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Nitrites in cured meat could increase lung disease risk

Days after English researchers proposed an equation to make the ultimate bacon buttie, a new study from the US has reported that frequent consumption of cured meats like bacon may...

Collagen could boost nutrient retention in meats

Injecting meatballs with collagen may boost the retention of key nutrients in the meat, suggests new research from Poland.

Pumpkin pectin may offer novel gelling opportunities

Pectin extracted from pumpkin and then modified using an enzyme could offer an interesting alternative for jams and confectionery, suggests new research from Russia.

Understanding heat and chilling could boost flavour perception

Scientists from the University of Nottingham have reported that adding an ingredient that induces the sensation of cooling could boost the perception of fruit flavours, fundamental research that could have...

Could algal biomass be green food colouring?

Scientists in Portugal are experimenting with algal biomass as a novel source of green colouring for food, with tests in cookies indicating excellent stability.

Glycemic load has no long term impact on weight loss, study

Low glycemic and high glycemic diets could result an equal level of weight loss in the long term, according to new research.

Scientists look to hibiscus as ingredient source

Oil extracted from the seeds of hibiscus plants is rich in linoleic and oleic fatty acids, and could offer interesting applications for industry, says new research from Spain.

Modified tapioca to find use as encapsulation material?

Acid modified tapioca starch may offer significant advantages as an encapsulation material, producing better results than native starch, says new research.

ARS invests in barley, oat research

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has dedicated a new research lab to the improvement of cereal crops such as barley and oats.

Seaweed bead to offer novel encapsulation potential

Furcellaran, a co-polymer of beta and kappa-carrageenan extracted from red algae, has been identified as a novel new encapsulation material, researchers from Estonia report.

Scientists fill in encapsulation knowledge gaps

Encapsulation of peppermint essential oil as a model flavour in a variety of modified starches is helping scientists fill in knowledge gaps that could further enhance encapsulation of flavours and...

Dairy, fruit, veg could help smokers quit, says study

Dairy products, fruit and vegetables may help smokers break the habit, according to new research, which claims to be the first of its kind.

Red, processed meat may double breast cancer risk - study

High consumption of red and processed meat may double the risk of breast cancer amongst women of a certain age, suggests a new study from England.

Whey tops formulation, cost list as meat ingredient

Modified whey protein could be the additive of choice for processed meat, with Canadian researchers reporting it is the most functionally effective and cost-efficient of five dairy proteins tested.

Max values for tea extracts for bread formulation reported

Scientists from the University of Singapore have reported threshold levels for formulation of green tea extracts in bread, above which sweetness, brightness and hardness are affected.

Slimming Ingredients get serious

The first international conference on slimming ingredients kicked off in Berlin with industry and academia exploring the huge potential for potential weight managing and weight reducing ingredients.

ARS develops steps to retain bioactives in food samples

Scientists in the US have developed a set of procedures for the extraction, preparation and preservation of food samples to be analysed for their nutrient content, in order to reduce...

Beef-fertility study seeks to raise awareness of chemicals in meat

A study from the US has raised the hackles of the meat industry by reporting a link between male fertility and their mother's high beef consumption during pregnancy - an...

Super Gum 'wows' as delivery system for food

The modified gum arabic product 'Super Gum' could stabilise water-in-oil-in-water emulsions, opening up opportunities for fat reduction and novel encapsulation, researchers from New Zealand have reported.

Conference highlights cancer-fighting foods

The American Chemical Society brought the cancer-fighting potential of food to the forefront Sunday as part of its national meeting.

Scientists cook up antioxidant-rich pizza

US scientists have produced a pizza with enhanced antioxidant content in the crust, aimed to boost antioxidant defences and protect against oxidative stress.

Organic kiwis healthier than non-organic?

The nutritional profile of kiwi fruit grown organically is healthier than conventionally grown fruit, American researchers have reported.

Grape seed extract may protect against skin cancer

Proanthocyanidin-rich extracts from grape seeds may prevent skin cancer by boosting the immune system, says a new study that used hairless mice to model human sun exposure.

Citrus pigment waste could offer cheap sweeteners for industry

Researchers in Italy have developed a process to produce high purity sugars from citrus processing waste that could offer natural and inexpensive sweeteners for the food and beverage industries.

Danisco breakthrough could boost cultures' resistance

Scientists from Danisco have identified peculiar regions of a starter culture's genome that allow the bacteria to be resistant to infections by bacteriophages (bacterial viruses).

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