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Trans-fat alternative? Low calorie sugars can structure and solidify vegetable oils, finds study

Semi-solid vegetable oils created using low-calorie sugars such as mannitol and sorbitol dioctanoates could provide alternatives to trans- and saturated fats, according to new research.

A recent Museum of Food and Drink round table debated the merits and shortfalls of the large soda ban.

Delving into Bloomberg’s proposed cap on super-size soda

Earlier this month, New York City’s Museum of Food and Drink hosted a panel discussion at New York City’s CUNY School of Public Health examining New York City Mayor Michael...

Gut reaction: Zero-calorie sweeteners produce same response as water

Consumption of zero-calorie artificial sweeteners in a drink may have an identical effect on gut responses as water, according to newly published human data.

Six percent of strokes can be avoided by meeting sodium reduction recommendations: Study

Achieving salt intakes in line with the recommendations may reduce stroke cases by 6%, but many consuming are still consuming way too much, says a new analysis from The Netherlands.

Hops, fernet and the next Sriracha? Sensient’s 12 flavors to watch in 2014

The growing consumer desire for sophisticated, nuanced and personalized flavor experiences—with the enticing added benefit of health and wellness claims is what will dominate flavor trends in the coming year,...

Study: Big breakfast could help manage type 2 diabetes

It’s no secret that incidence of being overweight and obese have increased dramatically over the past few decades alongside a rise in the prevalence of type 2 diabetes. Concurrent with...

Study: Breakfast cereal improves mood, but brain performance?

Adolescents who consume breakfast cereal in the morning are more alert, content and in some instances show improved cognitive performance, according to Kellogg-funded research.

Diet can 'rapidly and reproducibly' alter our gut bacteria: Study

Shifts in dietary patterns can radically alter the microbial make-up of our gut in less than a day, leading to rapid alterations in the functions of our microbiota, say researchers.

Low fat labelling may encourage consumption

Foods labelled ‘low fat’ or ‘low calorie’ may encourage consumers to eat more, according to a study published in the journal Appetite.

Crop physiologist: Drought resistant peanuts needed

The University of Florida will further research to develop drought resistant peanuts – a big need for industry in light of extreme weather conditions, its lead crop physiologist says.

Organic milk higher in heart-healthy omega-3: US study

Organic milk contains significantly higher concentrations of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids compared to milk from conventionally-managed dairy cows, US researchers have found.

Sugar limits should be halved to protect teeth: Study

World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations for added sugar intake should be halved to protect teeth from dental caries, suggests a review published in the Journal of Dental Research.

Last call for scientific papers: Vitafoods and Probiota in 2014

Vitafoods Europe and Probiota 2014 – two separate events – close the period for submission of scientific and other papers this Friday. Yes in two days.

Corn oil may lower cholesterol better than extra virgin olive oil: study

Corn oil may have significantly greater effects on blood cholesterol levels than extra virgin olive oil, due in part to the natural cholesterol-blocking ability of plant sterols, according to new...

Diet drinks and satiety: Kids don’t compensate for missing calories from other sources, says study

Sugar-sweetened and sugar-free beverages produce similar satiety in children, says a new study that challenges the oft-quoted hypothesis that artificially sweetened drinks make people crave sweeter foods or serve as...

Euromonitor on the year ahead in packaged food: battling industry fatigue, private label

Packaged food companies continue to see mid-range market share stolen from an increasingly sophisticated store brand segment. So they’ll look to stay relevant with continued focus on convenience and popular...

Legume potential: Jatropha is underutilized but shouldn’t be

Jatropha protein concentrate can be used to fortify bread without adverse textural impact and bakers should consider using the ingredient more, researchers say.

Adding powdered pectin to gum significantly improves release of lipophilic flavors, cooling agents, says Kraft patent

Adding powdered pectin to chewing gum can significantly improve the release of fat soluble ingredients such as flavors and cooling agents as it is chewed, according to a patent application...

VSU grant aims to jumpstart commercial chickpea production in Virginia

Yixiang Xu, PhD, food processing/engineering assistant professor in Virginia State University's Agricultural Research Station, has been awarded a two-year $29,186 specialty crop block grant from the Virginia Department of Agriculture...

Poster deadline extended by one week to December 13

Probiota 2014: Poster proposal deadline extended

Probiota 2014 – the leading conference bridging the interface of academia and industry for cutting edge science about the prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome – has extended the call for...

News in brief

Start-up behind novel taste evaluation system employing highly trained rats teams up with natural ingredients giant Diana Group

Opertech Bio, the Philadelphia-based start-up behind a groundbreaking new approach to high-throughput taste evaluation using highly trained rats , has struck a deal with natural ingredients giant Diana Group. 

Chilis, tea and masala: McCormick unveils top flavor trends for 2014

The flavors of India and Central and South America will have a big impact in 2014, as will consumers’ growing fascination with chiles, according to McCormick & Co. Inc.’s 2014...

Sugar-rich junk food coupled with poor oral health should be heart disease target

The high levels of sugar contained in fizzy sodas and 'junk food' - and the effect that this has on oral health - may be an important additional mechanism for...

News in brief

'Healthy and overweight' is a myth, say researchers

There is no such thing as being healthy and overweight, according to a newly published systematic review and meta-analysis.

Researchers develop cheaper, faster method for acrylamide detection

Fluorescent sensors hold great potential for manufacturers looking to detect acrylamide rapidly in potato chips and cookies on the processing line, researchers say.

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