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Industry Experts Perspectives on Plant Proteins

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar

AIDP is a leader in functional ingredients, with a focus on extensively researched products that meet consumer demand for wellness and healthy aging. AIDP’s unique protein portfolio includes Advantein™, a proprietary blend of rice and pea proteins providing a complete amino acid profile; RisaPro™ and Gabiotein, sprouted brown rice proteins, in organic and conventional forms; and PeasiPro™ a pea protein in organic and conventional forms. AIDP also carries Hemprotein and Sachi Inchi proteins. All products are available in beverage Xtra smooth and bulk mesh sizes.


  • Alan Rillorta

    Alan Rillorta

    Director of Branded and Specialty Product Sales

    AIDP, Inc.

  • Dr. Doug Kalman

    Dr. Doug Kalman

    Adjunct Professor in the Robert Stempel School of Public Health at Florida International University

    Director in the Endocrinology Research Lab at Miami Research Associates

  • Dr. Jennifer Gu

    Dr. Jennifer Gu

    Vice President of Research and Development

    AIDP, Inc.

  • Kathy Lund

    Kathy Lund

    Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

    AIDP, Inc.