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 Latest consumer trends & market trends, from gluten-free to single-serve coffee


How big is the gluten-free market? What percentage of coffee is now sold in a K-Cup? How are food brands using social media to engage with consumers? Stay up speed with the latest consumer trends and market developments here.

NFC launches alternative to Non-GMO Project verified seal called GMO Guard

Natural Food Certifiers (NFC) is offering an alternative to the non-GMO Project verified seal with the launch of a new product verification program called GMO Guard. 

Awareness of probiotics growing worldwide, expert says

Probiotics and their benefits have wide recognition in Europe and Asia, and awareness is growing.  This situation bodes well for growth in the US, while it will serve to buoy...

Almost no progress made in improving nutrition of kids' menus, report finds

Restaurant chains in the US have made little progress in recent years in improving the nutritional profile of their children’s menus according to a new report by the Center for...

RTE cereals can help close ‘chronic’ US fiber gap: Study

Only one in ten US consumers gets the recommended amount of fiber, but fibrous whole grain ready-to-eat (RTE) cereals can boost daily intake by around 14%, a new study finds.


Frugal foodies, quick serve competition and health quests: Snack firms take heed…

Snack firms must battle with frugal consumers, expanded competition and the challenge to remain innovative, exciting and healthy, a leading sector analyst says.

New supplement claims to cut fat calorie absorption without nasty side effects

SOHO Flordis International, an Indonesian/Australian supplement and pharamceutical company, is bringing a fat-binding dietary supplement to market in North America under the Calorease brand name.  It promises to do what...

Where are the emerging Easter markets?

Brazil has one of the largest markets for Easter confectionery and has had more Easter launches than anywhere else, but the Chinese have yet to look beyond the religious nature...

Inaugural Food Vision heralded as success by global food industry – organisers commit to return in 2014

Following a highly successful inaugural summit last week, organisers William Reed Business Media have confirmed that Food Vision will become an annual event, returning to Cannes, France, in March 2014. 

Special Edition: New trends in heart-healthy foods

Ingredients line up to support function of endothelial layer

The health of the endothelium, that thin layer of cells lining the blood vessels, is the front line for cardiovascular health.  And a variety of food and supplement ingredients are...

US dairy industry lobbying 2012: Who spent what and why?

Every year US dairy manufacturers and organisations pump millions of dollars into political campaigns in an attempt to influence proposed legislation. In 2012, the industry spent more than $7m.

‘Veggie snacking has seen tremendous growth’, says General Mills

General Mills has thrown its weight behind mainstream veggie snacking  with two new snack lines under its Green Giant brand.

Guest article

Sloan Trends on heart healthy foods, beverages: 'Circulation is a mass market opportunity'

Improving circulation is a hot new trend in heart health, while cardio-healthy foods and drinks for children represent an "explosive untapped functional foods opportunity", according to Elizabeth A. Sloan, PhD and Catherine Adams...

NTC: ‘We have a unique, sustainable and cost effective solution to mask stevia’s licorice taste’

Geneva-based Natural Taste Consulting (NTC) has developed a ‘unique, sustainable and cost effective’ solution to significantly reduce the undesired licorice taste of stevia extracts, and bring the taste closer to...

Special edition: New trends in heart healthy foods

US sales of heart-friendly foods and beverages have grown 22% since 2007, says Euromonitor International

US sales of foods and beverages marketed on a cardiovascular health platform grew by 22% in the period 2007-2012 to top $3.1bn in 2012, according to Euromonitor International. 

Reports of foodborne illness outbreaks decline by 40%, says CSPI

Foodborne illness outbreaks have decreased by 40% in a decade, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

Special edition: New trends in heart healthy foods

Unraveling the benefits of the Mediterranean diet: The rise and rise of olive polyphenols

A growing body of science unraveling exactly why olives are so healthy - coupled with a new wave of olive-polyphenol ingredients targeting food and beverage makers - is prompting a...

News in brief

Hershey: 10% certified cocoa by 2013

Hershey has set milestones to certify its entire cocoa supply by 2020 and hopes that 10% will be covered by the end of the year.

Dean Foods launches consumer-driven high-protein TruMoo innovation

Dean Foods has launched a high-protein, long-life version of its popular TruMoo flavoured milk range in an attempt to meet increasing US consumer demand for protein-enriched beverages.

Special edition: New trends in heart healthy foods

All olive oils are not created equal, says firm seeking to break new ground in cardio health with OxLDL message

All olive oils are not created equal, claims one firm hoping to shake up the ultra-traditional olive oil market with a new polyphenol-packed product. But it’s not just about the...

Special edition: New trends in heart healthy foods

Heart healthy foods, the next generation: ‘It’s not just about cholesterol anymore… it’s about healthy arteries’

While LDL cholesterol is one biomarker of cardiovascular disease risk everybody can name, the next generation of heart healthy foods will address a broader range of risk factors from galectin-3,...

News in brief

GMO and non-GMO crops must better coexist: CSPI calls on USDA action

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) must do more to foster coexistence of genetically modified and non-genetically modified crops, the Center for Science in the Public Interest says.

AquaBounty GE Salmon CEO: ‘The atmosphere is getting very poisonous, but all we can do is present the facts’

AquaBounty Technologies says it remains confident that there will still be a market for its genetically engineered (GE) AquAdvantage salmon if the FDA approves it, even though some leading food retailers now...

Big Interview: Terry Howell, director of business development, Suntava

The color purple: Suntava launches mission to elevate purple corn to superfood status

Purple is hot (well, so says Dr Oz). From purple carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and cauliflower to blackberries, grapes, blueberries and cabbage, a deep purple hue is usually a good sign...

Fairtrade chocolate: Where are sales growing?

Fairtrade chocolate sales are growing in Western Europe and North America, but an analyst does not expect significant development in emerging markets.

Weight management market a mixed bag as SlimFast and Splenda slump and Trop50 and Thinkthin soar

While there have been some standout successes - from PepsiCo’s Trop50 juice drinks to ThinkThin protein bars - growth in the overall weight management market is pretty sluggish, according to...