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WHO highlights governments’ role in curbing unhealthy advertising

Governments should play a more active role in curbing the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages high in saturated fat, trans-fatty acids, free sugars, or salt to children, warns the...

Hawaiian governor Abercrombie proposes soda tax

Hawaiian governor Neil Abercrombie has proposed establishing a tax on soda and similar beverages in the state, in his first State of the State address.

Snapple beats ‘all-natural’ lawsuit

A federal court judge has rejected a lawsuit against Snapple Beverage Corp. that alleged the company misled consumers by labeling drinks containing high fructose corn syrup as ‘all-natural’.

Reportable Food Registry works to prevent illness, says FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that its Reportable Food Registry (RFR) is working to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks, in its first annual report on its efficacy.

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Scots bid to end US haggis ban

Haggis makers in Scotland would experience a boom in export sales if politicians succeed in persuading the US to lift a 40 year-old ban on the traditional dish.


EC complacency on dioxins weakens Europe’s food safety standing

The complacency being exhibited by Brussels over the ongoing dioxin contamination incident is every bit as concerning as the carcinogenic chemical that has found its way into the food and...

Kraft claims ending Starbucks deal would cause ‘irreparable harm’

Starbucks has filed for early termination of its coffee distribution agreement with Kraft Foods – but Kraft has said that ending the deal early would cause it “irreparable harm”.

Better FDA guidance needed to avoid ‘misleading’ health claims

The FDA needs to provide better industry guidance on how to avoid making potentially misleading health claims on food labels, according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

FDA seeks to halt production at US juice company

The FDA is seeking the closure of US juice company Mystical One after it failed to implement an HACCP plan or comply with cGMP requirements and then did not respond...

USDA seeks comments on organic label claims

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is seeking comments on draft guidance for the labeling of products that contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients.

Cargill: FDA phytosterol CHD claim change will cause “irreparable injury”

Industry is calling on the FDA to extend the compliance period to proposed changes the agency is making for a phytosterol-based coronary heart disease (CHD)-lowering health claim that will broaden...

New food safety bill should spur industry action: Report

New food safety legislation was signed into law last week, increasing the urgency for food companies to update their food safety plans, according to a new report from PwC US...

FDA reveals final phase of Transparency Initiative

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has unveiled the third and final stage of an initiative intended to improve the transparency of its rulemaking process with the industries it regulates.

Agriculture Secretary calls for ‘new paradigm’ of cooperation in GM debate

USDA Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has called for compromise and cooperation between supporters of genetically modified (GM) crops and those of non-GM crops in an open letter to stakeholders.

Obama to sign food safety bill today, but funding still in doubt

President Obama is set to sign new food safety legislation into law later today, despite ongoing uncertainty about how it will be funded.

USDA to require Nutrition Facts on meat and poultry

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has said it will require nutrition labels on the 40 most popular raw meat products from January 1, 2012, including the number of calories...

GM sugar beet destruction on hold – again

A San Francisco appeals court has put on hold until February 28 a previous court order to destroy genetically modified (GM) sugar beets being grown to provide seed for the 2012 crop.

GAP praises inclusion of whistleblower protections in food safety bill

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) has praised the inclusion of whistleblower protections in the food safety bill, which is expected to be signed into law by President Obama early in...

Congress passes food safety reform

In the wake of a spate of high-profile foodborne illness outbreaks, the Food Safety Modernization Act passed the House on Tuesday and is heading to the President, who has said...

US food industry welcomes Senate passage of food safety bill

Industry and consumer groups have welcomed the Senate passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act late on Sunday, after the bill had been stuck in legislative limbo for well over...

Last-minute move revives Food Safety Modernization Act

The US Senate unanimously passed the Food Safety Modernization Act late on Sunday, sending the bill back to the House where it is expected to pass before moving to the...

DeLauro reintroduces single food safety agency legislation

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) has reintroduced legislation intended to create a single agency focused solely on overseeing the safety of the US food supply.

Dannon on FTC settlement: “Our claims remain intact”

Dannon says its year-long negotiations with the Federal Trade Commission that resulted in a $21m settlement and modifications placed on its health statements, has not altered the core claims for...

News in brief

Child nutrition bill becomes law

President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 into law on Monday, after it passed the House last week with a vote of 264-157.

Destruction of GM sugar beet crops delayed

An appeals court has delayed the destruction of genetically modified (GM) sugar beet crops until December 23 to give the court time to decide whether they should be uprooted, as...