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Comax Flavors’ 2013 trend predictions: Unusual combinations, experimentation and bolder, gutsier flavors

By Elaine WATSON , 08-Jan-2013
Last updated on 08-Jan-2013 at 16:23 GMT2013-01-08T16:23:08Z

Pink Cherry Marshmallow offers a

Pink Cherry Marshmallow offers a "sweet 'pop' and satisfying mouthfeel"

Consumers will be looking for “bolder gutsier flavors” and unpredictable flavor combinations this year, according to Comax Flavors.

The New York-based firm, which has unveiled its flavor trend predictions for this year, says the “most telling trend is toward intensity and experimentation, boldness and clout”.

It adds: “What that means is unusual pairings, unpredictable and unlikely combinations that deliver enhanced mouthfeel and more impactful flavor 'pop', while delivering artisanal / heirloom/ homegrown quality and uniqueness.”

Herb Appeal uses herbs with fruits to give a “sweet, punchy flavor lift”:

•       Peach Basil Black Tea
•       Peppered Apple Bacon
•       Chili Ginger Lime
•       Cardamom Pear Berry

Duets are fusions of flavors combining warmth and sweetness:

•       Butterscotch Coffee Crunch
•       Maple Bitters
•       Dolce de Leche Buttered Rum
•       Flan de Nuez

A Smooth Finish consists of flavors that add a sweet 'pop' and satisfying mouthfeel:

•       Pistachio Almond Cream
•       Pink Cherry Marshmallow
•       Black Russian Cappuccino
•       Dark Chocolate Bourbon Truffle

The trends were developed by Comax's Culinary Trend Exchange, a group of culinary specialists working in the food and beverage industries including chefs, mixologists, culinary influencers, culinary school alumni, authors and food experts.

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