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From GMO labeling to 'all-natural' claims, whole grain labeling, the row over evaporated cane juice, POM v Coke at the Supreme Court, health claims, the FDA crack-down on trans fats, and change to the Nutrition Facts panel. This is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in food and beverage regulation, labeling and civil litigation.

FDA publishes final rule on food imports

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put out a final rule and draft compliance policy guide (CPG) on prior notice of imported food shipments.

Exploring the sweet future for stevia

As regulatory approval for stevia and its extracts gathers pace in the US, Mark Blumenthal from the American Botanical Council gives his thoughts and inside knowledge on his nominee for...

US leading crackdown calls on caffeinated energy drinks

Pressure is mounting in both Australia and the US to crack down on the sale and availability of caffeinated energy drinks to young people, according to news reports in both...

Dispatches from SupplySide West

FDA should lift stevia import alert, says ABC

The American Botanical Council has called on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to rescind its "outdated import alert" on stevia.

Dispatches from SupplySide West

'Stevia is a drug', says FDA citizen’s petition

A two-man law firm from Washington DC has petitioned the US Food and Drink Administration (FDA) to prevent the addition of steviol glycosides to food.

Canada bans the use of BPA in baby bottles

Canada has become the first country in the world to take regulatory action to limit the use of bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in baby bottles and some food...

Stevia gets Australian approval for food and beverages

The Australian food authority FSANZ has approved the natural sweetener steviol glycosides (stevia), as an ingredient in foods and beverages in Australia and New Zealand.

FDA makes health claim notification estimates

The US Food and Drug Administration estimates that it will receive only one nutrient content claim notification and two health claim notifications per year, according to a notice to...

EU confident over melamine dairy protection

As some of the world’s leading dairy groups attempt to play down their potential involvement in the Chinese melamine scandal, the European Commission says that its existing import rules on...

Consumer group critical of FDA guidance on GE animals

The proposed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules on genetically engineered (GE) animals are seriously flawed, claims the US Centre for Food Safety (CFS).

News focus: Omega-3

Regulation: Omega-3 ready for RDIs and further health claims

Regulations governing the omega-3 market vary greatly between regions but in common is the fact there is no official, government-recommended dietary intake (RDI) anywhere in the world and approved...

Label regulation changes to hit US exports

New labeling legislation introduced in Hong Kong will affect hundreds of millions of dollars worth of prepackaged food and beverages exported from the US as nutrition claims will need to...

Judge sets date for Splenda showdown

The date is finally set for a landmark court case between in the US-based Sugar Association and Johnson & Johnson over the marketing of its Splenda sweetener.

CLA achieves US approval for use in foods

Lipid Nutrition has confirmed its Clarinol conjugated linolenic acid ingredient has received approval by the US regulator to be used as an ingredient in certain foods and beverages in...

Blue California nears self-affirmed GRAS stevia launch

Ingredients group Blue California says it expects to obtain self-affirmed generally regarded as safe (GRAS) approval for its stevia-derived sweetener compound by next month.

Ohio rBST rule comes under attack

The Organic Trade Association (OTA) and the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) are fighting against the State of Ohio for its new regulations regarding growth hormone labeling.

Weekly comment

The food industry after Lisbon

In the face of another rejection of a European Union treaty, the bloc's food industry has one glaring path ahead: business as normal.

Industry backs FDA supplement clamp-down

The dietary supplements industry has applauded a move by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to clamp down on products making bogus cancer cure claims.

HFCS 'natural' drink not deceptive, rules court

A US federal judge has rejected a claim that the use of the term 'all natural' on Snapple drinks was deceptive because the products contained high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

FDA urged to ban artificial colors linked to hyperactivity

Artificial colors linked to increased hyperactivity in children are the "secret shame" of the food industry and should be banned by FDA, consumer activists have said.

Cassia gum as stabilizer, Lubrizol files petition

US specialty chemical firm Lubrizol Advanced Materials has filed a petition to the FDA proposing that food additive regulations be amended to provide for the safe use of cassia gum...

Made in Canada guidelines to be tightened

Prime Minster Stephen Harper will introduce new tougher guidelines for labeling food and drink as a 'Product of Canada', substantially reducing the acceptable amount of foreign ingredients.

Farm bill veto set to prolong uncertainty

President Bush is expected to veto the Farm Bill today on the grounds that it would grant subsidies to wealthy farmers at a time when grocery bills are rising -...

Brown rice wins FDA health claim

Brown rice has been added to the FDA-approved list of whole grains that may make health claims including reducing the risk of heart disease and some cancers.

More accurate data needed on dietary intake

Policymakers need to know more about actual dietary intake levels of nutrients before they make hasty decisions on recommended maximum and minimum consumption levels.

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