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Monk Fruit In The Raw takes on Nectresse in tabletop sweetener battle

1 commentBy Elaine WATSON , 02-Oct-2012
Last updated on 02-Oct-2012 at 16:29 GMT2012-10-02T16:29:26Z

Monk Fruit In The Raw takes on Nectresse in tabletop battle

Cumberland Packing Corp is going head to head with McNeil Nutritionals’ new Nectresse tabletop sweetener with the launch of zero-calorie natural sweetener Monk Fruit In The Raw.

McNeil Nutritionals' Nectresse monk-fruit-based sweetener was launched in the summer

While Nectresse - which contains Tate & Lyle’s Purefruit monk fruit sweetener - is bulked up with erythritol, Monk Fruit In The Raw is bulked up with dextrose.

As each packet contains fewer than 3 calories per serving, it is also permitted to be marketed as a zero calorie table top sweetener.

Monk Fruit In The Raw will begin a national distribution roll-out in stores this month with a suggested retail price of $3.49 per 40 count box, although consumers can also buy it online at .

The intensity of the sweetness in monk fruit (luo han guo) extracts is directly proportional to levels of a compound called Mogroside V in the flesh of the fruit.

Click here to read more about monk fruit.

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It tastes great, just tryied it and love it already. Going to reserch it more..

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Posted by Sharon Dougherty
02 October 2012 | 21h062012-10-02T21:06:59Z

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