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The big debate: Meeting demands in supply & quality

William Reed Business Media | 13-Feb-2014 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
In this roundtable debate we ask how the industry can meet increasing demand for nutritional oils (and particularly for omega-3s from a v...
EPC Natural Products Co., Ltd.

EPCevia, A Stevia Reb-olution

22-May-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
EPC is an innovative developer and provider of stevia-based sweetening solutions commercialized under the brand EPCevia.Consumers have be...
Arla Food Ingredients

Get your products into great shape with Lacprodan® DI-7017

Arla Foods Ingredients | 19-May-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Whey protein has been shown to be nutritionally superior to other sources of protein when it comes to promoting satiety and improving mus...

Slicing Up Sweetness: How Consumers Feel About Sweeteners & Why

CRA | 15-May-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
“Slicing Up Sweetness” is a deep-dive analysis of the Sweetener360 study. The white paper provides critical insights by exploring the att...

Broaden Your Market: Halal-Certified Emulsifiers

Croda | 12-May-2014 | Link Information request
Global demand for Halal-certified food ingredients is increasing and represents a growing market segment. Ensure your business has the br...

How Safe is Our Food Supply? White Paper

ChromaDex | 05-May-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
The Pew Charitable Trusts and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) released reports questioning the suitability and integrity of...
The FoodNavigator-USA Forum: Gluten-free in Perspective

The FoodNavigator-USA Forum: Gluten-free in Perspective

William Reed Business Media | 30-Apr-2014 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
In this unique debate, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson, our expert panel will explore gluten-free market trends and...
PL Thomas

Stay Well with Wellmune WGP®

PLT Health Solutions | 30-Apr-2014 | PDF Case study
Wellmune WGP® is changing the way we think about immune system support. This unique, natural food ingredient is clinically studied to pri...
Targeting Texture in Instant Protein Beverages

Targeting Texture in Instant Protein Beverages

TIC gums | 30-Apr-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
With a broadening consumer base, product developers must find ways to maximize the nutritional value of their products without negatively...
Advanced Technology for High Oil Load Emulsions

Advanced Technology for High Oil Load Emulsions

TIC gums | 30-Apr-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
TICAmulsion® A-2010 is now an approved additive for creating flavor-oil emulsions in the European market.  Its broad regulatory appr...

Smart formulations to go the distance with sports drinks

Beneo | 28-Apr-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Today’s athletes and weekend warriors want more: rehydration, endured energy, natural sweet taste, non-GMO …   Product developm...

Kalsec® Szechuan Pepper Extract - The Latest Sensation!

Kalsec® | 22-Apr-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Szechuan pepper extract adds a twist to food applications: it provides the tingling sensation without adding the heat perception. This pa...

Vanillin with a better taste

Borregaard | 10-Apr-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Vanilla is one of the world’s popular flavours. Borregaard launches EuroVanillin Borrebon. No other flavour  as vanillin has such a...

See sweetener attitudes brought to life with the Sweetener360

CRA | 09-Apr-2014 | PDF Data sheet
In an analysis of more than 10,000 consumers, the Sweetener360 identified six consumer lifestyle segments that account for $54.8 billion...

Hytolive® – Olive Fruit Extract Rich in Hydroxytyrosol

PLT Health Solutions | 07-Apr-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Hytolive, a 100% natural solvent-free water extract of olive fruits, contains a high purity of natural hydroxytyrosol. Hydroxytyrosol is...

Chocolate and Almonds – A World of Opportunity

Almond Board of California | 14-May-2014 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Science suggests that almonds and chocolate, each valued for their individual taste and texture, together create a tapestry of flavors th...

Close the fiber gap with Fibersol

ADM/Matsutani | 01-Apr-2014 | PDF Data sheet
Since 75 percent of U.S. adults do not meet the Daily Reference Value for dietary fiber, the demand for beverages that are an “excellent...
Extending the shelf life of dry products containing fruit

Extending the shelf life of dry products containing fruit

Taura Natural Ingredients | 31-Mar-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Products featuring real fruit appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers. But significant technical obstacles have previously limited t...

Emsland Group – a quality you can trust

Emsland Group | 27-Mar-2014 | Video Video
Emsland Group markets native and specialty starches, fibres, potato flakes and potato granules as well as hydrocolloids to the food indus...

Three insights to food and beverage product success

Tate &. Lyle | 26-Mar-2014 | PDF Technical / white paper
Consumers are continually changing their tastes and habits. As food and beverage professionals, you’re under pressure to keep up. From tr...

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