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USDA receives whole grain comments for new WIC guidelines

The government's new WIC nutritional guidelines should allow for a broader range of whole grain foods than currently proposed, according to the AACC International Whole Grains Task Force.

US get worst health marks

Even though Americans are willing to spend money on healthy products, they are less likely than other nationalities to make long lasting behavior changes, according to a new report from...

Red meat linked to increased breast cancer risk

A new study from Harvard has reported that pre-menopausal women who eat more that one and a half servings of red per day may double their risk of hormone receptor-positive...

Enzyme-modified soybean sugar - another gum arabic replacer?

Soybean soluble polysaccharide (SSPS) modified by a rhamnogalacturonase (RGase) enzyme could be used in flavour emulsions, and is a potential replacement for gum arabic, say researchers from Fuji Oil Company.

Low-carb as heart healthy as low-fat, says study

Low-carb diets, like the once fashionable Atkins diet, do not increase the risk of heart disease, says new research from Harvard - and if vegetables rather than meat are the...

Mediterranean diet set for major push in US

Next year could mark the onset of a new diet pattern in the US, with an influential nutrition group saying it plans to comprehensively promote the healthy Mediterranean style of...

Polyphenol-enriched tea may double cholesterol excretion

Drinking a cup of polyphenol-enriched oolong tea with a high fat meal may increase the amount of cholesterol excreted by the body by half, says a small study from Japan...

Workers exposed to nanotech risk, warns scientist

Workers in manufacturing producing nanotech foods and other goods may be exposed to a health risk, according to a scientific article.

Food experts examine benefits of olive oil, Med diet

Food professionals and culinary experts from around the world are today gathering in the southern Italian region of Puglia for six days of seminars, symposia and product tasting in an...

Finnish study links salt intake to obesity

Scientists from Finland have claimed that comprehensive salt reduction would be a potentially powerful means to combat obesity, linked to lower consumption of high-energy beverages.

Açai berries top the antioxidant rankings, says study

The Amazonian palm berry, also known as açai, has the highest ORAC antioxidant values of any food, says a new study, but the researchers suggest that such values are dependent...

Mars chocolate lowers cholesterol, study

Mars' CocoaVia nutritional chocolate bar range has had its healthy image boosted by a new study indicating that the product actively reduces cholesterol levels.

Galactic raises global lactic acid prices

Lactic acid producer Galactic has announced a round of price increases designed to cope with rocketing production costs.

Dried plums offer natural antioxidant alternatives for meat

Scientists in Texas are investigating the potential of dried plums as a natural alternative for processed meats, slowing oxidative spoilage as well as imparting flavour and aroma.

Scientists start unlocking slowly digestible starch secrets

A US-Chinese collaboration into the properties and structural basis of slowly digestible starches (SDS) could lead to healthier carbohydrates that do not cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.

Weekly Comment

Transparency is the key to the science kingdom

In the food and nutrition world, science is king. So when journals do not force scientists to fully disclose financial support and potential conflicts of interest, they are not helping...

Limagrain launches 'world's first' instant waxy wheat flour

Limagrain plans to launch what it claims is the worlds first instant waxy wheat flour at the HiE in Frankfurt this month.

Limagrain, GRDC to bring GM healthy wheat to market

A genetically modified wheat variety that has significantly more resistant starch than regular wheat could reach the market in five years, say Australian scientists who have won financial backing to...

Scientists develop sugar free dairy dessert

Two top scientists claim to have developed a frozen dairy dessert that contains no sugar, trans fats or lactose, heralding new opportunities for dairy firms to target consumer health trends.

Meta-analysis of cutting salt in kids to pile pressure on food industry

A new meta-analysis of clinical trials of the effect of salt reduction in children reports that a modest reduction in intake does have a significant effect on blood pressure.

Scientists create high protein, low fat tortilla

A team of food researchers has been awarded a patent for a new variety of tortilla targeting consumers eager for a low fat, low carb, soy-free version of the popular...

USDA invests in food program research

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is to invest almost $2m in evaluating its food and nutrition assistance programs, in an effort to enhance these on the back of advice...

Beta-cyclodextrin: potential for vanillin encapsulation?

Encapsulating vanillin in beta-cyclodextrin could improve the water solubility of the compound, as well as offering protection against oxidative degradation, suggests research from Greece.

Superfruits could wrestle gut health beverages from dairy

New Zealand's HortResearch is conducting research aimed at taking fruit and fruit-derived ingredients into the next generation of gut health drinks based on their prebiotic properties.

Researchers race to perfect first totally purple tomato

Research groups around the world are working on breeding truly purple tomatoes, packed full of anthocyanins, and reports suggest that such a finished fruit may only be a few years...