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From Dosha dining to noodles and goat meat: 10 culinary trends to watch in 2017

From Ayurvedic-inspired cuisine and Vietnamese Pho, to plant-based ‘meat’ and goat empanadas- Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) highlights 10 culinary trends it predicts will inspire packaged foods and foodservice menus in 2017. 

3 strategies buoying soft drink sales in the face of volume declines

Sales of carbonated soft drinks continue to decline as consumers reach for lower sugar, lower calorie and more natural alternatives, but all hope is not lost for the soda category,...

Penn State academics seek to commercialize ‘bulletproof’ natural colors from avocado pits

Academics at Penn State University are seeking to commercialize water-soluble yellow, orange and red colors derived from avocado seeds (pits), which they claim offer cost and stability advantages over natural...

AccelFoods expands portfolio to focus on snacks, international flavors & small-batch production

Food- and beverage-focused venture fund AccelFoods’ latest cohort of six startups underscore the ongoing heavy influence on industry and market potential of healthy snacking, international flavors and small-batch production.

A shifting perception of responsibility for healthy diet makes food policy political touch point

A significant shift in the percentage of Americans who now believe society, rather than individuals, hold primary responsibility for choosing healthy food to promote wellness and prevent disease is mirrored...

Step aside peas, rice and algae.. there's a new protein in town, from Shiitake mushrooms...

Shiitakes are loaded with nutrients, and also contain more protein than rival mushrooms (up to 18% by dry weight), although many other foods contain more. But what if you could...

Future ice cream flavors will feature nostalgia with a shot of whiskey, fruit blends & a savory spin

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean ice cream season is thanks to new flavor predictions from ingredient supplier Parker Products that extend the frozen dessert’s appeal into Fall...

Senomyx and PepsiCo extend sweet taste collaboration

The sweet taste modifier Sweetmyx 617 from Senomyx has been used in two PepsiCo brands, Manzanita Sol and Mug Root Beer, for the past year as a test run. The companies recently...

Where next for beans, peas, chickpeas & lentils? Join the FoodNavigator-USA Pulse Innovation Forum

Pulses (beans, chickpeas, peas and lentils) are now appearing as added value ingredients in every part of the store, from chips and snacks to salads, soups, pastas, dips and baked...

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301 INC shines light on what qualities in startups catch investors’ attention

Hardly a week goes by without a large food company snapping up an innovative food or beverage company or someone investing millions in a promising young brand – but for...

‘Garden produce’ drives innovation in retail, says Packaged Facts

Specialty greens in the pre-packaged salad section and a touch of mint in savory snacks, entrees, and desserts are some trends noted by the latest Packaged Facts Culinary Trend Tracking...


Clean label: Small but growing part of bakery products mix, says DuPont

Clean-label products represent a small but growing part of the bakery market, according to ingredients supplier DuPont Health and Nutrition.

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The science behind the folklore: How drinking Pickle Juice alleviates cramps & speeds recovery

Usually urban legends are little more than myths. But every once and awhile there is a nugget of truth behind them, as in the case of athletes drinking pickle brine...

FOOD VISION USA 2016: Can personalized nutrition transition from lucrative niche to scalable mainstream?

From personal shopping to personal trainers, we are far more willing to part with our cash for a product or service that gives us exactly what we want – not...

Plant proteins in focus: Pea protein surging ahead, hemp on the cusp of greatness and sacha inchi still niche

With 40 institutional investors this week urging the world’s biggest food companies to shift their emphasis from animal- to plant-based protein, we spoke to a couple of key players in...

Why did Whole Foods drop edible insect products?

Edible insects: Beyond the novelty factor

If the edible insects market is heating up, and big name retailers from Publix to Sprouts are now stocking cricket bars, snacks and protein powders, why is Whole Foods –...

Purple and puffed: Looking into the crystal ball from the Whole Grains Council conference

Puffed whole grains are adding crunch to creamy snacks, and ‘quinoa is the next quinoa,’ say trend forecasters at the Whole Grain Council’s Whole Grains Away from Home Conference.

Could Smart Label help restore consumer loyalty?

Widespread confusion about how packaged foods are made and labeled is eroding consumer trust in brands and threatening future product sales, according to new research from Label Insight.

Alternative proteins

Algae protein’s limited interaction with other ingredients a ‘key competitive advantage,' says TerraVia

It's still a new player in the burgeoning 'alternative protein' category, but algae could give rivals a run for their money as formulators learn about its unique properties that enable fortification in...

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Lightlife advances mission to “change the culture of meat” with launch of plant-based Smart Jerky

Vegetarians and vegans can now participate in the quickly growing jerky craze that continues to sweep the US thanks to the launch of Lightlife’s plant-based Smart Jerky. 

Meta-analysis supports inulin’s cholesterol busting potential

Consuming prebiotic inulin-type fructans may help slash LDL cholesterol levels across a range of population groups, says a new systematic review and meta-analysis.

FoodBytes! Boulder finalists focus on reducing food waste, increasing sustainability

Reducing food waste and increasing sustainability so that food and beverage manufacturers can make more with less are common goals and key attributes of the 10 finalist food, agriculture and...

DFI Corp and Mitr Phol Group to produce erythritol, xylitol, via game-changing ‘green electrochemistry’ process

Chaska, MN-based Dynamic Food Ingredients (DFI) Corporation has struck a deal with the world's fourth largest sugar producer, Thailand-based Mitr Phol Group, to commercialize technology it claims could slash production...

News in brief

Roha to open new $5m natural color facility in St. Louis, MO

Slated for completion next month, the new 16,000 square-foot facility dedicated to natural colors will bring the global color ingredient company closer to US manufacturers.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Hummustir navigates market potential of DIY food trend

As recently as 15 years ago, most Americans had never heard of hummus, or even its base ingredients of chickpeas and tahini. But now the dip is a staple in...

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