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US revamps food safety strategies

The US government this week announced wide sweeping plans to improve the safety of the nation's food supply, with measures including more stringent inspections, stronger penalties and mandatory recalls.

USDA announces new E coli measures

A higher incidence of E coli-contaminated meat has prompted the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to tighten its safety efforts with a number of initiatives including expanded testing and more...

FDA finally agrees to re-examine position on salt

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may consider revising its regulations on salt, and has set a public hearing to examine the possible implications of tighter limits.

New complaint places organic fraud in spotlight again

A Californian mushroom firm could face fraud investigations following accusations that it has violated organic standards and country of origin labeling laws.

USDA updates list of allowed organic ingredients

Manufacturers of organic goods may no longer use certain nonorganic color ingredients or the food additive potassium tartrate, following the publication of a new rule by the US Department of...

Cargill sued for E coli contaminated meat

Cargill was this week slapped with an E coli lawsuit related to contaminated frozen ground beef products sold by the firm's Meat Solutions Corporation.

Aurora faces lawsuits for organic violations

Aurora Organic Dairy is the subject of class action lawsuits being filed today, which allege that the firm has violated organic requirements in some of its dairy farms.

USDA organics meeting to review permitted ingredients

The US National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) will next month meet to examine whether certain substances should continue to be permitted for use in organic food production.

ConAgra faces lawsuit over salmonella contamination

Food giant ConAgra has been accused of being "reckless" and was on Friday slapped with a lawsuit following its nationwide recall of salmonella-contaminated pot pie products.

Gaps in probiotic labeling reveal need for regulatory pinch

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) has released a paper on probiotics that adds to claims the value-adding active cultures are not appropriately regulated.

New bill proposes stricter trans fat labeling

A new bill has been introduced in the US to require food manufacturers to adjust the labeling of their products in order to better inform consumers of their trans fat...

FDA steps up spinach safety efforts

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the California Department of Public Health last week announced they will extend their produce safety efforts with a broader focus on leafy...

E coli meeting to refine food safety efforts

Governing bodies in the US are to hold a public meeting to examine the prevalence of E coli, as well as the best ways to detect and monitor it.

FDA seeks leaders for product innovation, safety group

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling for nominees to serve on the board of a new non-profit organization designed to enhance the development and safety of food...

US prepares food import safety action plan

Federal agencies and trade bodies met this week in Washington to develop an action plan designed to address the safety of imported goods into the United States.

FDA awaits stevia petition

A recent warning letter sent by FDA has again brought the 'natural' sweetener stevia into the spotlight, prompting the regulatory agency to say it soon expects to be petitioned to...

FDA publishes food additive guidance

The US Food and Drug Administration has set out guidance for submissions for approval of antimicrobial food additives.

New asthma treatment gets US go-ahead

An extended release formulation of an asthma treatment recently recommended by the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program has been launched on the US market.

US food import safety battle continues

Debates over how the US should deal with food safety issues continue to rage between regulators, manufacturers, consumers and even the media, after a number of scandals this year broke...

US issues draft Codex positions on gluten-free

Standards for gluten-free foods must encompass all types of foods that do not contain gluten, said the US in its draft positions for the next session of a Codex Committee...

Cargill's glucosamine needs further assessment, says UK

Cargill's vegetarian glucosamine hydrochloride ingredient, for use in dairy and beverage products, could face further approval delays in Europe, pending a risk review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Chiquita fine should go to terrorist victims, says Colombia

Colombian officials have lashed out against a US court decision to fine banana firm Chiquita for making payments to paramilitary groups in the country, saying victims of these groups should...

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Arnie and the clones

Cloned foods have not yet made it to our grocery aisles, but in the advent of such a rollout consumers must have a defined right to decide if they want...

Food ads to kids: more info requested as rules considered

Five leading food companies that have not already pledged to restrict their marketing to children have been asked to provide guidance on what measures they plan to implement, and their...

Help us reduce label processing time, says regulator

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is calling on food processors to submit proposals to reduce the amount of time taken to authorize labeling information.

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