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Vegetarian diet could slash blood pressure: Meta-analysis

Consuming a vegetarian diet may be associated with lower blood pressure, and as such could be used to reduce blood pressure and heart disease risk, say researchers.

High cost of fruit and vegetables linked to higher body fat in young children: Study

High prices for fresh fruits and vegetables are associated with higher Body Mass Index (BMI) in young children in low- and middle-income households, according to new research.

Navigating the $23bn children’s food & beverage market

It’s no secret that children are an important target group for food and beverage manufacturers, as this $23bn segment accounts for roughly 4% of the overall US food and beverage...

Goodbye GMOs (and vitamin B12, D, A, and Riboflavin): New non-GMO Grape Nuts and Original Cheerios are ‘certainly less nutritious’, claims professor

The new non-GMO formulations of Original Cheerios and Grape Nuts might be made without ingredients from genetically engineered crops, but they also come with fewer vitamins - although brand owners...

Organic grass fed cows may provide healthier beef, but consumers are not keen on taste: Study

Meat from grass-fed organic dairy steers may be of greater nutritional quality than conventionally raised steers, but falls below standard in overall consumer liking and flavour tests, according to research.

Glucose and fat, not fructose, linked to higher US obesity rates

Obesity rates in the US climbed steadily over the last four decades, from 13% of the population in 1970 to more than 34% in 2009. While some blame an increase...

Mood foods: Thinking about the future leads to better food choices, say researchers

As researchers uncover more about the way our mood impacts dietary choices, one research group has found that thinking about the future can help us to make better food choices.

Carob flours: The novel antioxidant option for cereal?

Mediterranean carob seed flours hold potential as a novel, antioxidant ingredient for cereal products, according to scientists.

Food scientist salaries back on track; more young women in the industry: IFT

After a slight dip in 2011, salaries for food scientists bounced back in 2013 to a median salary of $90,000, according to the Institute of Food Technologists' (IFT) biennial Employment and Salary Survey.

Green juice is scary looking, say 28% of Americans

Despite the recent surge in popularity of green juice and consumers’ general belief that it’s the most nutritious juice, many consumers are still skeptical that it actually tastes good, as...

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Better broccoli: Researchers identify method to increase shelf life and beneficial compounds

The combined application of two natural compounds to broccoli could help to increase levels of its suggested anti-cancer compounds while also increasing shelf life, say researchers.

Brazzein entrepreneur seeks partner to take next-generation natural sweetener to market

Brazzein - a protein from the berry of the West African plant Oubli claimed to be 2,500+ times sweeter than sucrose - could play a key role in the natural...

Are 3D printed insect snacks the taste of the future?

Hurdles in food safety, taste and consumer acceptance await on the London South Bank University’s quest to join two big food innovations: 3D printing and insect-based ingredients.

News in brief

Functional gum making extrusion to compression switch, says Zoft Gum

Confectioners are beginning to incorporate more active ingredients into chewing gum using techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry, according to US contract manufacturer Zoft Gum.

Study urges more exploration of fermented foods’ yet untold benefits

The microbiological activity of fermented foods could bridge the gap between two separate areas of research: one linking fermented food to mental health benefits and the other examining traditional dietary...

Is salt linked to obesity? Study links adolescent salt intake to obesity and inflammation

High intakes of salt throughout adolescence may be associated with levels of obesity and inflammation, regardless of calories consumed, say researchers.

Sugar consumption linked to heart disease death risk

Excessive consumption of added sugars in drinks, snacks and sweets is associated with an increased risk of dying from heart disease, according to a major US review published in JAMA Internal...

Larger portions decrease liking of food: study

Not only do larger portions lead consumers to like the food they are eating less, they also reduce how often people consume those foods, according to the authors of a...

Alternative snack protein: “Hybrid” meat wins over insects, lentils and seaweed

Locusts, lentils, seaweed or “hybrid” meat? Researchers have found that consumers prefer the thought of non-specified meat substitute snacks over those containing insects or seaweed. 

'No reason' to replace fructose with glucose in commercial foods, finds study

There is no metabolic benefit in replacing fructose with glucose in commercially prepared foods, according to a new research review.

Whole grain breakfast cereals lead the pack for total dietary fiber contribution, but many Americans still falling short of recommendations

The fiber and whole grain intakes of many Americans are still falling well short of the recommendations, but food such as ready to eat cereals, yeast bread/rolls, and oatmeal are...

Greek yogurt waste 'acid whey' a concern for USDA: Jones Laffin

Greek yogurt byproduct acid whey has become a significant concern for the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), says a company tasked by the agency to complete the development of technology...

Special edition: Gluten-free

The lowdown on celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and celebrity wheat-bashing: In conversation with Dr Alessio Fasano

We know that almost a third of the population has a genetic predisposition to celiac disease, in that they have particular versions (DQ2 or DQ8) of a cellular receptor called...

What’s wrong with personal responsibility when it comes to obesity?

Despite improving numbers among US adults in recent years when it comes to daily calorie intake , quality of food eaten and use of nutrition labels when available, the country’s collective...

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