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Takeout orders reveal dramatic surge in demand for chia, quinoa, kale, almond milk and pressed juice, says GrubHub

By Elaine WATSON , 13-May-2014

Chia, quinoa, almond milk & pressed juice big growth trends, GrubHub

An analysis of takeout orders placed with almost 30,000 restaurants in 600+ US cities in the first quarter of 2014 vs the first quarter of 2013 reveals a dramatic surge in demand for chia, quinoa, kale, almond milk and pressed juice, according to GrubHub , the nation’s leading online and mobile food-ordering company. 

Findings reveal that the following items registered the largest growth in orders year-on-year:

  • Chia – 140% increase
  • Quinoa – 110% increase
  • Almond milk – 110% increase
  • Kale – 99% increase
  • ‘Raw’ foods – 59% increase
  • Gluten-free – 52% increase
  • Pressed juice – 38% increase

Meanwhile, women are 44% more likely than men to order health foods from takeout restaurants, and college students are nearly 50% less likely to participate in these health food trends than the average diner.

As to where these types of food trends are most geographically concentrated, the following cities ranked highest for their percentage of trending health food orders: Boulder, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, San Jose, San Diego, St. Louis, Miami and Austin.

“GrubHub order data is an incredible indicator of new food trends,” said president Jonathan Zabusky.

For more information about GrubHub, click HERE .  

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