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BLAST OFF! US beer brand claims first space launch

By Ben Bouckley , 29-Nov-2011
Last updated on 29-Nov-2011 at 13:54 GMT

BLAST OFF! US beer brand claims first space launch

A US beer brand is claiming that its product is the 'first beer in space', after two fans of the drink blasted a can into the earth's upper atmosphere.

In a publicity stunt for US beer brand Natural Light, beer ‘fans’ Danny and Rich launched a can of Natural Light beer up into space using a high altitude weather balloon, on a flight lasting 2.5 hours.

The can reached over 90,000ft (pictured) before the balloon, nicknamed the ‘aluminium fullcan’ burst and the craft came crashing down to earth around 60 miles from its launch site.

The ‘spacecraft’ comprised a Styrofoam cooler carrying a full can of beer onboard, a GPS tracking device and an HD video camera.

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