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QualiTech offers natural flavor solution for products affected by peanut recall

1 commentBy Stephen DANIELLS , 31-Oct-2012
Last updated on 31-Oct-2012 at 13:48 GMT2012-10-31T13:48:26Z

QualiTech offers natural flavor solution for products affected by peanut recall

A natural corn-based flavor ingredient may offer a solution for manufacturers using peanut ingredients during a recall, says Minnesota-based QualiTech.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 38 people in 20 states have been infected with Salmonella Bredeney. Almost 30% of the people have been admitted to hospital but no deaths have been reported.

Sunland, Inc. of Portales, New Mexico has an ongoing recall on a number of products, including raw and roasted shelled and in-shell peanuts.

QualiTech is offering a “natural, allergen-free and cost-effective” solution for value-added products that utilize peanut and peanut based ingredients.

Cost effective

The ingredient is less expensive than de-fatted peanut flour, a spokesperson for the company told FoodNavigator-USA.

“The market for corn is much less volatile than the peanut market keeping the costs more stable over time. The added allergen clean-up costs associated with peanut products are not required.”

The ingredient contains less fat than peanut flour and peanut butter, they added, therefore a less expensive fat can be added back to the ingredient instead of using expensive peanut oil. 

“The handling of Flav-R-Grain PBE is more user- and industry-friendly then peanut butter, and the shelf life is one year.”


Rudy Roesken, GM of the Food Ingredients division, said that the Flav-R-Grain ingredient can be used for “breads, cookies, bars, cereals, baked goods and more or it can be blended with peanut flour to extend usage and give a cost savings”.

The ingredient is stabilized corn germ adds a nutty, whole-grain flavor to products, said QualiTech. It has natural dietary fiber in the product and can emulate fried/toasted applications, the company added.

“In the nut industry, protein and fiber are key nutrients typically highlighted in marketing literature,” said Roesken. “By using our PBE product a food developer may decrease the total fat and increase dietary fiber in their formulations making for a healthier product.”

The ingredient can be labeled for natural and labeled as “toasted corn germ”, said the company.


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changing the ingredients

if they take peanuts out then they can't call it peanut whatever and they need to also say it has GMO corn in it...other wise the FDA should call it mislabeling

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Posted by Fred Immendorfer
06 November 2012 | 16h052012-11-06T16:05:15Z

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