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Quaker Oats motion to dismiss trans-fat lawsuit rejected

A court in Illinois, USA has rejected Quaker Oats’ motion to have a deceptive advertising case against it dismissed and has halted proceedings until four similar actions in California are...

Who is driving the clean label agenda, and what does clean really mean?

Attempts to link ‘all-natural’ clean-labeling policies with the healthy eating agenda have been so successful that research now shows shoppers equate ‘healthy’ with ‘natural’ or ‘minimally processed’ foods.

Expanded record access will cut exposure to tainted food - FDA

US food safety authorities will be given expanded access to food firm records under a new interim ruling – a move it hopes will prevent potentially harmful food entering the...

FDA offers support in industry roll-out of Facts Up Front labeling

The FDA wrote to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in December in support of the trade groups’ front-of-pack labeling program, saying it would exercise...

FDA: Proposed rule on changes to Nutrition Facts panel due by end of 2012

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is aiming to publish a proposed rule to reform the Nutrition Facts panel and related rules by the end of this year, somewhat later...

News in brief

Florida House rejects food stamps junk food ban

A Florida House subcommittee has rejected a proposal to restrict food stamp spending on less healthy foods and beverages, such as sodas and candy.

Back to basics to tackle coming shortage of food safety auditors

There could be an impending shortage of food safety auditors in the United States, rooted in a lack of food safety emphasis in the US education system, says director of...

US-EU trade deal could benefit organic manufacturers, stabilize prices

Last week’s organic equivalency agreement between the US and the EU is expected to have a significant impact on the trade of organic products – and many are likely to...

FDA increases rice-related inorganic arsenic scrutiny after calls for regulatory limits

A US food safety authority has “expanded” its surveillance of inorganic arsenic levels in organic brown rice syrup (OBRS) in response to calls for regulatory limits.

Canadian E.coli O157:H7 beef contamination origin unknown - CFIA

Canadian food safety authorities are yet to establish the source of a frozen meat-related E.coli O157:H7 contamination that has sickened one person in the country to-date.

FDA launches probe on 'inhalable' caffeine shot

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is to investigate the safety of an inhalable caffeine shot called AeroShot, which only hit US shelves last month.

Better collaboration could be ‘next big development’ in food safety, says WHO scientist

More data sharing and better communication between the private sector and public health organizations could be the next big development in food safety and public health, according to a World...

Food safety and consumer organizations defend FDA’s Michael Taylor

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and other consumer and food safety organizations have defended FDA deputy commissioner for foods Michael Taylor, who has been the target...

AHA GRAS attack reaction: Why self-affirmed GRAS is not ‘GRAS lite’

Experts in helping firms navigate the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) process say the American Heart Association (AHA) made some valid points in its recent attack on GRAS, but argue...

POM under fire again in class action suit over deceptive claims

POM Wonderful has come under fire again for allegedly misleading and deceiving consumers about the health benefits of its antioxidant-packed wares in a new class action lawsuit.

FDA carbendazim measures reassessment refusal meets industry backlash

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has refused to move on allowable levels of carbendazim in orange juice product imports – meeting disapproval from the US industry.

National Dairy Council: Low sodium cheese is not taking the market by storm

While cheese makers remain committed to salt reduction, demand for low-sodium cheese remains pretty lackluster, according to the National Dairy Council (NDC).

Self-affirmed GRAS under fire as AHA steps up sodium reduction campaign

There are serious weaknesses in the system that allows firms to self-affirm the safety of foods without the approval or knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to...

Ralcorp ups the ante in row with PepsiCo over Frito-Lay Tostitos Scoops

Branded snacks giant Frito-Lay and store-brand specialist Ralcorp have become embroiled in a legal battle over corn chips designed to scoop up salsa and dips.

US and EU strike deal on organic certification standards

US and EU officials have struck a deal that will allow products certified as organic in Europe or the US to be sold as organic in both regions.

FDA seeks 17% budget increase, with food safety and Chinese imports strategic targets

The Food and Drug Administration is seeking a 17% increase in its budget, with the agency listing food safety and Chinese imports amongst its strategic targets.

Proposed budget increase will 'strengthen' China food safety - FDA

The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has requested a budget increase of more than $250m for 2013 – including $10m to strengthen the safety of Chinese produced food.

US OJ carbendazim measures may violate international trade pacts – import law firm

US imposed carbendazim-related orange juice import measures could be in violation of international trade agreements, according to a US imports legal consultancy.

Most Americans oppose soda tax, survey suggests

Most Americans do not support taxes on sugar-sweetened drinks, according to the results of a new survey published in the journal Public Health Nutrition.

Consumer groups petition FDA to assess GE salmon as food additive

Consumer groups have petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to alter the process by which it assesses the safety of AquaBounty’s fast-growing genetically engineered (GE) salmon.

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