hemp juice.”

A textbook example of success: Sales of Viki’s Granola climbs 500% annually

Armed with little more than her neighbors’ accolades for her homemade granola and a business book recommended on Oprah Winfrey’s website, Viki Sater dove head first into the competitive cereal...

Clean-label or choice-blindness: Does ingredient information really make a difference?

When it comes to evaluating the naturalness of food products, very few consumers consider on pack ingredient information, finds Unilever commissioned research.

GOED exec on national campaigns, health claims, and El Niño

A positive decision from the FDA on a qualified health claim for omega-3s and blood pressure would be “further justification that EPA and DHA are good for your heart”, says Adam...

SupplySide West 2015

Three keys for building a $1 billion brand

Only a small fraction of food and beverage brands launched each year survive, let alone reach the $1 billion in sales mark – but those that do have three main...

Protein popularity: Meat snacks poised for growth

The demand for meat snacks is on the rise, and one Euromontior analyst sees plenty of room for continued growth in the market.

Treofan to expand in the US as it sees growing market for five layer labels

Treofan has spent €60m in the past two years upgrading its plants in Germany, Italy and Mexico. It also has a sales office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US.

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