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Interactive timeline: The Food Safety Modernization Act

By Caroline Scott-Thomas , 04-Jan-2012
Last updated on 04-Jan-2012 at 16:06 GMT2012-01-04T16:06:41Z

Interactive timeline: The Food Safety Modernization Act

A year ago today, President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act into law. FoodNavigator-USA tracks its development and implementation - as well as all the controversy along the way - in our exclusive interactive timeline.

Sparked by the deadly salmonella outbreak in peanut products in 2008 and 2009, the Food Safety Modernization Act faced a number of obstacles before its passage into law in January 2011, and funding for the new law has remained an issue of contention since then.

Here we present our interactive timeline on the developments of the past three years to give an unique overview of the chronology of events and allow you to catch up on news you may have missed.

You can scroll from left to right by dragging with the left mouse button or use the bar at the bottom, zoom in and out with the tool at the top, and click on any bubble or '+' to find more information.

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