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EWG presses cereal manufacturers to change sugar labels before FDA deadline

Consumer protection non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) sent letters to General Mills, Kellogg, and Post, urging the companies to adjust their nutrition information for what it says are “larger, more...

Foodservice steals market share from grocery aisles as consumer seek convenience, survey reveals

Consumer demand for convenience and increased access to technology is tilting market share towards food service and away from packaged foods in grocery aisles, according to a recent report.

More water and less fizzy drinks lead to ‘unprecedented calorie reduction’ in US diet, market study says

As US bottled water consumption increased, “trillions of calories from [the] American diet” were cut, a new study by the Beverage Marketing Corporation has found. But is there still space for other...

Price, size, and consumer audience led to failure of Keurig Kold, Euromonitor analyst says

Keurig Green Mountain has discontinued Keurig Kold, an in-home soft drinks machine because it “failed to deliver on consumer expectations,” the company said.

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: Strategies for growing sales of plant-based products

When many mainstream consumers think of plant-based alternatives to animal products they think of non-dairy milks – and for good reason: it is one of the fastest growing sub-categories and...

Rainbow Goldfish logo strives to spread smiles for all families during LGBT Pride month

Goldfish crackers, a long-time family favorite, likely will catch many consumers hook, line and sinker this month with the release on select packages of a new multi-colored fish logo that...

Loacker, Glico, among non-US companies that want a bigger piece of (the apple) pie

There are big snack brands from around the world that are relatively unknown in the United states, but actually share the same ubiquity in pantry shelves and public consciousness in...

Door to Door Organics and Relay Foods extend geographic reach & resources with merger

Door to Door Organics and Relay Foods are teaming up to create a new powerhouse in online grocery retail that has sweeping geographic reach and extensive technological and operational expertise...

General Mills and Organic Valley enter dairy partnership

General Mills has entered a strategic sourcing partnership with Wisconsin-based dairy cooperative Organic Valley that will help roughly 20 dairy farms add around 3,000 acres to organic dairy production over...

Snack Attack 2016

What's hot at Snack Attack 2016?

Seasonal flavors, premium and free-from health trends continue to dominate the snack industry, according to the latest annual Snack Attack showcase hosted in New York City.The 16 brands who presented...

Little Spoon gives iconic pudding a modern day twist for a novel frozen dessert

Pudding is no longer a mid-century dessert frozen in time – now it is frozen in freezers for a modern day twist on an iconic treat, thanks to the innovative...

New donkey milk products in pipeline

Swiss-based donkey milk company Eurolactis is ramping up production, and is set to launch the first large-scale production of a chocolate bar made with donkey’s milk.

Too close to call: How do consumers really feel about GMOs?

The controversy surrounding genetic engineering may feel deafening at times with each side prolifically and loudly debating its pros and cons, but the vast majority of consumers remain unfamiliar GMOs...

Hormel’s 2016 corporate responsibility report shows 27% increase of charity donations in 10 years

From reducing solid waste to investing more to the community, Hormel summarizes its social responsibility accomplishments over the past 10 years in its interactive, graphic-rich corporate responsibility report.

Most Americans sit together for dinner, which more often than not is made from scratch, poll finds

Despite the intense focus in recent year on providing on-the-go food for time-crunched consumers, the vast majority of Americans still sit down together for dinner at least once a week,...

“Stealth health” could be strategy of the past as consumers embrace healthy reformulations

New research from market intelligence company CivicScience suggests changing consumer attitudes about healthy eating could mean manufacturers can shed their years-old “stealth health” approach to product reformulation without fear that...

CoffeeFlour expands as demand for novelty and sustainability increases

Made out of the often discarded pulp of the coffee cherry, a byproduct in coffee bean production, CoffeeFlour has seen its success ride on the wave of gluten-free enthusiasm and...

Atkins’ expands beyond dieters to fitness enthusiasts with launch of Lift bars, drinks

Iconic low-carb diet brand manufacturer Atkins Nutritionals is expanding beyond its core weight loss and management consumer to reach the growing number of fitness enthusiasts and “protein-seekers” with the launch...

Talking Rain (Sparkling ICE) CEO: We had one store in London sell 3,000 bottles in a week

It’s very early days, but initial signs suggests that Sparkling ICE could be a hit in the UK and Ireland, says Kevin Klock, president and CEO at brand owner Talking...

DiGiorno rises to meet challenges facing the frozen pizza category

The frozen pizza category has been on ice the past few years with slipping sales attributed in part to the category’s image as highly processed and unhealthy, as well as...

FoodNavigator-USA's Soup to Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: What is driving the booming sales growth of plant-based products?

Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products are booming, thanks in large part to improved sensory qualities, expanded availability and increased consumer access to information about their health and environmental...

News in brief

Walmart to pilot grocery delivery service utilizing drivers at Uber, Lyft and Deliv

Walmart will pilot a delivery service utilizing drivers at Uber, Lyft and Deliv to transport groceries ordered online from Walmart stores direct to customers’ doors.

Truvia brand leader: 'When people see how much added sugar is in their food, I think they are going to be surprised'

US retail sales of sugar substitutes are declining 3-4% year on year as artificial sweeteners continue to lose ground, although products with a more ‘natural’ positioning are growing 4-6%. But...

Celebrity endorsements, flashy marketing works – even for fruits and veggies, FNV campaign shows

Turns out flashy marketing, celebrity endorsements and the support of social influencers is just as effective at selling fruits and vegetables as it is salty snacks, sugary drinks and other...

Not all Millennials are the same, and other generation-based myths busted by CRA-backed study

Young adults move through several distinctly varied life stages from the ages of 18 to 34 years – high school graduation, moving out on their own, going to college, finding...

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