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Health Canada gives green light to Frutalose dietary fiber from Sensus

By Elaine WATSON , 28-Jan-2013

Health Canada approves Frutalose dietary fiber from Sensus

Health Canada has issued a letter of no objection to Sensus regarding the classification of its Frutalose chicory root fibers as a source of dietary fiber in nonstandardized foods.

The recognition acknowledges that Frutalose meets a known health effect of dietary fiber, the production of energy-yielding metabolites through colonic fermentation.

 Frutalose oligofructose is a form of partially hydrolyzed chicory root inulin that can be used as a sugar replacer (it is 65% as sweet as high fructose corn syrup and has many similar properties) as well as a source of soluble fiber in bars, cereals, baked goods, confectionery, and dairy products.

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