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Coconut-palm oil blend could offer trans-fat free shortenings for bakery: Study

A blend of oils from coconut and palm could produce a plastic fat for use as a shortening in bakery products as a trans-fat replacer, says new research from India.

Study links higher dairy consumption to teen weight loss

Adolescents eating higher amounts of dairy goods, within the recommended daily guidelines, generally have lower levels of fat to those with a reduced intake, says a new study.

Fructose-sweetened drinks again raise questions in obesity-related study

Drinking fructose-sweetened beverages with meals may cause bigger rises in blood levels of triglycerides in obese people after the meal, says a new study.

Probiotics and prebiotics boost ‘quality of life’ for IBD sufferers

A combination of probiotic and prebiotics may improve the ‘quality of life’ for sufferers of a type of IBD, says a new study from Japan.

Phosphorus additives pose ‘hidden’ danger to kidney patients

Patients with kidney disease may be at danger from a ‘hidden threat’ of phosphorous additives found in processed and fast foods, says a new study from the US.

Snack Size Science: Crystal balls and salt crystals

FoodNavigator's Snack Size Science brings you the week's top science. This week Nestle gives us a glimpse of the future with its research into hydrogels to deliver flavour and nutrients...

News in brief

New database offers multimedia cereal research tool

AACC International has launched an online technical database for researchers studying grains and their uses.

Nestle explores thermogel emulsions for flavour, nutrient delivery

Self-assembled emulsion droplets encapsulated in carrageenan-based gels may one day be able to deliver flavours and nutrients in food, says preliminary research from Nestle.

Purac builds science for salt replacer in meats

A potassium lactate and sodium diacetate mix may reduce the sodium chloride content by 40 per cent, and significantly increase shelf-life, says a new study from Purac.

Edible fungus additive could eliminate grapefruit side effects: Study

Adding an edible mushroom-like fungus to grapefruit juice may help to reduce the serious side effects that can occur when people taking certain prescription drugs drink grapefruit juice.

Beta-glucan-rich fat replacers pass taste test for cookies: Study

Hydrocolloids containing beta-glucan could be used to replace fat in cookies and peanut spreads, according to a new study from the US and Korea.

Casein could be natural antioxidant for boosting meat shelf-life: Study

Modification of the milk protein casein by enzymes could offer formulators a natural antioxidant for beef and poultry products, according to new research from Brazil.

Global knowledge strengthens flavor safety, says FEMA

The FEMA GRAS program’s status as a leading assessor of flavor safety has been strengthened by developments in other programs, say the authors of its first review since 1995.

‘Portion size’ may not be a good way to curb obesity: Study

Nutritional labelling may mean more to consumers than portion sizes, according to a joint study from Norway and the US.

Spruce waste extract shows beverage emulsion potential: Study

Carbohydrates in the waste water of softwood mills may stabilise beverage emulsions, and offer alternatives to established favourites like guar and locust bean gum, says a new study.

Human brain makes snap decision on fat content: Study

A new study from Nestle has revealed that the human brain makes quick decisions on the energy and fat content in food just by looking at it – a finding...

US-Danish alliance in search of healthier foods

A new consortium of leading American and Danish food scientists has been established to develop new ingredients for tackling malnutrition and diet-related diseases.

Study finds promise in flavors from fermented citrus pulp

Fermented citrus pulp could be a new source of natural flavorings for the food industry, according to a new study from India, both making use of a waste product and...

News in brief

ASN report promotes small changes against obesity

The American Society for Nutrition (ASN), the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), and the International Food Information Council (IFIC) have published a report advocating small lifestyle and diet changes...

Low carb study could lead to new approach to fatty liver

A small study has suggested that a low carbohydrate diet stimulates the burning of fat in the liver, and could lead to a new, food-related approach to prevention and management...

Heart study to keep pressure on salt reduction targets: Study

As food formulators continue to reformulate for lower salt foods, a Harvard-led study adds further support for cutting sodium and boosting potassium intakes.

Snack Size Science: Fish oils and milk proteins drive nano-vehicle innovation

FoodNavigator's Snack Size Science brings you the week's top science. This week we look at Israeli research into how whey protein can spontaneously bind omega-3 fatty acids to create transparent...

Kraft uses math to develop functional foods

Kraft Foods has invested in a novel ingredient screening technology that uses mathematics to identify new compounds with specific health benefits.

Aroma, taste and texture drive refreshing perception: Study

A consumer’s perception of a refreshing sensation in food is driven by the cold/mint flavour, the acidity of the formulation, and the thickness of the product, according to research...

Probiotics may improve alcoholics’ liver health: Study

A pilot study from Russia and the US indicates that supplements of Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus plantarum 8PA3 may improve the health of an alcoholic’s liver.

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