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Research could help bread shake its bad rap of contributing to weight gain

New research could help debunk the commonly held belief that bread or other grain-based foods contribute to obesity or are too low in nutrients to justify the calories.

Low vitamin D levels associated with higher cancer risk, study warns

Lower levels of vitamin D have been linked with a higher risk of cancer, researchers have found.

Marketing children’s products without advertising to kids takes finesse & balancing parents’ desires

Anyone who has shopped with children knows they heavily influence grocery purchases, but with advertising directly to kids frowned upon by many adults, children’s food and beverage manufacturers must embrace...

Labeling what it takes to burn calories could help curb overeating, public health advocate says

Adding “activity equivalent” labels to packaged food could help fight the obesity epidemic more effectively than listing calories alone, argues a top public health advocate. 

Halt the rise! WHO calls for action on diabetes rates

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for action this World Health Day to halt the rise of diabetes, rates of which have almost quadrupled since 1980.

Meat’s place in school meals debated following WHO categorizing it as a carcinogen

A frequent lightening-rod for political debates about nutrition, school meals are in the middle of another storm – this time about whether processed meat should have a place on the...

Salt stimulates passive eating of fatty foods: Study

Salt provokes fatty food eating, and can even trigger increased food intake among people who have a preference for less fatty foods, Australian researchers have found.

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Albertsons unveils new Signature private label portfolio

Albertsons has introduced Signature, a new private label portfolio that will include several sub-brands spanning multiple categories and more than 4,000 products, from fresh produce to paper towels.

More than half of older millennials drink kombucha, Mintel finds

The fermented beverage will gain even more momentum this year as taste influencers and conventional grocery stores are putting the spotlight on kombucha.

Weight of the world: 20% of adults obese by 2025, study predicts

Around 20% of adults worldwide will be obese by 2025, if policies designed to slow down and stop the worldwide increase in Body Mass Index (BMI) are not revised and...

Four strategies for overcoming diminishing returns on trade promotions

Manufacturers and retailers need to reconsider their approach to trade promotions based on new research that found the lift from the once effective strategy is at its lowest level in...

Consumer trust in food companies is rising, but industry still has work to do, survey reveals

Consumers slowly but increasingly are trusting food companies and perceiving them as transparent as more manufacturers explain how they source and make products, but a significant portion of shoppers remain...

Sweet & sour: Cherry-infused cookies boost nutritional value, study shows

Cherry extract improves the nutritional value of products like cookies and may be useful for food fortification, a study demonstrates.

Pro Tips: Execs share how to harness digital power for growth

Even for big names in a crowding category, such as Vita Coco, digital market insight is key for staying relevant. Here are some marketing tips from the pros.

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Granola and healthy children’s products are bright spots in cereal category, Barbara’s says

It is no secret that the cereal aisle is struggling with Euromonitor estimating a 19% drop in sales in 2015 compared to 10 years earlier and a projection to lose...

Portion sizes on the front of pack don't correlate with Nutrition labels on the back, says study

Pictures on food packaging inspire us to overeat, reveals new research

A picture speaks a thousand words, so it stands to reason that we’re more likely to rely on the image on the front of a food label than the hard...

Beverage categories are getting blurrier, Mintel report suggests

A recent Mintel report shows cross-category beverages have become increasingly popular as manufacturers look to cater for consumers’ health and wellness demands, as well as their cravings for new flavor...

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Plant-based innovations help manufacturers meet consumer demand for animal-product alternatives

Consumer interest in plant-based alternatives for animal products is driving innovation across categories from dairy and eggs to meat and desserts as showcased by manufacturers at Natural Products Expo West. ...

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Dissolvable Tea Drops brings more consumers to premium tea category by offering convenience

The demand for tea in the US is skyrocketing, but so too is the desire for speed and convenience – two terms that do not apply to high quality loose...

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Wilde Snacks helps trailblaze nascent meat bar category with baking innovation

Wilde Snacks’ entrance into the nascent meat bar segment promises to “turn the category upside down” with a revolutionary baking process that offers a healthier finished product and potential for...

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Safe Catch entices consumers back to canned tuna category with low mercury product

Despite doctors’ recommendations to eat more fish for its many health benefits, many consumers steer clear of tuna – an affordable, sustainable source of omega-3s and beneficial nutrients because they...

'Consumers love French fries, but they are looking for healthier alternatives'

Farmwise frozen veggie fries contain 30% vegetables and beans, and 70% potatoes, and have been flying off the shelves in conventional as well as natural channels, says co-founder and CEO...

High protein diet has 'intriguing' double benefit of weight loss & improved sleep: Study

Consuming a high-diet protein while dieting may improve sleep in overweight and obese adults, according to a new research.

ADM flavor creation facility in Cranbury, NJ built for collaborative innovation

ADM has opened a new flavor creation, application and customer service facility in Cranbury, New Jersey designed to help customers work collaboratively with ADM’s flavorists, mint specialists, and application technologists...

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College undergrads successfully launch New Grounds Food by not being afraid to ask for help

While most college freshmen are asking probing philosophical questions about the universe or each other out on dates, the ambitious co-founders of New Grounds Food were asking for help and...