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Neptune Industries to patent protein technology

By staff reporter , 01-Aug-2006

Florida-based Neptune Industries is taking steps towards patent protection and commercialization of the technology behind a protein-based nutritional component that it says may one day prove useful in supplying third world countries with a reliable food source.

The technology is described by company president Ernest Papadoyianis as an "exciting and revolutionary procedure for producing extremely high protein diets". Neptune Industries, a business based on the diverse fish species in Florida 's abundant quarry lakes, has initiated a patent search with a view to filing a process patent application for its "unique nutritional dietary component". Although initial efforts are aimed at a nutritional component and animal diet with broad applications, Papadoyianis said the technology has "worldwide implications which may someday, in a modified form, be a source of supplying third world nations with a reliable food source." "Crossover markets and alternative applications also exist for mammalian and human products incorporating this protein-based nutritional component." He added that the company will soon be opening discussions relating to manufacturing, licensing and distribution of the technology. Under its Aqua Biologics subsidiary, the company has developed scalable, modular aquaculture technology that it says controls and recycles all waste products, thus addressing environmental concerns.

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