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Different omega-3s vary in heart benefits

Eating a diet rich in the omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), may positively affect 'bad' cholesterol levels in the elderly, says a study from the Netherlands.

Clinton and AHA set nutrition guidelines for schools

Former President Bill Clinton has teamed up with the American Heart Association (AHA) in an effort to reduce childhood obesity through promoting a healthy school environment.

AHPA plans centralized ODI database

The American Herbal Products Association is planning to compile a database of dietary ingredients marketed in the United States before October 1994, and is calling on companies to send records...

Food industry dooms children to obesity, says scientist

A US paediatrician has said that childhood obesity is due to the high-calorie, low-fibre Western diets that cause hormonal imbalances that encourage children to overeat.

Emphasis on weight not answer in obesity fight

A newly published UCLA study suggests that media and cultural obsession with achieving a certain weight does little to encourage people to get active.

Evaluating smell could spell success for food sector

US researchers have investigated how quickly mammals evaluate odours, pushing back the boundaries of understanding smell, and having implications for the food industry.

Older children veer off food pyramid, study

The older children get the more likely they are to stray from dietary guidelines, found researchers at the University of Alabama, who say small increases in fruit and vegetable consumption...

Scientists solve sour taste perception

US-based scientists say they have identified two proteins responsible for the perception of sourness, a taste that up until now has been poorly understood.

Iron transporter research may deliver higher-nutrient crops

Research into the ways in which crops derive micronutrients from the soil could make it possibly to engineer higher-yield, nutrient-rich crops in poor quality soils and increase biomass in soils...

US consumers convinced they follow 'healthy' diets

More than four out of five Americans characterize their eating habits as either "very healthy" or "somewhat healthy" despite soaring obesity rates, according to a new survey. ...

Progresso slashes salt content of soup

Progresso has launched a range of soups that the company claims contains 50 per cent less sodium per serving than original Progresso soups.

NutraSweet targets blended sweetener for best profile

Researchers from NutraSweet and Duke University are working in tandem to produce blends with more desirable sweetness profiles.

Snacking may be gene-activated, suggests study

Eating snacks outside of set meal times may be due to irregular switching on of genes in brain that 'expect' food at irregular hours, a result that has implications for...

Neptune Industries to patent protein technology

Florida-based Neptune Industries is taking steps towards patent protection and commercialization of the technology behind a protein-based nutritional component that it says may one day prove useful in supplying third...

Could spices and spicy foods help in obesity struggle?

Spices have benefits beyond giving flavour to foods and drinks, say scientists from Holland and Canada, and could be considered as 'functional' ingredients in the struggle against obesity.

Omega-3, heart health evidence is strong, says review

Omega-3s from oily fish and supplements can reduce the risk of cardiac and sudden death, and possibly stroke, says a new review from the US.

Sensitive taste buds turn kids off veggies, says study

Kids who are overly sensitive to bitter tastes, caused by genetic variations, are more likely to eat less vegetables, says a study from the US.

Could olive waste boost lard's health image?

Lard, the animal fat with a poor health image, could be stabilised by adding antioxidants from olive oil milling waste, boosting the shelf-life and adding nutritional value, says a study...

More carotenoids from warmer watermelon, says study

The quantity of carotenoids from watermelon, particularly lycopene and beta-carotene, increases if stored at room temperature, says a study from US Department of Agriculture researchers.

Blue California innovation for more lutein uses

Blue California is introducing a new, water-soluble form of Biolut lutein made possible by microencapsulation technology, which extends the uses of the company's branded ingredient to chewable, effervescent and uncoated...

Antioxidants linked to slower vision loss

The antioxidants vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid slowed the loss of sight from retinitis pigmentosa in mouse models - yet more evidence linking antioxidants to improved eye health.

Scientists crack down on global impact of food borne pathogens

Scientists from around the world have been meeting in Germany this week to set research priorities on a broad range of zoonoses - food borne diseases that are transmissible from...

Overweight teens more likely to die early, says study

People who are overweight as teenagers run a higher risk of dying young, according to a new study, which stresses the importance of healthy eating habits in US children.

'Sweet tooth' could lead to more fruit, less obesity

The sweet tooth hypothesis, that people who prefer sweets eat more fruit, could be used to develop strategies to boost fruit and veg intake and tackle obesity, suggests fundamental research...

HortResearch develops antioxidant-rich red-fleshed apple

HortResearch has developed an antioxidant-rich red-fleshed apple that promises to lend to a wide variety of applications in functional beverages, as well as novel marketing potential for formulators.

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