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Judge stays Gen Mills trans fat lawsuit, but FDA has left firms exposed to civil litigation, argue attorneys

In a ruling that will be read with interest by food manufacturers worried about being sued for using partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), a judge in California has stayed a PHO-related...

FDA warning letter reminds industry whole stevia leaf is not GRAS or an approved food additive

A recent FDA warning letter reminds food and beverage manufacturers that whole stevia leaf is not generally recognized as safe for conventional foods, even though many extracts of the plant...

Soylent case reignites debate over Prop 65: 'It's basically extortion,' claims attorney

LA-based Soylent says it “stands by the quality and safety” of its meal substitutes, after being threatened with legal action alleging its Soylent 1.5 powders contain risky levels of heavy...

Bai Brands under fire over 'antioxidant-packed' claims as judge allows false advertising lawsuit to proceed

Beverage industry superstar Bai Brands – which hit the headlines this week with the launch of antioxidant-infused Antiwater – has also attracted the attention of plaintiff’s attorneys in California, which...

Developer of phytocannabinoid product takes food path to sidestep regulatory uncertainty on CBDs

Phytopurh, a company seeking to bring a line of health products to market based on phytocannabinoids, is taking the food route to avoid regulatory uncertainty about CBDs.

Trans fats are associated with greater risk of heart disease, death, BMJ study finds

Industrial trans fats, which the Grocery Manufacturers Association recently asked FDA to allow in small amounts in certain packaged foods, are associated with greater risk of death and coronary heart...

Russian destruction of contraband Western food sparks outrage

Russia marked the one year anniversary of its import ban on Western food by defying a storm of criticism from within and launching a controversial campaign to destroy tonnes of...

EU and Vietnam free trade deal will unleash export potential for wine and spirits

Wine and spirit producers in Europe are welcoming an EU-Vietnam free trade agreement, saying the new deal will boost exports to a growing market. 

India cannot ensure sesame seeds imported to EU are safe – FVO

Indian controls cannot ensure sesame seeds exported to the EU are safe, according to the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO).

EU extends aid to food producers hit by Russian export ban

The European Commission has announced extended support measures for dairy and fruit and vegetable sectors hit by Russia’s ban on food imports from Europe.

Sugar tops UK food concerns

The amount of sugar in food is the top food concern for UK consumers, according to a Food Standards Agency survey.

JULY 2015 NEWS QUIZ: From GMO labeling to added sugars, are you up to speed?

Do you know what the FDA thinks the daily value (DV) for added sugar should be… and which major food manufacturer thinks the FDA is on the right track? And...

Lawsuits have echoes of POM v Coke case, says attorney

WhiteWave's Silk almond milk brand also under fire in '2% almond' false advertising class action

WhiteWave Foods has been accused of falsely advertising its Silk almond milk by the same legal firm suing Blue Diamond over the way it markets Almond Breeze, and as the...

'The First Amendment forbids the government from compelling private speakers to express the government’s views:' ABA

Soda industry sues San Francisco over sugary drink warnings

The American Beverage Association (ABA) is suing San Francisco over mandatory warning labels on soda advertisements, saying the rules violate the First Amendment. 

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ConAgra Foods: Trans-fat labeling is a matter for the FDA, not the courts…

ConAgra Foods has urged a California court to throw out a lawsuit* alleging it misled consumers with the '0g trans-fat' claim on its Crunch 'n Munch popcorn, and stressed that...

FDA proposes including DV for added sugars on the Nutrition Facts panel

UPDATED: The FDA is proposing that manufacturers include a percent daily value (DV) for added sugar on the Nutrition Facts panel – set at 10% of total energy intakes (calories)...

GMA: 'HR 1599 protects the consumer from a costly and confusing 50 state patchwork of labeling laws'

House passes Pompeo bill that would prevent state-mandated GMO labeling

The US House of Representatives has passed the industry-backed voluntary GMO labeling bill - The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act 2015 - by 275 votes to 150, and rejected...

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House to vote on Pompeo voluntary GMO labeling bill today

The US House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 1599 – The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act 2015 – at approximately 1 p.m eastern time today.

Almond Breeze almond milk only contains 2% almonds, claims false advertising lawsuit

Consumers understand that almond milk must contain some water, but they would be surprised to learn that the leading brands contain just 2% almonds, alleges a class action lawsuit vs...

Eight things to know about the Pompeo voluntary GMO labelling Act

There are two bills about GMO labeling floating around Congress, but the momentum appears behind the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015. Here are eight things to know...

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FDA to issue evaporated cane juice guidance before the end of 2016

The FDA says it aims to issue finalized guidance on whether 'evaporated cane juice' (ECJ) is the common or usual name for certain cane-sugar-derived sweeteners before the end of 2016. ...

UK government committee backs halving free sugars limit to 5%

The UK government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has ditched a 10% upper limit on sugar intake instead recommending that less than 5% of daily energy should come from...

Animal welfare will be ‘decisive criterion’ for lab-grown meat

Most people accept that animals have been slaughtered for meat because they have no choice – but lab-grown meat could change that, says Professor Mark Post.

FDA revises warning letter over HFCS and 100% natural claims to ‘avoid any confusion’

The FDA has removed a paragraph from a recent warning letter to a seafood company challenging ‘100% natural’ claims on a product containing high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), following an...

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Calorie labeling on chain restaurant menus to become mandatory by December 2016, says FDA

The FDA has pushed the effective date for new menu-labeling rules for chain restaurants and other outlets to December 1, 2016 – a year later than originally outlined - in...

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