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OCA to Warren-Udall: Voluntary GMO labeling helps biotech industry, not consumers

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced that it opposes federally mandated voluntary GMO labeling in favor of states’ rights to enforce mandatory GMO labeling, arguing that voluntary labeling could end...

Safeway hit with false advertising lawsuit over using synthetic ingredients in ‘100% natural’ products

Safeway has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit alleging it misled consumers by describing its Open Nature Multi-Grain and Homestyle waffles as ‘100% natural’ because they contained the...

Judge dismisses lawsuit v Mondelēz over ‘real fruit’ claims on Nabisco cookies, says allegations are ‘ridiculous’

A federal judge has dismissed as “ridiculous” allegations in a lawsuit alleging Nabisco misled shoppers by describing its cookies as containing ‘real fruit’ when they in fact contained fruit purée....

US, Japan strike deal to fully recognize each other's organic standards

An organic equivalence agreement signed yesterday between the US and Japan will reopen the Japanese market to US organic producers and could provide more—and possibly cheaper—food for US consumers....

Judge approves mega-settlement in Diamond Foods investor class action over walnut accounting scandal

A federal judge in California has given the green light to a proposal from Diamond Foods - potentially worth $120m - to settle a class action lawsuit from investors who...

Cantaloupe was the source of the listeria outbreak

Cantaloupe farm owners charged in listeria outbreak that killed at least 30

The owners of a Colorado cantaloupe farm found to be the source of a 2011 listeria outbreak that killed at least 30 people have been charged in relation to the incident.

FDA permits qualified health claim about whole grains and type 2 diabetes, but is the wording so qualified no one will use it?

The FDA says it will permit qualified health claims on the relationship between eating whole grains and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, but is the wording it has...

LFTB lawsuit one year on: BPI, ABC await state judge’s decision

More than a year after South Dakota beef processor Beef Products Inc. (BPI) filed a defamation lawsuit against ABC News Inc. for its coverage of lean, finely textured beef (LFTB)—which...


Do 2 out of 3 really prefer it? A primer on count-based advertising claims

What better way to assert a product’s superiority than to actually demonstrate that consumers prefer it over the competition? 

US Marshals seize food products at two companies
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FDA steps in at facility with “widespread” rodent and insect infestation

Widespread rodent and insect infestation has prompted Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prevent distribution of food products at two Virginia companies.

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Cargill to settle deceptive marketing lawsuit alleging Truvia stevia-based sweetener is not ‘natural’

Cargill has agreed to settle a proposed class action lawsuit alleging it is misleading shoppers by marketing its Truvia consumer products (which contain stevia extract Reb-A and erythritol) as ‘natural’.

Food labeling bill proposes radical changes to 'natural' claims, wholegrain labels, added sugars; but chances of success are slim, say lawyers

A bill proposing sweeping changes to food labeling laws covering everything from ‘natural’ claims to whole grain statements has been welcomed by consumer groups, but stands little chance of success,...

Despite Mars and Nestlé Canada's class action pay out, the two firms still face criminal charges under a separate Competition Bureau investigation

Canada price fixing woes: Chocolate titans settle class action but still face criminal charges

Mars and Nestlé have opted to settle a class action lawsuit over price fixing allegations in Canada but both still face criminal charges in a separate investigation from the Competition...

'Misleading and sensationalist' Grain Brain book distorts science and confuses public with advice to avoid grains, say critics

Food industry experts labeled as nonsense the notion that avoiding carbohydrates is a magic bullet that could head off many cognitive impairment conditions at the pass.  

Chobani made people sick through its negligence, alleges California plaintiff

A California resident has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Chobani accusing it of negligence and breaching the implied warranty of merchantability for its yogurts following the recent mold...

Post Foods hit by $2m for air violations
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Post Foods $2m settlement for air violations at cereal plant

Post Holdings and Ralcorp Holdings will pay $2m for air pollution failures at a cereal production facility in Modesto, California.

The threat of tax may encourage food and drink businesses to step-up high-intensity sweetener use, says Credit Suisse

Sugar tax ‘best option’ to limit escalating health problems, says Credit Suisse

A sugar tax is the best way to combat excess sugar consumption which doctors agree is partly to blame for growing global obesity and diabetes rates, according to a report...

GMOs and natural claims: ‘FDA is losing credibility with industry, consumers and the international community by ignoring key food labeling controversies’, says attorney

Is it too risky to label products that may contain ingredients from genetically engineered crops as ‘all-natural’? And will the FDA step in and decide this issue so consumer class...

GMO labels won’t affect supermarket prices, study says

Requiring food manufacturers to label products containing ingredients from genetically engineered (GE) crops would not mean higher food prices for shoppers, according to an independent study released yesterday by the...

FDA: Arsenic in rice safe in short term, long-term risk unknown

The amount of detectable arsenic in rice and rice products is too low to pose any immediate health risks to consumers, according to new guidance issued by the U.S. Food...

Sen. Warren to FDA: Standardize GMO labeling

Eleven years after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first issued draft guidance on labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Mark Udall (D-CO) are urging the...

Chobani: The FDA, not the courts, should judge whether term ‘evaporated cane juice’ is permitted on pack

Are reasonable consumers being misled by companies using the term ‘evaporated cane juice’ (ECJ) to describe dried sugar cane syrup (aka sugar) on product labels? And should this issue be...


David-and-Goliath battle over GMO labeling heats up in Washington State

The Evergreen state is poised for a big-spending battle over whether foods containing ingredients from GE crops must carry a special label.

Confectioners lobby United States Congress for sugar reform and improved trade relations with Russia

Top US confectioners increase lobbying spend in 2012

The top four US confectioners shelled out 8% more on lobbying Congress in 2012 compared to the previous year.

Almost 820,000 children in the Ivory Coast and over 997,000 kids in Ghana were found to be working on cocoa-related activities in 2007/2008, according to Tulane University. Photo Credit: 10 Campaign

Hershey child labor lawsuit faces meltdown

A case alleging child labor abuses by Hershey in West Africa should be dismissed for lack of evidence, according to a Master’s report in the Court of Chancery in Delaware....

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