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Talin® - modifies the taste of Stevia naturally.

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Naturex Webinar: Thaumatin and Stevia - Talin® naturally enhancing and modifying taste.

You want the benefits of the Stevia, the trendiest natural sweetener without any compromise on taste? Experience Talin®, the key ingredient to your successful product launch!
In this webinar discover how Talin® naturally enhances and modifies flavor and learn how to optimize your formulations with Stevia or Reb A.

Olivia Sant’Angelo, Senior Analyst at Innova Market Insights and Justine Lord, Talin® Business Manager at Naturex will present you an overview of the market and an introduction to a range of possible formulations.

This is a real invitation to explore the endless possibilities of Talin® and Stevia association


  • Justine Lord - Naturex

    Justine Lord

    Talin® Business Manager


  • Olivia Sant'Angelo - Senior Analyst

    Olivia Sant'Angelo

    Innova Market Insights

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