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Special edition: Plant-based diets

Step aside soy! We’re having neatballs for dinner…

“This isn't meat,” said Phil Lapp’s nine-year-old daughter Morgan after wolfing down some home-made meat-free tacos one evening in 2011. “This is neat”.

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'Don't say 'sorry Coke and Pepsi'', FOX tells Scarlett Johansson

SodaStream's Super Bowl video has gone viral after it reprised its 2013 trick of poking fun at Coke and Pepsi, which led Fox to ban the Scarlett Johansson-fronted advert.

Tackling claims, regulation in the growing Brazilian functional foods market

Health and wellness packaged food and beverages continue to chart strong growth in South America, driven largely by Brazil’s fast-growing middle class. 

Special edition: Polyphenols

Global tea polyphenols market set to hit $368 million by 2020

Tea polyphenols are poised to enjoy strong growth over the next decade, with a new market report calling for the global market in the ingredients to hit $368 million by...

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PepsiCo plans $5 bn investment in Mexico

PepsiCo Inc. has announced plans to invest $5 billion in Mexico over the next five years in an effort to strengthen the firm’s Latin American food and beverage footprint.

Super Bowl 2014: It’s not all about Frito-Lay…

Super Bowl parties are communal snacking events where consumers are open to trying new products, giving smaller brands a fighting chance, says Euromonitor.

Malaysian: The next big flavor trend?

US consumers are now well-versed in many of the ingredients and flavor combinations of Southeast Asia and India, though Malaysian cuisine is still largely untapped. But a recent survey of...

Special edition: Plant-based diets

Meat-alternatives market could ‘easily double' in a decade, predicts Gardein CEO

US retail sales of meat alternatives - worth $553m in 2012 according to Mintel - could easily break through the $1bn barrier, predicts Garden Protein (Gardein) CEO Yves Potvin.

Health and wellness: Don’t mention the ‘D’ word (diet!)

Diet is becoming a dirty word, consumers prefer health and wellness, says Leatherhead.

Special Edition: Plant-based diets

Plant-based diets: The rise and rise of flexitarian eating

Meat reduction – or ‘flexitarian’ eating – is on the rise. In this special edition article, FoodNavigator asks why are consumers reducing meat, and how prevalent is the trend?

Global probiotic market to add 50% to €33bn by 2018: Analyst

The term ‘probiotic’ may be banned in the European Union – along with its cousin ‘prebiotic’ – but sales remain steady, and the global picture is buoyant, says leading analyst, Euromonitor International.

Special edition: Plant-based diets

Feeding the planet in 2050: with or without animal products?

In order to feed a growing global population that’s on track to reach 9 billion people by 2050, some scientists argue that people will have to adopt a predominantly plant-based...

US diets improving? Study finds calorie intake declining despite economy, food prices

The past decade in the US has seen declining calorie intake and a leveling off of obesity rates, which a new study says may be due to a longer term...

Euromonitor: All eyes now on Kellogg as Gen Mills and Post Foods throw down Non-GMO gauntlet

Many big brands are “playing a waiting game” right now to see whether moves by General Mills and Post Foods to axe GMOs from iconic brands (Cheerios and Grape Nuts)...

News in brief

PepsiCo axes stevia-sweetened Gatorade lines in US

PepsiCo admits that it discontinued its Natural Gatorade drinks G Natural and G2 last November as the products did not resonate with their core consumer group of athletes.

Chobani still #1 in Greek yogurt despite being “outspent dramatically" by rivals, says firm as Gen Mills claims most Americans prefer Yoplait Greek

Chobani “continues to lead the Greek yogurt category with 37.6% of the market, despite being outspent dramatically by competitors in advertising”, said the firm after rival Yoplait upped the ante...

USDA study: American adults eating better, using nutrition info more

American adults are eating out less, using nutrition labels more, and are eating better at home, according to a new report from the US Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service.

North American cocoa grind up 4% but health concerns may soon bite

A rise in the North American cocoa grind is a positive sign for the mature US chocolate market, but analysts predict health-concerns will challenge future growth.

Mondelez touts 100% RSPO-certified palm oil - two years ahead of schedule

Mondelez International reached its 2015 goal of sourcing 100% RSPO-certified palm oil for all its purchases last year – two years ahead of schedule, the company has said.

Interview with Hunniwater founder Karin Butler

Hunniwater: The gateway to detox?

In a market with a long professed love of natural, sustainable and healthful food and beverage and an equally strong penchant for small business, a manufacturer of raw honey-infused waters...

Ben & Jerry’s, Stonyfield, Amy’s, join forces to urge Obama to fulfil 2007 ‘pledge’ on GMO labeling

While federal GMO labeling bills introduced to the House of Representatives and the Senate last year are still gaining co-sponsors, Congress does not need to pass them for the FDA...

Trendmapping the Mediterranean Rim: Breathing new life into a proven culinary trend

Foods from the Mediterranean Rim have been growing in popularity since at least the mid-1990s, reinforced by Americans’ seemingly insatiable appetite for flavors from Italy, Spain and Greece. 

Friends of the Earth: Meat industry needs radical rethink

Diet is a political choice and the way we produce and consume meat and dairy needs a radical rethink, according to a new Friends of the Earth report....

Target the curious: Bringing insect consumption to the mainstream

Some people are repulsed by the idea of eating insects – but those aren’t the people to target when trying to introduce insect consumption to the mainstream, says edible insect...

Japan’s $10.6bn snack market is an R&D playground: Euromonitor

Japan's ultra-developed snack market could be a hotbed for research and development (R&D) in the sector, says Euromonitor.