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The FoodNavigator-USA Pulse Innovation Forum

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The FoodNavigator-USA Pulse Innovation Forum

Beans, chickpeas, peas and lentils are now appearing as added value ingredients in every part of the store, from chips and snacks to salads, soups, pastas, dips and baked goods. Non-GMO, gluten-free, high in protein, fiber and micronutrients, and low in fat, beans in particular are undergoing a PR renaissance among consumers, who have been eating them for years in tacos and burritos, but now see them as a more wholesome alternative to soy, rice, corn and potatoes in their snacks.

So where will they go next, and who is driving innovation, both from a formulation, and branding perspective?

To find out, we’ve gathered together a panel of pulse enthusiasts to talk about sourcing, formulation, marketing, and innovation.


  • Aaron Gatti

    Aaron Gatti



  • Derrick Quandt

    Derrick Quandt

    Operations Manager


  • Elaine Watson

    Elaine Watson



  • Mike LaRocca

    Mike LaRocca

    Director of Supply Chain and R&D


  • Tanya Der

    Tanya Der

    Manager of Food Innovation & Marketing

    Pulse Canada

  • Travis Berger

    Travis Berger

    Vice President of Supply Chain

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