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Why do some people with a genetic predisposition to celiac disease develop it and some people don't? Are saturated fats really as bad as we have been led to believe? Does labeling calories on menus really change consumer behavior? And how much sodium is too much? Stay up to date with all the latest food and beverage research in this section of FoodNavigator-USA.

Schwarzenegger to address school nutrition experts

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is to address the nation's nutrition professionals on the strengthening of school nutrition programs at the annual National Conference of the School Nutrition Association due to...

Citric acid, glycine addition could cut acrylamide, keep flavour

Addition of citric acid and glycine could reduce the formation of acrylamide, but not affect flavour, suggests a model study from the UK.

Low-fat dairy linked to lower diabetes risk in women

A diet rich in low fat dairy could cut the risk of type-2 diabetes for women by over 20 per cent, says a new study from Harvard.

IR could boost flavour perception understanding

New technology has ramifications for food formulators as Japanese scientists are pioneering the use of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to monitor brain responses to flavour.

Scientists make nano-organogels for food

Fundamental research from the US suggests that an enzyme could convert sugars in the presence of olive oil to form 'nano organogels' - potentially leading to novel delivery systems for...

Study supports vitamin D fortification of bread

Bakery manufacturers could soon find themselves obliged to fortify bread with vitamin D, following the results of a new study.

Sweet, fat taste preference equal in men and women, suggests study

The preference of fat or sweet foods amongst obese adults is equal, and more related to personality type and eating behaviour than gender, suggests new research from Sweden.

Fungus enzyme could lead to supplements for coeliacs

A newly identified enzyme can break down gluten molecules before they reach the small intestine, Dutch researchers have shown, and may offer hope for the management of coeliac disease using...

Antioxidant-rich almonds on a par with fruit and vegetables.

According to recent research, antioxidant-rich almonds could be the smart choice for manufacturers trying to reach a health-conscious market.

Soy isoflavones could improve mood, mental function

Isoflavones from soy could help preserve cognitive function and mood in post-menopausal women, according to Italian researchers.

Scientists develop oleic acid-rich soybean oil

Scientists at Iowa State have developed soybean oil rich in oleic acid and low in linolenic acid, and are now seeking food companies to test if the oil can be...

ADM wheat protein ingredient to bind health bars

ADM is targetting the burgeoning healthy snacks market, launching a wheat protein isolate that mimics the properties of sugar as a binder in reduced sugar applications.

FDA issues guidance on GMO safety testing

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a voluntary guidance on testing programmes for bioengineered plants.

Trans fat leads to weight gain even on equal calories - in monkeys at least

A diet rich in trans fatty acids leads to abdominal weight gain compared to a diet rich in monounsaturated fats, even when the calorie intake is equal, says a monkey...

New dietary guidelines promote heart health

New dietary guidelines published by the American Heart Association (AHA) recommend that Americans consume less fat and sugar, and more vegetables and whole grains in order to optimize heart health.

Folic acid fortification boosting adolescent health

Adolescents, an often overlooked population, could also be reaping the benefits of folic acid fortification of enriched grain products with lower levels of a marker of cardiovascular disease (CVD), says...

Some tastes in the genes, says obesity-linked study

A child's taste for protein-rich foods like meat and fish is inherited, but taste for vegetables and desserts are influenced, says new research that may have implications for understanding obesity.

The science of salt reduction in food

The food industry is facing up to the issue of salt reduction. But how can this compound - so important in the preparation and storage of food - be replaced...

Whole Grains Council reveals new weight-based stamp

The Whole Grains Council is to change the design of its characteristic stamp in a move to avoid potential regulatory uncertainty surrounding its use of the terms 'excellent' source or...

Earlier introduction of solid cereals may reduce wheat allergies

Getting kids to eat solid cereals at an earlier age could reduce the risk of developing wheat allergies, says a new study from Colorado-based researchers.

Higher Hispanic obesity rates not related to environment, study

A new study has revealed that the higher obesity rates of Hispanic children are not connected to socioeconomic factors, findings that could add weight to the suggestion that this sector...

Chilled, cut fruit keep nutrients as well as fresh

Minimal processing of fruit - cutting, packaging and chilling - does not affect the nutritional content even after nine days, says an international study that could promote healthy eating on...

FDA affirms position on mercury in fish

The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that it stands behind its consumer advisory on mercury levels in fish.

NMI encourages manufacturers to make health claims

Consumers actively seek out products with specific health claims on their labels, according to the Natural Marketing Institute - a factor that may encourage companies to solicit approvals from FDA...

Hispanic dietary guide set to enter grocery stores

A new booklet providing nutritional advice and specific product suggestions for Latino consumers is set to appear in supermarkets in coming months, the Latino Nutrition Coalition (LNC) told

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