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Scientists consider cyclodextrins as resveratrol carriers

Encapsulating resveratrol, the red wine polyphenol reported to have heart health benefits, in beta-cyclodextrin could increase the polyphenols availability, says new research.

Low-fat peanut flour improves bakery texture, study

Low fat varieties of peanut flour - a common ingredient in many baked goods - can improve food texture and efficiency during the baking process, according to scientists from the...

Onion extract improves flavour, shelf life of sliced meat

Onion extract, rich in the natural antioxidant quercetin, may not only improve the shelf life of a processed meat product but also enhances the flavour, Irish researchers report.

Scientists consider novel edible oil solidifier

Research from scientists from Unilever R&D and Wageningen University have reported a new way of structuring edible oils without the need for saturated fatty acids.

Trans fats linked to infertility, reveals new study

Consuming trans fats could lead to infertility in women, according to new research, findings that are set to place even more pressure on food manufacturers already battling to remove the...

Weekly Comment

Death to the industry conspiracy theories!

Here we go again. Industry-sponsored studies into the nutritional benefits of food and drink products are biased. Don't believe anything that has an industry sponsor.

Biopolymer shows potential to boost emulsion stability to freeze-thaw

Combining a whey protein, carrageenan and gelatin to form a biopolymer may improve the stability of emulsion during freezing and thawing, says new research.

Common additive may stop acrylamide formation, suggests study

Using the common food additive calcium chloride could reduce the formation of acrylamide in potato chips and French fries by about 95 per cent, according to a new study.

Cauliflower gene could lead to more nutritious crops, says ARS

A gene from an orange cauliflower could be the key to making food crops more nutritious, according to US scientists.

Trans-fat alternatives - are they really healthier?

Interesterified fats, seen by some as alternatives to unhealthy trans fats, may also raise blood sugar levels and decrease insulin levels, as well as adversely affecting so-called 'good' cholesterol levels,...

Report highlights differing approaches to dietary cholesterol

Most national dietary guidelines put the emphasis on reducing saturated and total fat to combat high blood cholesterol, shows a new study, while the US alone sets a limit on...

UHT treatment may reduce cholesterol-lowering effects of soy

Ultra high temperature (UHT) processing of soy beverages may result in products that actually raise LDL-cholesterol levels, according to new research from NutriPharma.

Red meat may increase diabetics heart disease risk, suggests study

High consumption of red meat and heme iron from the diet may the risk of coronary heart disease amongst diabetics by 50 per cent, says new research from Harvard.

Rice, potato pancake good alternative to wheat, says ARS

Scientists in the US have found that a flour made from rice and sweet potatoes is a "superior substitute" to wheat in pancakes, suggesting a possible alternative for products targeting...

Firmenich expand yeasts flavour encapsulation potential

Infusion of flavours into empty yeast cells improves stability and flavour release, compared to traditional spray dry powders, researchers form Firmenich have reported.

Orange-fibre sausages - taste like the real thing?

Replacing fat with orange fibre to improve the nutritional quality of the banger does not affect the sensorial nature of the product, Spanish researchers have reported.

Food industry pushes MyPyramid into supermarket carts

The US food and beverage industry last week launched a new initiative to support the government's dietary guidelines, while at the same time promoting products that meet certain nutrition criteria.

Albumin to boost tea extract antioxidant activity in emulsions?

The stability of emulsions can be enhanced by complexing the protein albumin with green tea extracts, boosting the shelf-life and nutritional content, researchers have reported.

Bodyweight plays no role in pleasure of eating, says study

The pleasure of eating, and the desire to stop, is not affected by bodyweight, says a new study that could help in the search for a solution to the obesity...

Probiotics improved colic in babies, says study

A daily probiotic dose of the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri improved symptoms associated with infantile colic, says a new study from Italy.

Fermentation to give allergen-free whey and dairy?

Fermentation of dairy with a mix of lactic acid bacteria and a Streptococcus strain could selectively reduce the protein responsible for cows milk allergy, researchers have reported.

Olive oil linked to lower blood pressure

Moderate intake of olive oil, a mainstay of the Mediterranean diet, was successful in reducing the blood pressure of healthy men who don't usually eat a Med-type diet, suggests a...

Gluten-soy protein's potential for carb replacement

A gluten-soy protein isolate combination has significant potential as a carbohydrate replacer in cookies aimed at the low-carbohydrate diet sector, say researchers.

Salt reduction may have asthma benefits too, says review

Reducing salt intake may affect asthma severity and breathing in adults with the condition, says a joint Anglo-American review of the science.

Consumers should fight cloned food, says group

An influential consumer group has urged the public to complain against plans by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow meat and dairy products from cloned animals to enter...