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Specialty pepper flavors answer demand for authentic regional tastes, says Kalsec


Specialty pepper flavors answer demand for authentic regional tastes, says Kalsec

Kalsec has introduced a range of specialty pepper flavors as part of its Latin American culinary flavor range, responding to US consumer demand for authentic regional tastes, the company said.

Market researchers have said repeatedly that some Latin American flavors, such as Mexican foods, have already entered the mainstream in the United States, while others are on the rise. And as consumers become more aware of regional flavor variation and become increasingly familiar with authentic Latin American foods, they are demanding authentic flavor profiles.

Natural extract company Kalsec said that its new range of specialty peppers aims to respond to this demand, with different peppers that provide a variety of authentic flavor and heat delivery profiles, including ancho, chipotle, guajillo, habanero and jalapeno.

Executive director of marketing for Kalsec Gary Augustine said: "We want to help our customers capitalize on this trend, and our new specialty pepper flavors combined with our current herb and spice extract portfolio offer additional opportunities to create authentic Latin American cuisine.”

The company cites a recent Technomic survey, which found that Mexican and Spanish were among two of the top five ethnic dishes Americans are “likely to order” when dining out.

“The consumer trend toward Spanish and Latin American cuisine includes a greater appreciation of the authentic flavors served in dishes of specific regions,” the company said.

Kalsec said its specialty pepper flavors are concentrated and require no refrigeration. Benefits of concentrate compared to puree include more convenience, better microbial stability, and superior performance, the company claims. It said that flavors in concentrated form may also be cheaper than puree.

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