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Brioni teams up with Beneo to launch first coffee on a digestive health platform

By Elaine WATSON , 07-Feb-2013

Brioni launches coffee on a digestive health platform

Premium coffee brand Brioni has teamed up with chicory fiber expert Beneo to create the first coffee marketed on a digestive health platform.

Brioni's Healthy Morning Coffee contains Beneo’s prebiotic fiber Orafti inulin and delivers 4g of fiber per 12oz cup - enabling a ‘good source of fiber’ claim.

Unlike probiotics, which are living organisms, prebiotics are nondigestible substances that pass through the stomach and small intestine unchanged until they reach the colon, where they nourish beneficial bacteria.  

A white, odourless, soluble powder with a slightly sweet taste and no aftertaste, inulin is widely used in the food industry as a sugar and fat replacer as well as a source of soluble fiber, helping to improve the body and mouthfeel of low-fat products, stabilize emulsions and dispersions, and improve the stability of mousses and foams.

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