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US giving too much food safety control to foreign countries

The United States is giving away too much control to some foreign countries over food safety as trade concerns over-ride health issues, a leading US politician has said.

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China tightens food processing laws

Food producers in China must record all food processing procedures and keep records for least two years under a new food safety regulation that came into force today.

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FDA seeks comments on Ajinomoto’s Advantame sweetener

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked for comments on Ajinomoto’s request for approval of a new sweetener that it hopes to market under the brand name Advantame.

Don’t wait for fall to act on food safety, says CU

Every day that Congress delays in passing the Food Safety Enhancement Act puts more lives at risk, Consumers Union is claiming – and had the provisions been in place this...

Egg production prices to rise following new regulations

Egg prices may rise as producers are hit by new costs as a result of food safety measures.

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FDA files complaint against New York cheese maker

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken legal action against a New York-based cheese producer, claiming that unsanitary conditions at the company’s plant pose a public health...

Government outlines stricter food safety measures

The Obama administration has said it will propose new regulations to strengthen the US food safety system and create a position for a deputy food commissioner on Tuesday, according...


Defining nano: Size does matter

The Atlantic Ocean separates continents; it also separates schools of thought on the definition of nanotechnology. In order to educate manufacturers and consumers on nanotechnology a definition is critical.

Codex adopts definition of ‘fiber’

The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has adopted a new definition of fiber, designed to harmonize the use of the term around the globe.

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Canadian organic certification comes into effect

Canada’s new organic certification standards went into effect on Tuesday, June 30, opening up trade opportunities for Canadian organic products.

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FDA announces Reportable Food Registry discussion dates

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced three public meetings to discuss the Reportable Food Registry, to explain its role and the responsibilities of those who are required...

US food industry enlisted in the battle to curb obesity

Top US nutrition experts together with health organizations and leading doctors have joined forces to ask President Barack Obama to combat obesity by creating a Presidential Commission on Healthy Weights,...

Organizations oppose new food safety bill

The Food Safety Enhancement Act has been broadly welcomed by industry but a group of organizations has issued a letter to the relevant committee voicing strong opposition to several...

US and Canada agree on organic equivalency

The US and Canada have come to an agreement on organic equivalency standards, expanding organic trade opportunities, US Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced on Wednesday.

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FDA chief prioritizes fresh produce safety

FDA head Dr Margaret Hamburg has said that stricter food safety standards are needed for fresh produce and other high-risk foods, in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Canada ponders junk food fortification

Health Canada is considering granting food makers discretionary powers to fortify “junk foods” to improve their nutritional profile and the diets of Canadians.

US extends antidumping duty on saccharin from China

The United States has extended an antidumping duty order on saccharin from China, after a review concluded that cheaper imports of the sweetener would damage the domestic market.

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FDA: we can handle nanotech safety

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already has sufficient authority to assess the safety of nanotechnology - but its regulation is not all to do with size, says Dr Annette...

Industry and consumer groups divided over FDA inspection fees

The issue of whether the FDA should charge food processors and manufacturers a $1000 fee to help fund food safety inspections has divided industry and consumer bodies.

FDA backs proposal for US industry fees to fund food inspections

A contentious proposal to compel US food manufacturers to contribute towards safety inspection costs took a step forward yesterday after the Food and Drug Administration signalled its backing for the...

FDA announces BPA safety review

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it is reviewing its advice that bisphenol A (BPA) is safe for use in baby bottles and food containers, pledging to...

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China's new food safety law comes into force

Chinese authorities have said its new food safety law, which comes into effect today, will help prevent the food contamination incidents that have caused so much damage to the reputation...

Bill bids to strengthen ‘dangerous’ US food safety regime

New legislation designed to strengthen the “dangerous” US food safety system as well as simplify its complex food supply chain has been introduced by key political figures from the House...

New FDA bottled water rules to combat E. coli

Bottled water manufacturers, including Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, will face stricter standards following the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to implement new rules to prevent contamination with E. coli bacteria.

FDA failed over salmonella outbreak, says new chief

The recent outbreak of salmonella in the United States caused by contaminated peanut butter represented a “failure” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency’s new commissioner said this...