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What does healthy snacking mean? Mintel asks

2 comments03-Feb-2012

Most people consider fresh fruit and raw vegetables healthy snack choices, according to a recent survey from market research organization Mintel, but a surprising number think cookies and ice cream are also healthy snacks.

Senior wellness analyst at Mintel Molly Maier said: “Eating healthy snacks can offer many benefits to consumers, such as increased energy and feeling fuller longer, so there is a big opportunity for the makers and marketers of snacks to leverage these connections to maximize health positioning. The number of snackers who only consume healthy treats is a relatively small one, but one that shouldn’t be ignored by snack-food manufacturers.”


According to a recent survey, 86% of Mintel respondents consider eating fresh fruit to be healthy snacking, followed by raw vegetables at 73%, and nuts and seeds at 71%. However, 12% said they thought ice cream was a healthy snack, and cookies were rated as healthy by 9% of respondents.

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One shouldn't overlook the possibility of most of those 12 and 9% respondents answering a stupid question with a sarcastic answer.

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Posted by B.D.
06 February 2012 | 21h382012-02-06T21:38:26Z

Unjunk our snacks

some junk can be on the 'better choice' side if the chemical additives that are making us sick are removed. A new book shows us just that. It's called Unjunk Your Junk Food. you can find it here:

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Posted by Leslie
03 February 2012 | 23h082012-02-03T23:08:04Z

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