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Five dairy servings a day can trigger weight loss, says study

New research suggests that increasing dairy consumption from three to five servings a day in the context of a reduced calorie diet can help fight obesity.

Changing dietary fats could reduce disease risk: Study

Consuming a diet rich in monounsaturated fats could lower the risk of metabolic syndrome – even without weight loss, says a new study.

Study tests emulsifier vs. enzyme performance in bread

A new study has pitted use of a Datem enzyme against three generations of lipase enzymes, and found that action on bread volume is similar - but with some...

Lactose intolerance lower than thought: study

Lactose intolerance rates are much lower than previously thought with prevailing estimations as much as 400 percent greater than results derived in a new study sponsored by the National Dairy Council.

Rating foods on nutrition and cost

A nutrition rating system that takes into account cost as well has nutritional value has been developed by nutrition expert Dr Adam Drewnowski.

High protein diet may make brain lighter: Animal study

Eating a high protein diet appears to make the brains of mice lighter, report researchers who hypothesise that this could make them more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease.

Preschoolers’ diets mimic unhealthy adult eating

Many American preschoolers do not eat any fruit or vegetables in a given day and most eat too much sodium and saturated fat – a situation reminiscent of adult habits,...

Taste receptor for carbonation discovered, claim scientists

Scientists claim to have discovered the taste receptor for carbonation, saying that it is perceived in a similar way to sour flavors – and provide an explanation for fizzy drinks’...

Benefits of salt reduction clear, despite brain claim

Public policy to reduce salt intake has clear health benefits, despite claims that intake is physiologically determined and cannot be controlled by policy, says a UK expert.

Amaranth offers natural pigments for noodles: Study

Pigments from amaranth may boost the nutritional profile and colour of Asian noodles, without affecting the quality, says a new study from China.

New research examines the psychology of food choices

How food choices are presented may have more influence on consumers than they realize, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

CP Kelco innovation to give one-shot multi-layered desserts

A three layered dessert formulation from one processing stream that subsequently self-separates into layers has been developed by CP Kelco.

Vegetarianism poses no bone health danger: Study

Consuming a vegetarian diet may result in slightly weaker bones, but not to a level that it becomes a clinical concern, says a new meta-analysis.

Kids’ soft drink habits predict teenage weight: Study

Five-year-olds’ consumption of sweetened beverages could give an indication of their weight status for the following ten years, according to a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Friendly bacteria may blunt fibre’s anti-nutrient actions

Formulating bread with Bifidobacterium strains may reduce levels of a compound in high-fibre bread thought to be behind fibre’s impairment of mineral absorption, says a new study from Spain.

Vegetable oil mix may substitute for pork fat in meats

Polyunsaturated-rich oils may replace pork fat in sausages, suggests a new Spanish-Colombian study with implications for healthier meat products.

Few Americans realize that heart disease risk starts in childhood

A new survey has found that while many Americans are concerned about heart disease, nearly two-thirds mistakenly believe that heart disease risk only begins in adulthood.

Red meat again linked to cancer risk: Study

Increased intakes of red meat may increase the risk of prostate cancer, with the meat’s heme iron content one of the possible culprits, says a new study from the US....

Seaweed harvest could yield new flavours and colours

One of Ireland’s natural resources - seaweed – could yield a range of new food ingredients, including colour, flavours and healthy compounds.

Stevia-sweetened strawberries point to low-cal fruit potential

Replacing the sugar in strawberries with the natural sweetener stevia could lead to a new range of low-calorie dried fruit products, says a new study from the Americas.

Boost vitamins with diet not pills, Harvard tells public

In light of the recent attacks on supplements both in the US and Europe, takes a look at the position of one of the most respected sources of nutritional...

Fibre may replace trans-fats for snack formulations

Inulin can replace trans-fatty acids in snack food formulations, turning it into a healthy snack with good consumer acceptance, says a new study from Brazil.

Study supports safety of ADM and Burcon’s canola protein isolate

A napin-rich canola protein isolate does not pose any safety concerns and is considered safe, according to a toxicology study from ADM and Burcon.

Lecithin may boost fruit juice, sauce quality: Study

Formulating processed fruit and vegetable products with soy lecithin may enhance not only the physico-chemical properties, but also the nutritional profile, says a new study.

Food insecurity increases US children’s risk of obesity, says study

New research from the American Dietetic Association has found a "paradoxical correlation" between obesity and food insecurity – defined as lack of access to food, or nutritionally adequate food –...

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