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Stealth reformulation poll: Tell us what you think

1 commentBy Elaine Watson , 22-Jul-2011
Last updated on 09-Aug-2011 at 14:36 GMT2011-08-09T14:36:30Z

Sodium reduction: Something to shout about or keep more low key?

Sodium reduction: Something to shout about or keep more low key?

As Campbell Soup’s incumbent boss Denise Morrison argued in a recent presentation to analysts, sodium reduction is important to some consumers, but it is not a killer USP.

Indeed, many firms have chosen to conduct reformulation work ‘by stealth’ because they fear telling consumers what they are up to will not shift more products, and might even have the opposite effect.

So what should manufacturers committed to lowering fat, sugar and salt do? Quietly get on with it, or tell the world how much healthier their products are becoming?

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Low Salt Products

Campbell Soup should continue to make and sell low salt soups. Those who want more salt can add more themselves in their own homes.

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Posted by Mary Hiner
25 July 2011 | 19h112011-07-25T19:11:24Z

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