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Corner stores could offer more healthy options in food deserts

Building more supermarkets is not the only way to reduce food deserts, suggests new research that found corner stores are stocking more healthy foods and beverages now than almost 10...

Fall flavors & energy products top consumer purchase intent in October

As the nights grow longer and colder, consumers are reaching for products that evoke the cozy feeling of fall and that will help them wake up before the sun. 

'Everything in moderation' advice could lead to poor metabolic health

The long standing recommendation of ‘everything in moderation’ may actually result in lower overall diet quality and may have negative impacts on metabolic health, say researchers.

Entrepreneur to bring hot canned beverage to the US

After years of popularity in Japan, an entrepreneur is bringing hot canned coffee to the US.

More whole milk can help avoid metabolic syndrome: Study

Although official dietary guidelines have advised against excessive consumption of whole fat milk for years, a study said it may be a good idea to include full-fat dairy products in...

Last chance to register for FoodNavigator-USA's online forum: Protein... What does the future hold?

Protein is hot in food formulation right now. But is this a sustainable trend or a passing fad? How much is enough, and do the next generation of proteins, from...

FOOD VISION USA, the highlights: From DNA diets and mass customization via 3D printing, to 'old school' deal tactics

 If you didn't make it to Chicago last week for the inaugural Food Vision USA event, you missed a truly awesome ensemble of industry experts covering everything from our nutritional...

‘People are really excited to see something new in coffee’: Press’d launches liquid coffee concentrate in portable squeezable bottle

Press’d – an Arabica coffee liquid concentrate in a pocket-sized squeezable bottle – says it sees a gap in the market for a better quality convenience option. 

Foodini 3D printer co-founder: 'We've taken a food manufacturing facility and shrunk it down to the size of a box that fits on your kitchen counter'

While 3D printing might still seem a bit like a technology searching for an application when it comes to food, the co-creator of the Foodini printer insists her machines won’t...

Low-fat diet ‘ineffective’ for long-term weight loss

A low-fat diet does not lead to greater long term weight loss than higher-fat diets including low-carb and Mediterranean style diets, finds a large meta-analysis of more than 68,000 adults.

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Target teams up with MIT Media Lab and IDEO to explore the future of food

Target has embarked on a multi-year collaboration with MIT’s Media Lab and design firm IDEO that will explore areas such as urban farming, food transparency and authenticity, supply chain and health.  ...

WHO report adds processed meats to list of cancer causing agents

Regular consumption of processed meat products does cause cancer, according to a new World Health Organisation (WHO) report that puts prepared and cured meat products on its list of cancer-causing...

Demand for local up, as is price consumers will pay, survey reveals

As demand for local food grows, so too does consumers’ willingness to pay more for it, but manufacturers and retailers must clearly label local products to reap their full sales...

Bug appétit! Focus on cooking process for insect palatability

An advertising campaign that focusses on the transformative nature of cooking insects is more effective than 'entomophagy education', says a US-based researcher.

Karma Baker: Dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free… and delicious

If you’re going to launch a gourmet organic, vegan and gluten-free bakery business, L.A. is probably the place to do it, acknowledges Karma Baker’s founder Celine Ikeler. But if you...

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Protein could give products for endurance athletes an extra edge, says Arla Foods Ingredients

A new fast absorbing protein from Arla Foods Ingredients could help crack open the endurance sports sector, which has significant potential for growth but until now has been largely dominated...

Cornell study validates the ‘See food (and eat it)’ diet…and why out of sight is out of mind

It’s a joke emblazoned on a thousand t-shirts and coffee mugs (I’m on the See-food diet… I see food, and I eat it…). But could we learn something from it?...

Public Health England tells UK government: Sugar taxes do work

All the evidence shows that sugar taxes decrease purchases and curb obesity– but restricting price promotions and junkfood advertising could have an even bigger impact, concludes Public Health England's report...

The savoury secrets of bread: Researchers investigate link between microstructure and dough rheology

Although bread making has been practised for millennia, the fundamental understanding of the relations between dough microstructure and rheology is still surprisingly limited, say researchers.

From bread to bulbs: Food waste could provide environmentally sustainable LEDs

A team of US-based researchers have found a potential new use for food waste; creating new environmentally sustainable LED lights by using quantum dot technology.

Study supports cranberry’s heart health benefits

Drinking cranberry juice may improve vascular function and blood pressure, says a new study funded by the Cranberry Institute.

Arctic Nutrition makes formal US market entry with omega-3, protein ingredients from herring roe

Norwegian firm Arctic Nutrition AS has achieved market penetration with the formal launch in the US market of its Romega phospholipid omega-3 ingredient sourced from herring roe. The ingredient made...

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Nestlé Health Science to open $70m product technology center in Bridgewater, NJ, in 2016

Nestlé Health Science (NHS) is investing $70m in a product technology center in Bridgewater, New Jersey, that will become its new US HQ and research hub.

Impossible Foods raises $108m; prepares to launch plant-based burger by end of 2016

Impossible Foods, one of a new wave of Silicon Valley-backed companies promising to “transform the global food system”, has raised $108m in its latest round of financing, and says its...

What will ditching artificial ingredients really do for big CPG brands?

While ditching ‘artificial’ ingredients may not transform the fortunes of flagging legacy brands, consumer survey data from Instantly suggests it may give consumers a warmer and fuzzier feeling about them,...

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