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FTC files brief justifying restriction of POM's First Amendment rights

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a long awaited brief in POM Wonderful’s appeal of a false advertising case against the company.  As expected, FTC contends that POM’s ads were...

Canada first to approve flax cholesterol claim

The Flax Council of Canada has received approval for a health claim linking ground whole flaxseed to lower cholesterol from Health Canada’s Food Directorate, paving the way for more development...

Kind Snacks sues Clif Bar over alleged copycatting

Kind Snacks has filed a lawsuit against Clif Bar for allegedly infringing its packaging trademarks.

Confectionery industry prepares to battle its sugar demons

The US National Confectioners Association (NCA) and leading US firms say sugar has been ‘unjustly’ victimized in recent months and the public should be free to enjoy a sweet treat...

TreeHouse sues GMCR, Keurig for 'monopolizing' single-serve brewer market

TreeHouse Foods Inc. along with its wholly owned subsidiaries Bay Valley Foods LLC and Sturm Foods Inc. filed a lawsuit against Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (GMCR) and Keurig Inc.,...

FDA: You can't call HPP-treated juice ‘fresh'... (But can you call it ‘raw’?)

High pressure processing (HPP) has breathed fresh life into the US juice market. But if beverage firms are excited about the technology, so, it appears, are plaintiffs' attorneys, who are...

ConAgra Foods: Deal to create flour milling giant Ardent Mills delayed again - until Q2, 2014

A major new player in the flour milling industry may not now emerge until the second quarter of this year, as regulators continue to scrutinize the proposed merger of ConAgra...

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Judge gives initial thumbs up to $3.4m settlement over Trader Joe's ‘all-natural’ claims

A federal judge has granted preliminary approval to a $3.4m settlement of a class action lawsuit accusing Trader Joe’s of falsely advertising certain products as ‘all natural’.

Farm bill signed into law

President Obama has signed the Agricultural Act of 2014 into law, ending a multi-year battle over the contentious piece of legislation.

Federal GMO labeling rules essential to avoid 'confusion and uncertainty of 50 state patchwork', says Coalition for Safe Affordable Food

First there was the leaked GMA discussion document; now the industry’s biggest players have put their cards on the table via the Coalition for Safe Affordable Food , which is seeking federal legislation...

Judge says GLG Life Tech did not mislead shareholders over ‘doomed’ relationship with Cargill

A judge has dismissed a shareholder lawsuit filed in 2011 against stevia firm GLG Life Tech Corporation for alleged failures to disclose the decline of its relationship with Cargill, then...

Study links US teen energy drink intake to illicit drug abuse

US teens who consume energy drinks are more likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and use abuse drugs according to a new cross-sectional survey of 20,000+ high school students.

Subway removing controversial dough conditioner, baking expert deems ingredient 'unnecessary'

There are plenty of viable alternatives to azodicarbonamide from ginger to citric acid, one baking expert told FoodNavigator-USA as Subway said it would phase out the controversial dough conditioner after a petition...

Live from Probiota 2014

IPA calls for fresh global alliance in probiotics

The founder of the International Probiotics Association (IPA) has called on the Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) to work with it to develop the science and dossiers that can win...

PepsiCo and Goya Foods targeted in lawsuit over 4-MEI

First the report, now the class action lawsuits: PepsiCo and Goya Foods - who were both cited in a recent report from product testing firm Consumer Reports about allegedly “concerning” 4-MEI levels...

Gruma Corp to FDA: Yes, it IS your job to determine if GMOs belong in all-natural products

Civil litigation over whether GMOs belong in ‘all-natural’ products will continue to clog up US courts owing to the FDA’s refusal to weigh in on this issue, says Mission tortilla...

FDA to update nutrition labels; RDs, GMA say ‘calories from fat’ should go away

The US Food and Drug Administration has unofficially announced that it will revise the nutrition facts label for the first time in 20 years. Unsurprisingly, the nutritional community and food...

What’s wrong with personal responsibility when it comes to obesity?

Despite improving numbers among US adults in recent years when it comes to daily calorie intake , quality of food eaten and use of nutrition labels when available, the country’s collective...

News in brief

Congress reaches agreement on a new Farm Bill

Congress has finally reached an agreement on a new Farm Bill.

News in brief

Packaging Corporation of America cited for repeat hazards

Packaging Corporation of America faces $66,000 in fines after two repeat violations of workplace safety standards were found during an inspection.

ARO Pistachios hit by FDA warning letter

ARO Pistachios Inc. has been hit with a warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Caramel colors under fire again: Is there a safe level of 4-MeI?

The FDA says it has “no reason to believe” that 4-MeI - an impurity generated during the manufacture of caramel colors III and IV - poses a health risk at...

“I get personal because they [EFSA] get personal to me"

Fed up: Probiotic research veteran issues global call to action

Veteran probiotic researcher professor Gregor Reid is not a happy man. It’s time the probiotic community fought back against those forces that have for too long denied a perfectly valid...

Should booze come with a Nutrition Facts panel?

We all know that too much alcohol can make you drunk, but it can also make you fat, say consumer groups who argue that bottles of beer, wine and spirits...

Super-strong beer bill aims to keep Ohio shoppers in state

Ohio is considering legislation supporters claim will slash red tape and allow brewers to produce and sell beer as strong as 21% ABV in the state.

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