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Want a winning energy bar? Go heavy, go rough, and take a pass on the fruit pieces

Connecting subtle cues consumers use to judge the quality and taste of a food with the context in which they experience those cues can help companies more closely align their...


Do 2 out of 3 really prefer it? A primer on count-based advertising claims

What better way to assert a product’s superiority than to actually demonstrate that consumers prefer it over the competition? 

Why are consumer perceptions of store brands so different across different categories?

Consumer perceptions of store brands are continuing to improve in the US as retailers move beyond cheap me-too products. But perceptions of quality still vary considerably across different categories, says...

One in five Americans has ditched regular meals in favor of serial snacking, says IRI report on ‘opportunist’ eaters

One in five Americans now grazes on snacks throughout the day instead of eating three square meals or even several ‘mini-meals’ a day, according to new research suggesting the line...

Special edition: Amino acids and protein

Axiom: Rice protein market growth ‘happening now’

Mounting interest in the benefits of rice protein from the technical and sports nutrition communities alike has turned to increased sales of Axiom Foods’ brown rice protein powder. 

Small snack makers create better personal connections, says Packaged Facts

The healthy snacking boom has created a storm that small, boutique snack makers are benefiting from as their personal, niche products connect with the enthusiasm of consumers, Packaged Facts finds.

Big Interview: Ben Weiss, founder and CEO of Bai

All-natural and 'responsibly caffeinated'. How Bai hit the sweet spot in the functional beverages market

From four years of navigating the unpredictable terrain of the highly competitive functional beverage market (plus 20 in the coffee business), Ben Weiss, CEO and founder of Princeton, N.J.-based Bai,...

Packaged Facts: Non-GMO foods will account for 30% of US food and beverage retail sales by 2017

US retail sales of non-GMO foods and beverages are projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.9% in the next five years, and could represent 30%...

Special edition: Sweeteners

Natural sweetener from oats a 'great fit' for ice cream, candy, bars, cereals; oat protein byproduct shows promise

About a year on from OatSweet’s initial push into the U.S. sweetener marketplace, Oat Tech CEO and founder, Dr. Paul Whalen, caught up with FoodNavigator-USA on the growth areas—both expected...

Sensient develops palm-free colors

Amid increased environmental concerns over palm oil production, Sensient Colors has developed palm-free natural colors to expand on its existing natural colors portfolio. 

HARTBEAT VISTA VIDEO: We thought gluten-free was a fad... We were wrong

Aside from people with celiac disease, which is estimated to affect less than 1% of the US population, why do so many other Americans buy gluten-free products, and will they...

Research: Chewing more, eating slower affect perceived fullness

The idea that eating slowly impacts food intake is nothing new, nor is the role of food texture in energy intake. 

Sustainable palm oil: GreenPalm, RSPO, Kellogg, PepsiCo, under fire as NGO takes aim at ‘Snack Food 20’

A new report from Rainforest Action Network says food giants supporting "weak" and "diluted" Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards or buying GreenPalm certificates are kidding themselves if...

GMO labels won’t affect supermarket prices, study says

Requiring food manufacturers to label products containing ingredients from genetically engineered (GE) crops would not mean higher food prices for shoppers, according to an independent study released yesterday by the...

Big Interview: Chris Cuvelier, founder/CEO of Zola Fruits of the World

Zola Fruits of the World: The ‘12-year overnight success story’

In the increasingly crowded marketplace of functional beverages, what kind of impact can one more manufacturer of acai juice and coconut water expect to have? 

FDA: Arsenic in rice safe in short term, long-term risk unknown

The amount of detectable arsenic in rice and rice products is too low to pose any immediate health risks to consumers, according to new guidance issued by the U.S. Food...

WhiteWave seeks to patent ‘light milk’

WhiteWave Services Inc. has filed a patent application for ‘light milk,’ a lower-calorie alternative to skim milk without a watered-down flavor and mouthfeel.

News in brief

Continuous snacking: US kids eat 4.1 snacks a day, while teens eat 3.8 snacks a day, says NPD Group

American children aged 6-12 consume 4.1 snacks daily while teens aged 13 to 17 consume 3.8 snacks daily, according to new research from NPD Group.

Sen. Warren to FDA: Standardize GMO labeling

Eleven years after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first issued draft guidance on labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Mark Udall (D-CO) are urging the...


David-and-Goliath battle over GMO labeling heats up in Washington State

The Evergreen state is poised for a big-spending battle over whether foods containing ingredients from GE crops must carry a special label.

Canada’s gluten-free market surges: Packaged Facts

Riding the wave of continued strong consumer demand for gluten-free food options, Canada’s gluten-free market reached $458.9 million in 2012, according to a recent report from Packaged Facts entitled 'Gluten-Free...

Special Edition: Sweeteners

Stevia First bets on US-based production, technical innovation

Stevia First, an early stage company based in Yuba City, CA, has built its business model on bringing stevia production onshore in the US.  Supply chain transparency and technical innovation...

Enough cocoa for chocolate makers this year but price hike looms: ICCO

The International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) has slightly reduced its cocoa deficit forecast for the current crop year and says there are ample stocks for chocolate manufacturers, but a deficit next...

Greenpeace and RSPO clash over forest fires

Food companies that only use certified sustainable palm oil have been accused of “certifying destruction”, according to a Greenpeace report released to coincide with the first European Roundtable on Sustainable...

News in brief

Dairy Farmers of America acquires Dairy Maid

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the nation’s largest dairy farmer-owned milk marketing cooperative, has purchased milk, juice and fruit drink processor Dairy Maid Dairy.