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NEW PRODUCTS GALLERY: Fat is back, protein is (still) hot and sugar is out…


By Elaine Watson+

Last updated on 21-Feb-2017 at 02:40 GMT2017-02-21T02:40:46Z

Check out FoodNavigator-USA’s latest gallery of new products hitting US shelves, where we see plant-based protein creeping into everything from hot cereal to shakes, bars, chips and bites; coupled with ongoing interest in whole milk.

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Added sugar still a differentiator

Excellent round-up, and there's no question about the ongoing primacy of protein. At this point, what distinguishes niche brands from mainstream brands playing in this space is that the former - Siggi's, for example - really do formulate with lower levels of added sugars. A closer look at that aspect would be interesting.

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Posted by Pete Healy
23 February 2017 | 15h512017-02-23T15:51:13Z

SUPERSEEDZ need to check out SUPERSEEDZ gourmet dry roasted pumpkin seeds. America's #1 pumpkin seed brand


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Posted by jpelliccio
23 February 2017 | 14h572017-02-23T14:57:56Z

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