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Top comfort foods vary by occasion, but all are indulgent, survey finds

Americans may talk big game about eating healthier, but for many that flies out the window when they are stressed – creating an opening for manufacturers of indulgent products that...

IRI and Oracle’s partnership puts social and purchase data side by side

What do consumers think about your packaging? What do consumers think is still lacking from their pantries? Market research company IRI partners up with Oracle to offer answers to these...

Study: pasta fortified with parsley brought limited antioxidant values

Researchers in Poland fortified pasta with parsley leaves. Though the phenolic level and antioxidant potential of the product was effectively enhanced, the values were significantly lower than predicted.

Health & Wellness 2020

C-stores offer growth opportunity for better-for-you brands

Convenience stores, often considered a destination for indulgent, unhealthy snacks, could offer a new growth opportunity for better-for-you brands as the channel’s core audience begins shifting slightly towards more health-conscious...

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GLG utilizes MycoTech’s mushroom-fueled bitter blocking technology to tackle bitterness in stevia, monk fruit

Natural sweetener specialist GLG will launch stevia and monk fruit sweeteners utilizing the bitter-blocking powers of mushroom mycelium (roots) after striking a deal with Colorado-based MycoTechnology. 

A fat lot of good: Vegetables deep-fried in olive oil are healthier than boiled or raw

Vegetables that are deep-fried in extra virgin olive oil contain more healthy phenols and antioxidants than raw or boiled vegetables - important properties that reduce the risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes,...

Health & Wellness 2020

Health & wellness concerns color consumers’ view of meat and poultry, Packaged Facts finds

Sales of meat and poultry in the US are shifting, but still growing as consumers’ changing views of health and wellness color their opinions of the category and their purchase...

CSPI urges FDA to ban artificial colors, or at minimum encourage companies not to use them

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is taking FDA to task for “failing to protect children” from artificial dyes that it says cause behavior problems, but which FDA...

Medicinal mushrooms and savory peppers: more predictions for 2016

Consumer retail information collected by Spins found that North American buyers will have a taste for the spicy and savory, announced in its latest TrendWatch report.

Diet meals step-up with more premium, gourmet offerings, test reveals

Diet delivery meal services are raising the bar to create more gourmet appearing and tasty meals in a bid to attract more consumers who traditionally have shied away from frozen...

“Small but significant”: Pea fiber may help cut calorie consumption, says human study

Consuming 15 grams per day of yellow pea fiber may help reduce body fat and energy intake in overweight and obese adults, says a new randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

Traditional fats and French cuisine: Campbell predicts trends for the food industry in 2016

Campbell Soup recently released its Culinary TrendScape report for 2016, an annual effort that started in 2014, which lists the top 10 influential food themes researched by chefs, bakers, and culinary professionals.

Sales of sweet baked snacks slow, but single-serve holds promise, Packaged Facts finds

Sales of single-serve packages is a rare bright spot in the otherwise beleaguered sweet baked snack category, sales of which are slowing dramatically as consumers reach for healthier options or...

Can “green” claims turn the GMO debate around in 2016, analysts ask

Growing consumer concern about food waste and the environmental impact of food production could be a “conversation starter” for food manufacturers to shift consumers’ focus on genetically modified organisms away...

The money diet: Spend more on food to be healthier, says 2000-strong study

People who increased the amount they spent on food made healthier choices, ate less energy-dense food and lost weight, which has implications for food taxes and consumer subsidies, say the...

No plastic: Simply Gum gains Vitamin Shoppe listing for all natural gum range

Simply Gum has gained distribution for its premium chewing gum line that’s made with a biodegradable chicle gum base in Vitamin Shoppe stores across the US.

Safety warnings could deter parents from buying sugar-sweetened drinks

Adding warning labels about weight gain, disease and tooth decay to sugar-sweetened beverages, as proposed by several state bills, could deter parents from buying them for their children, a new...

Healthy food does not replace junk in kids’ diets: Study

Eating healthy food does not reduce the consumption of junk food among children according to researchers, who say there is no link between healthy and unhealthy food consumption.

Gallery: Kellogg Canada winter NPD brings new Special K and Pringles lines

Kellogg Canada has been inspired by consumer demand for natural products with recognizable, ingredients in its latest innovations.

Campaigns to abstain from alcohol for a month debated, create marketing opportunities

As grassroots campaigns like Dry January, Sobuary and Sobertober gain popularity by encouraging people to abstain from alcohol for a month, public health advocates are starting to debate their efficacy,...

Sales of meal kit subscriptions surge and show no sign of slowing, research shows

Consumers are embracing the convenience and adventure promised by fresh meal kits delivered to their doors with such fervor that sales growth outpaced all other aspects of food service –...

Dietary guidelines seen as big win for supplements, step forward for omega-3s

The new dietary guidelines release by the US Department of Health and Human Services are seen as a win for the concept of supplementation, and helped boost the fortunes of...

Recommendation to eat potatoes questioned in study linking them to gestational diabetes

Research finding that women who regularly eat potatoes before pregnancy are more likely to develop gestational diabetes raises concerns about dietary guidelines that advocate eating potatoes.

New Year’s resolutions to eat at home could boost grocery sales, but industry faces challenges

Supermarkets and grocery stores likely will see a bump in the first quarter as many Americans resolve to eat at home more often following the holidays, which typically are marked...

More consumers distrust how food is made, but are willing to work with manufacturers

The percentage of vocal consumers who passionately care about, are dissatisfied with and distrustful of how food is made, packaged and sold is growing from a small niche group into...

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