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GUEST ARTICLE: Eat your art out… intellectual property protection for food

Properly applied, intellectual property law is flexible enough to protect creative food designs from substantial copying, but with built-in limitations that safeguard against stifling collaboration in the food industry, says Foley...

Satiety hormone ‘switched off’ by overeating: Mice study

Overeating reduces levels of a hormone that signals the feeling of fullness, potentially promoting more eating, according to a study. 

Strong science support accounts for astaxanthin's popularity, expert says

Astaxanthin’s popularity has shown no signs of waning and one expert said there’s good reason.  The science backing the ingredient continues to build in scope and power.

New tool by SPINS and IRI to give natural channel retailers ‘unprecedented advantage’

The tool was designed to bring market insight in the natural channel with the detail and depth once reserved to analysis in conventional channel data.

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New VC fund will allow Kellogg to access “cutting-edge ideas” from food & tech startups

The Kellogg Company joins the growing list of large legacy food and beverage brand manufacturers launching venture capital funds as a way to access “game-changing ideas” and tap into emerging...

Whole grains consumption increases thanks to plant-forward diet, focus on new flavors

Once shunned for their distinct taste and texture, whole grains are gaining acceptance among more Americans for these same attributes thanks in part to innovative restaurateurs and chefs who are using...

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Food Vision USA 2016: Innovation, market success, and the future of nutrition

The second Food Vision USA event is 5 months away and we’re offering readers of FoodNavigator-USA and NutraIngredients-USA an exclusive 30% discount for early bird registration.

Green packaging makes food seem healthier - but not for discerning organic shoppers

Discount shoppers believe a product tastes healthier if it comes in a 'healthy', green packaging - but organic shoppers have a more critical eye and are less affected by packaging,...

Soup To Nuts Podcast

Soup-to-Nuts Podcast: How can stakeholders overcome challenges facing plant-based innovation?

Sales of plant-based alternatives to animal products may be growing fast, but the road ahead for the industry is far from smooth with several substantial hurdles threatening to hold back...

Facebook could be making kids fat: report

Food and drink brands are restricting their use of websites to promote unhealthy products to children, instead using social media giant Facebook, an Irish report has found.

Exclusive interview

'The resources to tackle obesity are there. It's just the will that's lacking': Expert

The global discourse on obesity is full of people saying it's a complex problem but offering simple solutions - it's time we put in place a bottom-up and top-down approach,...

Preparing bountiful meals to show affection has unintended, negative consequences, study finds

All too often good intentions lead to bad consequences, as is the case for most caregivers in the US who demonstrate affection and comfort by buying and preparing an abundance...

One Hop Kitchen expands edible insects beyond baked goods into pasta sauce

The nascent edible insect category is growing quickly, but finished product manufacturers have mainly focused on baked goods made from insect flour – until now. 

Consumer loyalty is built on relationships, not discount and point-collecting programs, survey shows

If retailers want consumer loyalty, they need to do more than give them a plastic card that they can scan for discounts at checkout, a new survey by C Space...

Eating more whole grains could reduce risk of chronic diseases, study finds

New research that demonstrates a clear association between eating whole grains and the reduced risk of chronic diseases supports the 2015 dietary guideline’s recommendation that Americans “shift” their diet by...

Probiotics in sports nutrition? Lallemand’s Lafti L10 studied for immune support in athletes

A double-blind, placebo controlled study on elite athletes found that the dairy-derived Lactobacillus helveticus Lafti L10 by Lallemand Health Soultions can be a beneficial supplement for the reduction of upper...

US consumers seek hydration over energy from RTD teas, Mintel analyst says

Roughly half of consumers wanted a tea that was healthy and hydrating compared to just 26% of consumers who wanted an energizing tea, when asked to create their ideal RTD...

Paleo diet linked to faster weight loss, but also lower intake of key micronutrients, study finds

New research supports the controversial but long-held belief that the paleo diet, which encourages the consumption of lean meats, healthy fats and no grains, is a more effective way to...

Foodservice steals market share from grocery aisles as consumer seek convenience, survey reveals

Consumer demand for convenience and increased access to technology is tilting market share towards food service and away from packaged foods in grocery aisles, according to a recent report.

HPT process could offer fresher preserved food on commercial scale by 2019

A new processing technique to preserve food for months without loosing freshness could be commercially available as soon as 2019, say researchers developing the technique.

Little Spoon gives iconic pudding a modern day twist for a novel frozen dessert

Pudding is no longer a mid-century dessert frozen in time – now it is frozen in freezers for a modern day twist on an iconic treat, thanks to the innovative...

Too close to call: How do consumers really feel about GMOs?

The controversy surrounding genetic engineering may feel deafening at times with each side prolifically and loudly debating its pros and cons, but the vast majority of consumers remain unfamiliar GMOs...

Most Americans sit together for dinner, which more often than not is made from scratch, poll finds

Despite the intense focus in recent year on providing on-the-go food for time-crunched consumers, the vast majority of Americans still sit down together for dinner at least once a week,...

Changing supply chain

Interconnected diets: Two thirds of crops we consume are result of ‘food globalisation’

'Foreign' crops dominate national food consumption patterns and farming practices, according to new research that finds nearly 70% of fruit, vegetables, legumes and grains in an average country's diet originate...

“Stealth health” could be strategy of the past as consumers embrace healthy reformulations

New research from market intelligence company CivicScience suggests changing consumer attitudes about healthy eating could mean manufacturers can shed their years-old “stealth health” approach to product reformulation without fear that...

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