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From GMO labeling to 'all-natural' claims, whole grain labeling, the row over evaporated cane juice, POM v Coke at the Supreme Court, health claims, the FDA crack-down on trans fats, and change to the Nutrition Facts panel. This is the place to stay up to date with what's happening in food and beverage regulation, labeling and civil litigation.

Non-GMO not necessarily organic, and other GMO myths busted: OTA

With all the attention GMOs have received in recent months—good and bad—confusion in the marketplace has inevitably followed, as consumers scramble to make sense of the pro- and anti-camps’ arguments...

News in brief

Attorney: First round to POM at the Supreme Court, but don't expect the floodgates to open...

POM Wonderful scored a big win on Thursday after the Supreme Court gave it the green light to sue juice rival Coca-Cola for false advertising. But don't expect the floodgates to...

Insights from the BASF 2014 Media Summit

Connecting the dots from ag to food

Is the farm-to-table movement all it’s cracked up to be? Is a healthy dialogue about GMOs even possible? Can we fix growing income disparities in the developed world? A group...

Insights ahead of IFT 2014

Innovative hydration and sugar reduction to propel healthy beverage, DSM says

Ahead of the 2014 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo in the Big Easy next week, representatives from DSM Nutritional Products, which will be among the...

GMA et al launch first amendment challenge to Vermont GMO labeling law

As widely expected , the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and other food industry groups have filed a complaint challenging Vermont’s controversial new law mandating the labeling of food produced with GMOs....

POM v Coke at Supreme Court: Food marketers be warned, if your labels are FDA compliant or not, you're fair game

While POM Wonderful’s Supreme Court victory over Coca-Cola doesn’t have any direct impact on the wave of consumer class action lawsuits over false advertising engulfing the trade, it still makes...

POM Wonderful scores ‘resounding victory’ at Supreme Court: But what does it mean for your label?

You can have an FDA-compliant label, but still face a false advertising lawsuit brought by a competitor, concluded Supreme Court justices today in an 8:0 opinion  described by legal experts as a...


‘An elaborate con!’ CSPI threatens to sue Campbell's over V8 juice marketing

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) today threatened to sue Campbell's Soup Company alleging that it makes misleading statements about the juice content, nutritional value and healthfulness...

FDA publishes safety-driven infant formula manufacturing final rule

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized a set of manufacturing guidelines designed to ensure infant formula products produced for domestic sale are “safe and support healthy growth.”

'All-natural’ frustration for Whole Foods: Judge refuses to toss suit over SAPP in baked goods

Three months after a federal judge in California gave the preliminary thumbs up to a $3.4m settlement of a class action lawsuit accusing Trader Joe’s  of falsely advertising products as ‘all natural’,...

How Matters: Chobani ‘disappointed’ by ‘baseless’ trademark infringement lawsuit from Dov Seidman

A lawsuit filed by bestselling author and corporate ethics consultant Dov Seidman accusing Chobani of infringing his trademarks with its 'How Matters' campaign is "baseless and without merit", says the Greek...

News in brief

OTA: organic certification enough for non-GMO claims

The Organic Trade Association says that third-party certification under the USDA National Organic Program is sufficient for non-GMO label claims, calling organic production is the optimal solution to US agriculture,...

Foods and supplements aimed at autism must walk fine regulatory line, attorney says

Parents of autistic children can have a certain desperation to find ways to help their kids overcome the isolating deficits of the condition. Recent research has focused on potential nutritional...

Evaporated cane juice blues for Blue Diamond as judge surprises legal experts by allowing lawsuit to proceed

Several food manufacturers have been let off the legal hook recently as lawsuits filed against them for using ‘evaporated cane juice’ (ECJ) on labels have been dismissed or stayed following...

News in brief

Californian GMO labeling bill SB 1381 just short of votes needed to pass in Senate

A bill that would have required firms to label genetically engineered foods in California has failed to secure sufficient votes in the state senate to pass into law.

Industry to FDA: Think again before setting category-by-category sodium reduction targets

Two leading food industry associations have urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) not to set category-by-category limits for sodium amid rumors that the agency is planning to outline a...

News in brief

Sugary drinks warning label bill clears CA Senate

California would become the first US state to mandate warning labels on sugary nonalcoholic beverages under a bill approved in the California Senate on Thursday. 

RIBUS charts 150% sales growth as time ticks down on silicon dioxide

A year after the US Department of Agriculture gave organic food and beverage manufacturers a Nov. 3, 2014 deadline for swapping silicon dioxide for organic rice hulls, RIBUS Inc.’s Nu-Flow...


46% obesity by 2030: Horrific vision drives California added-sugar soda strike

The horrifying prospect of a 46% obesity rate by 2030 has pushed California state senators to approve a bill requiring brands to slap safety warnings on sugar-sweetened beverages from July 2015.

Should sugar sweetened drinks carry obesity and health warnings?

Calls for the UK and other countries around the world to place tobacco style health warnings on sugary drinks are growing, warns Professor Simon Capewell.

Justice OKs Ardent Mills venture with caveats

The US Department of Justice will allow the formation of Ardent Mills, the largest US flour miller, to proceed if the companies involved sell four competitively significant mills. The massive venture...

'We need more time': SFA calls for 4-6 years on Nutrition Facts panel overhaul

The two-year proposed window for manufacturers to change nutrition labeling is not enough, snack makers need four to six years, says the CEO of the Snack Food Association (SFA).

USP: Food fraud should get its own class

The US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) submitted a public comment letter to the FDA urging it to revisit its strategy for addressing economically motivated adulteration (EMA) of food ingredients, noting that...

New artificial sweetener gains FDA approval

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the sweetener advantame for general use in food and beverages. 

Voters in rural Oregon ban GMO crops

Residents of a southwestern Oregon county voted emphatically on Tuesday to ban the planting of most genetically engineered crops.

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