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Natural anti-browning agents give fresh cut fruit potential

Natural sulphur containing-compounds may prevent the browning of fresh-cut fruit, and offer a more potent alternative to vitamin C, suggests new research from Spain.

Orange essential oils show promise as natural antimicrobials

A new study adds to existing evidence that orange essential oils could prove useful in the formulation of all-natural and organic ingredients that live up to stringent food safety standards.

Sensible snacking benefits health

Sensible, nutritious, snacking twice a day combined with three small meals can form a healthy, balanced diet, claims Kellogg's Smarter Snacking Report published earlier this month.

Boost for corn fibre gum's emulsifying potential

USDA scientists are continuing to expand the potential of a gum produced from corn fibre to replace gum arabic as emulsifiers in beverages, with a new study pinpointing the emulsifying...

Researching the perfect brown bread sandwich

The perfect wholemeal sandwich is moving closer to the plate thanks to research into bubbles in bread at the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science at Manchester University in...

Make additive removal usual for hyperactive kids, says professor

Cutting out colours and preservatives from the diets of hyperactive children should be standard part of dealing with the disorder, says a professor who takes a more stringent view than...

Symrise solution tackles 'problem' ingredients

Food makers meeting the challenges of unpleasant off-tastes in their health-profiled formulations could benefit from a new series of flavor masking tools from flavor firm Symrise.

Too little salt may pose CVD risk, suggests study

Low sodium levels may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, say researchers in an observational study, contradicting recent evidence from intervention trials indicating the dangers of too much salt.

Researchers to identify obesity botanical extracts

Two research groups have joined forces to identify natural compounds that could hold potential in the prevention of metabolic disease and obesity.

Oil palm genome sequencing may aid sustainability

A US-Malaysian partnership has completed the first phase of annotating the oil palm genome in a process it hopes will enable increased oil yields and sustainability.

Popcorn linked to high whole grain intake: study

The consumption of popcorn is associated with a substantially higher intake of whole grains and dietary fibre, says research, indicating its benefits as a healthy snack.

News briefs: American tastes, Abbott Nutrition and Cadbury

Research suggests that Americans prefer foods high in solid fats and added sugars whilst Abbott Nutrition aims for the health conscious with a new chocolate nutrition bar and Cadbury announces...

Smoothies cause rift between dieticians and dentists

A recent review that casts a rosy glow on the trend for fruit smoothies because they can help consumers meet five a day fruit-and-veg targets has caused uproar amongst dentists,...

Weekly comment

Time for an organic-GM peace treaty

The war between the GM and organic movements has been bitterly fought. However in the midst of a global food crisis the time has come for these old enemies to...

Study deepens emulsion-flavour release understanding

Understanding how flavours and aromas are released from food is key to formulating successful products, and new research from Greece may deepen our understanding.

Amino acids may extend sweet potato starch's gelling possibilities

As interest in potato starch increases due to clean label pressures, US scientists report that the gelling and paste-forming properties of starch from sweet potatoes can be controlled by using...

Nitrate additives may protect stomachs from ulcers

Nitrites and nitrates, much maligned additives in processed and cured meats, may help protect the stomach from damage, suggests research from Sweden.

Browning agents offer speedy customization

Advanced Food Systems has debuted a range of browning agents that promises to deliver additional benefits including increased shelf life and reduced processing costs.

Scientists extend potential of flaxseed gum-starch use

Mixing maize starch and flaxseed gum, a lesser used hydrocolloid with properties similar to guar gum, may offer food formulators a new way of control texture and improving stability, suggests...

Sweet tooth in the genes: study

A specific genetic variation may help explain why some people consume more sugary foods than others.

Natural pigments from prickly pear get procedural boost

Fermenting the fruit juice of prickly pear Opuntia stricta could produce concentrated betalains for use as food colouring, according to new research from Spain.

Acrylamide linked to higher kidney cancer risk

Increased dietary intakes of acrylamide could raise the risk of kidney cancer by 59 per cent, says a new study from the Netherlands.

Pine bark extract may boost diabetics' heart health

Supplements of extracts from French maritime pine bark may reduce blood pressure and the use of blood pressure medication among diabetics, suggest results from a new study.

Gut microflora and obesity - Nestle expands the possibilities

Modifying the population of bacteria in the gut may improve the regulation of glycemic control and reverse the insulin resistance that occurs with obesity, suggests a new study from the...

Nestle collaboration to target genes and taste perception

A better understanding of how genes affect a person's sensitivity to taste could enhance the development of foods that meet specific consumer preferences and individual nutritional needs.

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