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Partnership promises tight food lab security

A new partnership offering enhanced data protection and security should help firms meet stringent FDA requirements.

Carrageenan range promises increased meat yield

A new range of specialty carrageenans designed to increase yield, prevent drip loss and ensure freeze/thaw stability for meat, fish and poultry is set to be unveiled.

Burcon pulls off canola protein improvements

Burcon NutraScience Corporation has announced that it has successfully modified its canola protein extraction process to make its Puratein and Supertein ingredients suitable for a broader range of food and...

Beta-carotene linked to lower deaths among elderly

Intake of beta-carotene from foods is inversely associated with lower mortality, including death from heart disease and cancer, in the elderly, shows a new study across different European populations.

New gum system promises further dairy innovation

A new natural gum system designed to achieve a thick, creamy taste and appearance could help dairy food makers avoid commodification.

Gluten-free the key to boost craft bakery sales?

The production of gluten-free products could be the way for craft bakeries to increase sales, which are suffering in the face of lower priced mass-produced goods from industrial bakeries, according...

Soy processor taps trans-free oil market

A North Carolina-based soybean processor has tapped into the lucrative trans-fat free oil market through a patent process that also retains the nutritional benefits of soy.

Probiotics increase protection against autoimmune disease

Probiotic bacteria could not only help fight viruses but they may also protect against autoimmune diseases like diabetes, says Swedish probiotics firm Probi.

New method to unlock secrets of beta-carotene

A fast, simple and environmentally friendly method of measuring precisely the beta-carotene and other carotenoid levels in pumpkin could help food makers achieve a better understanding of an important nutritional...

Cargill ramps up trans-fat reduced oil production

Cargill intends to ramp up production of Vistive, a low-linolenic soybean-based oil, following growing interest in the food industry over trans-fat reduced products.

Salt replacers tap growing US health concerns

Wild Flavors has launched a new salt replacement product that it claims blocks the negative taste of potassium chloride while keeping the true taste and mouthfeel of salt.

CLA, full-fat dairy linked to lower bowel cancer risk

High intake of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a type of fat found naturally in cow's milk, is associated with a significantly lower risk of bowel cancer, shows a new Swedish...

Folate may protect women drinkers from breast cancer, says study

Evidence for folic acid's ability to reduce the adverse effects of alcohol on breast cancer risk is stacking up, with the publication of a prospective cohort study in the British...

Fiber products must emphasize benefits, says report

Fiber sells if intake is linked to benefits such as energy management, weight management and digestive health in popular foods such as bread, cereal and pasta, claims a new report.

WHO calls for tighter laws on food industry to tackle preventable disease

The World Health Organisation has created new guidelines for governments in the fight against a growing chronic disease pandemic, which are likely to add to the pressure already being felt...

Public health bodies slam new fluoride tolerance levels

Environmental organizations claim that new food tolerances for the fluoride-based pesticide sulfuryl fluoride could be potentially damaging to public health.

Innova taps trans fat-free vegetable oil demand

A leading manufacturer of hydrolyzed vegetable proteins for the food industry has reformulated its product line in order to meet non trans-fat label requirements.

MyPyramid for Kids a waste of time, claims CSPI

The kids' version of the USDA's food pyramid is as ineffective as the adult version in conveying sound nutritional advice, according to a major public health body.

North American aspartame industry denounces 'flawed' study

The North American sweetener industry has rushed to denounce a study linking aspartame with an increased risk of leukemia and lymphoma in rats, fearful that such negative publicity could dent...

Vegan diet for weight-loss hailed by study

Following a low-fat vegan diet may boost weight loss by more than a standard cholesterol-control diet containing meat and animal-derivatives, indicates a new study - despite the vegan participants upping...

Are parents or the food industry to blame for obesity?

Most adults blame parents for America's current adolescent obesity crisis, though the proliferation of junk food remains a critical concern according to a new report.

High-protein, low-carb corn developed

Corn with twice as much protein and oil and about half as much carbohydrate content could be just round the corner.

Aloe vera developed as natural preservative

Researchers in Spain have developed an aloe vera gel that can be used as an edible coating to prolong the quality and safety of fresh produce.

Food allergies: a problem and an opportunity

A study analyzing food allergies and intolerance in the United States suggests that the "free-from" market has far from peaked.

Cargill sucromalt launch targets functional market

Cargill has launched a fully digestible, slow release carbohydrate designed to deliver the full energy of sugar but with less calories.

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