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Low-fat dairy again linked to healthier hearts

A healthy lifestyle should include low-fat dairy products to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) associated with poor kidney function, suggests new research from the US.

Blending food with cardiology

Cardiologist Richard Collins, a special guest of Cognis, explores the ease of formulating tasty and heart-healthy foods.

Colour and health driving rise of betalains

The potent antioxidant activity of pigments from beet and cactus pears may be the key to their potential, suggests a new review from Brazil.

The several ages of nutrition

Addressing consumers' nutritional needs is no longer a matter of one-size-fits-all. PL Thomas explains what consumers need and when they need it.

Fish protein hydrolysates beat alternatives for foods

Protein hydrolysates from Pacific whiting, an abundant and under-utilised fish, produced better foams than bovine serum albumin, says new research from Mexico.

Cooking with hydrocolloids

As food companies increasing turn to the culinary world for innovative ideas, hydrocolloid company CP Kelco explains how the food industry and chefs complement each other.

The soy taste challenge

Solae surveys the market for soy-based products and responds to the challenge of making them taste good.

Sugar beet pectin-protein nanoparticles show encapsulation potential

Using sugar beet pectin to coat proteins could lead to the formation of core-shell systems for use as encapsulators or fat replacers, suggests new research.

Recent advances pave way for fish gelatine for food

Increasing demand for gelatine, coupled with consumer concerns over the mammalian variety, may open the door for fish gelatine to fill the gap for food formulators, says a new review.

Soy products may raise dementia risk: study

Consumption of soy products like tofu may raise the risk of dementia, according to a new study from Britain and Indonesia.

Consumers key to Givaudan vanilla progress

Ingredients group Givaudan says it is making use of in-depth knowledge on consumer preferences to drive innovation in the field of vanilla ingredient supply and taste profiles.

Self-assembling proteins offer golden food future

There is a big future for exploiting protein's natural tendency to self-assembly into micelles or nanotubes, says a leading researcher in the field.

Blending cardiology with cooking

If heart healthy jambalaya sounds too good to be true, think again. Careful selection of ingredients can make any food heart healthy, without affecting the flavor, says Dr Richard Collins,...

Dried plums offer natural antioxidant alternatives for sausages

Antioxidant-rich dried plums may be a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives for processed meats, suggests research from the Americas.

US data reveal 24m diabetes sufferers

Twenty-four million Americans - or 8 percent of the total US population - currently suffer from diabetes, according to the latest government statistics released yesterday.

Tortilla nutrition benefits from hydrocolloid addition: study

Hydrocolloids can be added to tortilla formulations containing bean flour to extend the product's shelf life and improve texture while increasing its nutritional content, say researchers.

Solutions abound for polyphenol-fortified milk: study

Adding fruit flavours and cyclodextrin to milk may boost consumer acceptance of polyphenol-enriched dairy, without the need for added sugar, report New Zealand scientists.

Gluten-free bakery gets boost from enzyme: study

Baking gluten-free breads for the ever-growing coeliac population may be possible using brown rice and buckwheat flours and adding the transglutaminase enzyme, according to results of a European project.

Study backs dried plums for stronger bones

Polyphenol-rich dried plums may boost bone strength and density by up-regulating growth factors linked to bone formation, reports a new study from the US.

News focus: Pectin

Pectin: Sourcing issues and ideas

Mango, banana, and pumpkin have all been mentioned as alternative pectin sources - but are they industrially viable? In the final part of an in-depth special series, FoodNavigator examines the...

News focus: Pectin

Pectin: Dairy replacer and micro-encapsulator

Replacing a dairy ingredient with one from citrus may not sound plausible, but rocketing dairy prices are prompting formulators to look elsewhere for ingredients. In the fourth part of an...

Consumers do not understand trans fat labeling, says study

Presenting a product's trans fat content is largely wasted on consumers through the lack of interpretive footnotes or information on recommended daily value, say researchers.

News focus: Pectin

Pectin: Providing solutions for healthy foods

Health and wellness is creeping in to every aspect of the food industry. In the third in an in-depth special series, FoodNavigator examines the potential for pectin offer formulation solutions...

Green banana fibres could give noodles nutrient boost

Resistant starch from the green fruits of plantain and banana may boost the fibre content of foods such as instant noodles, suggests new research.

Antioxidant-rich fruit, veg linked to less gullet cancer: study

An increased intake of antioxidant vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene may cut the risk of Barrett's oesophagus, a precursor to oesophageal cancer, suggests a new study from California.

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