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New stevia sweetener BESTEVIA® Reb M may disrupt the sugar industry

The global sweetener industry has reached a crossroads. With the rise of diabetes and obesity across the globe, consumers grow more aware of sugar's detrimental effects


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The Food Industry's 100% U.S.-Grown High Stability Liquid Vegetable Oil

100% U.S.-grown, high oleic soybean oil meets food quality and taste expectations, while contributing 0 grams trans fat.

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Double the shelf life of your chips with natural anti-oxidant, OxiKan® R Plus

Frying chips in oil stabilised with OxiKan® R Plus, enhances its shelf life by over 2 times than when fried in oil added with synthetic anti-oxidants

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What it takes to make heart healthy functional foods: The story of LRC

What it takes to make heart healthy functional foods: The story of LRC

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Way forward with whey protein

It’s already popular across a range of segments, but whey protein now dominates an even wider audience of mainstream consumers. Whey continues to grow across broader markets because its molecular behavior under high-heat treatment has been understood, and can be controlled, and this is enabling new opportunities for food manufacturers.

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