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Soy sauce may help with salt reduction in foods: Study

Adding soy sauce to certain foods may enhance perception of saltiness and enable food manufacturers to cut salt content without affecting taste, according to new research from Japan.

Calorie restriction leads to longer life: Study

Restricting the amount of calories we consume, while avoiding malnutrition, may extend lives and reduce the risk of chronic disease, suggest results from a monkey study.

Study 'confirms' umami taste receptor

Scientists have ‘confirmed’ the role of a specific taste receptor in human umami taste, a result that strengthens our understanding of taste preferences.

Fish oil during pregnancy may slash infant allergy

Supplements of omega-3-rich fish oils during pregnancy may reduce the risk of food allergy and eczema in children, according to a new study from Sweden.

Modified gum arabic may boost heart health

The modified gum arabic product 'SuperGum' may reduce blood pressure, even in people with normal levels, according to a new study from the UK and Japan.

Oily fish may reduce dementia risk: Transcontinental study

Increased intake of fish may reduce the risk of dementia by about 20 per cent, according to a new study spanning three continents.

Science grows for xylitol’s tooth health benefits

Formulating products with xylitol may reduce the development of tooth decay, according to a new study from the US.

Study suggests celiac disease has quadrupled since 1950s

Celiac disease could be at least four times more common today than it was 50 years ago, according to a new study from University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic researchers.

The ‘unstoppable’ weight management trend

With over 300m obese adults worldwide, it is no wonder that the food industry is keen to offer tasty possibilities to consumers looking to lose weight, and keep it off....

Walnuts can cut cholesterol, say Harvard researchers

A meta-analysis of walnuts by Harvard scientists has found diets rich in walnuts can significantly reduce cholesterol levels, supporting growing evidence to suggest these popular nuts can improve healthy blood...

Reformulated chocolate chip cookies for kids to combat disease risk?

Reformulating popular foods for school children to make them nutrient dense could be a key tool to slash risk factors for chronic disease, finds a new study.

Sweeter fruit may follow melon genome completion

Scientists from Texas have completed the mapping of the melon genome, opening up possibilities for sweeter or more nutritious fruits.

Review finds no effect of soy on testosterone

A review of 15 studies into the influence of soy proteins or isoflavones on male hormones has found no evidence of an estrogen-like effect.

Animal fats linked to pancreatic cancer: Study

Researchers have linked high intake of fat from red meat and dairy products with increased risk of pancreatic cancer, in a study published in the Journal of the National...

Sweetness perception could vary with ethnicity: Study

Researchers claim to have discovered a particular gene variant that could affect sweetness perception among different ethnic groups, raising the possibility of more targeted flavor profiling of foods.

Healthier mayonnaise passes consumer taste test: Study

Rice bran oil and soy protein concentrate could be used by mayonnaise manufacturers to cut fat levels while increasing consumer acceptability, according to a study on its sensory properties.

Taste psychologist maps 'dialects' of flavour preference

The mapping of ‘taste dialects’ could help food firms develop products that appeal to the specific preferences of consumers in certain geographical locations, according to a taste psychologist.

Keys to functional foods success

When shopping, consumers very quickly decide on a brand’s worth and unless they are making positive ticks in their minds to an array of factors, it is likely they will...

BPA causes reproductive health defects at levels currently considered safe - study

Bisphenol A (BPA) causes significant reproductive health effects at levels equivalent to or below the dose that that has been thought not to produce any adverse results, new research has...

News in brief

Oldways releases updated Med diet pyramid poster

The non-profit organization behind the Mediterranean diet pyramid has released a new display poster to illustrate its updated version, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Could vinegar be natural fat fighter?

Ordinary vinegar – acetic acid – may prevent the build up of fat, and therefore weight gain, according to results of a study with mice from Japan.

Technical challenges to reducing sugar

Tate & Lyle’s manager of sweetener technology development gives insight into the role of sugar beyond providing sweetness, and how to pick alternative sweeteners that build back the properties.

Nitrates and nitrites may be nutritious: Study

Nitrites and nitrates, much maligned additives in processed and cured meats, may help cardiovascular health, suggests a study from the US.

More support for heart healthy wholegrains

Consumption of wholemeal wheat foods may improve both total and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, compared to refined foods, says new research from Italy.

Dispatches from IFT

HFCS: Controversial or just misunderstood?

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is no different from table sugar (sucrose) and that the public cannot be expected to understand differences between the sweetener and "pure" fructose, says Dr...

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