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Cartons help brands sell sustainability with new unqualified ‘please, recycle’ claim

A new ability to don an unqualified “please, recycle” claim on cartons elevates the packaging’s already strong sustainability story and gives brands that use the containers another tool with which...

Consumer interpretation of clean label trend varies by generation

As the concept of clean label continues to evolve and transition from an industry term to one consumers understand and seek, companies should take a more sophisticated approach to the...

Researchers: 'We consider this to be a major breakthrough'

Gut bacteria linked to development of Alzheimer’s disease: Mouse data

Intestinal bacteria can accelerate the development of Alzheimer's disease, say researchers who suggest their findings could open new opportunities for preventing and even reversing the disease through the gut.

Perfectly Free prepares for 2018 launch of novel refrigerated fruit & veggie snacks with 'grape-like' skin

Incredible Foods – the firm behind allergy-friendly Perfectly Free frozen coconut bites – is gearing up for the 2018 launch of what it claims is a completely new form of...

Protein holds steady in 2017 but consumers become more sophisticated in their demands

Protein shows no sign of petering out in 2017 with many consumers still listing it as an “ideal attribute” for fortification across categories and an ever-growing list of sources from...

New Nielsen Product Insider by Nielsen and Label Insight combines ingredient data with consumer purchasing trends

The measurement tool, launched today, combines Nielsen’s expertise in tracking sales based on consumer behavior and preferences with Label Insight’s ingredient database.

Sugar-reduction efforts pick up steam ahead of update to Nutrition Facts panel

Food and beverage brands of all sizes and across categories are scrambling to reduce sugar in their products before FDA regulations mandating they indicate added and total sugar on the...

US ranks near the bottom globally for nutrition, sustainability & food waste

Perhaps not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless to environmental, health and nutrition advocates is new research that ranks the US dead last, or very near the bottom, out of 25 countries...

Drinking vinegar could be the next kombucha if it can overcome four major hurdles

While most Americans remain unfamiliar with drinking vinegar, the category is gaining traction and could be the next kombucha if manufacturers work together to promote its many benefits and uses,...

Pulse snacks gain traction, but still trail other better-for-you options, Packaged Facts finds

Pulse-based snacks are enjoying an “unprecedented popularity” thanks in part to a year-long marketing campaign spearheaded by the United Nations, but they still have a long way to go to...

Is ‘glyphosate-free’ certification necessary? Heavenly Organics thinks so

The effect of glyphosate on human health—and more recently, on the bee population—has been a hotly contested topic.

Soup-To-Nuts Podcast: Separating fact from fiction when formulating with probiotics

Once restricted to a handful of products, such as yogurt, probiotics are enjoying unprecedented popularity and are popping up in unexpected places with many bold health claims, but not everything...


Cauli-Rice unveils low-carb, preservative-free, shelf-stable alternative to pasta, rice: ‘It took us three years to get it right’

Cauliflower rice is now available in the frozen and chilled sections of some retailers, but British brand Cauli-Rice is hoping to carve out new territory in the emerging category with...

Experts hit back at ‘inaccurate headlines’ after review questions curcumin

A recent review paper that called into question the potential benefits of curcumin has been misinterpreted to create inaccurate headlines, experts tell NutraIngredients-USA.


Dahlicious moves into new territory with almond milk yogurt and kefir

Dahlicious – a brand best-known for its cultured dairy product, lassi – is moving into new territory this year with the launch of almondmilk-based yogurt and kefir.

Imperfect foods to ‘post-truth,’ Mattson maps out 5 macro trends for 2017

While many trend reports try to pinpoint the next kale or quinoa, Mattson’s 2017 predictions focused on “Macro Trends that are going to have an enormous impact on the overall...

Label Insight’s new Open Data Initiative grants access to academic researchers for free

The Chicago-based data company is providing academic researchers complimentary access to its data set in consumer packaged goods.


Could molecular hydrogen infused water carve a niche in the functional beverages category?

In regular water, hydrogen is bound to oxygen (H2O) making it "difficult for our bodies to enjoy the [antioxidant/anti-inflammatory] benefits of hydrogen," claims the company behind Hfactor, which contends that dissolving hydrogen...

Dairy innovations will take butter to ‘new flavor places,’ Packaged Facts predicts

Taking advantage of butter’s current, albeit controversial, status as “back,” chefs and manufacturers are taking the ingredient to new levels with innovative flavors and formats.

Packaging and sweeteners have most room for innovation, says Imbibe beverage expert

Of the many novel beverages that launched in the past year, La Colombe’s Draft Latte, a nitrous-oxide infused ready-to-drink coffee, stands out to Laura Dembitzer, marketing director of beverage innovation...

Could Hershey's fictitious retailer Medley revive 'uninspiring' confectionery category?

The Hershey Lab has envisioned a “reinvented” shopping experience with a fictitious grocery chain, called Medley, as the line between digital and physical shopping is blurring.

BASF unveils brilliant orange beta carotene color with superior stability, dispersing characteristics

BASF has launched a new nature identical brilliant orange colorant targeting formulators looking to replace Azo dyes yellow 5 and 6 in beverages, soups, confectionery, and nutrition products.

Atkins’s new campaign breathes life into low-carb diet by linking it to current sugar demonization

Atkins Nutritionals Inc. might be best known for making low-carb foods and beverages for weight management, but a new marketing campaign that explains how carbs can lead to weight gain...

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Oprah teams up with Kraft Heinz to create Mealtime Stories

Kraft Heinz has teamed up with Oprah Winfrey to form Mealtime Stories LLC, a joint venture that will debut with ready-to-eat refrigerated products across multiple categories.

New formats, varieties and packaging of nut- and seed-based products gain traction in 2017

Consumers’ growing familiarity with the health benefits of nuts and seeds paired with their versatility is inspiring manufacturers to seek new varieties, uses and packaging for the ingredient – propelling...

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