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Euromonitor on the year ahead in packaged food: battling industry fatigue, private label

Packaged food companies continue to see mid-range market share stolen from an increasingly sophisticated store brand segment. So they’ll look to stay relevant with continued focus on convenience and popular...

Americans’ eating habits worst since 2008; ‘systemic change’ needed, RD says

Americans’ eating habits deteriorated in 2013, as fewer adults report eating healthy all day “yesterday” in every month so far this year compared with the same months in 2012, according...

VSU grant aims to jumpstart commercial chickpea production in Virginia

Yixiang Xu, PhD, food processing/engineering assistant professor in Virginia State University's Agricultural Research Station, has been awarded a two-year $29,186 specialty crop block grant from the Virginia Department of Agriculture...

Seaweed chip finds a ‘New Frontier’ in snacking

In March 2012, Robert Mock left the world of financial derivatives behind with an idea for a healthier chip that incorporates seaweed. Nine months later, he and three fellow cofounders...

Chilis, tea and masala: McCormick unveils top flavor trends for 2014

The flavors of India and Central and South America will have a big impact in 2014, as will consumers’ growing fascination with chiles, according to McCormick & Co. Inc.’s 2014...

Celiac Disease Foundation, plant geneticist, challenge report linking GMOs to celiac disease, gluten sensitivity

A controversial  new report  alleging that genetically engineered foods could be an environmental trigger for gluten sensitivity and celiac disease has been challenged by the Celiac Disease Foundation and a leading plant geneticist....

Innova: More than a third of new yogurt launches in US feature protein claims

More than a third of new products launched in the US yogurt market in the year to September 2013 featured protein claims, according to new data from Innova Market Insights.

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BakeryandSnacks launches Milling & Grains

BakeryandSnacks is launching a new specialized Milling & Grains supplement in association with sister brand FoodNavigator.

Relaxation ice cream ahead of its time?

Relaxation beverage founder betting on sleepy time ice cream supplement

Ever found yourself unable to shake off the stress of the day even while enjoying your evening bowl of ice cream? Bebida Beverage Co. (BeBevCo), the manufacturer of Koma Unwind...

Most popular US confectionery brands 2013 – consumer poll

US consumers have voted for their favorite confectionery brands in five categories: chocolate, premium chocolate, gum, candy and cookies. Find out the results here.

Univar: Cleaning up labels tops R&D agendas in 2014

Looking ahead to the coming year, the biggest trends in R&D for the food and beverage industry will be clean label, natural ingredients and industry regulations, though there are several,...

Leatherhead: ‘Natural preservatives are almost an oxymoron’

Preservatives have a poor reputation among consumers – but that doesn’t mean that natural options are completely off the menu, says Nicole Patterson-Lett, principal analyst at Leatherhead Food Research.


Could seismic US shift lead to ‘Heineken or Stella Artois of the wine world’?

Winemakers could seize the opportunity to create affordable global brands – along the lines of Heineken in beer – without using native grapes, as mainstream US consumers at least don’t...


Diageo: Talkin’ 'bout the next generation…of Guinness drinkers

Diageo’s beer innovation head insists the firm needs to strengthen Guinness’s premium credentials and 'reframe' the drink for a new generation of drinkers to reignite growth.

Senate bill excluding supermarkets from FDA menu labeling sparks debate over calorie disclosure

A proposed bill introduced last week by Sens. Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Angus King (I-ME) is calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to amend the calorie disclosure requirements...

Majority of Americans who read calorie info at restaurants use it, though number is small

Just a third (36.4%) of US adults read calorie information when it is available at fast-food and chain restaurants, but 95.4% of those that do read it use this information...

News in brief

NYC Health Dept unveils provocative new ad campaign targeting sugary drinks: 'Your kids could be drinking themselves sick'

New York City’s Health Department has unveiled a new anti-obesity campaign highlighting the potential health risks of excessive sugary drink consumption.

Eating nuts daily tied to lower overall death rate: Harvard study

People who ate a daily handful of nuts were 20% less likely to die from any cause over a 30-year period than those who didn’t, according to the largest study...


Why does the US continue to drink less milk?

US milk consumption has been steadily declining since the mid 1970s. But why?'s US dairy commodities expert and MilkPrice blogger, John Geuss, examines the factors driving the decrease and...

Energy drinks under the microscope at 'myth-busting’ IFT webinar: How much caffeine are we really consuming, and is it safe?

While the FDA has raised concerns about the recent proliferation of caffeine-containing products on the market, particularly those marketed at young people, new data suggests energy drinks and shots contribute...

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Another BRIC in the weight management wall as sector hits $150bn globally in 2013

Nestlé may have canned Jenny Craig, and regulators clamped down on the sector's claim-making, but weight management products are booming globally, especially in increasingly image driven emerging economies like India and...

Mobiles, Millennials and ‘IndieWomen’: Supermarket Guru explores what’s big in 2014

Mobile devices continue to fuel consumer demand for increased transparency; more convenience; and quick, easy opportunities to be social. Expect continued emphasis on technology and social media as trend-savvy, authenticity-minded...

Frozen produce may retain vitamins better than fresh stored: study

Frozen produce is statistically equal to fresh when it comes to vitamin and mineral content, and retains vitamins equally so or better than produce stored in the refrigerator for a...

Big Interview: Greg Steltenpohl, CEO of Califia Farms and founder of Odwalla

Decline in soft drinks not catastrophic for beverage industry: Odwalla founder

“The slowdown of soft drinks is not going to be catastrophic for the beverage industry,” said Greg Steltenphol, CEO of beverage manufacturer Califia Farms and founder of Odwalla, discussing the...

Special Edition: Super grains! From chia to quinoa

Chia boom: With 239% growth, chia category set to hit $1 bn by 2020

Driven by demands from the cereals, snacks and beverage categories, and growing at a whopping 239%, is there anything to stop the rise of chia?