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Why do some people with a genetic predisposition to celiac disease develop it and some people don't? Are saturated fats really as bad as we have been led to believe? Does labeling calories on menus really change consumer behavior? And how much sodium is too much? Stay up to date with all the latest food and beverage research in this section of FoodNavigator-USA.

Doubts cast over value of low-calorie sweeteners

A lack of convincing evidence means that firm conclusions on the role of artificial sweeteners in weight loss cannot yet be made, according to a scientist.

Ingredients for innovation: New Zealand

Joint health from sheeps' wool, kiwi fruit crossed with berries and calcium-boosting bone extract… innovative ingredients from a small Pacific archipelago are starting to make a disproportionately big impact in...

Organics could protect children from pesticide exposure, symposium

Little has been done over the past decade to reduce the risk of children's exposure to pesticides through the foods they consume, according to an Organic Center symposium held yesterday.

More evidence for diabetes and CVD protection by whole grains.

Eating a diet rich in whole grains, a rich source of bran, fibre, minerals and vitamins, could reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and heart disease, claims a new study...

Cholesterol levels increase, despite industry efforts

The number of people suffering from high cholesterol is increasing, despite efforts by the food industry and health institutes to bring down LDL cholesterol levels.

'Little evidence' for lycopene and diabetes link

Eating tomatoes and tomato-based food, rich sources of potent antioxidants, does not protect against the risk of type-2 diabetes, claims a study.

Oat fiber could improve nutrition in food

A new oat variety developed by scientists in the US could increase intake of the soluble oat fiber called beta-glucan in their diets.

Special report

FDA re-opens probe into benzene contamination of soft drinks

US food safety authorities have re-opened an investigation closed 15 years ago into soft drinks contaminated with cancer-causing chemical benzene, following evidence the industry has failed to sort out the...

New cost effective asparagus breed developed

Scientists have developed a new variety of asparagus that offers a higher yield and a higher percentage of marketable spears.

Low-carb diets reduce weight but may raise cholesterol, study

Low-carbohydrate diets may appear effective when it comes to weight loss, but they could be linked to higher levels of LDL or 'bad' cholesterol levels, say scientists.

Weekly Comment

The cost of bad research

The science has spoken. Low-fat diets don't work: Forget the carrots and broccoli sprouts, I can now have my cake and eat it, and put extra cream on top.

New alliance targets fruit cultivar innovation

A leading European horticultural research institute has launched a partnership with a New Zealand science organisation in order to develop new fruit cultivars.

Low fat diet: breast cancer link 'due to chance'

Five servings of fruit and vegetables per day and a diet low in fat reduced the risk of breast cancer by nine per cent, a figure dismissed as not significant...

Low fat diet 'has no effect on heart risk'

Eating less fat and more fruit and vegetables has no effect on the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), claims a long-term dietary intervention study claimed to be the largest ever...

Abnormal hormone may contribute to obesity, study

New research reveals that an abnormal brain hormone may increase the risk of obesity, findings the scientists say could lead to the development of a drug to treat certain cases...

New oat variety boasts high cholesterol-lowering beta-glucan levels

A new oat variety containing high levels of cholesterol-lowering beta-glucan has been developed, meaning that food manufacturers could soon offer whole oat products that pack the same health benefits as...

Obesity may contribute to type 1 diabetes, say scientists

Obesity has long been recognized as a cause for type-2 diabetes, but scientists now say that the disease may be a factor in accelerated type-1 diabetes in some children.

ADM's CardioAid gets GRAS for more foods

ADM has received FDA go-ahead for its CardioAid plant sterols to be used in a wider range of food products, which will make it easier for consumers to lower cholesterol...

Corn oil, omega-6 could speed up prostate cancer, study

Omega-6 fatty acids speed up the growth of prostate tumor cells in the laboratory, according to a study published in today's issue of Cancer Research.

GI, antioxidants to lead 2006 health trends, says AC Nielsen

Foods with a low glycemic index and products containing antioxidants will enjoy good growth this year as consumers continue to "obsess over their health," according to a new study by...

'Contagious' obesity to be tackled with vaccine?

New research published this month suggests that certain viruses may cause obesity, providing evidence that factors other than poor diet or lack of exercise may be contributing to the growing...

Bean extract could lower GI of baked goods

Bakers may be set to benefit from the launch of a white bean extract that claims to reduce the glycemic index of products by reducing the amount of starch absorbed...

US consumers lack wholegrains, claims Uncle Ben's

The majority of US adults are not consuming enough whole grains despite growing dietary awareness, according to a new industry study.

Frutarom develops mental health ingredient

Flavours and extracts firm Frutarom has developed a wild green oat extract to boost mental health, it revealed yesterday.

Taste and behavior are hardwired into the brain

Different tastes are associated with different behavior, and it is all controlled by specific cells in the brain, says new research from UC Berkeley, findings that could have implications for...

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