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Animal welfare will be ‘decisive criterion’ for lab-grown meat

Most people accept that animals have been slaughtered for meat because they have no choice – but lab-grown meat could change that, says Professor Mark Post.

Trendwatching at IFT 2015: From on-trend botanicals, tiger nuts, and matcha to non-GMO claims

Market researchers Innova Market Insights and Mintel shared new data on what’s hot and what’s not in food & beverages at the IFT show this year, exploring everything from dairy-free...

Desert-inspired flavours and water-saving innovation: How climate change will shape the food industry

The water crisis affecting the food industry is set to get worse –  but food companies are finding ways to overcome it, say experts.

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Boredom and energy cravings the key drivers for Millenial snackers, says Mintel

Research from Mintel suggests Millenials snack around four times a day, mostly for an energy boost, because they are bored or want to reduce stress levels.

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Failure can be essential for success – if handled correctly, executives say

Nobody likes to fail, but in most businesses it is inevitable, and when addressed correctly, it can be a critical element to a company’s long term success, according to food...

Lindt continues to punch above ‘stagnating’ chocolate market in H1

Lindt & Sprüngli has reported strong sales growth in the first half of the year driven by its North American business and recent Russell Stover acquisition as global chocolate markets...

Fonterra slashes workforce by more than 500 'to remain strongly competitive'

Fonterra, the world's largest dairy exporter, is reducing its workforce by more than 500 in the face of falling milk prices.

Souring on sweet: How sugar health concerns are spurring sour flavours

Ongoing consumer concern about sugar consumption means some consumers are turning away from sweet tastes altogether, according to market research organisation Mintel.

IFT 2015 highlights: 3D printing...the killer app; lab burgers... for less than $300k, and meals with meal worms

Check out our gallery of highlights from the 2015 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) annual meeting & expo in Chicago, spanning 3D printing, edible insects and cultured meat, to the...

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Cocktail mixers from fruity to bitter showcase at Summer Fancy Foods

As craft cocktails grow in popularity, so too are bars’ and consumers’ shopping lists to include a laundry list of necessary specialty ingredients. To help simplify professional and home mixologists’...

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More players are entering the drinkable soup category, which one says is the next big thing

The founder of Tio Gazpacho, a front runner in the drinkable soup segment, welcomes to the nascent category several newcomers that he hopes will help validate the new food concept...

'Big Food, Bad Food'; Future Food 2050; and cutting edge technology: The best of social media at IFT 2015

A CEO panel discussing if "big food is bad food" and a sneak peak at the new documentary about the future of food were among the highlights at the 75th...

Food & beverage entrepreneurs to watch: From YumButter and Dang Foods to Evo Hemp

From the purveyors of toasted coconut chips to hemp bars, high-protein gelato, cricket powder, chickpea snacks and portable nut butter, here's FoodNavigator-USA's latest pick of entrepreneurs to watch in the...

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Subscription snack boxes are a cost-effective alternative to in-store demonstrations

Subscription snack boxes can be a cost effective alternative to in-store demonstrations, which often are viewed as a golden standard for driving initial product trial and gathering consumer feedback.

‘An extraordinary opportunity’: Healthy & Natural Trade Show set for Chicago’s Navy Pier, May 2016

The inaugural Healthy & Natural Show will offer an ‘extraordinary opportunity’ for product manufacturers and marketers offering healthy and natural products, and for retailers looking to better understand this high...

Weathering the sugar storm: PepsiCo has faith in its portfolio

PepsiCo is confident it can weather the prospect of increased regulation around sugary drinks, saying it holds the key to success with its diverse portfolio.

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Simply Gum offers all-natural, high-end alternative to conventional products

New York-based start-up Simply Gum offers consumers an elegant, all natural alternative to conventional chewing gums, many of which the company founder says include plastic and other synthetic ingredients.

Which new food and beverage products had the highest purchase intent scores in June?

Snacks dominate the June edition of Instantly's shelf score ranking of new products, with Reese's limited edition mini sticks, Fiber One strawberry cheesecake bars and Oreo S'mores all notching up strong purchase...

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U.S. tea sales climb as consumers seek healthy drinks & new flavors

Sales of tea in the U.S. are growing quickly as more Americans are drawn to the beverage for its health benefits, rich history and artisanal qualities, according to industry stakeholders....

Whole grains 101: Highlights from the 2015 Whole Grain Summit

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans say half of our grains should be whole. So how are we doing? FoodNavigator-USA headed to Portland, Oregon, for the 2015 Whole Grain Summit...

Online grocery shoppers are upping their spending online, but remain wary of buying fresh produce, says new survey

More than half (54%) of online grocery shoppers say they have upped their spending over the past year, although some are still reluctant to buy fresh foods online, according to...

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New formats help make broccoli more snackable

Broccoli is one of the stereo-typically most hated vegetables from childhood, but now it is emerging as one of the hottest trends in snacking with new formats that promise to...

The 2015 dietary guideline recommendations offer a chance to dissect the role of science in policy-making

The science behind the 2015 dietary guideline recommendations came under attack within hours of their publication, triggering an angry, ongoing debate about the recommendations’ validity, which a panel of experts...

IFT 2015 Quiz: How well do you know IFT?

The IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2015 is less than a week away, but how well do you know the organization and its history? 

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